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August 31st of 2015: The youth in Lebanon, Not members of political parties marched against the sectarian militia ruled system

This is a short list of the “revendications” or reasons for the youth to come on mass and demonstrate. And was shortly before the waste catastrophe that crammed all our streets and bed rivers.
And another list of “do” before joining the marches “First, behave differently than the political system we are fighting”
Every militia “leader” during the civil war was awarded a “Box”, a budget Not controlled by the government for the mafia leader to distribute and amass a fortune to himself.
The Future movement of the Hariri clan was awarded the Council for Development (public project is administered by this Box. In addition to Suklin for gathering the waste in Beirut and Ogero for communication and fixed telephone…
Walid Jumblat was awarded the Refugee Box for the reconstruction of “Christian” town of the refugees, who never returned
Nabih Berry of the AMAL militia was awarded the South Box
All militia leaders shared the public electricity funds that amounted to half the national debt and we still have no electricity: we mostly rely on private providers
They all put their hands on the public shoreline for private beaches and luxury skyscrapers.
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Another list of “do” before joining the marches “First, behave differently than the political system we are fighting”

Before you join the protesters: #YouStink movement

Desist from all illegal activities

Refrain from steeling electricity and water

Stop pocketing bribes as a civil servant

Reform your behaviors as a law abiding citizens

Who want a legitimate government…

These are fine recommendations, unless the youth movement declare civil disobedience. Then citizens have:

To stop paying taxes that go to the pockets of mafia and militia leaders ruling this defunct system for over 35 years

To change your life style that is permitting this rotten system to get richer from your immoderate consumption

Slow down on driving your cars that guzzle gasoline (one third of the price goes to the State)

Do not patronize public beaches that have been privatized by the militia leaders

Do share the list of life-style changes that should make a dent on the politicians and deep pocket wealthy consciousness




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