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ISIS Georgian Khazar Jew:  Working to create the “Greater Israel Project”

In context: The Khazar Jews established a kingdom in the Caucasus region around the 9th century and the nascent Russian Kingdom defeated them in the 10th century.

Khazar Jews were displaced in eastern and central Europe and are now known as Ashkenazi Jews, or East Europe Jews who didn’t speak Hebrew and were the first European colonist to institute settlements in Palestine starting in 1865.

Khazar Jews were skin-deep Jews who simply applied the Pharisee customs and traditions in their daily life.

Khazar Jews are like the skin-deep Jews of Galilee and south Lebanon during the first century BC when the tribes in Judea conquered this region during the decline of the Seleucid Kingdom.  The only difference is that Jesus was a native of the land and knew the culture and civilization of the Near-East, unlike the Khazar Jews.

This phenomena is similar to the new Moslem converts in Central Asia and Moguls (10th century) who were skin-deep Islamists and plainly applied the daily rituals of their new religion and relied on many faked stories on the Prophet Muhammad life related in the Al Hadith. They were the beginning of the decline of Islamic culture and civilization

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Hello my name is Tarkhan Batirashvili, I am a Georgian Khazar Jew…

I was trained by CIA and MOSSAD.. my current asignment is one of the four generals of ISIS.

I go by my fake muslim name Abu Omar al-Shishani

We are working to create and expand the “Greater Israel Project” under the disguise of a false Islamic State.

To vilify muslims.

Yes, thats right we have fooled the world as we carry out our objective

Note: Those ISIS demolishing the archaeological sites in Syria and Iraq are guided by the Israeli Mossad. The rational is simple:

Since in the last century the Jewish archaeologists could not dig a single site that proved the existence of a Jewish culture or a civilization in the region, then No other vestige of civilization must remain in the Middle-East.

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 150,000 Jews in New York marched against the apartheid policies in Israel
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١٥٠ ألف يهودى تظاهروا اليوم فى نيويورك ضد اسرائيل وما من خبر فى اعلامنا المجيد!!!




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