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Hacking a multinational financial corporation: Girl with the dragon tattoo

I read a few chapters of the “Girl with the dragon tattoo” by the late young Stieg Larsson, including the finals chapters, and I decided to review in details two chapters: One on how to hack hard drive, and two, how to embezzle from multinational financial corporations and transferring billion into your own accounts…

The heroine is Salander, a young asocial girl with photographic memories: If you watch someone flipping pages at the rate of a couple of seconds, it is not likely you stumbled on this rare specie…Salander can re-read from memory entire pages, word for word, any time, and years later…

People “suffering” from Asperger’s syndrome have this talent for seeing patterns and understanding abstract reasoning…

Salander solved all the math problems in the voluminous 1,000-page Mathematica, without attending any schooling.

Hold on, don’t despair: you can still hack computers

Obviously, Salander is a computer geek, one of the very best: Those masked Fulke Anonymous are small change compared to Salander’s talent, and she has no idea how she mastered the hacking processes…

This is how Salander managed to hack, invade, and conquer the hard drive of Wennerstrom multinational financial corporation computer.

Salander cooperates with Plague, another computer hacker living in a basement. Plague invented a cuff that connect to broadband computer cables: Every bit that the user “sees” or type is registered by the cuff, which forward the data to a server rented from a commercial communication service provider.

The cuff also function as a type of “firewall“. For example, as the user gets an email, it goes first to the cuff and you can read it before it passes through the user’s firewall.

The ingenious part is that the email is rewritten and few bytes of “source codes” are added. This process is repeated every time the user download anything to his computer, opening a new home page, pictures…several rows of source code are added. Pictures are even better, as you surf the Net for porno pictures and videos…

By the by, the user had downloaded an entire programme of 3 megabytes without realizing it, in which each bit is linked to the next bit. When the last bits are in place, the programme is integrated with the user Internet browser.  To the user, it looks as though his computer has locked up and he has to restart it.

During the restart procedure, an entire new software program is installed.  When the user starts Microsoft Explorer, he is starting an entirely different program that’s invisible on the desktop and looks and functions just like Explorer, but in reality it does several other tasks:

1. It takes control of the firewall and makes sure everything is working,

2. It scan the computer and transmits bits of information at each click of the mouse when surfing the Net,

3. By the by, you accumulate a complete “mirror image” of the hard drive on your server, meaning that the user think he is in his hard drive, but in reality you are in control of the real data saved in your server

4. You are set for Hostile Takeover of the corporation

The process generates two complete hard drives: One on the machine and one on your rented server.  The next time the user boots up his computer, it’s actually the mirror computer that’s starting.  The user is practically working on the server hard drive.

When you connect to the server, you are tapping the user’s computer in real-time.  You can “burn” the server hard drive contents into CDs if you wish for added security…

Mind you that a user encryption program becomes irrelevant once you are inside the computer and you can read the passwords every time the user types them…

The follow=up post is the direct consequence for hacking the hard drive: Embezzling billion from multinational financial corporation into your own account…




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