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Do tamper your categorical opinions and positions on life

Contradictions in logical arguments do not directly relate to contradictions and paradoxes applied to real life.

The existential approach to life emphasizes the importance of the individual and his perspective on the world and his needs to make his own choices, particularly his own set of values, are pertinent, assuming that choices are available and the values applicable within the society conditions.

Life exigencies are proving that our claim of the existence of fundamental choices are actually absurd in most situations.

Think of those wretched and poor people who happened to be living in a desert-like type of climate and no rains fell for two successive years.

What choices had they to avoid famine and high child mortality?

Did the UN food relief camps happened to be erected at walking distance?

Claiming that our actions are causally determined is mostly a fallacy. Even what we think is an intentional action, well-thought out and reflected upon is fundamentally related to many other influences and factors that we have accumulated and internalized through our previous experiences, community customs and traditions.

No! Human free-will and determinism are not necessarily compatible and logical, simply because neither are materially proven and are just a priori premises that satisfy our ego as strong and determined individuals. The Will needs to be recharged frequently to have any impact, and we keep forgetting to recharge it by resting and enjoying quality times. And Will is never Free, but a highly expensive commodity that require assiduity on a long series of actions till fruition.

And no, the rightness of actions is not related to the consequences of the actions. Simply because consequences are not necessarily linked to the decision of an action, but are related to many other factors that could not be controlled or were not fully considered before and during the process of actions.

And yes, all events are caused, with the understanding that complex causes and interactions cannot be exhaustively contemplated or fathomed. Thus, we tend to drop the causality concept in real life because we comprehend the almost impossibility of considering the myriad of variables affecting any action-decision.

And yes, presentism (only the present exist) is not necessarily contradicting eternalism (past, present and future are merely different segments of the temporal dimension relative to where we are).

First, no one actually consistently believe that only the present exist.

Second, our memories and learned experiences are drawn from the past and based on habit acquired from consistent applications of reactions, customs and traditions.

Third, we need to define what is Present. Is it in seconds, minutes, hours, your own life, the life of mankind, your generation…? Eternalism must also be clear whether their concept includes the history of earth, and the universe with all the species of animals and plants.

We are unable to shed from our reasoning the inductive processes. If the trend in the past indicated certain outcomes, then it is highly probable that the outcomes will be the same.

We are exposed to several problems in inductive reasoning:

First,the problem is that the underlining condition is that nature and conditions are uniform.

Generation change, and even nature climate is changing. To what extend can we delimit the uniformity concept?

Second, we are not capable of remembering the conditions and situations in the past that generated a specific event to feel confident that the same outcome will take place.

Third, we tend to forget the observed instances and rely instead on the current instances of characteristics of the premises.

We need rough inductive reasoning to survive, regardless of the many errors that we are led to.

Inductive reasoning help us in our daily quick decisions by retrieving outcomes from our memories.




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