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Israel legalizes Crimes of Hate: “In wartime, Jews should kill Goyim children…”

There is these two hahkam “authors” Issac Shapira and Yussof Yarmiyaho Alitsur. They published “Torah or the ideology of the King”. Let us read a few sections:

1. “This book is a study on the conditions that Jewish laws allow the killing of goyim (non-Jews)

2. Goyims are animals. Goyim live without any purpose. Goyim are unconscious of the essence of their lives…

3. We doubt very much of the usefulness of goyim, and we compare them to snakes

4. In every location where goyim constitute danger to the existence of Israel, it is demanded that they should be exterminated…

5. Even if a goyim at a period saved Jews from extermination, he should be killed if it appears that he changed opinions…

6. Goyim children should be killed when it is advised that they will ultimately constitute threats to Israel as they grow up…

The legal counsellor to Netanyahu government closed the criminal investigation on the book on the grounds that “It is theoretical, the notions are general in nature, and the book contains no specificities on particular goyim to target specific violent acts…”

Two legal counsels in Israel Center for Democracy wrote:

“The book is packed with words and sentences that are extremely humiliating to specific people, the non-Jews, and targeting the Palestinian “Arabs”…

Note: Post inspired by correspondent Antoine Shalhat to the Lebanese daily Al Nahar under “Israel legalizes Hate Crimes”




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