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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 92

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Note 2: If you are Not tri-lingual, you will stumble on Arabic notes, written in Latin characters and with numbers representing vocals Not available in Latin languages.

Le tier de nos males ont la siphilis. Et le pourcentage des femelles qui ont une maladie sexuelle?
S’il m’aime, il doit etre capable de reperer les salopes qui me veulent du mal. Leurs regards de le mater, zyeuter et le posseder de loin. Et il me rend folle: il ne se rend pas compte que ca me fait du mal. (les femmes sont plus brutales que les hommes jaloux)
“Ce titre d’un livre sonne famillie’ ‘”. A eviter les redundants “comme quelque chose” qui n’est pas clair, ou “a mes oreilles” qui est ridicule.
This shitty “Charisma” that Lebanon militia leaders bestow on one another to retain the larger portion of the pie. Wake up sleepy brutes and desist disseminating this highway robber qualifier
For over a century during the renaissance, (1450-1550) the females Black Regents, mother, sisters, wives, concubines of European monarchs effectively ran the political schemes and alliances
Strong impression: the devilish Orientals (China/Iran) concocted the coming to power of Trump to alienate USA from International Tables and Circles. 
Les grandes passions, cerebrales et sensuelles, sont affaires de gens dument repus et desalteres
Le ridicule amour-propre que les gens civilizes melent aux choses de la passion
“It isn’t what we know that gets in our way. It is what we believe” Physicist  Harold Puthoff 
Practice makes perfect. Virgin women cannot seem to take that advice at heart

La difference entre L’Enfant desiré et L’Enfant collateral (bil ghalat): La dette d’amour sans fond: substituer le temps consacre a l’enfant par acheter ses desir d’objets de consummation, les plus neufs, les plus cheres.

Bashar of Syria liberated the extremist salafists in May and June 2011, pour faire la place aux demonstrateurs pacifists: Le systeme pensait abattre 2 oiseaux en un seul tir: il mettait plus de poids aux coloniaux que ses voisins: Turkie, Qatar et Saudi Kingdom.

Le camion doit puer l’abattoir: le cheval tombe’ resistai a y monter.

Rania avait vite eu de quoi s’ inquieter: Le pretendant etait un vertueux, pas d’alcool, pas d’avanture, un precheur venue de la campagne, intransigeant et “honnete”. La marieuse dit: “Tous les chameaux ont une bosse: j’en trouverais une”

The exigencies of living lead us to stick to most of our biases and fallacies. We tend to procrastinate acting on our well-intentioned decisions that could correct our ill-conceived methodology to run our life.

As of October 13, 2015. Terror tactics. Live bullets against stones in occupied Palestine. Is it true that more than 1,400 Palestinians have been injured last week by Israeli forces? One girl was shot dead and the Israeli planted a knife by her side to claim that she intended to stab an Israeli.

Quand le patron sait que life expectancy de ses employes  est tres reduite et vivront en souffrance, et qu’il s’habitue a l’indifference, toutes les cruautes lui seront egales

Lire Germinale de Zola etait deja tres fort. Le voir en film serait du masochism epanoui. Je prefere me coucher.

Traduire les actions par des mots? Plutot par des videos. Les mots simples et locaux sont faites pour commenter les videos.

Au debut, nous voulons nous debarrasser des moukhabarat (services secrets), une revolution de masse comme en Egypt et Tunisie

“Me Too”? To have an opportunity to get a foot in Hollywood by going along the bad entrance practices of the elite club?

Kurdish leader, Masoud Barazani est un fruit pourri qui tombe. Il a fait tout ce que USA/Israel lui on ordonner. Son role est termine’, lui et les extremists de sa tribue.

April 17, 2011 in the Palestinian camp in Lattaquie’: 200 dead from live bullets for chanting “Army and people, hand in hand”

How would you list the hardest hit States/Nations by climate calamities (Storms, earthquakes, flooding, fires) according to their economic/financial potentials to recover from devastation? 

Just a reminder: over 300 killed in Mogadishu suicide car bombing. At least 3 fold that number were injured, most of them handicapped for life. Can western media cover these calamities with more than 10 seconds?

La lucidite’ amer vaut plus qu’une mediocrite’ dans les illusions: Si on croyait que l’existence est absurde, notre reussite aurait plus de valeur.

La “zabiba” (resin seche’), un durillon sur le front des devots, de frequente prosternations. Ces grand-peres qui marrient les filles de 14 ans.

L’ exil ne suscite plus un tel sentiment intense de perte d’identite’ apres l’emergence d’ Internet. Je fis l’experience.

Medical prof. Philip Salem said: Many of our “leaders” brag of their foreign allegiance. In other States, they are dispatched to prison. Sure, tiny Lebanon was Never in a strong position, but cut out this imbecile bragging.



Fallacies, Biases, Illusions, effects, trendencies, errors… and “The Art of Thinking Clear”

By Rolf Dobelli

This book is a simple guide to “less irrational” behaviors and tendencies, as we get aware of the hundreds of biases that are ingrained in our behaviors.

I have reviewed two dozen of these 99 listed biases and added my comments.

“It isn’t what we know that gets in our way. It is what we believe” Physicist  Harold Puthoff

“We’d rather be roughly right than precisely right” Lord Keynes

“Faced with the choice between changing our mind and proving there is no need to do so, everyone gets busy on the proof” (John Kenneth Galbraith)

1. Survivorship Bias

2. Swimmer’s body illusion

3. Clustering illusion

4. Social proof effect

5. Sunk cost effect

6. Reciprocity

7. Confirmation

8. Authority

9. Contrast effect

10. Availability

11. Getting worse before getting better fallacy

12. Story bias

13. In hindsight illusion

14. Overconfidence bias

15. Chauffeur knowledge

16. Illusion of control

17. Insensitive Super-Response tendency

18. Regression to mean fallacy

19. Outcome bias

20. Paradox of choice

21. Liking bias

22. Endowment effect

23. Coincidence fallacy

24. Group think effect

25. Neglect of Probability

26. Scarcity Error

27. Base-rate neglect

28. Gambler’s fallacy

29. The Anchor

30. Induction

31. Loss aversion

32. Social loafing

33. Exponential growth

34. Winner’s curse

35. Fundamental attribution error

36 False causality

37. Halo effect

38. Alternative path

39. Forecast illusion

40. Conjunction fallacy

41. Framing

42. Action bias

43. Omission bias

44. Self-serving

45. Hedonic treadmill

46. Sel-selection bia

47. Beginner’s luck

48. Cognitive dissonance

49. Hyperbolic discounting

50. Because Justification

51. Decision fatigue

52. Contagion bias

53. Problems with averages

54. Motivation crowding

55. Twaddle tendency

56. Will Roger phenomenon

57. Information bias

58. Effort justification

59. Law of small numbers

60. Expectations

61. Simple logic fallacy

62. Forer effect

63. Volunteer’s folly

64. Affect heuristic

65 Introspection illusion

66. Inability to close doors

67. Neomania

68. Sleeper effect

69. Alternative blindness

70. Social comparison

71. Primacy and recency effects

72. “Not invented here” syndrome

73. The Black Swan

74. Domain Dependence

75. False-Consensus

76. Falsification of History bias

77. In-group, out-group biases

78. Ambiguity aversion

79. Default, standard option effects

80. Fear of regret

81. Salience effect

82. House-Money effect

83. Procrastination

84. Envy vs jealousy

85. Personification

86. Illusion of paying attention

87. Planning fallacy

88. Zeigarnik effect

89. Illusion of skills

90. Feature=positive effect

91. Cherry picking tendency

92. Single cause fallacy

93 Intention to treat errors

94. News illusion

Note 1: As you read these 100 tendencies to commit errors of judgment, try to add other systematic biases to the list

Try to add a title or a short statement that succinctly describe the topic.

Note 2: The exigencies of living lead us to stick to most of our biases and fallacies. We tend to procrastinate acting on our well-intentioned decisions that could correct our ill-conceived methodology to run our life.

Note 3:  To better comprehend these types of behavioral errors or shortcomings, the best way is to try various taxonomies (categorizing) for these biases, fallacies… that lead to errors

1. You may define these terms and delimit how they differ and sort them accordingly

2. You may sort them according to cognitive, social, evolutionary perspectives

3. Sort them according to your field of interest so that you rely on a shorter list when reviewing failed projects and erasing the biases that were taken care of.

4. Group them for correlation or seemingly contradictory behaviors







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