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Harassment of Syrian children in Egypt?

End the harassment of Syrians in Egypt

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Mahmoud is a 9 year old boy whose friends in Egypt have stopped playing with him because he is Syrian.

It’s due to a xenophobic campaign, contributed to by the media and the new government, that is being waged against Syrians in Egypt.

Syrian children are being arrested and students don’t know if they’ll be allowed into schools this year. On top of that, hundreds are being turned away at the airports.

Syrians are being made scapegoats for Egypt’s domestic troubles.
The humiliation and degradation began after the events of June 30.

New laws now demand prior obtained visas from an Egyptian embassy and security checks.

Before June 30, Syrians could easily use Egypt as a safe haven without visa restraints. Along with the new laws, Egyptian authorities have arbitrarily arrested at least 72 men and 9 children including registered asylum seekers and at least 9 people with valid visas or residency permits.

The interim government and the Egyptian authorities must immediately cease using Syrian civilians as pawns in Egypt’s internal politics. Click below to sign the petition and forward to everyone:

With hope and determination,
Bissan, Mais, Nick, Rewan and the whole Avaaz team
PS: This petition was started by an Avaaz member on our Community Petitions site. It’s quick and easy to start a petition on any issue you care about, click here:




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