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Walter Rathenau was a Jewish German baron of industry; he was the head of AEG empire for energy production around the world.  Rathenau had frequent meeting with the Kaiser and was consulted by the German governments.  He opposed the WWI and warned the military High Command that Germany will lack raw materials before the end of the second year of war; the High Command officers laughed out these worries claiming that the war will at best last four months. Then, when Germany declared war, Walter Rathenau unilaterally, and without any government finance or support, stock piled cotton, rubber, and chemical products that aided the German army to withstand another two years of war.

Walter Rathenau was respected by German officials but terribly hated.  He declined any involvement as a high-placed official in the Paris “Peace treaty” negotiations because he knew the danger for a Jew of acceding to public political positions.  Finally, Rathenau grudgingly agreed to be Germany Foreign Affairs minister in 1922.  To the ire of his mother Rathenau replied: “They could find no one else for that job.” 

During the world economic conference held in Italy, Rathenau tried his best to keeping the Western European States (France, England, Italy) engaged with Germany politically and economically but failed.  Thus, he turned to the Soviet Union and met secretly with the Russian negotiator Leonid Krasin in Rapallo (Italy).  They signed a secret treaty allowing Germany to re-arm and train within Russia; Germany was to buy oil concession in Baku and trade engineering knowhow.

Thus, for 20 years, Germany dispatched to Russia thousands of “German work commandos”; they conducted joint military maneuvers and both army officers trained together on tank warfare and aviation (blitzkrieg).  Germany manufactured military planes around Moscow and tested chemical gas warfare.

In June 1922, three youths assassinated Rathenau.  Two assassins were killed and the driver, Ernst von Salomon, spent 5 years in prison.  It is claimed that the assassination was ordered by an ultra-nationalist group; most probably, a Western nation got wind of the secret clauses in the deal with Russia and decided that Rathenau had to pay the high price.  The damage was done.

Note 1:  Leonid Krasin was an oil baron in Baku (Capital of Azerbaijan) in the early 20th century; he was already a communist in 1905 and manufactured bombs and financed terrorist marxist groups in Baku. Stalin was 28 years of age and was one of the terrorist leaders and he demanded ransoms for the safety of the rich families in Baku.

Note 2:  Ernst von Salomon became a professional lawyer and published “The Questionnaire” and “The reproved”.  He also screen wrote “Liana, Goddess of the Jungle” in 1956.

Note 3:  Rathenau published “The new society” that was adopted integrally as a plan by the Munich soviet municipality of Bavaria in 1919.




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