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The standoff between Britain and the State of Ecuador, which gave Julian Assange political asylum, in order not be extradited to Sweden has been making headlines around the world.

For the past two months, Julian Assange, the founder of the whistleblower website Wikileaks, has been taking refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. The U.K. courts ruled to extradite him to Sweden where he faces possible sexual assault and misconduct charges. 

Anonymous is a loosely affiliated international collective, composed of tech-savvy activists, which originated online on imageboards and forums.

 posted on Aug. 22 under “What/Who is Anonymous?

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This story has caught the attention of the public because it is more than just news: it is a drama. Assange is a controversial figure for his role in publishing classified diplomatic cables on Wikileaks (for more about “Cablegate,” see here), but he is not the only one involved in this spectacle.

Although the U.S. is not directly involved, it casts a shadow over this standoff. Assange and his supporters fear that if the UK extradited him to Sweden, it would not be long before he would be delivered to the U.S.  It is feared that the US would charge Assange with espionage stemming from when his website published a trove of American secrets.

Another controversial player in this drama is the “hacktivist” group Anonymous. Anonymous has used Wikileaks to distribute information it acquired from its hacking endeavors. It has also supported the ideals of free information, freedom of expression and freedom of the press that Assange espoused.

The question people have been asking is, “who or what is Anonymous?” People have asked if members of this  hacktivist group are freedom fighters, vigilantes or terrorists.

Asking about members is not the way to get at the meaning of this group. The real question is, on a metaphysical level, what is Anonymous? On a fundamental level, what kind of entity or being is Anonymous?

In its early days, Anonymous was not an identifiable Internet entity, but was a large subculture of people who posted anonymously and played “pranks” on websites, popularized memes and defined aspects of Internet culture. The creativity and outrageous content on these boards attracted the media, which described this community as brilliant and insane.

In 2008, this boundless creativity developed a more focused shape and perspective on the world. It adopted the name “Anonymous” and often used the image of a suit without a head or a Guy Fawkes mask to symbolize that it had no leader and was the embodiment of an idea.

Since then, Anonymous has become known for its strong opposition to Internet censorship, human rights violations, privacy violations, government opacity, and big corporations. It has become a recognizable presence at protests because its members wear the symbolic masks to show that they are part of this international group.

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On August 15th, I became aware that Anonymous was following, and invested in, this standoff when Britain threatened to remove the Ecuadorian embassy’s diplomatic privileges and storm the building to arrest Assange. I was up late enough to see several Anonymous groups on Facebook post urgent messages in the early hours of the 16th.

According to the posts, police officers were entering the embassy. The messages were brief and conveyed a sense of anxiety that is rare on such pages. Although separate individuals maintain the various Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, within several minutes of each other, all were calling for available “Anons” to convene at the embassy and see what was going on.

More specifically, the administrators and people online who were not in London were asking others to take pictures and transmit a live video of what was happening.

Soon enough, a protester had a “livestream” feed up and others were taking photos and uploading them to Anonymous pages. In addition, several Anons were able to coordinate a demonstration where they wore Guy Fawkes masks and held signs proclaiming, “I am Julian” as an expression of solidarity.

This was not a risk-free endeavor on the part of the protesters. Police threatened to arrest the man who was filming and they arrested at least one person outside the embassy including a legal observer who was then “released” under the condition that he stay in a designated “protest pen.” (See here)

This remarkable display of efficient collaboration, communication and willingness to act for the good of the group is a large part of what makes Anonymous so remarkable. Anonymous describes itself as a “hive mind” and this could not be a more accurate description. Just as in a hive, each member contributes to the whole and brings his or her talents, abilities, and insights that benefits the community.

Although there are people within Anonymous who have skills in planning operations and working with technology, there is no leader. Each person who participates and contributes has the liberty to take the initiative and start a project on behalf of the collective.

There is no official way to become a “member,” so it is odd to speak of those who consider themselves to be part of Anonymous as such. It is more accurate to say that Anonymous is made up of people who have connected online over shared goals, interests and ideals, and also individually identify with whatever they perceive Anonymous as. (Check out this video)

On a fundamental level, Anonymous is an actualized idea of the potential for freedom, creativity and personal responsibility. It is an idea to which individuals can, and do, attribute their actions that they believe are in-line with the sentiments of the hive mind. 

One can see those who actively participate in Anonymous, or related groups, as parts of a giant brain or fragments of a self-aware collective consciousness. This loosely connected group acts on issues about which the majority of people participating on the Internet feel strongly.

Shared ideas evolve the way an individual’s thoughts evolve and this collective thought process directs the trend of Anonymous’ activity in the physical world. However, this entity does not have specific longterm goals that could potentially stifle the creative and organic way it interacts with the world.

Anonymous’ response to Britain’s threat to the Ecuadorian embassy was an example of this hive mind’s ability to focus on and respond to a specific situation in the physical world. Although the vast majority of Anonymous activity occurs online, this entity has the ability to manifest in the physical world with people acting as eyes or mouths.

The protesters who uploaded photos on the 16th potentially put themselves in harm’s way in order to serve as the eyes of the group. Perhaps one of the reasons people are willing to risk their safety is because no one told them that it was their duty to do so. Instead, it seems that this willingness originates authentically and organically within the individuals, which results in these people having a strong personal investment in their choice of actions, and therefore are willing to do more.

In these moments when someone chooses to act under the banner of Anonymous, the person not only acts for the benefit of everyone creating the hive mind; the individual surrenders his or her own personal identity and assumes that of the whole, becoming Anonymous – both one and many.

What do you think of Anonymous?

Note: Anonymous leaks are not the exclusive real of this group: Political systems adopt anonymous leaks:

The case of the Scientology cult: In “Inside WikiLeaks”

In “inside WikiLeaks” Daniel Domscheit-Berg explains how they started to receive documents and video on the Scientology cult.

“After the leaks on the Julius Bar Swiss Bank, we started receiving leaks from “Anonymous” on our chat sessions. The “Anonymous” were recognized by their Guy Fawkes’ masks on You Tube. Guy Fawkes is the guy who attempted to detonate the English parliament in 1605.

The “Anonymous” said:

You might get the impression that we are trying to scare you off, but this is not the case. The Scientology Church trail and harass members protesting their activities.  We are simply protecting ourselves from intimidation tactics that we witnessed other members being submitted to.  The Scientology Church is very rich and employ an array of lawyers to pursuing aberrant legal cases.”

The “Anonymous” sign their message: “Knowledge is free.  We are Legion. We do not forgive.  We do not forget. Expect us!”

The frustrated and scared initiates of the Scientology Church grabbed the opportunity to leak their information through WikiLeaks because they believed to be secure from legal prosecutions.  Tapes, video, and documents on this cult steamed to WikiLeaks.

We first published the internal manual of the sect, a manual only members who acceded to level 3 can purchase, after mortgaging their homes and are reduced to slave for this Church for pocket money.

The member ascends the echelons in a carrier kind manner in order to reach the level “Clear” in the Thetan level hierarchy.  Who are these Thetans?

They are curious creatures who suffered from overpopulation and revolted when our universe was composed of 76 planets. An intergalactic warrior Xenu traveled among the planets and rounded up all the Thetans and dumped them in a volcano in Hawaii and bombed them.  According to the Scientology Church, the spirit of a few dead Thetans hover around earth, looking out for primitive human bodies to enter”

If you are having any problem, rest assured:  One of the Thetan managed to dwell in you!  That is the doctrine of this highly scientific cult. Can you believe many members mortgaged their home in order to buy this “rare” and highly secret and sacred story book?

Whoever fails to progress quick enough in the cult levels must be rehabilitated.

The member is dispatched to the “Rehabilitation Project Force” (RPF) for reeducation or “introspection process”. This cult also own it fleet of specialized boats , called “Sea Org” for rehabilitation purposes.

The rehabilitated member has to undergo humiliating and debilitating series of punishing activities. This non-accomplished member has to sleep in an integral rubber suit and isolated from the remaining crew; he has to eat the leftover of the crew after they have eaten; he has to be constantly running and refused normal pacing; he has to empty the shit pot…before he is permitted to resume his “spiritual’ progression.

The death of 36 year-old Lisa McPherson in 1995, resulting from rehabilitation procedures, forced the cult to facing the legal system. The investigation ended in 2000 for lack of proofs! But the parents of Lisa settled out of court for an undisclosed sum in 2004.

Wikileaks also published lists of businesses and organization dealing with the cult. The founder L. Ron Hubbard pretended in his conferences in the 1950’s of being several million years old and had traveled the universe as an observer.

On a personal level.

In the late 80’s, I was a graduate student and pretty curious of whatever was going on around me.  I might have read a posted ad. on sessions for interpreting dreams.  In the beginning the sessions were free of charge and then we were asked to contribute and later we were to pay $10.  The small booklets on the subject of dreams cost also $10.

In these sessions, the focus was on the appropriate techniques for concentrating, like closing our eyes and imagine a sea, a blue sky, a green field…with someone talking on how to enhance our imagination, relaxing…

At times, we were to listen to tapes with background sounds related to what we are focusing on.  We were asked to light a candle at home and look at the flame and do not waver our mind outside focusing on the candle light… I realized that I am not susceptible to these kinds of hypnosis…

One day, an older lady visited the group of about 15 persons and tried to predict our physical well-being, such as the types of diseases that we are prone to and should be aware of…The lady would close her eyes and claim that she is receiving information from somewhere.  If we wanted a copy of the taped “visions” we had to cough up $10.

This curious exercises was becoming pretty expensive for a student and I desisted.  I recall that the name of Hubbard was mentioned as the founder of this school of Scientology…My hypothesis is that all cults select their members from among the susceptible people, ready to relax their control and letting be led my the “voices”.

In this university town, all kinds of religious sects Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Unitarian…had their churches close to the university. I visited most of them, at least once, on Sundays.

The common denominator among the sects was investing on chorals for their Sunday ceremonies.  The rich sects built sophisticated organ system, those long many pipes of different lengths.

They were mostly conservative and there was no way to discriminate them on their theological differences.  Jesus was mentioned frequently but never the Virgin Mary as in the Catholic Churches, especially in Latin American countries.

The Presbyterian sect served communion.  Eventually, the university reserved a particular room for the Moslem students to pray.

I once attended church at a negro Baptist church in San Francisco:  There was plenty of clapping, dancing, singing but the preach was unavoidably about Moses crossing the desert with his followers.  This Moses story was very common during the slavery period.

I guess the Scientology cult had no such public facilities to exhibit their wealth and popularity.  When I think that Tom Cruise and John Travolta are still staunch high level members in the Scientology cult is pretty unsettling.




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