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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 119

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

There is no such “Arab civilization”: it is the civilization of the people in the Middle-East (Syria, Iran, Egypt…) within the Islamic Empire. That the commanders of armies were selected from the “elite classes” in Mecca and Medina do Not constitute a civilization

Is it true the Maronite Patriarch is to visit Saudi Kingdom this Monday before they release from prison our Saad Hariri PM and return to Lebanon? The Lebanese have Not yet forgotten his treacherous visit to Israel.

Until Saudi Kingdom remove totally the blockade on Yemen, then Hezbollah of Lebanon will Not consider to tactically change its policies in Lebanon or Syria

The inner circle of Bashar Assad and of the Baath party before 2011, who punished the Syrian uprising for 3 years with constant air bombing of their villages and cities and forced millions to flee, should Not expect to be part of the political deal.

Two hubris mindsets: money-first mindset is being matched (attached) with the other mindset that says that any interference in the market is unnecessary and inefficient.

The demise of ISIS (Daesh) started when they applied their retrograde constraints, brutally and violently, on the civilized vast majority Sunnis in Syria and Iraq.

Lebanon President Aoun asked Maronite Patriarch to delay his visit to Saudi Kingdom until the clouds are cleared on the detention of Saad Hariri PM: Apparently, this treacherous Patriarch thinks he is above national entente

PaulaYacoubian fed Saad Hariri information in her questions that she guessed he had no access to them?

Black Water, US private security company, in charge of securing the prisons of Saudi princes?

The verdict of the greedy financial managers and analysts on this international financial crisis is: ” the culprit is a non-entity: It is human risk-taking nature, driven by greed for the enjoyment of the present moment.”

Capitalism is based on 4 foundations: Private property of means of production; free internal people movement and exchange (products, services…); open free market for commerce; and availability of a vast pool of people willing to work for salary.

Your worldview is a unique model that you tailored-made throughout your life, experiences, conditions, situations… in order to survive the thousands of daily problems, frustrations and barriers.

Lebanon President Aoun sent this message: We want our Saad Hariri PM back with All his family members. Saudi Kingdom still applies the tradition of keeping hostages, members of Key allied “leaders”

The frequent visits of Lebanon Saad Hariri PM to Saudi Kingdom were to visit his family members, kept hostages, when Kingdom was satisfied with his “performances”

As if Iraq and Iran needed a major earthquake (7.2) to taste the horrors of a wide range of calamities. Half a dozen major cities (over 500,000 each were affected). So far, 500 killed, 8,000 injured and 13,000 demolished properties. The same region of Karmanchah is still being hit by repetitive earthquakes of magnitude 5.

The Maronite Patriarch of Lebanon agreed Not to display the Cross in Saudi Kingdom. It would be lovely if all religious sects hide their stupid symbols under their tunic (3abayat)

What plagues us in human behaviors is that the one-directional minded people are the ones who frequently suggest flexibility of the mind. And they constitute the vast majority in the Silent Majority

You have these Lebanese who say: “Just show me a single event where Saudi Kingdom was Not good to Lebanon”. As if in the political history of Lebanon pseudo-State ever took a position that dissatisfied the the Saudi mind-set.

Saad Hariri fi mar7alat ta2ammol? ma ba3da raj3ati ila Loubnan? Moubaya3at Baha2?

Greedy Financial Managers say: “Blame it on greedy human nature”

The verdict of the greedy financial managers and analysts in this international financial crisis is: ” the culprit is a non-entity: It is human risk-taking nature, driven by greed for the enjoyment of the present moment.”

The convenient scapegoat is this mythical concept of human risk-taking attitudes.

Almost all financial managers would like to blame the greedy short-timer shareholders for the successive financial crisis. They say: “The young financial operators have never witnessed but bull market trends and they had no memory of financial crisis.  The young financial operators grabbed the risk-taking attitudes of clients and ran with it.”

1. The financial managers say: “Give a child a piece of candy and promise him another candy if he waits ten minutes until you come back:  Very few children will not eat the candy immediately, instead of two shortly later.”

2. They say: “The weight that people give to the present satisfaction far outweigh logical reasoning of good profits and advantages a year later.

Reason says: “In time of great uncertainty the best recourse is thinking on ways to cope with its consequences.”  The reality of human nature says: “In time of great instability, the past is gone and the future is uncertain; thus, let us enjoy the moment; we have one life to live.

3. The greedy financial managers and analysts say: “People learned to save their liquid money in banks:  Any money in the pocket is spent readily.  Consumerism culture resorted to the devilish credit card mechanism to trap and sap human saving good intentions.”

4. They say: “It is a disorienting characteristic of human temperament that, knowing full-well the ultimate disaster of their actions (investing for short-term benefits), we keep believing that we are immune to bad results and that we are of the lucky-types to having the intuition of jumping ship at the nick of time.”

5. They say: “A father or head of a family feels that he is better off retaining a few debts so that he is forced to staying alert to snatching opportunities.  The father or mother prefers to be indebted and feeling permanently threatened with financial instability in order to be on his toes and keep going day-in day-out.”

6. They say: “Financial managers and operators learned to take the money quickly and run with it and not looking back:  As the crisis arrives and the shit hits the fan they are no longer in the job  and they working somewhere else.

7. They say: “All regulations and restrictions on new shares offered to managers of enterprises were dropped in most companies.  Instead, managers were encouraged to speculate immediately with their shares in order to keep the managers constantly on the lookout for short-term profits to the enterprise.

It is true that there are financial risk-takers and they are a minority category of people.

It is true that many are willing to risk their lives on dangerous adventures not related to money.

It is true there are a few cultures that train their people on risk-taking games not necessarily waging real money.  Fact is, financial managers are no kids or inexperienced on inevitable financial crisis and their symptoms (steady bull market for successive long years).

Financial managers explicitly encouraged the young operators to behaving as if “there is no tomorrow” and take the money and run.  The State will inevitably comes to the rescue in no time.

Financial managers are no dumb:  They know that money transferred around at the speed of light are fictitious money, hundred times overvalued with respect to gold or any goods of values.

Thus, they think that they may as well play this game of risks as if they are playing with beans, candies, or crackers.  It barely comes to their mind that they are playing with the earnings of millions of hard-working people, money earned by blood and sweat.

Greedy financial managers know they rule the world:

1. That they are far more powerful than any government or a combination of unified governments.  2. They know that they are transacting 5 trillion dollars a day, twice more than all the powerful governments managed to save for emergency situations.

3. Greedy financial managers know that they have far more lawyers, consultants, and expert in financial matters than any government can harass them with:  The odds favor the financial institutions in any legal battle.

4. Greedy financial managers know that governments have not many experts or professionals to managing and regulating the financial markets and institutions.  Governments end up hiring financial experts who worked at the financial institutions they mean to regulate.

It is beyond natural individual greed: International capitalism has replaced bourgeois capitalism by mafias-types capitalism at a world scale and nobody dares to investigate into, account for, or prosecute.

The traditional entrepreneur used to say: “This cow is producing my daily milk.”  The mafias multinational boss says: “When I see a cow I feel hungry for steaks

Still, governments have one edge over financial multinationals:  Government hold the “law and order” power.

Jail the financial managers and their bosses before legally prosecuting them and they will come to their reason: they will drop all their flatulent blame games and puny scapegoats.




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