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Did Tamerlane (Timor Lank) Create Empires?

There is this army commander of the 14th century who kept his army on the march longer (for over 25 years) and crossed more lands than Alexander, Genghis Khan, or Attila and conquered more Empires and was never defeated and slept in his tent, outside city-limits, even in his Capital Samarkand (in current Uzbekistan).

The Persian gave him the nickname Lank because he was slightly lame in one leg.  This is Timor Lank who was not the son of any Monarch, prince, or even a tribal leader.

Timor Lank was from the Caucasus region (probably around the region of Azerbaijan and Chechnya (I get pretty upset when history authors fail to located current geographical areas and just paste the ancient names).

He was a Moslem and veneered Imams and clerics claimed to be descendants of the Prophet Muhammad’s family, and who wore the black turban.

Otherwise, he didn’t give a hoot about Moslems when conquering lands and people. He killed mostly Moslems since the vast area of his operations were mostly Islam Land.

For example, he built pyramids of skulls: 60,000 heads in Asfahan (Iran), 3,000 in Aleppo, and many other skull pyramids in India…

First, Timor Lank chased out the Tatar “Golden Hordes” (led by a descendant of Genghis Khan) along the Volga River (current Russia) and burned and sacked all their cities and villages.  He did not resume his operations, but by the end of his war, the Golden Hordes were weakened and displaced.  It was the fate of the Russian Tsar, Ivan the Terrible, to finish off the job against the Tatars in the 16th century and expand his Empire. You may claim that Tamerlane ultimately created current Russia.

Timor Lank captured Samarkand and made it its Capital.

He descended on Persia and conquered this Empire and beheaded over 60,000 of the population in Isfahan and piled up the head in shapes of pyramids.  This city surrendered peacefully and Timor Lank had no plans to occupy it; he was just crossing!

It happened that for a few cases of rape within the city by Timor Lank’s garrison of 500 soldiers, the inhabitants slaughtered the soldiers.  Timor Lank was camping outside city limit, always in his tent. And the reaction was a nightmare on the city inhabitants.

The commander moved on toward Turkey in 1400.  The Turkish Sultan army was completely demolished and the Sultan was put in a tiny cage so that Timor Lank could use it as a stool to mount his horse. This commander could have conquered all of Turkey, but instead he headed south to enter Aleppo and Damascus in Syria.

If Timor Lank had not vanquished the Turkish army then the Byzantium Capital of Constantinople would have fallen 50 years earlier along with most of Europe.

There would be no Western Europe or the Renaissance:  at that time, the enmities between Genoa and Venice was at its zenith, the Kingdom of Poland was weak, there was no Russian Empire, and the King Henry of Portugal had not begun challenging the high seas to discover new routes to India and the Far East.

And the King of France Charles 8 would not have entered and ruined Rome and displaced the skilled artisans and thinkers, located and concentrated in Papal Rome, to all over western Europe that started the Renaissance.

In the 13th century, the Mameluke Sultan of Egypt had moved out from Egypt with his army and defeated the Mogul army of Hulagu in Palestine around 1250.  This time around, the Mameluke Sultan did not venture to come out to rescue his vassals  in Syria.

Damascus put up a serious fight, but Timor Lank tactics were always to destabilize any city before setting siege.  The skilled people in Syria and Palestine were sent to build and develop Samarkand. (That is the story of the Levant since antiquity: armies conquer The Levant to capture its skilled workers.)

The Ottoman Sultan would later defeat the Mameluke Sultan in the 16th century and conquer Syria, Palestine, Egypt, and all North African countries.

Timor Lank conquered Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

One of Timor Lank offspring would establish the Mogul Empire in India (the Punjab) that lasted over 5 centuries.  The British Empire would finally take over all of India by the end of the 19th century, but failed to retain Afghanistan after two bloody massacres of its troops.

The British had drawn the current borders among Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Kashmir.  As well as drawing many other borders in the Middle-East and Africa with colonial France

This ruthless commander Tamerlane was getting ready to march on China when he died at the age of 63.

Note:  My published novel on “Rainbow over the Levant” is set in that time period.

In the beginning…Or the beginning of the end? (Apr. 22, 2010)

            Current theory of science is telling the story of creation.  Actually, science is telling the processes of creation assuming that in the beginning, 13.7 billions years ago, the Universe was very hot and very dense. Then, after a monster Big Bang, the Universe started to expand and to cool down. First, matter overpowered anti-matters and then the most elemental particles of Quarks and Guons formed neutrons and protons. 

            The real story begins when atoms of hydrogen are formed, created monster stars, and sustained nuclear fusion combustion and lighted the universe. As the “stock” of hydrogen depleted in a star then the star shrank a notch due to “gravity” and the heavier helium was created. The process follows the same boring trend: helium depletes, star shrinks some more, gravity create a heavier chemical element such as carbon, then neon, then oxygen, silica, phosphorous until the stable chemical iron is created.  The star at this phase has not enough energy to burn and raise temperature to make iron burn in chain reaction.  

Thus, if the star is over six times the mass of our sun then the star literally disintegrates; temperature reaches the billion degrees and heavier elements than iron are created and are spewed in the atmosphere. If the star is less than six times the mass of the sun then one of two alternatives may occur: either the gazes are attracted by nearby stars or it will be projected toward other stars.

            Now all the chemical elements are created and many unstable elements can be created in laboratories.  The universe is thus explained by its processes and its dynamic mechanism of evolution.  Rational minds demand answer to basic questions; first, “If nothing can come from nothing then how quarks and gluon were first created?” Second, how the universe was made to be so hot and so dense? Third, if collisions among basic elements create heat then how these elements were made to move? Fourth, if heavy elements are created after the disintegration of heavy stars then how come they are found on earth? Have the chemical elements been deposited on earth? How they clustered in distinct areas to be mined by mankind? How long did it take these elements to reach earth from far away dead stars and then be deposited?  How come the myriads of other stars and bigger planets failed to attract the coming elements?

            My lucubration is not meant to bring up metaphysical or religious assumptions or myths. It is a call for the scientific community to focus on upgrading their first assumptions that the universe was initially too hot and too dense to prior assumptions as to how basic particles were created and how they were made to get moving.

            What we know is that universe is expanding at a hallucinating speed you cannot believe it.  Toward what is this crazy universe expanding to? Is it toward the universe of anti-matter? Is it sort of Genkis Khan leading his hordes of Moguls to his anti-matter enemy? The most tangible alternative to figuring out the beginning of the universe is to extrapolate how this universe will end.  The Big Bang theory was not the beginning of the universe: it was the story of the beginning of the end.

Note:  The giant galaxy Andromeda will inexorably swallows our galaxy.  Thus, why explore our Milky Way? Let us explore Andromeda for curiosity sake since we tend to love siding with the winner! 




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