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Haiti: How may we live in peace? (Jan. 13, 2010)

            May Peace be among the livings. Hundreds of thousands in the capital of Haiti, Port of Prince, died and are injured under the rubbles of a major earthquake.  Haiti is the poorest State in the Americas and may be in the world. The soil is movable and the building at not erected according to modern standards. Nature and the universe have their own clock and space.  Human kind shares one kind of brain to perceive his nature and universe. Other living creatures have their brains to perceive their natures and universes. The other living creatures have equal rights to share nature with us.  Can we learn not to tamper with nature and the environment to suit our perception?  

We can control, and we should control our behaviors. Controlling our behavior is what we are permitted to achieve for a sustainable earth.Peace be among the living.




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