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The disequilibrium of the world

No powerful nation (huge trade) ever repaid its sovereign debt.

By Dr. Gustave Le Bon (Le desiquilibre du monde, 1924)

All modern warfare are as ruinous to the victors as to the vanquished.

The cost of the warfare is shared by all the people of the belligerent countries regardless of which State wins and who loses.

Rationally, the neighbouring nations have direct interest to associate in order to prevent the escalation of a situation of declaring war.

Fact is, it is the people who encourage the escalation to a state of war as the government start contemplating or discussing a military alternative.

As the war begins, the people realize too late that their initial emotional tendencies were wrong and they feel that they have to resume what they asked for.

In 1918, Germany barely paid a small fraction of its war indemnities. It purposely devalued its paper currency to almost zero and got away with repayment of war reparation.

England and the USA wanted Germany to go back to full production on its intact industrial infrastructure because they trade most with Germany big market.

The 12% tax on Germany export, which was paid to the Allied fund, was actually paid for by the importing people, or the victors.

A British minister had this to say:

“If Germany could repay its total debts of war reparation on exportation in the coming decades, Germany would become the main exporter in the world market. In the meantime, all the other nations, including the USA, would witness a sharp decline in their trade and the loss of their essential industries”

In 1945, Germany and Japan were the countries that enjoyed most of the investment by the USA in order to benefit from their economic recovery.

No powerful nation (huge trade) ever repaid its sovereign debt.

Only the weak and underdeveloped States are pressured to repay their debts.

The USA is by far the most indebted nation on earth, but just pay the ridiculous lowest interest rates.

Colonization was carried out on the basis of defaulting on a debt.

The USA invaded and occupied Cuba, the Philippines, Panama… in order to recover its debts from Spain.

The best maxim that could transform the world “Aid one another for your proper interest”

The global commercial and financial interdependence are the main barriers for a direct full fledge world war. Soft power is being applied to its hilt in order to avoid frontal conflict.

The main security for sustainable state of peace is in the psychological mind of the people.

And this mind has to be acquired by sustained refrain from exercising military warning dictated by the powerful States  on the weaker nations.

A mind-set for peace is a nurturing process that require long-term stable peaceful policies by diplomatic means and win-win business projects among the nations.




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