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Cluster, Orange gas,Phosphorous, depleted uranium bombs… And harsh events and calamities

Ten years ago, the US Secretary of State Colin Powell pronounced to the United Nations his “famous” speech on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Evidence that this stance proved to be false.

In his book “I got lucky”, Powell wrote that this speech will remain a “stain” in his career and that he will remember this 5 February as “deeply” the day of his birth. (And what he did after his rebirth?)

In 1996, during a broadcast on CBS, Lesley Stahl asked Madeleine Albright, as US Secretary of State: “It is estimated 500,000 children died in Iraq following the embargo American against this country. mean, it is more dead children than at Hiroshima. Was the price worth really… Ms. Albright?”

Albright coldly replied: “I think that’s a very difficult choice, but the price… We believe that the price worth it.”


Israel was accused by the UN and human rights organizations of launching and spreading 4 million cluster bombs in south Lebanon in August 13, 2006. Israel daily Haaretz confirmed: “We infested particular zones in Lebanon with 1,800 bombs containing 1.2 million of cluster bombs…”

Artillery Israeli soldiers declared that in the last 10 days of Israel preemptive war on Lebanon, the army used phosphorous bombs that are prohibited by international conventions. The use of phosphorous bombs was confirmed by Edery, in the name of Amir Peretz, Israel Defense minister.

The commander of a unit of multiple rocket launchers declared “What we did is totally crazy and barbarous…”

John Kerry participated in the Viet Nam war. Has anyone heard Kerry apologizing for the usage of Orange gas, a defoliating agent? During the war, after the war?

The US used all kinds of prohibited weapons in Iraq for 8 years. Has Kerry apologized for the US usage of chemical weapons in Iraq?

I am wondering:

1. How the Palestinian/Israeli “peace” negotiation going on? Has it stopped? Any progress? Any alternative road map?

2. How’s Egypt upheaval faring? Is the situation stable and improving?

3. Have the daily suicide car bombs in Iraq subsiding?

4. What’s going on in Yemen? How many drone attacks were approved this month?

5. Is the famine in Somalia under control?

6. Was this chemical attack in Syria staged, a pure set up, in order to side track the manifold US failure in stabilizing this “Greater Middle East“?

7. Has Obama gone publicly to announce any positive and constructive resolution for any crisis? Internally and externally?

8. Had Obama anything to say about the Washington March anniversary? Had he promised to reverse the worsening trends for the Black citizens since 1960?


Terror in Lebanon? Not because Hezbollah conducted a counter-offense in Syria.

US chief of Staff Gen. Dempsey declared from Israel that Lebanon is to suffer the same turmoil as Syria and Iraq…

Meaning that the Lebanese have to brace themselves for a series of terrorist attacks, and the option of igniting another civil war


Apparently, the US administration came to the realization that all the terrorist activities perpetrated in Lebanon have so far failed to destabilize the country or pressure it into transforming its policies toward alternatives that serve the US and Israeli interests in the Greater Middle East…

What are the objectives of the US and the obscurantist monarchy of Saudi Arabia in Lebanon and the Syria/Iraq axe?

It is all about the routes of the gas pipelines that will ultimately serve the European markets.

So far, Russia is pulling the strings for the current and future pipeline routes, in cooperation with Iran and China.

Russia is the first producer and exporter of gas, and Europe and China depend on Russian gas.

Iran has the potential of displacing Russia as first producer of gas, if the political environment permits it.

Saudi Arabia is set to be the third producer in a decade.

Syria and Lebanon are floating on gas.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have no effective economical alternatives but for their pipelines to cross Syria, but they want the projects under preconditions:

1. The major gas export should be done in Turkey’s ports to be transported by underwater pipeline toward Europe. Why?

2. Currently, Russia and Italy have already connected their gas export with Greece, bypassing Turkey that is considered the main powerful US ally in the region.

3. Syria has to dissociate its economical policies from Iran and rely on other sources for development…

Syria of Bashar Assad declined the offer and refused the preconditions.

And Syria had to be destabilized and its infrastructure demolished and a civil war doing the business of forcing Syria to kneel to foreign demands.

Thousands of mercenaries have been dispatched since 2011, from land, sea and air into Syria, and from the 4 corners of the world, funded, supported and trained in Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt… And the Western media refused to shed any lights on these dangerous transfer of mercenaries,,,

The worst kinds of mercenaries are the journalists and reporters who circumvent the facts and fail to do their due diligence: They are under the firm preconception that pleasing the editors’ “programmed opinions” is a sure way to get published and get paid…

They mention a few known semi-cooked opinions and insert the editors political lines as their own

For example, the propaganda lines in the western and the rich Arab States is to claim that the terrorist attacks in Lebanon are consequences of Hezbollah military involvement in Syria, along side Syria official army.

The facts are that Hezbollah refrained for two years from engaging in military counter offensives within Syria, against the countless terrorist attacks of the Syrian “Resistance” forces within Lebanon.

For two years Hezbollah did its best to convince the belligerent forces and Hamas that political negotiations are the only alternatives for this civil war…

Hezbollah decided to clear Qusair, a stronghold of the Takfiri terrorists at 10 km from Lebanon, and controlled the eastern borders of Lebanon with Syria.

The northern region in Lebanon (Akkar), the city of Tripoli, and the Bekaa Valley were targets of missiles from across the borders and frequent violent demonstrations… and the government preferred to hide behind lame excuses for non intervention in the neighboring country wracked by violence and civil war…

The Lebanese army is not equipped in appropriate weapons and manpower to control the long borders with Syria, and more importantly, was not covered politically to get engaged effectively…

Lebanon has no government, and the parliament voted to extend its tenure for another two years, and the Constitutional Court failed to meet to give its opinion… Only the close cooperation of the army and Hezbollah resistance forces managed to keep this volatile situation under control…

All the events are pointing to the fact that Hezbollah has decided to preempt the wave of terrorist activities planned to rack its stronghold quarters in Dahieh, in Nabatieh, in Baalbak…

For two years, the people in the Bekaa Valley were attacked and threatened by the Syrian “Resistance” forces in order to facilitate the transport of weapons and supplies and mercenaries across the Lebanese open and long borders with Syria.

For two years, Al Zawahiri and Al Qaeda leaders bluntly proclaimed that their war in Syria is targeting Hezbollah: Once Syria of Bashar falls, Hezbollah will drop like a ripe fruit…

Al Joulani threatened that the war will be transferred to Dahyia (Hezbollah stronghold in the suburb of Beirut) and the picture of Nasr Allah were burned in Syria and in several locations in Lebanon with heavy Sunni concentrations…

What can you say when this Lebanese singer Elissa blurted out in front of her audience in Downtown Beirut “This is the first time that I don’t feel sorry for the dead and injured in Bir el Abed...?”  As if this brain-dead singer has ever felt sorry for anything but her failed sentimental encounters…

Terror in Lebanon? Not because Hezbollah conducted a counter-offense in Syria and cleared Lebanon’s borders from the Takfiri terrorist concentrations on our doorstep…

Note 1: Part of this post was inspired by an article of the journalist Jean Aziz in the Lebanese daily Al Akhbar

Note 2: As I clicked published, the news announced 2 car bombs exploding in front of Sunni mosques in the city of Tripoli (Lebanon), harvesting 45 killed and over 900 injured.

Note 3: If I were the President of the Republic, I would summon the western and superpower ambassadors to Lebanon and warn them to stop planning of further terrorist attacks and dismantle their terrorist networks.  Every single embassy has more intelligence gathering capabilities than the entire Lebanese security services.  Worst, the swap and share intelligence with Israel.

Note 4: It is up to the Lebanese to put siege around these embassies and send the strong message that “We are no longer ready to sit put and submit to all the humiliation and indignities heaped upon us”

German city wiped out in one night: Dresden 1945

It is Feb. 13, 1945.  In the night, 773 British Avro Lancaster bombers dropped their loads on Dresden.  Dresden had no military installation or headquarter or even prisons: Dresden “The Venice of River Elbe” was welcoming hundred of thousands of refugees fleeing the Soviet advance of the Red Army.  Dresden was one of the cultural center in Europe since the 17th century. The war was almost over, but the Allied decided to wipe out several German cities in revenge.

By the end of the night, 2,500 tons of ultra explosive bombs, two-third of the burning kinds of phosphorous and magnesium bombs, have been dropped.  Over 25,ooo houses of the 28,000 were demolished, and over 150,000 civilians out of one million perished in one night. The casualty was three folds what British civilians suffered in three months of the Luftwaff aerial raids in 1942.

The fire storm generated temperature of 5,000 degrees Celsius.  The nightmare was not over. In the next two days and nights, hundreds of US bombers resumed the demolishing task. In addition to the 650, 000 of the city, hundred of thousands refugees were flocking to Dresden, fleeing the Soviet advances.

The story would like you to believe that General Arthur Harris, chief commander of the British air-force, was behind the decision. Harris said that the decision came from far above: Winston Churchill let the bombing on Hamburg, Lubeck, Berlin, and Cologne resume for another two months.  Why? It was a “strong message of intimidation for the Soviet troops to abide by the limit of their advances!…”

General Arthur Harris spent the remaining of his life in apartheid south Africa and was never tried for crimes against humanity and for violating Geneva Convention…

The city port of Hamburg was so badly burned by phosphorous bombs that the police had to achieve the citizens burned by the bombs because they knew not what to do with these burning alive bodies that kept re-igniting for ever…

The 20th century was the deadliest for the western world. The 21st is turning out to be the deadliest for the “Greater Middle East” with western weapon and for the western greed…

Note: Information extracted from the book “365 dates that changed history” by March and Garrick.

Cut Out the Crap: Who Killed Rafiq Hariri?

In March 2005, I wrote in my diary my assessment of the potential assassins (States behind the killing) of Rafiq Hariri, and published it in September 2008 under the title “Cut Out the Crap: Who Killed Rafiq Hariri?”  It is a reasonable idea to re-edit this article, as the International Court for Lebanon has issued the individual names of the first batch of suspects.

During the Roman Empire, the legal system targeted “who had vested and vital interest in the elimination of a rival” and not just the hand that executed the order.  If we are serious in investigating the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, we must cut-out the crap and analyze the potential various political and group interests behind the decision, planning, financing, and execution of the assassination. I wrote: 

“If anyone is still waiting for the results of any kind of investigation into the assassination of Hariri, I suggest that he build himself a shack in Downtown Beirut and wait there for at least twenty years.

If anyone did not get it, that more than two great States, with veto power in the UN, are behind this assassination he better stocks up on Lebanese flags hoping to sell them for another big demonstration with the slogan of “We need the truth. Who killed our martyr Rafiq?” 

If anyone is still wondering why a thousand kilograms of TNT explosives are needed to assassinate Hariri, or who can stockpile that amount of explosives, then may be he sincerely wishes that Syria should be behind the assassination. 

If anyone is still interested on the mechanisms of this murder by a moving truck, or in a secret underground tunnel, or a suicide bomber, or the detonation technique used or any kind of these stupid details, then he sure will hear a lot of that crap…

Let me ask you, why Yasser Arafat, the symbol of the Palestinian resistance to Zionism, had to be assassinated, in the meanest possible alternatives, by slow poisoning?  Why even the meanest British government allowed Napoleon Bonaparte to dictate his memoirs before dying his slow death with arsenic poisoning?  Maybe if Arafat was serious about writing his “memoirs”, Sharon would have extended his life:  Wonderful juicy stories about rotten Arab dictators and absolute monarchs…

Why Hariri had to be done with in pomp and in grandeur that left dozen killed, a hundred injured and part of Beirut destroyed? 

Are the powerful assassins sending an honorable farewell to the overbearing friend, the worthy enemy, the great dealer, and the leader who was much bigger than his tiny country?  Apparently the Western Powers have set up a coding style system for eliminating leaders whose time had come and are becoming huge liabilities to the changing political climate. 

I would conjecture that the great powers decided on that murdering style because of the number of times the unfortunate bugger Rafiq Hariri was invited officially to visit their leaders, the frequency of public friendship expressions, the many services they mutually profited, and perhaps the quality and number of citizenships he accumulated, and less probably because of the number of honorable degrees which were bestowed on him by universities.   

Hariri died on Valentine day.  What was his wife Nazek doing in Paris on that day?  Was she expecting Rafiq to join her in Paris or was she to return that evening to Beirut, or was she held in Paris on purpose so that she might not be a member of the deadly motorcade?  Why Hariri was so happy in the morning of his death?  Did he receive the good news from Chirac that Syria will be withdrawing its troops for sure and much sooner than expected, but failed to warn him that his hours were counted in order to efficiently execute that decision?

Jacque Chirac, a President of a proud country, stayed more than six hours with the Hariri’s family to mourn such a great friend of his.  Was Chriac so guilt ridden or had he to shift attention to the real culprit somewhere else?  How come France was so chummy with Israel, immediately after the assassination of Hariri, as if missing an old friend and could not stop chatting and cuddling with Israel for a long period afterward?

How come the US Administration, that didn’t care about Lebanon at this period, has been moving its behind in and out of Lebanon, and shaking them much more than it did during its Iraq invasion? How come the US Administration has been admonishing Israel to stop its public affirmations of the US agreement on its policies  in the Middle East?  

I stated in a previous article that the USA and Israel were the sole culprits and I provided the rationales. I stand a little corrected.  The 1559 UN resolution that was sponsored by the USA and France was the tip of the iceberg of the package deal between these two States, and among the little secret agreements between them was to contract out Israel to eliminate Hariri with utmost prejudice within specific constraints on when and how. 

Israel was overjoyed that the opportunity finally came to erase her enemy number one, off her black list. Hariri not only attempted several times to undermine Israel plans in Lebanon and in the region, but he succeeded hands down in all his political counter offensives against Israel and was still capable of doing Israel great political damages. 

Chirac was relieved from an overbearing friend who kept reminding him of what were the right things to do toward Lebanon.  Chirac knew better that “doing the right things” is not necessarily the right political decisions at this crucial time of his political career.  Chirac was paying dearly from his prestige and France political positions by opposing the persistent pressures from the European Union and the USA to list Hezbollah as one of the terrorist organizations. 

Unperturbed, Hariri kept showing at the Elysee’s door and taking photos with Chirac that said “My dearest friend Chirac” as Sadat used to say to Kissinger, the USA Secretary of State during Nixon, “My dear friend Henry”.

The USA and France had already agreed on plans for the Greater Middle East and time was of the essence.  These plans could not succeed, for certain and on time, with Hariri still alive and active. France, for now, is winning big: it managed to reaffirm her protectorate rights over Syria and Lebanon like during the colonial times, secured her oil rights in Iraq and removed the American veto to selling military hardware to China. 

Israel managed to put the squeeze on Hezbollah and to diligently attempt again to circumvent the rights for the Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland with secret deals with, hopefully, the enfeebled new Lebanese governments after the election.  The USA is succeeding in destabilizing Syria and weakening any resolve that Syria might still have to counter the plans in the Greater Middle East.

Hariri had done what was expected from him politically, and his worth was much greater as a martyr:  Lebanon will disengage from Syria as an enemy, and not as a natural economic and social necessity.  Lebanon will continue to remain a weak sectarian Non-State, as was its lot since the colonial status and after its independence, by the agreement of all the regional Arabic States.

The price for Hariri’s life was not certainly worth any stupid friendship that reached the stage of no return on investment, but was becoming a real liability in prestige for Chirac’s France geopolitical interests, the Saudi monarchy, and the plans for a stable Greater Middle East, happy to coexist with Israel while securing the flow of oil at cheap prices. 

A practically tarnished and weakening President, Emil Lahoud quickly agreed to an international investigating team without discussing the details of its composition or duration. The wolves in the world community are going to manhandled Lebanon through special investigating teams, a series of additional international resolutions in order to freely investigate whom they already condemned and sidetrack the facts, the deeds, and the witnesses of the real culprits.

Lebanon will be welcoming an international team of investigators, about 60 of them and for 6 months, automatically renewed for another 6 months and another 6 months until the sectarian blocks and militias in Lebanon organize and ready their forces for another round of internal bloodshed.  

Citizens, what sort of political and economic stability do you expect for Lebanon in the coming year?  Another wave of immigration is already taking place and no noble slogans can undo this trend.  Another political instability will set in for years to come, leaving the economic reforms untouched and as irrelevant to the stability of the country.

Syria offered the cynical wolves the perfect excuse by publicly antagonizing itself with Hariri and forcing an extension to Lahoud’s term; the Syrian ruling personalities and State newspapers sounded like enraged fools having personal animosity with the one who actually bought the highest members in the Syrian government and had extensive business deals with ruling power in Syria at the expense of the Lebanese people. 

Syria was continuously harasses and threatened by the USA and France in order to commit these unforgivable political blunders. It is a masterful coup at the expense of the damned and impotent people of Lebanon.

Note 1: There are lately links to the extremist Moslem Salafists; well, they do follow higher orders too, although implicitly in executing the dirty States decisions.

Note 2: If Nazek Hariri, second wife of Rafiq, is serious about knowing the truth, it is her responsibility to confront the fast becoming senile Chirac.  Nazek has to ask Chirac: “Who killed Rafiq?” Chirac knows exactly who killed Rafiq.

Hardworking Mina on a war path; (Apr. 12, 2010)

            Eleven years ago, Mina found a job weaving carpet in Morocco.  Her more “experienced” co-worker incited Mina to check with syndicate for membership and was chased out beaten.  Mina then paid a visit to the work inspector who let the owner of the factory on Mina visit. The boss convoked Mina and treated her worthless whore with no sense of loyalty: Mina was supposed to appreciate the boss as a “father figure” and then she was dismissed.  For 6 months Mina could not find work in the same city: all the bosses were informed of Mina’s “disloyal” behavior.

            Mina worked for 10 years weaving carpets and then had hone of her wrists broken. Mina was dismissed with no compensation or even for covering medical expenses. Mina worked and was paid daily and had no papers or documents as a working citizen.  Her highly educated friend, Fatima Mernissi, paid Mina a visit to the hospital and then mindlessly suggested to Mina to have recourse to the work inspector. Mina got in a state of anger and frustration and threw her veil to the ground and replied: “Fatima, you are very educated but I am no stupid” and she told her friend the story of her work conditions. Mina resumed: “Allah is my defender, my work inspector, and my syndicate. God said “if any of my servants asks for my intervention then I will be by his side”. May Allah hear my demands; I want the factory burned down and the boss broken to pieces”

            A few nurses barged in to cool down the shouting and Mina chased them out saying: “If you don’t leave immediately then I will add your names to the list of the work inspector and the syndicate.”  In Mina’s mind, the incidences that she experienced 11 years ago with the work inspector and the syndicate are still valid: nothing has changed since then in the relationship of workers and bosses and control institutions.  Mina’s assumptions might be correct but lack of stable and equitable institutions drove Mina from a rational thinking person to an extremist “khawarej” attitude: she wouldn’t mind taking the most extreme of measures if supported in her frustration.

            Extreme codification of life behaviors, even in developed States with strong central institutions, to controlling and managing people generate extreme reactions in periods of civil unrest.  For example, the USA is witnessing terrorist acts (kamikaze) by its citizens against targeted institutions such as the Pentagon and the IRS (tax revenue) offices. It appears that the life of little people is extremely codified in developed States but the barons of industries and elite classes get off with a slap on the wrist: huge loopholes in laws for the barons and a justice system based on financial means is dooming little people for lack of serious justice.

            At least, in Islamic world, people have this exit alternative to lamenting to Allah and have the right to ask Allah to chastise unjust people.  Just figure a citizen in the developed States asking his God to burn and maim the boss: the boss might probably have a claim to drag to justice the disgruntled worker for incitement to physical hurt intentions.

            Democracy in most of the developing States is a mystery with no corresponding physical application; democratic institutions are shells devoid of any democratic rights to individual responsibilities and serious participation.  The UN Charter is a super law relative to human and civil rights and freedom of expressions but this charter is still the best kept secret to most students and adult people in developing States.  In kindergarten, kids learn their religious laws but the UN super laws are not available or taught or even required to be exhibited.

            Colonial powers didn’t practice their brand of democracies operating at home: as soon as a semblance of democratic institutions (such as parliament) were established that the colonial power flaunted it and disbanded it at the first free expressions of freedom, liberty, and equality.  Even today, the former colonial powers have no interest of witnessing democratic institutions in the developing States as long as oil is available at low prices and the market for arms is booming.  Bush Junior claimed that democracy had priority on his list of changes in the Greater Middle East! Bush Junior never was specific on what kinds of democracies he had in mind; anyway, the method he applied to invading Iraq in 2003 had nothing democratic about it!  Saudi Arabia is still disseminating and financing terrorist tendencies and all the Arab despots kept their martial laws that were instituted 40 years ago.

The inevitable Northern Middle East strategic block

(Report #30); (October 21, 2009)



            There would be much turmoil within the next five years in the Greater Middle East.  There is this inevitable trend toward forming a strategic and economic bloc in the northern Middle East region of Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq.   Turkey and Iran are the main regional powers with the means to drive this trend to fruition.  Saudi Arabia is in line to supporting this bloc which will secure to the monarchy a new lease on life and not relying exclusively on the US Administrations.

            To prevent this new emerging bloc many superpowers are in a frenzy to obstruct this natural trend in economic and financial stability.  For example, this week the south eastern region of Iran witnessed a terrorist attack that decapitated the military leadership of the paramilitary Pasdaran or Guardian of the Islamic Revolution.  Iran is blaming Pakistan to facilitating the movements of the Sunni “Jund Allah” with full backing and finance from Britain and the USA. Personally, I tend to see indirect coordination of the Iranian regime in that attack: decapitating the paramilitary organization is the first phase into disbanding an organization that is no longer the guardian of the revolution but the military backer of the retrograded clerics working on maintaining their hold on the political climate in Iran.

            Another example is the terrorist blasting of a couple of ministries in downtown Baghdad.  This attack followed the signing of full diplomatic relation with Syria at the instigation of the US and France.  In retaliation of Syria cozying up with Maliki of Iraq without Iran’s full consent a prompt response sent the appropriate signal; Maliki promptly broke diplomatic ties with Damascus under lame excuses.  Syria got the message clear and loud not to cooperate with France, the US, or any regional power without prior coordination with Iran.  Syria is not about to ruin its internal security for any baits extended to it by the Western powers.

            The Arab Emirates are under pressures to kick out all Islamic Chiaa immigrants, starting with the Lebanese.  Israel is constantly pressuring the US to get militarily involved in Iran. Turkey is in excellent terms with Syria and Iran: it has canceled an air exercise with Israel and the US that was intended to cross the borders of Syria, Turkey, and Iraq; it is an exercise for Israel to take this alternative air route to blast Iran’s nuclear power stations.  Lebanon is unable to form a government for 4 months; it is waiting for green light of the new strategic block that is now backed by Saudi Arabia.  The US, Israel, and Egypt are counter blocking any unity government in Lebanon.

            The trend toward forming a strategic and economic bloc in the northern Middle East region started in 1979 as the Islamic revolution in Iran came to power and the Shah went to exile (Only Sadate of Egypt accepted the Shah to take political refuge in its land). Thus, the first clue goes back to 1979.  Iran of Khomeini, Syria of Hafez Assad, and President Bakr of Iraq decided on a rapprochement of Islamic sects (Sunni and Chiaa).  Saddam Hussein was chief of security and Vice President of Bakr; Saddam hated the Chiaa as well as Hafez Assad his archenemy to the leadership of the Baath Party.  At the instigation of Saudi Arabia and the green light from the USA Saddam deposed Bakr and swiftly executed all the Iraqi Baath members who supported this entente; these prominent members of the Iraqi Baath were mostly Chiaa. At the time the Saudi Defense Minister Sultan and the Interior Nayef (Sultan’s cadet brother) hated the Chiaa and were worried for their obscurantist and salafist Wahhabit Sunni sect. Thus, Saddam and the Saudi monarchs joined forces to destabilize Iran of Khomeini.  Many regional States, the US, France, and Britain would not allow a strategic and economical block in the Middle East to be formed of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. Thus, Saddam was encouraged to invade Iran. After two years, Saddam had to retreat his troops from Khuzestan.  Iran wanted this war of attrition to resume as an excuse to clean and re-structure its Islamic regime; (this nonsense war lasted 8 years).  

            The second clue is after invaded Kuwait in 1990.  Saddam’s regime was publicly terribly weakened; the Chiaa in southern Iraq and the Kurds in the north were threatening to destabilize Saddam’s regime.  The US wanted to help Saddam by any means to prevent Iran from taking hold of Iraq and joining forces with Syria (Iran’s ally).  The short-term strategy was to give Saddam an external activity or a semblance of war to re-unite Iraq on a national excuse.  To that effect, the US lured Kuwait to pressure Iraq into refunding 50 billions in war loan.  Saddam amassed his troops on the borders with Kuwait. The unstable Saddam wanted to believe that he got effective green light to conquer Kuwait. Bush Senior formed a coalition and forced Saddam to retreat from Kuwait. Saddam was defeated and the US and coalition forces could easily enter Baghdad. The purpose of this war was not to depose Saddam but for Iraq to be a buffer zone between Iran and Syria.  Saddam was permitted to crush the Chiaa insurgency in the south and the Kurdish upheaval in the north. Turkey strengthened its relationship with Syria and Iran. Syria was given bait for a mandate over Lebanon. Moubarak of Egypt was ordered to accept the deal and help put an end to the civil war in Lebanon. These hot regions needed to be pacified while the US and Europe tends to bigger problems: the proper dismantling of the Soviet Union, stabilizing Europe, and overseeing the financial globalization.

            The third clue is the massive occupation of Iraq by the US troops in 2003. (Read my post “Why the massive occupation of Iraq?”).  After 9/11/2001, the US demoted the Taliban regime in Afghanistan but did nothing to finish off the job and stabilize Afghanistan: the US Administration had other strategic plan than worrying about Sunni salafist Al Qaeda “terrorism”: it was contained in northern Pakistan.         

            At the time of the invasion there was no nuclear program in Iraq and the Bush Junior Administration knew that fact.  Iraq had resumed the development of two other means of mass destruction: the biological and the chemical arms. Saddam Hussein prevented any further inspections by the UN for two years because he had these two arms programs functional.  Thus, the US employed Russia and France to misinform Saddam: Russia would displace and decontaminate the presence of the biological and chemical arms that it had supplied Iraq in return for vetoing any pre-emptive attack by the US in the UN.  This maneuver was effective and the inspectors found no arms of mass destructions in Iraq. It was when the US was totally confident that Saddam had no arms of mass destructions that it invaded Iraq; Saddam had nothing to counter the massive offensive of the US forces, especially that the officers in the field of the Iraqi army had no power but to wait orders from central commands:  that was how Saddam restructured his army since 1980 to prevent any army rebellion to his regime.

            Why the US had to completely occupy Iraq?  Saddam could have been deposed in many ways without any military invasion or at least a partial occupation of south Iraq with Chiaa majority and the north with Kurdish majority. Why the US did not invest one more year in Afghanistan to stabilize this country before turning on to Iraq?  Why the US failed to get out after Saddam his entourage were finished?  Why this occupying force is still there after seven years of the invasion?  The US wanted its physical presence in Iraq to prevent the formation of the Northern Middle East Block. Turkey was against this invasion and did its best to prevent the US troops crossing its territory to northern Iraq.  Syria and Iran played cats and mouse with the US to harass its presence in Iraq.

            Thus, deposing Saddam without US military presence in the field meant that Iraq will quickly link with Iran; the other bonus was to control oil production and distribution of the second largest oil reserve to put the squeeze on the giant economic power of China. This “pre-emptive” intervention didn’t turn right: first, radical Islam increased and proliferated even further; second, it was the catalyst for the severest financial crash ever, and it alienated Turkey. 

            What are the scores at this junction?  The Saudi Arabia click of (Sultan, Nayef, and Bandar) is deposed and Saudi Arabia is seeking stronger ties with Syria.  Turkey is increasingly improving its ties with Syria and de-linking with its former “strategic” ally Israel. Iran is recapturing its initial strategy of uniting the Islamic sects.  Pakistan will cooperate fully with Iran to stabilize Afghanistan and save the unstable State of Pakistan deeply involved militarily to crush the Taliban brand in northern Pakistan. Thus, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Armenia are changing their policies to join this bloc as allies if not partners.

            The trend is already inevitable and it cannot be stopped with the world economy and finance state in such disarray.  It is the movement of political leadership in the four States that is the driving force and not simply individual leaders. By the end of 2011 the US is to remove all its military troops from Iraq. During this period, the US, Russia, France, and Britain will coordinate efforts to keeping Turkey and Iran on tip tow; Syria and Iraq are to be frequently destabilized.

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19.  The Recognition of Israel? Which one? (September 18, 2005)

20.  What’s that Greater Middle East Strategy of the United States? (Dec. 29, 2005)?

21.  What sort of Democracy the Greater Middle East plan has for the Moslem World? (Dec. 30, 2005)




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