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Golden plaques on streets testifying these Jews fled, “transferred themselves” to Palestine

I read an article written in “Arabic” and posted on FB. I felt the urge to translate the gist of it.

An “Arab” was walking streets in Germany and noticed golden plaques on the streets, with name and destinations. He asked a German person to enlighten him on these plaques and their stories.

The German told him these plaques are in commemoration of Jews who lived in this bloc and were “forced” to leave during the Nazi regime.

Many of these plaques mentioned Palestine. This “Arabic” person asked: “what that means?”. “Well, these Jews went to Palestine”.

“And where is Palestine? I searched Google and there is no location of Palestine”.

“Well, it is now called Israel”

” Were these fleeing Jews welcomed and treated with civility in Palestine?” “Yes, we heard no complaints from them”

“Are you telling me that my grandparents welcomed the fleeing Jews and now the parents and children of these Jews have chased us out of our land?”

“Well, this world is Not just” said the German citizens.

The Palestinians are intent on returning Home, Not because of the UN resolution of 193 for their right to return, but because it their just right: the right to return Home.

For over 6 months, every Friday, peaceful Palestinians in Gaza flock by the thousands to the “demarcation line”. And every Friday, Israeli snipers kill and injure Palestinians by the dozens, children, youth, women, journalists, paramedics…

Hundreds were killed and thousands handicapped and injured, and the world community is behaving as if it is helpless to control this apartheid colonial State of Israel.

Political systems repeat same deadly mistakes. In particular racist and apartheid system

Germany repeated the same strategic military mistake that defeated it in WWI and WWII.

As Germany was about to win the battle in France in WWI and enter Paris again, then it dispatched valuable divisions to the Russian front where they found out Not to be needed.

In WWII, as England was about to throw out the towel, Hitler opened the Russian front.

Israel system still cannot sustain a long protracted war: Its huge military superiority pressures its system to carpet bomb and stop the war within less than a month.

Israel system is based on creating sustained settlement for Only Jews. It refuses any political settlement for Palestinians since this is tantamount to giving up settlements built on robbed Palestinian lands.

The USA was built on conquering more lands for its expanding population and kept up military operations and engagement all around the world.

England steadfastly wanted to be the dominant sea power. It created WWI in order to destroy the fast growing German navy and merchant ships that became the second exporting nation after USA. It found an excuse in WWII to destroy French Navy and merchant ships because it became larger than its feet. And now England is in the tail of the developed nations.

The disequilibrium of the world

No powerful nation (huge trade) ever repaid its sovereign debt.

By Dr. Gustave Le Bon (Le desiquilibre du monde, 1924)

All modern warfare are as ruinous to the victors as to the vanquished.

The cost of the warfare is shared by all the people of the belligerent countries regardless of which State wins and who loses.

Rationally, the neighbouring nations have direct interest to associate in order to prevent the escalation of a situation of declaring war.

Fact is, it is the people who encourage the escalation to a state of war as the government start contemplating or discussing a military alternative.

As the war begins, the people realize too late that their initial emotional tendencies were wrong and they feel that they have to resume what they asked for.

In 1918, Germany barely paid a small fraction of its war indemnities. It purposely devalued its paper currency to almost zero and got away with repayment of war reparation.

England and the USA wanted Germany to go back to full production on its intact industrial infrastructure because they trade most with Germany big market.

The 12% tax on Germany export, which was paid to the Allied fund, was actually paid for by the importing people, or the victors.

A British minister had this to say:

“If Germany could repay its total debts of war reparation on exportation in the coming decades, Germany would become the main exporter in the world market. In the meantime, all the other nations, including the USA, would witness a sharp decline in their trade and the loss of their essential industries”

In 1945, Germany and Japan were the countries that enjoyed most of the investment by the USA in order to benefit from their economic recovery.

No powerful nation (huge trade) ever repaid its sovereign debt.

Only the weak and underdeveloped States are pressured to repay their debts.

The USA is by far the most indebted nation on earth, but just pay the ridiculous lowest interest rates.

Colonization was carried out on the basis of defaulting on a debt.

The USA invaded and occupied Cuba, the Philippines, Panama… in order to recover its debts from Spain.

The best maxim that could transform the world “Aid one another for your proper interest”

The global commercial and financial interdependence are the main barriers for a direct full fledge world war. Soft power is being applied to its hilt in order to avoid frontal conflict.

The main security for sustainable state of peace is in the psychological mind of the people.

And this mind has to be acquired by sustained refrain from exercising military warning dictated by the powerful States  on the weaker nations.

A mind-set for peace is a nurturing process that require long-term stable peaceful policies by diplomatic means and win-win business projects among the nations.



Genocide has deep causes: The catalyst is a major war to ignite the massacre

And why Germany committed this mass ethnic cleansing genocide on Jews, Ukrainians, Polish people, Tsigans…?

Because the colonial victors in WWI  refused to set up an international tribunal for crimes against humanity:

1. On the genocide of the Armenians planned by Germany in 1915 and executed by the Turks and Kurds

2. On the famine hecatomb in Mount Lebanon (1915-18), willed by Germany after a visit of its monarch  in 1909

This post focuses on the genocide of the Armenians and Lebanese.

But prior to that, let us refresh our memories of the colonial genocide before the cases of the Armenians and Lebanese people:

1. The massive killing of the people in the Congo (5 million) by colonial Belgium

2. the genocide on Indonesians by colonial Netherland

3. The genocide on people in Australia, India and New Zealand by the British Empire


And Hitler to wonder in 1939: “Who remembers the massacre of the Armenians?”

Actually, the Nuremberg Tribunal focused on the latest of genocide. The colonial powers executed a dozen of those they had no interest in using for their talent and professionalism, particularly in the development of weapons of mass destruction, torture techniques, sciences and spying.

The Nuremberg Tribunal didn’t brought to trial

1. the genocide in Libya and Ethiopia by Italy under Mussolini

The Nuremberg Tribunal didn’t convince anyone with strong links to former colonial powers that there can be serious consequences of committing genocide. Let’s start with:

1. genocide in Korea by Japan, China, Soviet Union and USA

2. genocide in China by Japan, Soviet Union and Mao Tse Tong

3. genocide in Viet Nam by the French and USA

4. genocide in Algeria by the French

5. genocide in Rwanda

6. genocide in Cambodia

7. genocide in Afghanistan

8. genocide in Iraq and then Syria

Shall we go on?

This post will focus on the two genocide of Armenians and Lebanese of Mount Lebanon.

When WWI started, Germany was the main western nation dealing with Turkey, in trade, military cooperation and training, building infrastructure (The Istanbul-Hejaz railway for example)

By 1906, the British Empire realized that it was unable to prevent Germany becoming the second economical power behind the USA or overtaking German external trade around the world in quality or price.

England decided that its best strategy was a preemptive war on Germany by blocking the maritime ports with which Germany imported and exported goods.

All the diplomacy of England was to ally France ( the largest land army) and neutralize Russia (the main trade outlet for Germany for many centuries) in the event Germany wage an all out war.

Germany had no qualm with France and Russia because it benefitted from these 2 countries.

Ironically, it is France and Russia that first declared war on Germany.

As Russia declared war on Germany, and since the Armenians in Turkey steadfastly and consistently supported and aided Imperial Russia frequent incursions into the Ottoman Empire since the 19th century, Germany planned the Armenian genocide and the new  colonial national zeal of the Young Turk junta systematically executed the plan, and in a very German professionalism.

It is to be noted that the Ottoman Empire was the most lenient and tolerant among all empires relative to its varieties of ethnic and religious diversities.

Germany finally decided to agree that it shared in the genocide of the Armenians by the planning of this mass murder. 

The roots for this hatred of the Turks against the Armenians was there, and it needed a new Nationalist feeling of the 20th century to go all the way according to the German decision.

The turks executed the plan in the large cities while the Kurds were assigned this job in the far fetched country side.

Germany was also behind punishing Lebanon and committed this genocide famine hecatomb between 1915-18

For example, the city of Kars in Turkey, on the eastern side of the Anatolia Plateau (Anadol), is built by the river Kars and is a must cross location on the routes from Georgia, Tabriz (Iran), the Caucasus and Tiflis. I urge my readers to recollect other cursed cities through history.

Eastern Anatolia and the Caucasus form one homogeneous geographic area in economy, culture, and social communication and trades.

The Armenians on both sides preferred to pay allegiance to Christian Russia and wished that Russia would grant them administrative autonomy in the Caucasus.

The Moslems on both sides paid allegiance to the Moslem Ottoman Empire.

The triangle of the current States of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan were the scenes of major battle fields and invasions through history and is still a hot area till now.

The Nobel Literature Prize winner Orhan Pamuk published “Snow” that described the calamities suffered by the inhabitants of the Kars region.  The Armenian people lived in that region for a thousand years and then many waves of immigrants and refugees from persecutions flocked to it.

The Karss region hosted people from the Empires of Persia, Byzantium and then Moguls, Georgians, Kurds, and Cherkessk.

In the 17th century, the Karss region was predominantly of Moslems and then Armenians were second in numbers.

The absolute monarchic Russian Empire vied for this region since the 18th century.

In 1827, Russia entered Karss and chased out over 27,000 Moslems and transferred 45,000 Armenians to this city from Iran and the Anatolian Plateau.

The city of Yerevan (Capital of the current State of Armenia) that was mostly of Iranians was transformed demographically in 1827.

In every Russian invasion to the Karss region, the Russian troops could rely on the Armenian population for auxiliary regiments, logistics, and intelligence services.

As the Russian troops vacated the region in 1829, over 90,000 Armenians fled with the Russians fearing well deserved persecution.

During the Crimea War, which confronted Russia against the combined alliance of Britain, France, and the Ottoman, the Russians put siege on Karss in 1855 for many months and all the Ottoman army within the city was massacred.  The Paris treaty of 1855 forced the Russians to vacate the Karss region. The Ottoman troops retaliated heavily on the Armenians.

In 1859, the Cherkessk, lead by their leader Shamel, revolted against the Russians and Shamel was defeated; many Christian Russian Orthodox were transferred to Karss to replace the Moslem Cherkessk.  The same eviction process befell three quarter of the Moslems of Abkhazia in 1867.

Thus, in less than 30 years, the Russian Empire changed the demographics of the Caucasus from mostly Moslems to mostly Christians.

Over 1, 200,000 Moslems were forced to transfer to other regions; 800,000 of the Moslems settled in the Ottoman Empire. 

In 1877, the Russians amassed troops on the border with Karss; Sultan Abdel Hamid preempted the invasion by massacring the Armenians on ground that they will inevitably aid the Russians.

After 93 days of war, the Russians entered Karss and a pogrom on the Moslems proceeded for many days.

The treaty of San Estephanos relinquished the region to the Russian Empire. The Russians built a new city south of the city of Karess where the Emperor Alexander III met with his concubines and hunted.

In the next 43 years, the Armenians harassed the Moslems of this region and thousand had to flee.

In retaliation, Sultan Abdel Hamid formed in 1891 a special regiment of Kurdish cavalry with the purpose of harassing the Armenians of the Karss region and the pogrom around Lake Van raised an outcry in Europe.

During the First World War, the Armenians again aided the Russians and formed semi-regular armies to fight the Ottoman Empire.

On both sides, Armenian troops were under either the flag of Turkey or of Russia.

As the genocide was decided in April 1915, the Turks disbanded 125,000 armed Armenian troops and transferred them to dig ditches and construction works.

Consequently, in 1915, the Ottoman Empire launched the genocide plan against the Armenians and thousands died of famine during the long march out of Turkey.

The Armenians settled in Constantinople (Istanbul), and the people in the Adana region shared in the mass persecution; only the Armenians in the Caucasus, within Russia, were spared.

The British occupied the Karss region in 1919 and gave some authority to the Armenians who gathered arms from the Moslems and gave them to the Armenians and another round of harassment and massacres took place.

The Turkish General Mustafa Kemal re-occupied the Karss region in 1920 after defeating the Armenian army: the Bolsheviks were then allied to the new Turkish Republic.

The Russians transferred the Armenians from the region of Patum to Yerevan.

In 1927, all the properties of the Armenians in Karss were confiscated.

The Armenians were robbed of a homeland because Turkey ceased Cyprus to Britain in exchange of guaranteeing the Karss region to Turkey.

Mustafa Kemal (Attaturk) also negotiated a political deal with mandated power France over Syria to relinquish the Syrian region of Alexandrite to Turkey, setting the premises for future regional feuds.

Nowadays, there are no Armenians in Karss; the imposing buildings of Tsarist Russia are government Administrative offices; a vast villa of 40 rooms is transformed into hospital, and a Jewish museum.

An entire century of struggles, massacres, harassment,  genocides, and useless hate to their neighbors in order to gain self-autonomy rewarded the Armenians nothing.

They had to wait for the break down of the Soviet Union to enjoy the Armenian State that is totally dependent in its economy on the neighboring States.

Kosovo, Kashmir, Jerusalem, Gaza, and Palestine are current examples of lost opportunities for stability and peace.

As for the case of the famine hecatomb in Mount Lebanon read:

Systematic assassination of top academicians and scientists in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon

Israel constant strategic policy is the systematic assassination of top academicians and scientists in the neighbouring countries of the State of Israel (Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon. Iran has been a target since it began its nuclear program). Why?

Apartheid Israel believes that its supremacy and total control and dominion in the region is denying the people any proficient brain power to confront Israel long-term existence.

One of the main objectives of invading Iraq was the elimination of its top 5,000 scientists. The USA pressured over 2,000 top Iraqi scientists to find exile in the US. The remaining scientists were executed and assassinated.

In the 50’s and 60’s Egypt top scientists were the primary target for assassination, and Israel pressured Germany to bring back the German scientists working in Egypt. Germany shelled out $2 billion so that its citizens in Egypt are not killed. 

Since 2011, the Mossad, headed by Tamir Bardo, provided the Nusra faction lists of top Syrian scientist to be executed.

Lately, Al Nusra executed 5 Syrian nuclear engineers and scores of professional generals, pilots and researchers..

L’exécution, par le front Al-Nosra, de cinq ingénieurs dans le domaine de l’énergie nucléaire et atomique ne fut pas une surprise, puisque ces groupes avaient adopté cette méthode dans des opérations similaires.

By Al-Ahednews | Editeur : Walt | Dimanche, 16 Nov. 2014

Assassinats systématiques des académiciens et scientifiques syriens dans l’intérêt d’«Israël»

Les cinq ingénieurs assassinés étaient à bord d’un véhicule qui fut la cible des tirs, dans la région El-Tall, dans le Rif de Damas.

Les ingénieurs martyrs travaillaient dans un centre de recherches scientifiques à Barzé. Selon des sources bien informées, la nature du travail de ces hommes était confidentielle. Ils furent assassinés à la suite d’une période de surveillance.

Ce n’est pas la première fois que des experts, des scientifiques et académiques syriens sont liquidés. Le front Al-Nosra s’est en effet transformé en un bras du chef du Mossad, Tamir Bardo, qui fournit à cette organisation les données et les renseignements, ainsi que le soutien logistique, en contrepartie des opérations d’assassinat. Ce front avait aussi visé une élite de pilotes des avions de chasse syriens, détruit les centres de recherches scientifiques et les centres d’alerte précoce, qui protègent le pays des offensives extérieures.

Avec le début de la guerre contre la Syrie, un groupe armé relevant d’Al-Nosra, muni d’engins de télécommunications sophistiqués, a été démantelé par l’armée syrienne. Les renseignements syriens à ce propos, ont été confirmés par des rapports russes et chinois, pour révéler un rôle effectif des SR sionistes et de la CIA au sein du groupuscule en question, dirigé par le général américain Richard Cleveland.

Les informations ont fait état de forces spéciales entrainées pour perpétrer des assassinats, sous la supervision de la CIA. Ces forces sont entrées en Syrie via la frontière de la Jordanie et du Golan occupé et se sont déployées sur le territoire syrien. En outre, le Mossad a joué un rôle important dans l’installation des chambres d’opérations et des casernes d’entrainement en Jordanie, en Turquie et dans le Kurdistan de l’Irak.

Les équipes entrainées dans ces lieux, en coopération avec la force israélienne «Maglan», spécialisée dans les offensives contre les aéroports et la force «Beta IR», spécialisée dans les assassinats, coordonnent étroitement leurs actions avec les SR israéliens.

Le parrainage de ces groupes ne s’est pas limité à l’entrainement. Les Israéliens ont assuré le soutien à Al-Nosra sur le terrain, dans plusieurs lieux en Syrie, notamment où se situent les postes militaires et académiques, comme Homs et son rif, le rif de Deraa, El-Ghouta-Est et le Qalamoun. Les groupes armés y ont reçu tout genre de soutien technique sophistiqué, dont les moyens de télécommunications, d’espionnage et même l’assistance directe.

L’assassinat des pilotes militaires syriens entrainés sur les avions modernes dans le rif de Homs en est une preuve. En effet, en fin de novembre 2011, six pilotes, techniciens et officiers ont été assassinés par les groupes armés, baptisés plus tard «front Al-Nosra». Les assassinats des cadres et des experts syriens se sont poursuivis plus tard. Le général Abdallah Khaldi fut tué, ainsi qu’un certain nombre de pilotes militaires, pris en otage, puis décapités et leurs corps mutilés.

Dans la période suivante, ces groupes ont entamé une série d’assassinats systématiques, visant plusieurs chercheurs, académiciens, dont notamment le général Nabil Zougheib, responsable du développement du programme des missiles syriens. En plus, Alep fut le lieu de l’assassinat de Dr Samir Rkieh, ingénieur aéronautique, enlevé par Al-Nosra en 2012. Une vidéo a montré plus tard son corps mutilé par les traces de la torture.

Dans le domaine des centres de recherches scientifiques et académiques, les groupes armés ont laissé leurs empreintes dans toutes les régions syriennes. Ils ont adopté la méthode du Mossad dans la prise pour cible des installations scientifiques, des bases aériennes, et des radars, notamment installés dans la région de Marj el-Sultan, dans la Ghouta-Est, et ceux installés dans le rif de Deraa.

Bref, d’après la nature des missions exécutées par le bras du Mossad en Syrie, et l’ampleur des pertes dans les infrastructures économiques et militaires, comprenant aussi les cerveaux et les expertises humaines, les radars, les stations d’alerte précoce, les systèmes de défense aérienne et les pilotes, on peut déduire que le bénéficiaire n’est que l’ennemi principal de l’axe de la résistance.

En effet, l’entité sioniste avait toujours l’objectif de démanteler la structure militaire, scientifique et technique de l’armée syrienne, par le meurtre des cadres habilités, en prélude à l’exclusion de cette armée du cadre du conflit. D’ailleurs, c’est ce que prouve un article publié dans Yediot Ahronot et écrit par le journaliste sioniste Ben Yachay, le 14-1-2012. Ben Yachay avait affirmé que les assassinats en question, étaient caractérisés par le statut et la qualité des hommes tués, sources de connaissances, de renseignements et d’expertises.

«On ne doit pas être expert pour déduire que les assassinats et les explosions en Syrie, sont l’œuvre d’organisations secrètes, liées à des pays bénéficiant de leur action. Seules des organisations dirigées par de tels pays, sont capables d’exécuter ce genre de meurtres», a-t-il écrit.


United officially and separate socially?

It can be hard for visitors to Berlin to imagine where the Berlin Wall once separated Germany’s communist East from the U.S.-friendly West.

Today, commuters run to catch a metro where trains stood for nearly 30 years. Curried sausages are sold and illegal (but popular) parties are celebrated in empty warehouses just feet from where East Germans were shot by their own countrymen as they tried to cross the border to the west.

Next week, Germany will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and at first glance, it seems as if the country is more united than some nations that were never split.

posted this October 31, 2014

But numbers and images illustrating differences in lifestyles and problems between East and West Germans tell a different story.

While 75% of Germans who live in the east said they considered their country’s reunification a success in a recent survey only half of western Germans agreed.

And that’s not the only distinction indicating that the separation of the past prevails today.

Before we go in-depth with the Washington Post visualizations and maps shown above, some of them inspired by German news site ZEIT ONLINE, let’s take a look at the bigger picture:

Berlin, photographed from a Space Station

The photo above was taken by astronaut André Kuipers from the International Space Station in 2012. It shows one division of Berlin: While the yellow lights are in east Berlin, the green parts mark the western part.

Daniela Augenstein, a spokeswoman for Berlin’s department of urban development, explained that each side historically used different streetlights. The lights themselves reflect another difference: The streetlamps used in West Germany were much more environmentally friendly, reflecting the emergence of the western German environmental civil movement in the 1970s and 1980s.

At that time East Germany was still heavily polluting, and heavily reliant on coal. Today, eastern Germany is the heart of the country’s renewable energy transformation. But viewed from space, the historic differences still define Berlin’s nightly appearance.

Data reveal further cleavages between east and west.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, formerly communist eastern German companies and factories suddenly had to compete with their much more efficient western counterparts. Capitalism came too fast.

Many eastern German companies went bankrupt and some regions never recovered from the shock. Until today, income levels are much lower in the east than in the west.

Germany’s unemployment rate made headlines when it hit a two-decade low this summer. But that rate is not evenly spread: former West German states still have far better employment levels than their eastern neighbors.

That’s in part because more young people have moved from rural eastern areas to the west, which has also decreased the amount of job-seeking eastern Germans.

This has led to a paradoxical situation: Many young people in rural eastern Germany say they are forced to move to the west or to larger eastern cities because of a lack of competitive wages and job opportunities.

Consequently, many eastern German companies cannot find enough young trainees for entry-level positions and are now recruiting in Poland or the Czech Republic.

Demographic differences are not only the result of joblessness and income gaps. Most foreigners who live in Germany have chosen to settle in the western parts, and their arrival has decreased average ages.

Several factors explain the significantly smaller foreign population in the east. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, western Germany invited many Turks to live in the country as guest workers. Many of them never left.

Furthermore, the climate is less friendly to foreigners in the east, according to a study by Leipzig University researchers who interviewed 16,000 Germans over 10 years.

These findings coincide with a larger presence of right-wing neo-Nazi sympathizers. The right-wing National Democratic Party, whose members have often been accused of glorifying Adolf Hitler, enjoys particular support in the east, though they’ve been relatively unsuccessful at the polls.

Why did right-wing politicians prosper in the once-communist east?

The explanation is complex, but scientists often attribute it to a mixture of anti-leftist worldviews after the wall fell and the economic downturn in the east.

Many people were disillusioned by Western capitalism, but few wanted a return to communism. Right-wing politicians were quick to fill the void. The great majority of eastern Germans, of course, are welcoming.

The comparisons above might make eastern Germany seem like a bleak place to live — but in some ways, it’s ahead of the west.

Take trash production. Why? Here is one possible explanation: Having dealt with constant food shortages until 1989, eastern Germans learned to economize and buy only those items they deemed necessary. This attitude seems to prevail today.

However, east-west differences in regard to trash production would be much less pronounced if we only looked at domestic waste, and did not include other sources of trash such as gardens.

Communist East Germany also emphasized child care. While eastern German mothers were usually employed, western German women often stayed home to raise their children. So the East German government invested heavily in child-care facilities, and that legacy remains today.

This map points to another legacy of eastern Germany’s communist past. In then-East Germany, agricultural fields were much larger, because they were not owned by individuals, but by a pool of farmers. After reunification, the fields’ sizes rarely changed.

In the east, it was also much more common, and politically supported, to get a flu shot. Even today, eastern Germans are more committed to this practice, as the German news website ZEIT ONLINE recently noted in a comparison between eastern and western habits and beliefs that is definitely worth a read.

(According to the site, eastern Germans also own significantly fewer legal small arms than citizens living in west Germany.)

Finally, if you travel Europe and you see two German groups at a campground, you might easily be able to distinguish them.

Eastern Germans usually sleep in tents, while western Germans prefer to travel with trailers. We did not find a scientific explanation, but one might posit that it’s rooted in western Germans’ longer experience traveling the world.

Furthermore, many young eastern Germans couldn’t even afford a car under communism. Trying to buy a trailer would have been more expensive and nearly impossible for most eastern Germans. While those in the west were able to explore beyond their borders, eastern Germans remained practically imprisoned by their government for nearly 30 years — until 25 years ago.

Despite the prevailing differences, many consider the German reunification a successful role model.

“Workers of the world: Shut down your weapon industrial complexes” Jean Jaures in 1903

Even in 1903, the European Marxists and social democrats (particularly in Germany,  England, France and Italy) were cognizant of a major military confrontation is being prepared by the main capitalist powers (especially between the oldest Capitalist and vastest colonial power of England and the nascent industrial powerhouse of Germany) sweeping Europe that will generate a drastic moral calamity, which is still plaguing the 21st century.

And these social and political parties and organization knew what was to be done to stop any major war from igniting: Educate and politicize the workers in industries to stop working at military industrial infrastructure. (That was 15 years before Lenin and single mindedly decided to grab power in Russia)

On July 30, 1903, Jean Jaures, the French social and political activist and organizer, who became the soul of the unity of the opposition movements before WWI, and who was assassinated in Paris on July 31, 1914, shortly before France declared war on Germany, delivered this speech:

“If Humanity considers the proof of  courage is to be condemned to continue killing eternally, then mankind is accursed and doomed.

Courage is Not to maintain this somber and dark clouds of war, these sleeping clouds that we persist in believing that they were break up pn the “others”.

Courage is Not to keep in the hands of Force the solution of conflicts that reason can resolve.

Courage is the exaltation of mankind, and this course is an abdication.

Courage for all of you, a courage of all hours, is to sustain without flinching the temptations of doing harms of all kinds, physical and morals, that life extend to us.

Courage is to love life and to look calmly at death.

Courage is to shoot for the ideal and comprehend the real.

Courage is to act and to give to the great causes without asking for return, or what kinds of compensation our efforts will reserve for the deep universe.

Courage is to seek truth and to say it, to not submit to the triumphant law of lie, and to not be the perpetual echo to lies with our soul, mouth and hand clapping for the idiots and fanatics.

How our conception of life is poor.

How our science of life is short.

If we persist on believing that, as war is abolished, then we will lack opportunities and occasion to prove and exercise our courage, and that we have got to let the tambour and drum of war rolling and listen to their chiming rhythm meant to make our heart jump in heroic excitements in this 20th century, these tambours are sounding shallow.

Allow your life to be vibrant, sincere and whole.

Bet on social and political democracy to free the individual first of all, before the liberation of the exploited classes.

Let democracy meant to liberate all the oppressed fragments  of people all over the world and never by conquering them and subjugating them.

We are going to witness wars between social and political democracies and the militaristic retrograded oligarchies. (Jaures was hopeful that the opposition movements will take power and resist these oligarchies as war begins to flare up)

The best bet to blocking the coming world war is that all the proletariats unite their forces in all nations and join their determination to stop work at the military industrial complexes and the production of weapons.

The coming war is initiated by the envy of capitalist groups, their colonial expansions, the imperialistic violence for dominion, politics of prestige.

All these factors have created a climate of permanent tension which generates constant and growing risks for wars.

Note: It was England that prepared for WWI since 1906, as Germany overtook and surpassed England in exporting all kind of industrial products on the world markets. The strategy of England was to block access to all ports serving Germany.






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