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The Day I left Lebanon posted December 27, 2013

Who can believe it eh? I am leaving Lebanon, and I am very excited about it.

I will spare you all the patriot speech since I am extremely angry at this country. Angry to the point where I can look Gebran Khalil Gebran in the eye and tell him: “Dude, If Lebanon was not my country, I wouldn’t have chosen it to be” (this applies to Lebanon in its current state).

Lebanon is not Okay, and there is  certainly something wrong with us for accepting the facts as they are, but who am I to say anything now right, eh?

I am leaving. Well wrong: I have been here, working, fighting, getting into trouble trying to better whatever little is left for us to work and live with.

And I will keep fighting, maybe more freely this time (bullies like Mr. Wrong -and this just one example-  can’t sue me now for exposing their documented violations.)

However, this country is killing us, surely but slowly (that is what my little brother told me in his goodbye letter), and he is right. So yes, I am happy I am leaving and excited about the new discoveries and adventures that I will never experience in Lebanon.

For those who will keep fighting, try not to become very angry, I failed at this.

I am angry, extremely angry at everything and everyone in this country, including the people who blame those in charge for the situation, as if in life, the pyramid is inverted and it stands on its smaller base!!

We should not be okay with how things are, from the smaller to the bigger thing!

Including valet parking mafia, who steal your right to have a sidewalk and a parking space, the unpunished domestic violence and martial rape, and the biggest and bulliest of CEO / Politician / Religious leader who transform the employees / people to pawns and string dolls to the point where they would thank him for the oxygen they are breathing!

There is no lala land, but I am hoping now for a better more exciting land, filled with love, music, photos, success and some mistakes.

Goodbye everyone, بحبكن كتير1535732_10153613092255307_2102686485_n


Nada Sleiman posted on FB:

Demain, je m’en irai

December 28, 2013

Détonation en plein cœur de Beyrouth. On espère, on attend, on se dit – une fois de plus – que ce n’est rien.

Après tout, c’est Noël, l’ambiance est à la fête, tout le monde est heureux. Des feux d’artifice, sans doute. On prétend ne pas savoir, on prétend ne pas s’en faire mais, au fond, on le sait déjà. On ne le sait que trop bien, pour l’avoir tant de fois vécu.

L’horreur est là, elle nous guette à chaque tournant. L’horreur est là, inchangée, immonde, impitoyable. On veut crier sa rage mais, comme toujours, les mots se meurent, usés, désuets, désabusés.

On veut rire pour ne pas en pleurer mais, comme toujours, on trouve refuge dans le cynisme pour masquer son incompréhension, son désespoir. On veut tout casser mais, comme toujours, on ne fait rien. On se tait, on rebâtit, et la vie reprend son cours.

Aujourd’hui, je ne veux plus essayer de comprendre. Je ne veux plus rebâtir, je refuse de rester.

Fini les slogans à la con, les tonight we party to forget, les bhebak ya lebnan ; non, le Liban ne renaîtra plus de ses cendres.

Ce vendu, ce damné ne mérite plus qu’on se batte pour lui. Un pays où on paye sa liberté d’expression au prix de sa vie ne devrait pas exister. Un pays qui se vend au plus offrant ne mérite pas d’être. Aujourd’hui, je veux partir loin, très loin.

Je ne veux plus entendre parler de ce « morceau de ciel », de cette prétendue Suisse du Moyen-Orient, de ce carrefour de civilisations si vil.

Trente minutes pour aller de Jounieh à Faraya, c’est là notre plus grande fierté. Des moutons, des ignares, des suiveurs.

Rien n’a changé, personne n’a rien appris, voilà déjà longtemps qu’on a atteint le fond du gouffre.

Aujourd’hui, je suis seule au bureau, j’éteins la télé, je baisse les bras.

Demain, je m’en irai pour ne plus jamais revenir. Je me retourne pour m’en aller et c’est alors que je le vois. Quelque chose dans ses yeux me cloue sur place. Il me regarde avec ce sourire triomphant qui lui est si propre.

Il me regarde avec insistance comme s’il m’en voulait. Et tout me revient : son sacrifice et celui de tant d’autres, son audace, ma lâcheté, sa persévérance, ma résignation, sa reconnaissance, mon ingratitude.

Honteuse, gênée, je détourne mon regard. Quelque chose dans les yeux de Samir Kassir me pousse à continuer…

Bad  Arabs

1. We are a compassionate people.  We adopt babies from all over the World.

From Latvia, Estonia, Romania, even from Africa and Asia.

Arab babies are off limit; off medias.

There is no Arab baby.  No Arab youth.  Just Arabs.  Bad.  Arabs.

2. The Jewish American rapist is socially dysfunctional.  The genuine rapist is Arab.

The Jewish American Baruch, of the Hebron massacre, is a madman.

A nerve snapped.  Arabs nerves can’t snap: made of stainless steel, tightly wired,

For mischief.

The Maryland Jewish murderer, chopped a human head.  He is a juvenile delinquent.

A psychotic.  Arabs are born, adult criminals.

3. The peace makers with Israel are Egyptians, Jordanians, or Moroccans.

Mostly their leaders.  That is beside this point.

The enemies of Israel are Arabs.  Mostly their leaders.

We have high hope in their people.

The criminals of the Oklahoma City bombing

Should have been Arabs.  Exceptions do occur.  Human nature you know.

4. Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Robert Kennedy.  He is no Palestinian.

No motives.  Just bad Arabs attitude.

If push comes to shove, if a motive is needed,

Why Sirhan is a hatemonger of the defenders of Civil Rights.

5. The most famous heart surgeon, Michael Debaky

The poet of “The Prophet” and much more, Gebran Khalil Gebran

The founder of St. Jude hospital, for children with cancer, Danny Thomas

Said that they are Arab Lebanese.  The media beg to differ:

They are all, at best, of Lebanese descendents.

The bombers of the World Trade Tower are Arabs.

The perpetrators of the Achilles Loro are Arabs.

6. Literature, Nobel prize winner, Nagib Mahfouz,

Says he is Arab.  Ask him.

The media insist that he is just Egyptian.

Those who shoot down commercial airplanes are Arabs.

Israel strikes Arab refugee camps.

Israel retaliates for Arab suicide bombings.

Israel lodges a cannon shell, inadvertently, on a UN compound.

About three hundred Arabs died.  Give or take fifty Arabs.

Apology to the UN.

7. Arabs were massacred in the camps of Sabra and Shatila.

Arabs killing Arabs.  Israel could care less.

How dare you blame Israel Defense Force!

They happened to be there.

8. There are no Arab babies.  There are no Arab youths.

Just Arabs.  Bad.  Arabs.




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