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“The murderer as he talks” by Nasri Sayegh (Part 3, January 3, 2009)


The dead were collected in the streets of Tripoli as Arafat tried a second come back to Lebanon in 1984.  The dead were packed in plastic bags and sold to the relatives.  A poor woman recognized her dead baby and she was asked to purchase it.  She fainted and the “good” guys helped her to recover consciousness but refused to deliver her baby.


A column of elder people of all genders was pushed to advance into a mine field. When the column slowed down the rear column was decimated with machine guns.


Asaad Shaftary, the remorseful Phalange leader, testified that the Christian forces planned to poison the potable water in West Beirut so that the Moslem population could be reduced by 500,000 in order to re-establish a confessional balance in Lebanon.

Asaad said that many Maronite fighting groups were solely constituted of members of rich families because they refused to fight along side the other poorer social strata; they fought mostly at night, they had their own command, and  they were ferocious and executed their orders efficiently.  


Mona Sokarieh interviewed many scores of youths on barricades in West Beirut and from all confession Sunni Moslem, Shiaa Moslem, Druze, Christian and even secular fighters.  The common denominators among those youth killers are that they are mostly un-educated, barely can read or write, had no idea what is fascism, Nazism, socialism, federalism, or any concept that their warlord leaders were claiming to fight for. 

Most of them started when they were barely 13-year of age and they love to carry their weapons.  They have been engaged in fights, and killed prisoners and they are not that remorseful or apologetic.  They all obey and worship their warlords and their ideology is non-existent if not confused out of ignorance.


 There have been many genocide occurrences in the last century; the Armenians, the Jews, the Cambodians, and the Rwandans; not counting the apartheid systems in South Africa and Rhodesia, the colonial massacres by the French of the Algerians, the massacres of the Zionist State of the Palestinians, the Serbs of the Bosnians, the US of the Iraqis, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the purposeful famine waves in China and Russia.


In Rwanda, the minority Tutsi tribe was selected by the German colonial power as the most fit to govern the country; then when the French took over they changed their policy and appointed the Hutu tribe to govern.  For over 100 days, the European and the US did not intervene in the genocide that killed over 600,000 Tutsis.


In Cambodia, the ultra “communist” Red Khmer had wide latitude to kill every educated Cambodian or “bourgeoisie” and massacred over one million before Viet Nam had time to breath of its war with the US and enter this country and put an end to the genocide.

The “Indians” of America were massacred because the Protestant clergy declared the Indians not of human type; they were not worth being converted to Christianity.  President Theodore Roosevelt declared in the 20th century that “A good Indian is a dead Indian

The country of Mexico had 15 million inhabitants in the year 1500. After the Spanish conquistadors entered Mexico, the population dropped to 2.5 millions within 50 years. And the population of Peru declined from 9 to 1.3 millions in the same period.

Franco of Spain committed genocide in Morocco but he was forgiven by the Europeans until he transplanted the same technique into “White Europe“.




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