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 Girls cannot win at any age

Girl gets pregnant at less than 20: People say “She’s too young to have a baby”.
Girl get’s pregnant at above 35: “She’s risking her baby’s health!”
Girl considers abortion: “Can’t believe she’s just going to get rid of her baby.”
Girl keeps the baby: “How’s she going to afford that baby?”
Girl gets benefits: “Wow, she’s so lazy.”
Girl gets a job: “How can she stand to be away from her baby all day like that?”
Girl becomes a stay at home mom: “She probably doesn’t do anything all day.”
Girl stops hanging out with friends: “She totally changed when she had that baby.”
Girl goes out: “She’s always partying.”
Girl wants to leave crappy bf: “Nobody knows what it means to work things out anymore.”
Girl wants to stay with crappy bf: “She’s dumb.”
Girl eats burger: “Fatty.”
Girl eats salad: “Must be one of those starving health nuts.”
Girl is overprotective of her child: “You need to relax, helicopter mom.”
Girl lets her child play without her: “Where is this kid’s mom??”
Girl spanks her kid: “Call Protective Services!”
Girl refuses to spank: “Her kids are gonna be such brats.”

No matter what you do, people will talk.
So do what is best for YOU & your baby, not other people.

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Note: My nephew got a baby girl 3 months ago. I can testify that raising a kid requires the import of the extended family, if the sanity and physical well-being is to be sustainable.


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