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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 118

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Ben Gurion Airport and the horror stories about a detention area dubbed The Arab Room, where Palestinians with foreign passport are humiliated .

Sexual harassment? Were you aware of the nasty bisoutage culture in the institution? And you submitted to it? Anyone who refused, with equal qualification, was denied a job or role in the movies? Anyone whisleblower  was persecuted in his future undertaking for a job? Perpetrators must be “jailed” 

Good humor requires vast general knowledge: A rare ingredient

Young Prince Abdulaziz Bin Fahd tweeted: “Every Muslim is obliged to support our brothers in Palestine and the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, everyone within their means. O nation of Muhammad, show them who you are. Neglecting Al-Aqsa would be a disgrace and God will hold us accountable.” Is he still alive? Is he in a Saudi prison now?

Saudi prince, Mansour bin Muqrin, has been killed along with several other officials in a helicopter crash the near the country’s border with Yemen. His son had shot at the current “powerful successor” wali al 3ahd a few months ago.

Digital Tomorrow: Survivor of Digital Today. For the rest of us, totally irrelevant and confusing dates.

Never decline what could show you the true North: compass, map…You don’t have to persist on being lost and bragging about your ignorance

You don’t want me to learn: You refuse to get me involved

All the global problems are interrelated: poverty leads to degraded environment and deforestation which in return increases poverty.  There are financial interventions that are beneficial locally in reducing local pollution.

That’s where we stand: Either you believe Islam is a religion of violence or it is of peace.
My position is: All religions were created to be violent.
Otherwise, why all these sacrifices at every event?
Otherwise, why religious clerics have to bless armies going to war?
Otherwise, why classifying heretics within a religion
Otherwise, why considering other believers as lower in culture and civilization
Otherwise, why banning critical thinking and healthy doubting of irrational notions, myths..

In all of the financial crashes of 1982, 1990, 1997 and the 2008… the presidents of central banks meet in Bale to swap papers. The rich get richer and the small creditors are buried under papers

Are you against the Jews?
I don’t care about religions or religious clerics of any religion
They smell bad when they claim they have responsibilities to legislate and preserve the morality of communities
I am against the occupying state of Israel
I am against this mercenary State at the sold of the $.
And a century ago at the sold of the Francs
I am against this apartheid State that is advancing rapidly toward a theocratic State
I am against the stupid settlers dictating their policies to the State of Israel

Late Golda Meir, Israel PM, told French President De Gaule in 1967: Israel cannot allow itself to lose a single war. He replied: Can you guarantee you won’t lose the fifth or sixth war?

Are there places you still feel like you’re falling behind where there’s actually no race?

Transparency in international institutions? The current decision processes are not critiqued and analyzed by the public on a timely manner: it is generally too late to critique wrong decisions before they are applied.

Public access to timely information and intelligence would pressure the IMF and World Bank to reconsider their debatable economic assumptions and ideology; so far, what is decided is restricted on “what is good to the financial institutions”. 

I am worried that a picture of a singer/actor/Artist’s scandal shakes us more than a picture of a massacre of real men and women does, a current ethnic cleansing.

Shou sme3t 3an Saga Saad? Dayya3ouni. Shou ma 3emel Saad ma3o 7a2. Shou sme3t 3an al mouwazaneh wa ektisadouna? Ma btabe3 hal oumour. 7assess 7aletna  m2azammeh. Shou sme3t 3an al tatawouraat 3end al shakikat Souriya? Ana naa2i 3an nafsi. Fina ne7ki Sex? Tab3an. Khod ra7tak wa twassa3. Tayyeb, shou 7a2yat bi ayri feek wa 7adithak?

Ba3dna 3am nfattesh, bil siraaj wa al fatileh, 3an…Bahaa2

Ka2anno al Lobnani msharda2 le Hariri-Saudi aakhar

Mnee7, mnee7. Elleh kaano ye bakhro la Saudi Kingdom 7atto X 3ala bouzon

Yeh, yeh. metzawajeh 7adithan wa moushta2a 3ala Jesus. Rkedo ila Tele-Luniere wa khedo ifadat bil anjalat

3am bet sallo 7atta Tintin Macron wa Milou Abbass (Palestinian President) yel2o Saad Hariri bi Saudi Kingdom?

أميرة بنت عيدان بن نايف زوجة الأمير الوليد بن طلال السابقة:   يأتون بالقاصرات من آسيا ليبيعهن في سوق النخاسة في جدة أو التمتع بهن، حيث تقام في مدينة جدة حفلات صاخبة يمارس فيها الجنس ويتم تعاطي المخدرات والخمور

Israel’s Next War: We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

We’ve grown accustomed to small, short conflicts that barely touch the economy. Next time around, war with Hezbollah is likely to hurt

Note: Late Golda Meir, Israel PM, told French President De Gaule in 1967: Israel cannot allow itself to lose a single war. He replied: Can you guarantee you won’t lose the fifth or sixth war?

David Rosenberg 10.11.2017

For the last 11 years, Israel has been living in a fantasyland where war is something that happens on the other side of the border. It may afflict Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya, but has nothing to do with us.

True, we have had no fewer than four conflicts ourselves since 2006, but except for the casualties, they were a romp – material damage was minimal, and economic activity was barely interrupted.

Maybe that explains why even though many experts warn the risk of conflict with Hezbollah is greater than any time in years, neither investors nor business people seem to be giving the thought the slightest attention.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s TA-35 index of large-caps has fallen 2% in the past month, but that’s mainly due to Teva Pharmaceuticals’ woes.

The shekel, meanwhile, has strengthened against the dollar.
That nonchalance is based on a scenario that is no longer valid.

Since 2006, Israel’s conflicts with Hezbollah and Hamas have been first and foremost missile wars. But even the biggest and most damaging of them – the Second Lebanon War of that year, when 4,000 Hezbollah rockets rained down on Israel during more than a month – wasn’t disastrous, from an economic point of view.

Even though a third of the country was constantly sent scuttling to bomb shelters and large swathes of the economy were brought to a standstill, the economy quickly recovered.

Gross domestic product fell during the months of the war but rebounded sharply right afterwards, erasing the impact.

That established the pattern for the conflicts that followed in 2009, 2012 and 2014, when Israel fought Hamas.
Hamas not only had fewer and less powerful rockets than Hezbollah: also, Israel developed the Iron Dome system to intercept them, which reduced their impact to nearly zero. (A myth that Israelis don’t even believe its effectiveness)

In the 2014 campaign called “Protective Edge,” Iron Dome took out 90% of all the rockets that Hamas launched from Gaza.

In 2006, during 34 days of fighting, 4,000 rockets landed and 53 Israelis were killed. Come 2014, the 50-day conflict and 3,360 rockets resulted in just two rocket-related deaths.

In 2006, about 30,000 insurance claims for rocket-related damage were filed while in 2014, there were just 2,400.

In 2014, the missile war on Gaza wasn’t a threat so much as a spectacle, as Israelis watched Iron Dome missiles bring down Qassam rockets, to applause. Score one for the home team.

The next war isn’t going to look like that. The round figure everyone uses for Hezbollah’s missile arsenal is 100,000. That is a suspiciously round figure and is probably wrong, but no one disputes that the Shiite militia is well-armed, and more importantly, many of its missiles carry much more powerful warheads and are much more accurate than they were in 2006.

Hezbollah’s arsenal includes attack drones and coast-to-sea missiles, too.

For its part, Israel is also better prepared. Iron Dome, which is designed to bring down short-range rockets, has been complemented by the introduction of the David’s Sling and Arrow systems, designed to intercept long-range rockets and ballistic missiles, respectively.

But against an onslaught of thousands of missiles, no Domes, Slings or Arrows will be able to provide the kind of defense Israelis have grown used to. Israel’s infrastructure and economic activity are vulnerable to even a limited missile attack from Hezbollah.

Geographically, Israel is a small country with no hinterland, which means facilities for electric power and water are concentrated in small areas. More than a quarter of electric power is generated at just two sites.

Natural gas is produced at a single offshore field and delivered via a single pipeline. A large portion of our exports derive from a single industrial plant.

A prolonged missile war will almost certainly bring business to a halt.

In 2006, that’s what happened in the north, but that was a relatively small part of the economy; the next war will almost certainly encompass Tel Aviv.

Factories will have to close and orders will be delayed; multinational research and development centers won’t be able to meet their timetables; airlines will suspend flights to Israel (as indeed happened in 2014) ; and basic services like banking could be brought to a halt.

The physical damage would be costly enough, but the shuttering of the economy and the media coverage could be many times worse.

In the worst-case scenario, a post-war Israel would no longer be seen by global investors and businesses as a safe place to put their money and do deals.

Imagine Startup Nation without the constant flow of cross-border capital and mergers and acquisitions. The fantasy-land of the last 11 years would disappear in a matter of days or weeks.

None of the parties to the next conflict – Israel, Hezbollah and Iran – seems to angling for a fight right now. And maybe the situation in Lebanon is such that we’ll enjoy a kind of Cold War peace, where both sides will do anything to avoid a conflict they know will be so destructive

(Israel had made it clear to Hezbollah that it will respond harshly to an attack? But Israel destroyed all Lebanon infrastructure in 2006. How harsher can it perform?).

But the situation now is unusually tense. The resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri is shaking Lebanese politics and signals a new Saudi willingness to take on Iran with results that no one can predict.

(Just a fool violent Emir who is totally helpless in waging any war. Even Yemen is winning the war. No, Lebanon is confident in its new status, its security and stable government)

Iran is moving to enhance its military position in Syria, including plans to build air and naval installations there that Israel sees as an existential threat. Syria itself has grown more obstreperous about Israeli raids.

The conditions are all there for one of the parties to make a wrong move and set off a war no one wants, that everyone will pay for dearly.

Note 1: Syria has confirmed that it will not be on the side in the coming war against Lebanon. And Neither Iran or Iraq.

Note 2: Hezbollah has cleared the eastern mountain chains from ISIS and Al Nusra and can use these additional rugged land for launching missiles. It is doubtful the Lebanese army will attempt to pressure Hezbollah to avoid these lands in any strategic way.


Why Israeli women prefer to join army rather than getting married to avoid forced enlistment?

Women constitute 33% of Israel armed forces.  Theoretically, they should form 50%, except that married women, pregnant women and for religious reasons they may opt out from serving 2 full years in the army.

In around 1955, a US vice president visited Israel and noticed that most Israeli couples living in the kibbutz preferred not to get married. He pointed out to Golda Meir, minister of habitat, that to populate Israel couple should get engaged in marrying and bringing up children. “Modern” Israelis relied on constant flow of poor immigrant Jews, flooding from many corners of the world, in order to settle in a promised homeland.

Golda started a program of incentives and building apartments for couples willing to marry and bring children.

68 years after the founding of the State of Israel on Palestinian lands and at the expense of Palestinians fleeing the genocide of the Zionists, Israeli couples still are reluctant to marry and get engaged in forming a family.

Why should they?

Constant preemptive wars launched by Israel on neighboring countries and living in a State of total militarization is not a conducive environment for bringing up children. Particularly that deep down, Israelis know full well that the trend of continuous apartheid policies has proven that the situation cannot last and they will have to pay for all the killing, assassination, humiliation and denigration of the Palestinian people.

The women not serving in the army are mainly from orthodox religious sects and Sepharad behaving with traditions similar to the Moslems: Marrying the children, and especially their girls very early on.

The trend in the last 3 decades is that women serving in the army are from “westernized classes” and over 50% of the rank and file of the males come from these same orthodox sects who votes for the “purity of Israel composed solely of traditional Jews”

Why women prefer to join the army rather than finding options out?

The permissive environment in the army encourage women to indulge in all the free sexual, drug addiction, dangerous associations, away from the close family scrutiny, attention and interference.

Most of the girls serving 2 years in the army graduate as cruel, insensitive and hardened persons.

They have to end up that way, as their male counterparts, since the Israeli army refuse to bring to trial soldiers who behaved violently against the Palestinians and every time got away from their bad behavior.

I doubt that parents will encourage their males to marry this brand of females.



Biographies of a few existential nemesis to Palestinian people: Late Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and Arial Sharon (Part 1)

The Palestinian people were aware of the danger of Zionist settlement in Palestine since 1920, but they were railroaded with the peace rhetoric of the Zionist leaders, and waited for the next calamity to befall them.

In 1931, the Palestinian undertook a civil disobedience campaign against the British mandated power for denying them democratic elections, even in their towns and cities. This first Intifada lasted 3 years and England had to dispatch 100,000 troops to quell this mass uprising.

Nazi Germany learned and documented the horror torture techniques and methods adopted in Palestine by the British forces.

1. Golda Mabovitch Meyerson Meir was 5 when the Kiev pogrom broke out in 1902. Her elder sister Sheyna was already a Zionist and instilled this idea of the Promised Land (Palestine) in Golda.

At the age of 8, the family immigrated to the USA and settled in Milwaukee simply because the father Moshe got a job as carpenter in that city. Bluma is the mother.

She married Morris Meyerson who found work as calligraphist for shop signs and banners: He had hobbies in classical music, theater and literature.

In 1921, Golda dragged Morris with her to Palestine and started their adventure in the kibbutz Merhavia.  Why Golda re-immigrated to Palestine? She claimed that the Jewish philosopher during Jesus period had said:

“If I don’t agree with myself, who will do it?

If I only agree with myself, who am I?

If not now, then when?”

Golda moved to Jerusalem and had a son and a daughter before she joined the Histadrout located in Tel Aviv. Morris was forced to relocate again, against his wishes and the children were taken care of by nannies and Golda’s parents.

In Jerusalem, Golda used to purchase her goods from Palestinian shops and paid in coupons (Histadrout coupons?).

Once, a Palestinian fruit seller declined the coupons on the ground that it is becoming a huge pain to substitute them to real money, and that he had to pay commission to change them. Golda behaved as westerners usually do by leaving the coupons and moving on with the goods. The seller was unphased and chased her down the street and had the Palestinians and the British police block her advance.

The Jews in Palestine had a steady supporter of their “cause” by Major Orde Wingate, in charge of training only 500 Jews to be sent on missions of blowing bridges, setting explosives and disabling communication lines of the advancing German troops in Libya and Egypt.

Actually, Wingate trained far more than 500 soldiers, interpreting the order of training in batches of 500 since the British soldiers will be unable to recognize the particular Jews in training.

The Palestinian people were forbidden to be trained for fighting or of carrying arms.

In 1946, the British in Cyprus set up refugee camps for the Jews arriving from Europe. Golda was dispatched by Ben Gurion to strike a deal with Sir Stuart Ross. And Golda was able to repatriate all the kids less than one year old with their families, on the ground that the babies would die during the winter.

In Nov. 29, 1047, the UN voted to establishing two States for the Palestinians and the Jews.

Unfortunately, the declaration gave the minority Jews (less than 40%) over 56% of the land.

And the Palestinians refused this unfair deal and started a campaign of harassment.

The deal also promised the evacuation of the British troops within 6 months and the two sides prepared for armed uprising.

Ben Gurion needed $25 million to war preparation and Golda demanded a vote on who should go to the US in order to amass such a sum of money from the Jews. The members in the meeting voted for Golda instead of Ben Gurion. Her campaign in most US cities generated over $50 million, a sum that shifted the balance in weapons quality.

Golda was appointed Labor minister for a decade and then Ben Gurion appointed her minister of Foreign Affairs as Moshe Sharret decided to leave his ministry in order to lead the Labor Party. Ben Gurion asked Golda to change her name to the Hebew “Meir” (the illuminated) for her new assignment.

Prime minister Eshkol asked her to lead the Labor Party in 1967. When Eshkol suddenly died in 1969, the Knesset elected Golda as prime Minister.

During the 1973 war, Golda called her ambassador Simha Dinitz in Washington DC and ordered him to demand an immediate aerial bridge for all kinds of weapons which allowed Israel to re-occupy the Syrian Golan Heights and the Sinai.

Golda was re-elected for another term of 4 years, but her cancer forced her to resign and died at the age of 78.

2. Ariel Scheinermann Sharon “Arik” (The Lion)

Born in 1928 from parents (Samuel and Vera) who immigrated from Eastern Europe  and settled in a kibbutz in the Galilee valley called Sharon.

Vera had the ambition of becoming a physician but worked the land and the farm instead.  She lived to be 98 and died in 1988. Every evening at 6 pm, Ariel would call her and she never forgot to remind her son “Never trust the word of the Arab”, meaning the Palestinian. That was the advice that the Palestinians should have known “Never trust the word of the Jews in Palestine

Sharon joined the Haganah at the age of 14 and he became famous in Israel by the age of 25 following his savage campaigns against the Palestinians civilians and frequent massacres on villages.

He was nominated commander of the 890th battalion in 1953 and his violent and unstable character denied him any chance to become Army chief. He settled on political positions such as Minister of Defense during Lebanon invasion of 1982 and then Prime Minister in 2001.

He ordered the evacuation of the few Jewish settlements in Gaza in 2005.

Sharon married Margalit (Gali) who died in 1962 from a car accident.He also lost his son Gour in 1967 at the age of 11. He has two sons from Lily: Omri and Gilad.

He married her sister Lily who died of cancer in 2000 at the age of 63.

It was Lily who incited Sharon to purchase the ranch The Sycamores (400 hectares) in 1973 by the Negev.

Yasser Arafat sent Sharon a telegram of condolence knowing how much Lily meant to Ariel. In response, when Arafat died from poison in Nov. 2004, Sharon watched the burial ceremony on TV and commented to his son Gilad “A normal people would not waste an entire day participating in the mourning of this Dog

Mind you that Ariel Sharon is a Rabid Dog and war criminal who planned and executed the massacres in the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Chatila in 1982. There were no Palestinian fighters since they were evacuated by sea from Beirut a couple of moths previously. Over 3,000 civilians, mostly babies, women and elderly were slaughtered for three nights and two days.

Ariel Sharon had said: “I dedicated my life to extend the existence of Israel for another 30 years. Neither me, my sons or my grandsons will ever witness peace

Sharon died on Jan.4, 2014 after remaining in coma since 2005. For a stature of 1.70 m, Sharon weighted 147 kilos when he was wracked by a second hemorrhagic brain attack.

3. The worst nemesis to the Palestinian people was David Ben Gurion. He lead the Labor Party and instituted the Haganah and planned for a decade the genocide on selected Palestinian villages and towns: The plans were executed after he declared the independence of Israel in 1948.  The purpose was to frighten the Palestinians to vacate their towns and occupy strategic locations during the two wars for “Independence”

In May 1939, four months before WWII, England “White Paper” was read in the presence of David Ben Gurion during a meeting in the Histadrout. It stated:

1. It is not in England current policy to establish a Jewish State in Palestine.

2. As of today, the Jews will only retain 5% of the land in Palestine.

3. Immigration of Jews will be restricted to 15,000 a year for the coming 5 years.

4. Afterwards, no Jews will be permitted to immigrate without the prior agreement with the “Arabic” authorities.

Ben Gurion said in the meeting: “We will fight the White Paper as if Hitler didn’t exist. And we will fight Hitler as if the White Paper didn’t exist

Consequently, the Haganah (the armed faction of the Zionists) was to resume the immigration under the nose of the British navy.

Ben Gurion remained Prime Minister until he got too old to govern.

Opening bottles of champagne. Celebrating election victory of your occupier?

John Kerry mission after frequent shuffling trips between Netanahyu and Mahmoud Abbass is at a dead end.
What the US expected to offer the Palestinians?
They are pressuring the Palestinians to recognize the pure Jewishness of Israel, and the resident Palestinians to be de-facto second class by law.
Israel has already made Jerusalem a Jewish city
Israel refuses the UN declaration the Palestinians rights to return to their hometowns
Israel wants to maintain its settlements in the Jordan Valley, separating the West bank from Jordan
Israel is intent on keeping its hundreds of check points in the West Bank…
The Wall of Shame is still standing against the order of the La Hague International Court to dismantle it
What cards remain in the hands of the Palestinian Authority to negotiate with?
Mahmoud Abbas (current President of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank) and Ibrahim Souss (former Palestinian Fateh faction representative in Paris, and later assassinated by Israeli agents) used to celebrate the election victories of the Israeli Labor party by opening champagne bottles in most of its official offices around the world.
(Apparently, the Oslo agreement between Arafat and Rabin required these kinds of celebration? Apart from protecting Israel from Palestinian rights to resist?)
A few Palestinian leaders believed that it was adequate to differentiate among the Israeli political parties who all refuse the Palestinians their UN rights to return to their homeland.
These confused Palestinian leaders feel so impotent that they are relying on the Israeli voters to redress justice and offer potential solutions to the Palestinian indignities and sufferings.
It was no longer the legitimate fight against this occupying force and its apartheid system that was on the table, but the reliance on the Israeli voters.
And thus, the Palestinian Authority tried to distinguish between Ariel Sharon and the other Labor leaders. The terrorist activities of the Zionist movement started in 1929 and never abated.
The war crimes of Ariel Sharon are no less terrible than the crimes committed by Isaac Rabin, Shimon Peres and Golda Meir. (Asaad Bu Khalil
Menahim Begin boasted in his autobiography “Uprising” that their terrorists acts quickened the transfer of the Palestinians from their homes and villages.
The same idea and methods were adopted by Sharon and he executed them every time he led incursions into Palestinian villages. For example, he slaughtered the people in the village of Qabiyeh (under Jordanian authority) in reprisal of a supposed “terrorist attacks” in 1957.
Note: The Arabic text by

أدرجت منظمة فتح، بشخص محمود عبّاس وإبراهيم الصّوص (مندوب المنظمة لسنوات طويلة في باريس) طقس الاحتفال بفوز حزب العمل في الانتخابات الإسرائيليّة. كانت بعض مكاتب المنظمة حول العالم تفتح زجاجات الشامبانيا عند فوز حزب العمل. صدّق البعض تقليد التمييز بين الأحزاب الصهيونيّة في الكيان الغاصب. أو أن العجز الثوري (السياسي والعسكري على حدّ سواء) في قيادة منظمة التحرير أدّى إلى التسليم بقدرة الناخب الإسرائيلي على تقديم الحلول الصغرى للقيادة الفلسطينيّة.

لم يعد النضال الفلسطيني هو العامل التحريري، بل كان الاتكال _ كل الاتكال _ على انتظار ما يقدّمه حزب العمل من فتات هو الحلّ. والتركيز على شرور شارون كان جزءاً (خطيراً) من التمييز السياسي الباطل الذي أصرّت عليه قيادة عرفات في منظمة التحرير. إنّ أرييل شارون لا يزيد في جرائم حربه وفي مجازره عن جرائم ومجازر إسحق رابين وشمعون بيريز وديفيد بن غورين وغولدا مائير وموشي شرتوك. كلهم سواء. إن المجازر والإرهاب الصهيوني لم تكن يوماً _ كما يُراد لنا في بعض الخطاب الفلسطيني السياسي الذي أدرجه عرفات ومحمود عبّاس _ عرضية أو تجاوزاً أو تطرّفاً أو خروجاً عن إجماع القيادة السياسية

. إن الإرهاب الصهيوني من 1929 حتى يومنا هذا مقصود ومدروس ومُخطّط له بعناية فائقة من قبل القيادة الصهيونيّة. وشخصنة العداء لإسرائيل من شأنها أن تضلّل الرأي العام العربي الذي يخضع لسنوات لدعاية (عربية نفطية وغربية صهيونية) تجعل من مجرمي حرب حزب العمل (من أمثال رابين وبيريز) أو من مجرمي كاديما (بسبب غرام القادة العرب بتسيبي ليفني) حمائم سلام وديعة

كما أن الدعاية العسكريّة للعدو تقصّدت أن ترمي أمام أعيننا فكرة «القائد العسكري الإسرائيلي المُتفلِّت من الضوابط»، وذلك من أجل التخويف والإرهاب النفسي والمعنوي. زها بيغن بمجزرة دير ياسين وقال في كتابه «التمرّد» إن المجزرة كانت مفيدة للتسريع في طرد الشعب الفلسطيني من أرضه، كما أن أرييل شارون زها في مذكراته («محارب») بمجزرة قبية، وقال إنها أخافت العرب وحسّنت من معنويات جيش العدوّ. لكن لشارون هذا إرث لبناني خاص، غائب كليّاً عن المناهج الدراسية اللبنانية وعن الخطاب السياسي اللبناني

. لقد حرصتُ أدناه لتعميم الفائدة ولترسيخ تاريخ مشين في الأذهان على ترجمة ما يتعلّق بالفصل اللبناني من جرائم حرب شاورن وعلاقاته اللبنانيّة، لعلّ جيلاً من اللبنانيّين يكون على علم بها، وذلك من أجل الحكم على فريق سياسي لبناني يتحدّر من حلفاء شارون في تلك الحقبة المظلمة من تاريخ لبنان (والترجمة هي من النص الإنكليزي لمذكّرات شارون وتبدأ بفترة التحضير للاجتياح الإسرائيلي في عام 1982):

«وأنا أيضاً كنتُ أريد أن أرى لبنان بنفسي كي آخذ شعوراً بالملموس عن الحالة على الأرض هناك، وخصوصاً من أجل فهم إذا كان هناك أي شيء ممكن توقّعه من القوّات اللبنانيّة المسيحيّة في حالة الحرب. وأنا كنتُ قد التقيتُ ببشير الجميّل للمرّة الأولى عندما كنتُ وزيراً للزراعة خلال واحدة من زياراته للقدس لبحث العون الذي كنّا نقدّمه (لهم). ولقد ترك عندي انطباعاً (إيجابيّاً) آنذاك على أنه رجل شاب مليء بالثقة بالنفس والعزم. تحدّث بإقناع وبسلطة، ولم يكن هناك شك بأنه كان قد أظهر قدرات قياديّة حقيقيّة. لكنني شعرتُ

“Would you make love with an Arab/Palestinian?” and vice versa:  Interviews with Israeli Jews and Palestinians
Film director Yolande Zauberman and the Lebanese author Sélim Nassib converged to Israel to conduct interviews with Jews and Palestinians on their desires to making love with one another…
The idea of doing a movie on this topic all started with the novel of Selim “A Lover in Palestine” of a love passion between young Golda Meir (later Israel PM) and the Lebanese/Palestinian  Albert Pharaon.
The story unfold in late 1920 when Palestine was under British mandated power.
And Yolande wondered whether these kinds of love passions can still hold in current apartheid State of Israel.
Yolande is convinced that if Palestinians and Jews in Israel are unable to feel any sexual desire toward one another, it would be impossible to break this apartheid system.
It is the same process as what happened in apartheid South Africa: If the blacks and whites there could not break this barrier on the sexual level, apartheid south Africa would have still remained. This conviction of hers materialized as Yolande was directing “Classified People 1988” in south Africa.
And why Yolande decided on making love to an “Arab” and not Palestinian or Israeli Jew? Yolande thinks stating “Arab” has a stronger significant impact. Mind you that the Israeli Zionist ideology insists on naming the Palestinians as Arab in order to remove any kind of national identity and legitimity to the Palestinians, whose lands were occupied and chased out of their villages…
Yolande claims that this movie might not heal the wounds, but can reduce the level of anger…Whatever that means…
The French interview was published in the weekly magazine Le Novel Observateur on Sept. 10, 2012.

ISRAËL: Feriez-vous l’amour avec un Arabe ?

L’affiche du film. Sur les écrans français à partir du 12 septembre.

L’affiche du film. Sur les écrans français à partir du 12 septembre.

C’est une histoire très simple, celle d’une cinéaste française qui prend sa caméra et part interroger les Palestiniens et les Israéliens sur un sujet, et un seul : le sexe.

Elle entre immédiatement dans le vif du sujet en posant une question crue, une question qui n’a pas l’air essentielle pour résoudre le conflit historique entre l’oppresseur et l’opprimé mais qui n’en dévoile pas moins des secrets enfermés dans des cœurs débordant de haine et de reproches.

Puis cela devient un film documentaire, qui sera présenté en 2011 à la Mostra de Venise sous le titre Would You Have Sex with an Arab? [Feriez-vous l’amour avec un Arabe ?].

En appliquant une thérapie de choc pour briser le silence consciemment ou inconsciemment entretenu, elle accède au refoulé d’un des plus longs conflits du Proche-Orient.

Son compagnon dans la vie, Sélim Nassib, journaliste libanais et auteur du roman Oum [consacré à la diva égyptienne Oum Kalsoum, éd. Balland], a participé à l’écriture du film.

Vous parlez du conflit israélo-arabe à travers le sexe. C’est une idée…
Yolande Zauberman En fait, tout a commencé avec le roman de Sélim Un amant en Palestine [éd. Robert Laffont], qui aborde l’histoire d’une passion [à la fin des années 1920, dans une Palestine sous mandat britannique] entre la jeune Golda Meir [qui va devenir Premier ministre d’Israël] et Albert Pharaon, un Libano-Palestinien.

C’est une histoire qui n’aurait jamais pu se produire dans un endroit comme Israël. Quand nous avons commencé à vouloir adapter ce livre au cinéma, un sujet a suscité ma curiosité, à savoir le désir non partagé.

J’ai également eu le sentiment que je devais comprendre beaucoup de choses avant de me lancer dans l’adaptation du roman.

Donc Would You Have Sex with an Arab? a démarré en tant qu’étude préparatoire.

Or il se trouve que le film s’est imposé en tant que tel. Il m’a permis de fouiller dans les profondeurs de la société arabo-israélienne, une société très particulière.

J’avais découvert cela en travaillant avec [le cinéaste israélien] Amos Gitaï, en tant que coordinatrice entre les équipes française, israélienne et palestinienne.

Soudainement, je m’étais retrouvée face à une société à la double identité, arabe et israélienne. L’expérience de la découverte de l’autre, fût-ce sous un jour déformé, m’a donné envie d’aller plus loin.

La question qui est posée dans le titre du film peut paraître anodine au premier abord, alors que nous ne connaissons pas encore le but que vous poursuivez en la posant. Mais elle prend vite une tournure plus grave.
Y. Z. Pour nous, ce film était une expérience stimulante. Nous avions hâte de voir ce que la réalité allait nous apporter.

D’un côté nous posions la question : “Coucheriez-vous avec un Arabe ?” De l’autre : “Coucheriez-vous avec un Juif israélien ?”

Pourquoi avoir retenu “avec un Arabe” et non “avec un Juif israélien” pour le titre ? Parce que c’est plus aguicheur ?
Y. Z. Non. Parce que ça a une signification plus forte.

Sélim Nassib Yolande a parlé de désir non partagé. C’est normal entre deux groupes qui s’entre-tuent et où chacun “résiste” pour ne pas se rendre à l’autre.

Or, ce que nous avons découvert en travaillant sur ce projet, c’est que pour les Juifs israéliens il y avait un tabou supplémentaire, à savoir qu’ils sont venus sur cette terre afin de fonder un Etat juif, le judaïsme en étant la religion officielle.

C’est pour cela que l’idée d’avoir un amant palestinien est inacceptable. Ces tabous persistent jusqu’à nos jours.

En même temps, parler de sexe chez les Arabes est plus problématique que d’en parler avec les autres peuples.
Y. Z. La question est moins compliquée avec les Arabes israéliens. A la fin du film, quand le DJ Sami, en plein milieu d’une fête de gays palestiniens, dit que lui et ses camarades font la révolution sexuelle à leur manière, j’ai trouvé cela très fort. Dans ce film, nous ne visions pas l’affirmation d’une théorie ; tout ce que nous voulions, c’était savoir jusqu’où pouvait nous conduire une telle expérience.
S. N. De plus, nous n’avions aucune idée de la réponse que nous allions obtenir. Etant plus politisé que Yolande, je me disais que nous n’allions rien changer à la réalité, parce que ce n’est pas dans le lit qu’on résout les problèmes.

Au début, je ne pensais pas qu’on irait très loin. Mais petit à petit je me suis rendu compte que notre projet touchait à quelque chose justement parce que nous ne demandions pas aux gens ce qu’ils pensaient du conflit israélo-arabe.

C’est un sujet où chaque côté a son avis sur l’autre, et en même temps chacun connaît l’avis de l’autre sur lui-même.

C’est de l’ordre de l’indiscuté. En revanche, quand on leur demande s’ils feraient l’amour avec l’autre, on touche à autre chose.

Ce qui m’a également frappé, c’est l’inversion qui se produit dans les positions de certains, à savoir qu’ils passent du refus total à l’acceptation…
S. N. C’est pour cela que nous voulions qu’ils réfléchissent à la question du désir. D’où vient notre désir ? Et pourquoi ? Une simple question a ébranlé leurs certitudes.

Nous les voyions découvrir des choses qu’ils ignoraient avoir en eux.
Y. Z. Il y a même dans ce film une relecture du Livre saint. Abraham n’a-t-il pas été le premier Juif à épouser une Arabe [Agar, sa deuxième épouse] ?

Mais pourquoi donc lier le sexe au monde de la nuit, aux bars… ?
Y. Z. Je n’ai pas souhaité poser ma question à des gens susceptibles de se sentir agressés, comme les personnes mariées ou les religieux.

Je voulais m’adresser à des gens qui sont à l’aise avec l’idée du désir, des gens qui sortent le soir, disponibles à l’autre.

J’ai visé ces zones de marginalité afin de voir si les gens qui les fréquentent étaient prêts à accepter l’autre.
S. N. Le film a suscité des discussions virulentes entre adeptes et pourfendeurs de l’idée.

Chez certains, les réponses ont évolué positivement entre le premier et le deuxième rendez-vous, y compris chez des personnes aux positions politiques très arrêtées.

Soudainement, elles ­admettent quelque chose qu’elles enfermaient en elles. C’est vrai que c’étaient des cas rares, les deux communautés étant totalement séparées.

Quelle est l’image qui vous a le plus marqués ?
Y. Z. J’aime beaucoup quand Ibrahim dit : “On ne m’accepte ni d’un côté ni de l’autre, mais de toute façon, moi-même, je n’accepte aucun des deux.”
S. N. Il y a chez Ibrahim ce qu’on peut appeler un complexe vis-à-vis de lui-même, puisqu’il est en même temps arabe et israélien alors que c’est impossible d’être les deux à la fois.

C’est un exil, mais pas comme celui des autres Palestiniens.
Y. Z. A la fin du film, quand on voit tout le monde danser avec tout le monde, on découvre un sourire sincère qui irradie les visages. C’est le bonheur.

Il y a quelques années, quand je tournais en Afrique [du Sud] Classified People (1988), une histoire d’amour entre un Blanc et une Noire, je me disais que, si cet amour ne faisait pas tomber le régime de l’apartheid, rien ne pourrait y parvenir. Et c’est toujours ma conviction.

C’est ce qu’il y a de bien dans le “printemps arabe” : il donne une leçon au monde sur la manière de redevenir un individu au lieu d’être un élément d’une communauté.

Cette leçon vient d’une région dans laquelle il est très difficile d’être un individu.
S. N. Et les Arabes israéliens ont toujours été considérés comme une communauté. On les voyait sous l’angle d’une communauté ayant subi la Nakbah [la Catastrophe, création de l’Etat d’Israël].

Dans le film, on ne les voit pas en tant que communauté, mais en tant qu’individus.

Y. Z. Ce film n’émet pas de jugement. Ce qui m’a motivée, c’était de pousser un cri : “Mais qu’est-ce qui nous est arrivé à nous, les êtres humains ?”

Les théories sont toujours, à un moment ou à un autre, dissociées de la réalité. Notre film réduit le niveau de colère, même s’il ne soigne pas la douleur.
S. N. Le film ne propose pas de solution. Il fait juste le portrait de gens qui appartiennent à un même espace. Les deux côtés se ressemblent sur beaucoup de points.

La différence tient à la place que l’un occupe par rapport à l’autre.

Are Palestinians an “Invented People”? And Israel, how was it created?

I received a developed feedback from a reader, probably from a collection of posts on Palestine, and I decided to publish it, with minor editing.
“The name “Palestine” has been around for a long time. “Peleset” is transliterated from Egyptian hieroglyphics “P-l-s-t”. Palestine is found in numerous Egyptian documents referring to a neighboring people or land starting from around 1150 BC.
The “Philistine” States existed concurrently with the ancient Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, above the coastal plain between Jaffa and south to Gaza. This supposed Kingdom of Israel never contemplated reaching the seashore.
In the 5th Century BC, Herodotus wrote of a “district of Syria, called Palestine”. About a century later, Aristotle described the Dead Sea in Meteorology and located it in Palestine:
“Again if, as is fabled, there is a lake in Palestine, such that if you bind a man or beast and throw it in it, it floats and does not sink, this would bear out what we have said. They say that this lake is so bitter and salty that no fish live in it and that if you soak clothes in it and shake them it cleans them.”
This writer frequently engaged in debates with Zionists (a bad habit I need to kick out!) who often tend to seize on small ideas, such as “When did the Palestinians ever have their own country?”
In order to win such an argument I would have to reduce myself to their terms, and produce a map that shows a country and borders: “Palestinian Kingdom, 1587- 1702”, and then let them present their map of ancient Israel and Judah, and then get into a wrestling match, and the winner would claim the territory of their own. 
Or perhaps the issue would be better settled the way the New York colony won Staten Island from New Jersey: with a boat race.
If the goal is exclusivity, as it always has been with Zionism, then the only criterion in achieving it is winning, whether a war or a race.
There was no 17th century Palestinian Kingdom, or 18th or 19th. There were, prior to Allied victory in World War I and the League of Nations “mandates”, which granted European powers control of the region.
Various provinces in a larger Ottoman empire, ruled from Istanbul (previously known as Constantinople, and before that, Byzantium), much as there are today various American States governed from Washington.
Objectors will cry “Foul!”, as Americans are governed by Americans in Washington, whereas Arabs were governed by Turks, a different ethnic group with a different language.
Fine. So I modify my comparison to the Spanish speaking Puerto Ricans governed from Washington, or the French speaking Quebecois governed from Ottawa. Neither the Puerto Ricans nor the French Canadians are being ethnically clean.
Prior to Zionism, there was no need for the Arabs of Palestine to focus on Palestinian identity. They were citizens of the Ottoman Empire. When, during the mandate years the British made contradictory promises to the Zionists and the Arabs, and the Arabs expected, and had the right to expect, eventual self-rule, it was certainly not a foregone conclusion that there was going to be an independent Palestine.
Palestinians might well have been a part of a larger South Syria, or of a Greater Syria, and happily so. They certainly would not have been ethnically cleansed under those circumstances. The Arabs of Palestine have always had their own distinct Arabic dialect, and various other cultural attributes that set them apart from other regional Arab cultures, but that was never particularly relevant.
Many various subcultures existed within the Ottoman Empire, and continued to exist within British and French mandates. Interestingly, during the years of the Yishuv, the pre-Israeli-statehood, Zionist community in Palestine and Jewish-Zionist settlers called themselves “Palestinians”.
In this way, the Zionists ironically affirmed the thing that many of them wish now to deny: Palestinian identity. In 1948, amid the massacres and military forced mass expulsions of the “nakba” (Arabic for catastrophe, the name commonly given to the events of 1948), as the State of “Israel” was recognized by the UN by a majority of a single vote, all of the Jews who had been calling themselves Palestinians became “Israelis”.
When the dust cleared after expelling the Palestinians from their towns and villages, the Arabs who remained within the green line became “Arab Israelis”, like it or not.
The designation “Palestinian” was more actively embraced beginning in 1964, with the forming of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), this out of necessity, because a people who had been ethnically cleansed, who were in a state of shock and humiliation, and who were desperate to recover and regain what was rightfully theirs, found it useful to rally around symbols representing themselves: A name and a flag are two of the basics.
Golda Meir famously said in 1969, during her tenure as Israeli prime minister;
“There were no such thing as Palestinians. When was there an independent Palestinian people with a Palestinian State? It was either southern Syria before the First World War, and then it was a Palestine including Jordan. It was not as though there was a Palestinian people in Palestine considering itself as a Palestinian people and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist.”
I would not have been able to show Golda a map that says “Kingdom of Palestine” or “Grand Duchy of Palestine” or any of dozens of designations that might have satisfied her. But this I can say for sure: There were human beings on that land, and they had been there all their lives, and their families for many generations before them down through the centuries.
And many Palestinians were actually descended from ancient Jews who later converted to Christianity and Islam, while our ancestors, Golda’s and mine, the Ashkenazi Jews, were converting to Judaism in the Khazar Kingdom on the shores of the Caspian Sea.
Golda actually knew and the information, which has become available to the general public in the decades since, that: We Jews did come and throw them out and take their country away from them. It’s been thoroughly documented. It wasn’t when she made this statement in 1969.  
Golda was able to get away with it then. But since an entire generation of Jewish-Israeli scholars, (and many others, but we Jews need to hear it from Jews first!) has carefully documented the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and presented the history that she personally knew, but actively hid and denied.
Golda and her colleagues concealed the truth from Jewish supporters of Israel all over the world including my family, who taught me lies quite innocently, because they didn’t know any better.
In 1984 a book written by Joan Peters, entitled From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine, was released to the world. The book claimed that the Palestinians were not resident in Palestine long-term, but were recent arrivals, having come to take advantage of economic opportunities in Palestine which were largely the result of Zionist Jewish settlement.
What a perfect way for us Zionist Jews to massage ourselves (I was one at the time!) and drive a wedge between ourselves and the growing awareness about Palestine in the world around us! So it really was a “land without people for a people without a land”! Those Arabs were all immigrants!
And how ungrateful that the Palestinians hate us after all the opportunity we gave them! A wave of related claims surfaced among the Zionist community. An essay by Mark Twain describing his touring of a sparsely populated 19th century Palestine, was offered up into the mix of “Palestinian-denier” evidence.
Twain, whose writing was full of humorous and ironic opposition to human bullshit, was no doubt rolling in his grave over this. And claims were often heard that prominent Palestinians, from Edward Said to Yassir Arafat, were “not really Palestinian”.
Enter another book, in 2003, The Case for Israel by Alan Dershowitz. In case 19 intervening years had given anyone a memory lapse since the publication of Peters’s book, Dershowitz borrowed heavily from same, giving the same statistics and making the same conclusions.
Enter yet another book, but this one very different: In Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History, published in 2005, Norman G. Finkelstein exposed Peters’s statistics as fraudulent, and with that revelation both her argument and that of Dershowitz, collapsed.
However, the damage is done among those who wish to ignore Finkelstein, and there are many! “Isn’t Finkelstein a holocaust denier?”, I’ve been asked. I respond: “No. His parents were holocaust survivors.”
Zionists have long used a familiar tactic against those who challenge their propaganda: Defamation. And so the lies persist. This writer still has people putting From Time Immemorial in his face to prove their argument. They refuse to be embarrassed.
At the time of this writing (January 2012), the American public is being treated to an entertainment we get every four years: the run up to our presidential election. As the Democratic candidate will obviously be the incumbent, we are witnessing the Republican candidates claw at each other in their striving to win support for the Republican nomination.
Enter a billionaire Jewish American Zionist named Sheldon Adelson, casino magnate and the 8th wealthiest American alive, who along with his wife has donated $10 million to candidate Newt Gingrich. Adelson, whose holdings include the Israeli newspaper Israel HaYom (Israel Today) made some interesting statements while in Israel at an Israel Media Watch event in 2010:
“I am not Israeli. The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform. It was an American uniform, although my wife was in the IDF and one of my daughters was in the IDF … our two little boys, one of whom will be bar mitzvahed tomorrow, hopefully he’ll come back– his hobby is shooting – and he’ll come back and be a sniper for the IDF.”
“All we (the Adelson family) care about is being good Zionists, being good citizens of Israel, because even though I am not Israeli born, Israel is in my heart.
Does it sound like this guy has “divided loyalties?” Maybe like the Jewish neocons in the Bush administration who got us to fight a proxy war for Israel in Iraq? No- you can’t say that! It would be “anti-Semitic”!
So is it any wonder that Newt Gingrich has made the utterly incorrect and profoundly idiotic statement that he has made about the Palestinians being an “invented” people? It has nothing to do with any education on the subject of the history, or any awareness of the current situation. 
It’s simply a question of wanting to win, and of reiterating nonsense he has heard in conversations with a very rich and generous supporter, nonsense which jives with the general impressions that Americans get from our Zionist-controlled media, and that no doubt circulate in Gingrich’s Republican circles. Does anyone think Gingrich has read Finkelstein? I doubt it! And if he did, would he turn down $10 million in favor of truth and justice?
The people native to the land of Palestine were not “invented” as Rich Siegel said, and foolishly repeated by Newt Gingrich . It is indeed unfortunate that someone who is supposedly educated, and who has achieved position in life where he is poised to potentially become the next president of the United States, is putting forth such foolishness

The western media have been throwing smoke screens as to the non-existence of a Palestinian people since the recognition of the State of Israel in 1948.  Zionism and western media kept hammering out the notion that Palestinians are just another tribe among “Arab people” and had no distinctive characteristics, culture, and national spirit.  Golda Meir was utterly blunt when she proclaimed: “there are no Palestinians” in 1970 as the Palestinians started organizing their national resistance movement as early as 1965.

What define a people if not uniting to fighting an occupier?  Since 1930, the Palestinian people have been exercising frequent uprising and armed struggle upheavals against colonial Britain.  In 1936, Britain had to mobilize 100,000 troops to quell the 6-month Palestinian revolt (called al Qassam) that lacked the rudiment of arms and means to fighting mighty Britain.  How could the British troops in 1917 advance in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria to defeating the Ottoman army if the nationalist Palestinians refused to cooperate with the allied forces?

How could the Palestinian people not exist when even the UN divided Palestine into two States in 1948 between Jews and Palestinians?  It is a historical fact that Zionism had lost hope establishing a State in Palestine in 1920 when the resistance of Palestinians to the immigration of Jews forced Britain to stop any further immigration and the Rothschild family desisted financing further kibbutz and building Tel Aviv.  Then, the US financial crash of 1929 put a complete hold on any further financing to Jewish organizations in Palestine.

If it was not for brutal British colonial power then, there was no way that Zionism could have settled in Palestine.  Why Britain delayed giving independence to Palestinians when it gave it to Jordan and Iraq, and when France acknowledge independence of Syria in 1936 and Lebanon in 1943?  Is it because Jews served in the British army in WWI and WWII? Another reason that Palestinians are the patriots and legitimate people of Palestine because they fought the occupying colonial power when the Jews were mercenaries to the occupation force.

Israel wants to be recognized as a Jewish State.  Are the Jews out of their mind? Is the US out of its mind? Is Russia out of its mind? Is the UN out of its mind?  How can Israel survive as a religious State amid surrounding Moslem States (that will surely be hijacked by extremist fundamentalist Moslems) simply because Israel was declared a Jewish religious State?  If the western nations could maneuver within nationalist feelings and allegiances then, how can they navigate within the sea of religious extremism?

The latest round of negotiation does not have to last a year.  There are four evidences: First, Palestinians want an independent State; second, they want Jerusalem as Capital; third, they will never relinquish their right for return to their place of birth (even if in the State of Israel); fourth, all lands occupied by force will have to be vacated.  What is so difficult about these truths that acknowledge by every sane person?

Let’s get on with this lousy peace negotiation that has lasted three decades before it is too late for diplomacy, good will, and peaceful intentions.




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