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Tidbits #16

Prediction that the richest 1%  in the world would own the same wealth as the poorest 50% by 2016 had come true a year earlier than expected. Those are the only predictions that come true. Including increased natural calamities. And increased flow of refugees and displaced people. And more people dying of hunger and curable diseases.

The adult world is becoming a curiosity to me at an advanced age: When the time was due to step in, it was too late for me to learn a new set of behaviors, like observing intently and asking plenty of supposedly nonsense questions

Refugee kids playing “game of crossing borders”: running around then shouting POLICE POLICE … all kids to the ground, quiet! They get caught by the police. Kid continues the story: “ then they put us in this closed van! No windows, very crazy roads. We started vomiting, they didn’t stop. They just kept driving and sent us back to this camp in Bosnia.

” Sometimes, your only available transport is a leap of faith“? All the time, all I need is an available transport system: train for example and public on-time public transport?

Mimeomia: the frustration of knowing how easily you fit into a stereotype, even if you never intended to, even if it’s unfair, even if everyone else feels the same way. Categorization trend is Not helpful in sociology.

Civilization “conveyor belt”: Tribes bordering urban and rural regions. Transmitters of cultural differences, prime “intelligence gatherer or front-line intelligence agencies” for the powerful neighboring empires. These tribes are the guides in time of wars; and they guard the security of caravans crossing regions and extend facilities in water and supplies.

 Music is syntactic, not semantic (meaning). Language of music preceded speech.

The Mekong Delta is a huge network of river tributaries that far outnumber roads. Because of the combined effects of climate change, dams, and sand mining of the river, 300,000 people have left the region over the past few years—they can no longer sustain their livelihoods due to the dwindling waterways.

Why world economy is Not disturbed and shares don’t drop when epidemics are located in Africa? Ebola, Sida…

In 2 decades (1910-30) the Harlem section of Manhattan drew nearly 175,000 African Americans to its neighborhood of just three square miles. The influx of people to the area led to a period of groundbreaking contributions in what became known as a the Harlem Renaissance. #BlackHistoryMonth

Two decades since bed bugs returned in force, why don’t we have a solution? The answer comes down to money: very expensive to treat. Bed bugs have circled the world, traveling on first-class luggage and hopping on hostel-going backpacks, paranoia has followed.

The quick stress reaction is considered “positive,” because it is temporary and helps us survive. But there are the “toxic stress” from frequent more mundane stressors: Our bodies react in the same way. When a child faces constant and unrelenting stress, from neglect, or abuse, or living in chaos, the response stays activated, and may eventually derail normal development. The consequences sometimes even span generations for these adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs,

I am glad oil and gas demand and consumption and reserves are dwindling: constant growth economies are the plight for the recovery of earth and sustainable situation

Three current studies have uncovered this direct correlation: Offshore accounts of “Elite class” of under-developed States increase 3 folds each time the World Bank infuses fresh money to their States. And it is the poorer people who suffer from increase taxes and conditions imposed by the IMF and World Bank. 

Immigrant kids playing “game of crossing borders” every night


Sabine Choucair with her group of clowns David Lichtenstein Dustin J Allen Clowns Without Borders USA Jeroen Wils Clown Me In #diariesofaclown Naomi Shafer Nicole Gladstone have been touring the refugee camps all over the world, every camps they were allowed to visit, in Europe, Greece, Germany, Serbia, the Balkans, Italy and even Myanmar… This her her latest post.

Day 2 of performances in the Balkans. Already performed for 200 men on our first day and it was yet again a reminder that clowning is for all ages.

The show was a huge success, big laughs and a lot of happy faces enjoying the meaningful honest moments of interaction.

On that day, on the way out, met a little 3 year old kid who was amazed by the small tiniest bubbles, he had a big red blue(ish) scar on the left side of his face. I asked his Syrian mother where did this come from and she said “oh yesterday he fell when we were doing the *game*. 

Game is the name they give to their act of crossing the borders. They go to “game” every other night or so.
Today it all made sense.

After performing for the wildest kids ever, they gathered around us and one of the most talkative ones started playing the *game. She had such a strong character and was a brilliant storyteller. With all her power and loud voice she started acting their game of last night.

All kids running around the playground, following her – (their leader)- then boom she shouts …POLICE POLICE. All kids fall on the ground and become quiet, hiding.

Then off again running around then she shouts again POLICE POLICE … all kids to the ground, quiet! Then they get caught by the police.

She continues the story: “ then they put us in this closed van! No windows, very crazy roads. We started vomiting, they didn’t stop. They just kept driving and sent us back to this camp in Bosnia.

This is when all made sense to me. we had just performed for those kids who were between 4 and 12 years old and who last night and all previous nights for the past 5 months at least were caught by the police and sent back to the camps. Most of them come from Syria and Iraq. Some from Iran  (Algeria and Afghanistan).

“Your countries are safe now” they were told. “Go back to where u came from”.

I left with mixed feelings of extreme happiness and extreme sadness. We got to play with them, to learn the importance of play, of laughter and of resilience but also we got to learn once again about the cruelty of us humans.

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