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Superman: Consolation mechanism; (Jan. 19, 2010)

Gramsci stated: “We may confirm that much of Nietzsche superman concept originated not from Zarathustra, but from the hero of Alexander Dumas’s Count of Monte Cristo.  Superman replaces or enhances the imagination of little people: a real waking up dream.  Imagination is thus dependent on social inferiority complex that determines in our lengthy dreams ideas of vengeance, punishment of the guilty for inflicted harms done to us”

Many superman heroes preceded the Count of Monte Cristo; there are Athos in “The three musketeers”, Joseph Balzamo  and Vaudrin in Balzac novels, and most influential of all maybe Rodolphe de Gerolstein by Eugene Sue in “The mysteries of Paris”, which was first published as a serial novel.

All these heroes were well-off financially, they had received extensive educations, they had power to exercise and influence people.  All these supermen had no qualm exerting extreme vengeance and extricate justice outside the laws of the land; their law is founded in super moral world that they believed applied to all mankind.

Superman has this knack to be transformed from God the father to an ordinary worker, or to an ordinary citizen

Serial novels that dug up the miseries of little people and recounted their daily hardship affected and encouraged people to read and to ask other to read to them about stories they associated with their experiences.

Successful serial novels have characteristic attributes;

1.  Select an everyday reality that is not sufficiently considered and where tensions were not resolved.

2. Posit an element of resolution that contrasts with the previous reality; this draft resolution must be simple and naive to impress with its quick results; the result must thus console immediately the little people.  Otherwise, a fantastic resolution can be as expediting and efficacious since it works without going through limiting mediation of concrete events.

3. The story in serial novel is a succession of repeated cycles of tension-relaxation. Thus, it should not obey the classical structure of accumulating tensions up to the last chapter for tensions to be released.

Repetition of describing miseries in the real world has the benefit of attracting attention and permitting focus on a particular misery that coincides closest to your condition. Repetition of miseries is meant to exasperate the sensibility of little people. Surprises have to be many and varied. Redundancy is an excellent technique is serial novels: the reader has to identify with the initial characters (reality) and the resolution characters; it is kind of becoming totally familiar with repeated surprises.

Sudden revolts were never initiated by high-caliber critical thinkers: they were the results of long period of gestation by little people reading about the varied miseries and possibility of quick revenge.

Little people comprehended that the characters in the serial novel never changed even if they experienced some surprised transformations by an unexpected benevolent superman: the good character remains good and the bad character reverted after transformation.

In all the story, events and resolutions are within the social structure of classes and thus, society never changes by all these surprised transformation. It is this realization that infuriates little people in the long run even if they don’t feel the energy or determination to change: they want quick sort of change even for a brief moment.

Who do you think are this century Supermen? 

They are the multi-billionaires who institute their personal “foundations” to work globally outside the premises of the United Nations or international criteria for priorities.  They are the lone crusaders, working outside the laws of the land, coming to aid the disinherited with infusion of money.

The worst Supermen are those individual evangelists who set up their own “religion” and move to Africa to preach the Superman Syndrome of soon coming miracles “what we saw (grains) will be rewarded hundred folds“….

The responsibility of failure is entirely set on the shoulders of the poor, and miseries are never politically motivated.  Soon, the masses will revolt; the trick is that the US evangelists will receive advance warning of imminent troubles by the foreign State intelligence security.  It is the naïve congregation members who will suffer collateral damages as victims of hanging to their “grain of hope“. 


A Grain of Hope


1.   I am tired and I’m going to bed.

Tomorrow is different.


I find the most beautiful girlfriend,

The sweetest honey on Earth.


I come clean and clear.

I quit smoking,

I stop boozing.

Tomorrow, I am free and rich: 

Just wait.


2.   Hate me, hurt me, humiliate me;

I still won’t kill your grain of hope.

Some Gods like to give hope,

Some deny it completely.

Who is more compassionate?

Who is wiser?

I know this grain of hope is oiling my wheels. 

I know I can still move mountains, divert rivers.

I can still fall in love, be rude, and forgive.

I won’t kill your grain of hope; 

Your grain of faith!




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