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The Wall. Walled-in. Walled-out. Acts of violence in progress. Stay out. Don’t meddle…

Walls have never dissuaded an invader from entering within the enclosure and devastating a town.

All those stories of catapults used to demolishing walls are rare events: The enemy enters through treachery from inside the walls.

Catapults were mainly used to send infected animals inside the town. To spread disease.

The Great Wall of China never prevented the two serious Mogul invasions to stop the hordes: Money lavished on a few Chinese garrisons did the trick to let in the Mogul troops.

The “see through” high walls of barbed wires say: “We can see you too. Do not trespass”

The most efficient barriers are the symbolic ones that are no barrier at all for crossing over.

The message is: “We are determined not to connect with you.” And this is the meaning of the Wall of Shame erected by Israel.

No see Palestinians, no hear Palestinians… then maybe we are right and  safe in our occupation of territories.

What was constructed to wall-in Palestinians, turned out to materialize the ghetto mentality of the Zionist ideology and historical exclusion from communities around them.



The Israeli poet Natan Zakh declared on Nov. 17, 2013:

“I fled  Nazi State to find myself in a Fascist State. The State of Israel has been living by the Sword. I would have remained in Europe if I knew how Israel will be behaving as an apartheid ideological society.

This Zionist State failed to realize its objective.

This Zionist State, supposed to be moving to the country of milk and honey, is plagued by corruption and running by the strong arm policy”

This Zionist State is living its last years, as was the decline of the Roman Empire.

Instead of linking with neighbors whom we stole their lands, we are preparing atomic bombs and teaching hatred.

Gaza is under terrible blocus  and the missiles we are getting are legitimate reactions from the Palestinians.

(The Wall of Shames has reverted Israel to the ghetto mentality in practice)

Natan Zakh is involved in the boycot of the colonies in the occupied PalestinianWest Bank territories

The Israeli army savagely beat an old Palestinian man

 La Redaction I&I  30/05/2014.

« J’ai fui d’un Etat nazi pour me retrouver dans un Etat fasciste »

POSTÉ LE 17 NOVEMBRE 2013 par Halalbook dans BUZZ

Le 10 novembre 2013, le journal hébreu Yediot Ahronot a rapporté que le grand poète israélien Natan Zakh a déclaré que le sionisme a échoué à réaliser son objectif.

Selon lui, «  l’Etat du lait et du miel  » promis n’est maintenant que mal et corruption. Il a par ailleurs appelé à boycotter les colonies sionistes.

«  Si j’avais su que le sionisme se concrétiserait dans un pays qui vit par l’épée, je serais resté en Europe. J’ai fui d’un Etat nazi pour me retrouver dans un Etat fasciste  », dit-il.

Gaza est toujours sous un affreux blocus, ses roquettes reflètent une résistance légitime, a ajouté le critique littéraire, Lauréat du Prix Bialik (en 1982) et Lauréat du Prix d’Israël (en 1995).

Israël vit «  aujourd’hui comme l’empire romain dans ses derniers jours. Ici, ils nous apprennent la haine et préparent des bombes atomiques, au lieu d’essayer de nous rapprocher de nos voisins dont nous avons volé la terre  », a-t-il conclu.

A couple of years after its independence in 1948, the State of Israel proved that its strategic mind, to impress upon its neighboring people to recognize its legitimacy, was failing in a consistent pattern of refusal to negotiate a peace treaty.  The State of Israel was recognized by a majority of a single vote in the UN and the partition of Palestine bypassed valid political negotiation by the concerned people.

Invariably, it is the Mossad agents (Israelis, Palestinians, and Arabs) that planned and facilitated terrorist attacks everytime foreign States pressured Israel to resuming peace negotiations.  Currently, the Israeli government is very unhappy:  No “terrorist activities” are witnessed because the Palestinian government in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza are in better position to control and apprehend Israel’s Mossad agents.  Even Lebanon has dismantled over a dozen Mossad cells that initiated terrorist activities of missile launching and assassinating Palestinian leaders.

The “Wall of Shame” has been erected and Israel has no excuses left to bringing terrorist scare tactics to bear on foreign States initiatives for peaceful negotiations.  Palestinians factions cannot infiltrate Israel unless aided by the Mossad and Israel’s security services.  There are no terrorist activities and yet Israel is adamantly resuming State assassinations of Palestinian leaders:  Israel is praying that armed reactions by Palestinian factions will extend stupid excuses to Israel for putting negotiation on hold: It is the habit of Israel to refuse peace since it is only happy on terms of total capitulation and apartheid humiliation behaviors.

Ariel Sharon proved to be by far the worst strategic mind as PM and as Defense minister.  In 1982, Sharon invaded Lebanon, entered the Capital Beirut, and “liberated” Lebanon from Yasser Arafat’s military wings.  Lebanon breathed easier as the “legal occupier” in Yasser Arafat was shipped to Tunisia in French ships.  Now, instead of withdrawing from Lebanon, Sharon decided to park in Lebanon for 25 years.  This Israeli occupation encouraged the Lebanese to fine tune their resistance activities.  Israel was thus forced to vacate Lebanon in 2000 unilaterally.  Currently, Lebanon is united against Israel; Hezbollah has captured a strategic position of military “retaliation capacities”.

Israel has to start dealing seriously with peace negotiation; it has no other options left; Israel has no excuses left to decline negotiations with the worn out excuse “We have no reliable parties to deal with”.  Military mentality and successive military tactical victories are no basis for long-term strategic peace agreements that convince the neighboring people.  The US 6th fleet and overwhelming military and economic supports have limits.  The US can no longer convinced its citizens that Israel is the best protector of its interest in the Middle East.

Israel has been encouraging “terrorist activities” through its agents in order to lay claim to its “rights” of defensive massive and disproportionate violent “reactions” and pre-emptive wars in Lebanon, Gaza, and the Palestinian camps in Palestine (West Bank and Gaza) and Lebanon.  In fact, all investigations showed that Israel undertook pre-emptive wars in periods that no “terrorist activities” were undertaken by Palestinians either in Lebanon (1982) or in Gaza (2008).

Israel behaved as if it didn’t need to delimit its borders in its Constitution and opted for an open border as pre-emptive military incursions allowed it to expand. 

We are experiencing a paradox in Israel’s political and strategic decisions: first, Israel refuses to submit to the UN an official map of its borders with the neighboring States and second, it built the “wall of shame”, a reminiscence of its “ghetto mentality”, under the unconvincing excuses of reducing “terrorist attacks”.   Since its independence, Israel never relinquished its “apartheid” rights to committing State assassinations of Palestinian and Arabic leaders.  Almost every year, Israel invades Palestinian camps (supposed to be protected by the UN) and lay waste to camps and kills hundreds of Palestinian refugees under various pretences that the world community stopped to believe in their legitimacy.

Israel has been winning tactical military “victories” with unlimited supports from the successive US Administrations after Eisenhower.  Israel failed so far in securing peace and recognition by the Palestinian people and the neighboring Arab people.  The peace treaties with Egypt (under emergency law and dictatorship rules since the assassination of Sadat) and the monarchy in Jordan are not convincing and basically unilateral relative to the concerned people.  Israel conquered all Sinai in 1967 and waited until Gamal Abdel Nasser declared “What has been conquered by force cannot be recaptured but by force”.  Thus, Israel was obliged to pump useless funds to defending far-flung borders until Israel was pressured to restitute conquered lands in 1973 by a victorious counter military offensive by the Egyptian army.  The Us refused to support Israel’s military expenditures in the Sinai and thus, Israel let go of desert lands after it alienated over 70 million Egyptians.

In a sense, Sharon permitted Israel to rethink its strategic mind after many strategic failures against his will and Israel’s will.

In the final analysis, the US tax payers are paying the tabs twice: Once for expanding Israeli colonies and developing the Golan Higth and again for Israel’s withdrawal from colonies and the Golan.  I am wondering who is the most deficient in strategic mind in the Middle East: It is Israel or the US of America?

History revisited: Decline or loss of hope? (Part 2, Apr. 21, 2010)

In the previous article I wrote: “History is a collection of stories that need to be revisited frequently; stories to be revised with new eyes and new knowledge, since human behavior did not change perceptibly.  If any, human cruelty to mankind and nature increased by several notches.”

In general, history stories are recounted Hollywood-style, packed with actions, heroes, traitors, smart generals, and far-sighted leaders and monarchs.  Empires decline due to steady decrease in demography.

The Moslem Ibn Khaldoun, in 15th century North Africa and considered to be the first sociologist and ethnographer, wrote that when a people lose hope for a better future to their descendants they decrease the procreation rate; in periods of high hope population increases.”

If you revise history stories, you can link, with high positive correlation, between periods of luxury and fast and increase in procreation. It is basically a mass perception of predicting the short-term evolution for survival.

For example, France was the most populous nation in Europe in the 18th century until people started reducing procreation, which affected the process of holding on to colonies.  The Napoleonic wars exacerbated this perception of instability and insecurity. It was useless giving birth so that children are sent to wars for no return in profit or hope of a better future.

You might offer a counterpoint: “How come after 70 years of slow and steady holocaust process, inflicted by the Zionist movement (Israel State) on the Palestinian people, this strategy did not slow the increased procreation of the Palestinians?”

My conjecture is that most Palestinians live in camps: Camp life would be too depressing if devoid of kids playing, laughing, and cheering up the camp.  The more kids are playing around the more hope is sustained.

Camp life creates community supports and discrepancies among classes are not noticeable to prevent sharing the little that families have, and to caring for kids of neighboring families.

Another example relates to demography in South Lebanon.  Even during the French mandate to Lebanon (1919-1943) the Zionist movement planned and schemed to extend the northern borders of the future States of Israel (recognized in 1948) to the Litany River.  The successive Lebanese governments, since Lebanon Independence in 1943, ruled as if South Lebanon was of no concern to them: no funds and no budgets were allocated to infrastructures, schools, hospitals or any kinds of development.

Then, in 1969, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and headed by Yasser Arafat, and with the support of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser forced Lebanon to allocate a portion of South Lebanon (Al Arkoub) an autonomous status to the PLO.

Israel was pleased with this new situation and bombed the villages in the south on pretense of reacting to the presence of the PLO.

The “inhabitants” in south Lebanon started to vacate their villages and flocked to the suburbs of Beirut (Al Dahiah).

As the civil war started in 1975, the PLO was ruling as the de facto State in South Lebanon. Regular mass immigrations of Lebanese Shiaa to Africa and elsewhere set in. South Lebanon was in the steady process of being depleted of its inhabitants, which should have satisfied Israel’s great dream.

Israel decided on the worst strategic blunder ever: Israel of Begin and Sharon invaded Lebanon in 1982, the Israeli army entered Beirut, and the military wings of the PLO were chased out to Tunis, and thus freeing south Lebanon from the hold of the PLO.  Israel resumed its blunder and decided to occupy south Lebanon for 25 years.

That is how purely Lebanese Resistance to occupation from many political parties started in full fledged. The Islamic regime of Khomeini in Iran extended new religious zeal, an ideology, organization, training and arming a Shiia splintered faction of AMAL named Hezbollah.

The tide had turned.  Israel was forced to vacate south Lebanon unilaterally in 2000.  The Lebanese returned to their villages with greater hope in the future.

Israel tried another attempt in 2006 to chase out Lebanese from the south during an intensive and savage 33 days preemptive war.  Israel covered the land with over 3 millions cluster bombs imported from Tony Blair of England.  The purpose was to scare people off from returning to the south.

The day the UN declared cease-fire people returned the same day to the south and not waiting from the government declaring the trip safe.

Makeshift bridges were erected (Israel had bombed out all bridges and highways) and where cars and trucks could not cross then walking was as good a means of transport.

Currently, the border villages in Lebanon are witnessing boom in tourism and tourist facilities, yards away from Israeli tanks and border patrols.  The tide has turned.

Israel may launch another savage and devastating preemptive war in Lebanon but the game is over: hope in south Lebanon is high for a better future while Israel is experiencing the worst period in lost hope for a stable Israeli State.

Israeli is reverting to its ghetto mentality and holding on to biblical archaic myths and laws. And had built the Wall of Shame along all its borders: No see, no fear, no aches…

Note: The Shiaa population in Lebanon is over 50%, and increasing at a higher rate than the other 17 other religious sects.




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