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Pardon My French: Podcast – Esther Perel

What happens when a two women – one French, another Belgian – both living in America talk love and relationships? Check out my Interview with Garance Dore on Pardon My French.

By Lindsay On Friday, June 24 th, 2016

New podcast interview with French fashion photographer, illustrator and writer, Garance Dore.

We met at my home to discuss relationships and commitment – as two European women living and working in New York City.

You can listen to the full episode here.

Below is a taste of what we discuss (from

On love in the 70’s…
I am the generation of the 70s. I am the first generation with the pill, and pre-AIDS!

So we had 10 years of freedom that no other generation knew. So I understood contraception very well at a young age and for the first time there was a freedom that no one else experienced.

One thing we did have was boyfriends, or what I like to call, sex with a plot! You know, there was a story! A story!! And you were enthralled by the story, not by the act.

The story, the seduction, the flirtation, the poetry that we would write for each other, the serenades, the hours on the phone. That whole real intimate story was what we were involved in.

Esther Perel shared this link

On the most common questions women have…
In relation to work, I would say that women’s major concerns have to do with asking for what they deserve. Period.

Primarily around money, status, recognition, responsibility. If women still make 70% to the dollar, it is because they are afraid to ask: they don’t want to seem aggressive, or greedy, they want to be liked. That is still so entrenched.

Number two, love. “Am I lovable, am I desirable? Would you cheat on me? Am I beautiful enough? Do you like another one more than me?”

On how insecurities change over time…
I relate to it, I’m not describing a different species. I’m very much a part of the whole thing.

And you have the insecurities when you’re young, and you have the insecurities when you’re less young. As a conclusion I say, if I had the confidence of today with the looks of then!

When I had the looks I felt very bad inside, and when I have lesser looks I actually feel quite good! Cause I have experience, maturity and I care a little bit less about – does everybody love me?

Listen to the full episode. 




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