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Can You Say “Ya Habibi”( 7abibi) in English?

And many other Lebanese slang words and expression?

Even though the English language is one of the richest languages in vocabulary, yet us Lebanese face a huge difficulty when it comes to translating our slang most-used terms.

Like, 3anjad, these terms have become a cult. We use them in each sentence we utter, all of the time!

The list is never ending, but here’s an array of these Arabic specialty words!

Habibi: (My love) We just love that word. Practically, everyone is our “Habibi”! Pouring emotions!

  • Aywa: (Very much Yes) It expresses our shock, positively or negatively! Like: Aywa, 7-1 la Germany! Or Aywa, look at the traffic, I won’t be home in two hours!

  • To2borni (To’oborni): Literally, it means, “may you burry me”. Too much emotions, again! This word shows that we hope to never see our loved one hurt. You’d never find such a word in English!

  • Sa7 Nnoum (Sah Nom): (Good waking up) “Good morning sunshine” isn’t even close!

  • Na3iman (Na’eeman): (said after taking a shower or having a hair cut)We just want to say “Na3iman” and not “Nice hair cut”!

  • Sa3eedeh (Sa’eedeh): (Happy evening) Hello? Hi? Good something? Salut? Not really!

  • Ya3tik l 3afyi (Ya’atik el ‘afyei): (may god extend you health) Said when seeing someone working. I wonder, what’s the phrase to say for someone who is working hard in any English-speaking country? Or do they just ignore that?
    P.S. We even say “ya3tik l 3afyi” for someone who has messed up really, really bad!

  • 3ala rasi (‘Ala Rasi): (Consider yourself over my head) When a policeman says drive slowly, Lebanese say: 3ala rasi watan!

These Arabic-Lebanese words are not mere words.

Things we say carry in them Lebanese affection, culture and traditions at times, and Lebanese rage and craziness at others! But let’s not go there!

G. Bou Chakra

Can you relate to this, habibi?

Here’s a list of Arabic-Lebanese words that English language can never have!




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