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Another dick; (April 3, 2010)

It is 4:45 pm on Great Friday. I have no idea what is Great about this Friday or what will be Great on the next Sunday.  It is like “Great” connote nothing since good and evil are just Great.  If you tell me “This is a great person”, I wonder “Is he Great as a humanist or as a great prick?” I feel that emotions are meaningless and can be expressed as “those great things”.

Well, I drove to the nearby town to have a hair cut across from the “Great Church”.  As I stepped out I had to join the Great procession.  Then, I met a cousin of mine Great Dick surrounded by his cronies. Dick is not his real name; he can be a Jo for what I care. What is Great in Dick Jo is his vast belly, large stature, and whatever is usually hidden from public exposure.

The Great municipal election in May 2 is around the bend.  The election might be another Great topic if bylaws are kept and dates respected:  Election can very well be postponed or just Greatly cancelled. I approached the Great gents around Great Dick Jo and shook hands and then asked Dick Jo what I thought was a simple and polite question “How is your daughter?”

Dick Jo’s daughter is working for the World Bank (another Great thing) and just visiting Lebanon.  This Dick showed signs of nervousness and replied “Go and join the praying procession”.

It happened that the elder brother of Great Dick was passing by and I told him the short story. The brother said: “You should know that my brother is not on talking terms with his family (a separated wife and two grown up children no longer living in Lebanon).  What can I say? Am I supposed to be investigating everyone on his latest state of mind before I venture to ask about the well-being of any member of his family?

Great Dick Jo was born to be rude to people, a Great Rude to his person first. In this century, he barely can read, much less write; he still feels that he can lord it out on people, especially the elderly relatives.  We all know that he has many complexes, Great ones, but what is ironic is that many of our Great town people feel Great attraction to being brutalized verbally.

I don’t have much expectation to mental matters starting Great osmosis trips any time soon.

Note:  This letter is to someone who unconsciously despises me.  I am extending an escape reason for him to consciously hate me.




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