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Testimonials 30 years after a civil war: On the Communist Party  status  

From The issue of the daily Al Balad, April 11, 2005

 Members of the Communist Party are disenchanted with its rigid structure of imposing political positions and letting go of those who publicly criticize its current stands.

The new generation of communists is not ready to succumb to old fashion party lines when the population is gaining momentum for change and vigorously demonstrating for their rights. The Communist party took an independent third stand during the freedom period from the Syrian occupation; it claimed that the opposition and conservative forces were gathering under sectarian lines, such as Christians and Moslem Sunnis against Moslem Shiaas.

The Communist party went ahead and organized a march that gathered around 20 thousands adherents and supporters.

A few of the Communist leaders publicly criticized this non popular position, and were fired from the ranks. Members of the party joined the demonstrations and some visited the freedom tents in the Martyrs’ Square.

When approached by former members and were challenged “Well, well, looks you are among us today?”, current members were apologetic in their comments giving excuses like feeling curious about what’s happening on the ground or cursing their leaders for their foolish decisions at this crucial moment in Lebanon freedom.

Many members have decided that enough is enough after several wrong turns; they quit the party to join the splintered faction called the Left Democratic Movement. In 2003-2004, students from the Lebanese University organized a sit in for 5 months because they were fed up with the security meddling in the academic affairs and wanted to reclaim the University independence in its administration and faculty appointments. The Communist Party central political bureau was against these demonstrations that support of the Lebanese University integrity and discouraged the students from participating, a position which aggravated the frustration of the young communist generation.

There was another group of University students in these freedom tents from the “Future Youth Association”.  The members of this group organized themselves in 1994 when Rafic Hariri was Prime Minister and seemed as the strongest political figure in the Lebanese power structure.  The internal regulations among these intellectuals were not purely political in nature because Hariri tried to steer them away from organizing political demonstrations due to his critical maneuvering situation.

The “Future movement” association fell back into organizing cultural conventions, economic workshops, planting tree campaigns and creating basket ball and volley ball teams.  Nevertheless, the association was active in student elections in various universities and their strength was commensurate with Hariri’s current political power.

After Hariri was asked to step aside as Prime Minister in 1998, and had to wait two years to regain the helm of the government, this association of intellectuals and graduate students realized that their “leader was not that powerful by a long shot” as Nader Nakib put it and that Hariri had to maneuver his allegiance and regain favors to the Syrian regime in order to get back to power.

The power base of this association was localized in Beirut and partially in Sidon.  After the assassination of Hariri, the “Future Youth Association” regained strength and individual initiative and tried to open centers in many regions of Lebanon for the coming parliamentary election.

Ali, an insider in the association, affirms that no politician who was under the Syrian control will be attached to the Future lists of candidates in the next Parliamentary election.




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