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Christians of the Orients: they are you!

The plight of the Christian sects in the Middle East, (December 20, 2008)

I am not a religious person and this essay is political in nature.

The world community must have had news of the mass immigration of native Christians in Iraq during the Bush Junior “conquest” of Iraq.  The impression is that they are fleeing because of the newly established confessional conditions in Iraq and a few recurring massacres.

For the political analyst, the plight of the Christian sects in the Middle East is planned and executed by Israel with strong support of the US administrations. 

That plight started before the civil war in Lebanon in 1975, a war which “theoretically” ended after hundreds of thousands of Lebanese immigrating and most of them Christians, considering the ratios in the population.

Only these “nitwits” of a few factions within the Christian Maronite sect allied with Israel when it invaded Lebanon in 1982 and aided Israel in securing the southern strip of land, a third of Lebanon and which Israel was forced to vacate in 2000.

The remaining two dozens of Christian sects are fundamentally nationalists and consider that the Middle East region is their proper nation, since they were the original inhabitants and were the bedrock in the establishment of the first Christian communities for two thousand years.

Why is it that Israel and the uncivilized US administrations want to force-vacate (transfer) the Christians from the Middle East?

Remember Gaza; Israel vacated its isolated settlements in the Gaza Strip in 2005, so that it could execute its genocide without worrying about the few Jews there.

Since then, Gaza has been famished and cut-off from the world and returned to pre-historic conditions, with the main support of the Bush Junior administration, simply because apartheid Zionism wants a racist Jewish State and regard the native populations as inferior in nature as Hitler viewed the Jews, the Arab, and many other non-Germanic “ethnic” communities.

Israel want to dislodged these patriotic Christians from the Middle East in order to hoard for itself all the sympathy and support of the “western” States and prepare the ground for a massive genocides against the Muslims, if the next US President is foolish enough to wage a war against Iran.

The Christian communities in Rome and Europe were initiated by Near Eastern Christians; many Middle Eastern Christian sects in Syria and Iraq disseminated the doctrine of Christianity in all Asia and reached China.

They translated their unified Testaments into Chinese, Hindi, Persian and the other languages in Asia, before the Arab expansion in the 7th century.

These Christian sects were critical factors in the formulation of the fundamental doctrine of Islam during Prophet Muhammad message in Mecca, before the Prophet Mohammad settled in Medina.

As Prophet Muhammad  had to administer the first Islamic City-State in Medina, he had to legislate and build a structure for the Arabic tribes and clans in the Arabian Peninsula.

Actually, the largest and most powerful tribe “Taghleb” and its main clan the “Ghassassinat” near Damascus were already Christians and the prophet Mohammad fine-tuned his religious instructions from these Christian tribes.

The Byzantine Empire was basically re-structured since the year 325 by the Christian sects in the Middle East.  Thus, the early Christian civilization in Europe was initiated by the Middle East Christian sects.

Europe had to wait another thousand years for the Jesuits and the other Christian orders to venture into Asia.

Unfortunately, the European Christian religious orders were used politically by the emerging colonial powers in the code name of civilizing the “barbarians” and aborigines who are not “Christians”




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