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 Waiting for “Magic Bullets” Pills or focusing on Preventive Life-Style?

What would be your priority if you are still healthy, but fearing a “genetic disease” at the end of the rope?

1. Funding and accelerating research on preventive medicines and alternative life-styles that keep the  prospective “genetic disease” at bay, or

2. Funding pharmaceutical corporations for coming up with “Magic Bullet” pills for the disease you fear most?

The latest head lines sur­rounding the release of the National Alzheimer’s Plan, you’d lead you to con­clude that the likely solution to maintain life long brain health is simple: simply wait until 2025 for a “magic bullet” to be discovered, to cure (or end or prevent) Alzheimer’s disease and aging associ­ated with cognitive decline.

These kinds of beliefs, often reinforced by doctors and advertisers, may explain the billions spent today by pharmaceutical companies on discover ing new compounds, and by consumers on supplements like ginkgo biloba.

The failures to produce bet­ter drugs and conflicts of interest are making many people ask “what is wrong with this picture”?

Alvaro Fernandez, named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, co-authored  The Sharp Brains Guide to Best Fitness: 18 Inter views with Scientists, Practical Advice, and Product Reviews, to Keep Your Brain Sharp.

 posted “From Anti-Alzheimer’s “Magic Bullets” to True Brain Health“:

“We need a new culture of life long brain health to empower that 80% of the 38,000 adults over 50 who were surveyed in the 2010 AARP Member Opinion Survey. The report  indicated “Staying Mentally Sharp” as their top ranked interest and con­cern, not to mention youth, workers and elders facing cognitive and emotional challenges.

What’s the problem?

The “magic bullet” approach does Not reflect existing clinical evidence.  And it does Not account for the emerging neuroscientific thinking. And it does Not address the life long needs and demands of our citizens.

That’s why we need to shake the Etch-A-Sketch and create a new image of the future.

First, we need to draw our true objective: “is it to promote mental vitality and collec­tive wisdom or to declare war on Alzheimer’s plaques and tangles?

Those are two radically different objectives, leading to very different priorities.

For example, let’s imagine the implications of being able to maximize cognitive per­formance and to delay cognitive decline.

Second, let’s build on what we know today.

We know that 30% or more of the population with plaques and tangles do not manifest significant cognitive decline. This is a fact –often explained via the “Cognitive Reserve” theory. It is also a fact (ignored in the report’s presentation and related media coverage) that the most exhaustive systematic evidence review, performed in 2010 under the auspices of NIH, found that non pharmacological factors (such as physical exercise, cognitive engagement, cognitive training, and Mediterranean diet) seemed to protect better against cognitive decline.

“Magic pill” interventions such as (drugs, supplements such as vitamins and gingko biloba) had no such effect.

Third, let’s select the right frame-work and toolkit.

While biomedical research is indeed part of the solution, public health/education initiatives and technology innovation are equally important. 

The 2011 Sharp Brains Vir­tual Summit, which brought together more than 260 research, technology and industry innovators in 17 countries, high lighted the need to devote sufficient attention and resources to preventive brain health strategies across the entire life span, and the need to bring to market a new generation of reliable and inex­pensive assessment and monitoring strategies of cognitive and emotional health.

There is a need to target and deliver those preventive strategies in efficient ways. Innovative public education initiatives, such as Experience Corps and The Intergenerational School, may lead to better cognitive and health outcomes over the long-haul.

It simply makes no sense to put all our eggs in the biomedical basket. Each of this column’s co-authors is producing a different conference in June: Dr. White house and colleagues on “Healthy Environments Across Generations” (June 7–8, NYC) and Mr. Fernandez on “Optimizing Health via Neuro-plastic­ity, Innovation and Data” (June 7-14th, fully online).

There are a number of exciting and complementary approaches to “Staying Mentally Sharp” such as physical exercise, mindfulness meditation, bio-feedback, cognitive therapy and training, volunteering…

How can consumers make informed and relevant deci­sions today?

And how can they use these reenergized healthy brains to solve challenges like global climate change and economic stagnation?

More research is better than less, and we hope that the new funded trials will result in useful drugs. But neither policy-makers nor citizens should wait until then to foster and make lifestyle decisions than can maximize cognitive performance across the lifespan.

JFK challenged us not only to go to the moon, but to take proactive care of our physical fitness.

Perhaps the time has come for a serious open national conversation on true brain health and how the newly announced Alzheimer’s strategic plan must include healthier and brainer thinking than a war on Alzheimer’s plaques and tangles.

– Dr. Peter Whitehouse is a Professor of Neurology at Case Western Reserve University and co-author of The Myth of Alzheimer: what you aren’t being told about today’s most dreaded diagnosis.

Alvaro Fernandez, recently named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, is the co-author of The Sharp Brains Guide to Best Fit ness: 18 Inter views with Scientists, Practical Advice, and Product Reviews, to Keep Your Brain Sharp, an AARP Best Book, and producer of the 2012 Sharp Brains Virtual Summit: Optimizing Health through Neuro plasticity, Innovation and Data (June 7-14th, 2012).

Plundering of the Amazon Forest revisited
Over the last decade, Brazil has vastly reduced deforestation rates, achieving a 78% decline between 2004 and 2011. The reason? A world-acclaimed forestry law, strong enforcement and satellite monitoring.
Domestic pressure is mounting, but a massive global outcry will prove Brasil President Dilma international reputation is at stake.

Sign the petition

The Brazilian Congress has just passed a catastrophic forestry bill that gives loggers and farmers free rein to cut down huge swaths of the Amazon.

And only President Dilma Rousseff can veto it and stop it.

The Amazon is vital to life on earth: 20% of our oxygen comes from this magnificent rainforest, and it plays a key role in mitigating global climate change.

The timing is on the domestic pressure side: in weeks Dilma will host the world’s biggest environmental summit and insiders say she cannot afford to open it as the leader who approved the destruction of the rainforest.

Dilma is facing mounting domestic pressure, with 80% of Brazilians rejecting this new bill. We can turn up the global heat and push Dilma to axe the bill, not the rainforest.

Dilma could make her decision any day. And the Amazon chainsaw massacre should end, Now.

This dangerous new bill would open up an area the size of France and Britain combined to clear-cutting and gives loggers amnesty for all past deforestation crimes.

This would spark total forest devastation in Brazil, AND it would also set a bad precedent for other countries. That’s why it’s so crucial that we all protect it.

Brazil is a rapidly developing country, battling to lift tens of millions out of poverty.

Despite evidence that growth does not require deforestation, Dilma is under pressure from the powerful agriculture lobby that helped her get elected to cut down rainforest for profit.

And it is an ugly battle: activists are being murdered, intimidated and silenced.

Ex-Environmental Ministers and people across Brazil have sent a clear message to Dilma that they want to save the Amazon.

The fate of Brazil’s rainforests is dangling by a thread. With President Dilma so vulnerable to public pressure right now, we can bring the global force of people power to get a win for our planet!

With hope and determination, you may read my warning post

Note: Luis, Pedro, Maria Paz, Alice, Ricken, Carol, Lisa, Rewan and the entire Avaaz team have contributed to this call for action:

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Genes are transformed by Nurturing: Genes functioning as Default program

New experiments conducted since 2000 are overturning the old paradigm that says: “Nature/Genes are the main factors in a person’s characteristics for succeeding and prospering in life…Such as a person natural capacities (physical and mental), dispositions, evolutionary heritage…”

In the old paradigm, culture, nurture, experiences (personal history) were relegated to far lower status, and most psychology experiments neglected to include nurturing as a factor for the effects on a person characteristics…

The old paradigm says: “Innate faculties are the foundations for the evolution of any specie…”. This old paradigm follows the rationalist thinkers as Descartes and Leibniz…

Even the linguist Noam Chomsky took side with this theory by stating that language acquisition by toddlers is innate. Why? Because toddlers are unable to formulate the rules of language syntax to follow, and yet they learn to talk perfectly correct…Consequently, since there are scarcity of “stimuli” to induce the process of empirical practice of language…toddlers must be learning according to their innate faculties…

There are flaws in that logic and I will expand more later on.

The breakthrough came about a decade ago, as experiments demonstrated that genes function differently in various environments. The technology of brain imagery was an efficient tool in these experiments. For an example of such experiments:

The experimental group of rats that received maternal care and nurturing developed zones in the brain that grew faster and with more complex connections than the control group of rats. The experimental rats were secreting far less of the “stress hormone” such as cortisol.

Mind you that I am not attaching any connotation to the term Nurturing, even though people think it has a positive or good connotation.

Epigenetic study the influences of the environment on the expression of genes. The genes in the DNA dictate the synthesis of proteins that cells depend on. The way a gene is read, it can be modified by the environment. For example, chemical compounds modification may change how a gene responds without altering the DNA chain. Chemical modifications in a gene can be inherited (transmitted to offspring)

Jesse Prinz, professor of philosophy at New York City Univ., published a guide on the current state of research on nature versus nurture titled “Beyond Human Nature: How culture and experience shape our lives”. Prinz wrote: “A very few proportion of published articles in psychology magazines have considered culture as a factor in their studies…”

For example, even our vision of colors has evolved, and only sustained practice in tasks can change our genes functionality at a higher level of performance…

The group of scientists adopting the new paradigm says: “The capacity to practice on tasks requiring multiple functions (running, playing baseball…) in different environments is the guiding factor for the development and evolution of any specie…”

The new paradigm has the empiricist (experimental) thinkers such as Locke as mentor who claimed that experience (practice) is sufficient enough to endow us with the required capacities…

Prinz put forth the concept that it is the way our brain grossly “statistically” processes data and sensorial inputs that enhance acquisition of language. The more frequent in short time the events occur, the more “weight” are attached to the connections among the relationship of the events. The innate argument is the “black box” that scientists use to throw in whatever they failed to conduct in experiments…

Toddlers imitate and mostly extrapolate from data and inputs: They are constantly testing, evaluating, and comparing what structures come their way. The cluster of sensorial stimulus that exhibit trends of regularity and consistency are retained in the memory as good for saving, emulating, and forming the world model…

A toddler abandoned in nature, away from any human community with a verbal language, will imitate the voices of the animals around and manage to communicate with them…I conjecture that the toddler might acquire altered sensory capabilities than common people…

A toddler switched to a community not speaking the language of his original community, will speak the language of his adoptive community…

It is the social status-quo that gives the illusion of “innate” differences for justifying a political system…

We are born with a default genes program (what was acquired by successive generations of change and evolution) that is ready to compose with whatever environment is sent our way, and we have to struggle to either adapt, change our world model, or perish…

Actually, Prinz wrote: “Answers to questionnaires on mankind sexual behaviors and preferences are not to be taken seriously: We tend not to say the truth, even if we knew it. Those who would like to comprehend mankind sexual preferences ought to read history books, instead of watching the gorillas. Biology helps explain why we are more inclined to flirt with another person rather than a potato…But this is the beginning of history…”

All communities of living species , including mankind, had to relocate due to climatic changes and mankind furious interventions. Relocating to a different environment prime the default genes program to taking over our survival mechanism.  If the environment is not suitable to the default program, the community had to alter its “nurturing protocol” (daily life-style, culture, ceremonies, moral values, social/political system. community organization, institutions…), mostly by trial and error method, and reform to a nurturing program that works…

Every community reached a fork in its evolution, many forks at different periods, in order to consider which nurturing protocol to reform. Each time, the community has to make a choice : reform and adapt, or hit the wall.

As a community goes smack into the wall, the energy and imagination needed to backtrack and try another alternative are too high to grapple with, and the usual “let go and wait. Good things come to those who wait…” Eventually, the community disappear…the verbal language, the written language, the myths, the customs and traditions…they all disappear, and nothing is left to recall what this community did and believed in.

At many forks in the evolution of a community, a few “illuminated” persons (leaders, prophets, village fool…) ring the bell and sound the alarm for change…If the Timing is appropriate, the “illuminated” group succeed in undertaking the required reforms to survive…

Generally, the Timing or the Fool are not at the meeting, and the community resumes its life-style according to the default genes program.

It means, either the community believed that “Nurturing is not that relevant in the upbringing of kids so that the kids grow free on their own, as they feel like living…” or the community believed that the current and ancient customs and traditions are immutable and should not be interpreted and revised according to changing realities…

A couple of years ago, I have watched a documentary on twins relocated separately to different environments.  The cases are biased and confounded:

1. I don’t recall twins “nurtured” in very extreme different environments, like in a well-to-do and in a very poor, disfavored and crime-plagued neighborhood. The locations were in developed States and the general cultural climates were pretty much homogeneous to impact the general genes default program…

2. The twins were not assigned to countries with different languages and customs, such as western, oriental, Asian, Islamic environmental culture

Fundamentally, the history of a specie evolution is a series of transformation of the nurturing protocol (daily life-style, culture, ceremonies, moral values, social/political system. community organization, institutions…)

The last chapter of my autobiography tried to connect the nurture and the nature factors in my upbringing and development at critical period of my life. This could be an interesting personal case study to revisit as my comprehension of the topic evolves.

Note 1: For more references on experiments and research on Epigenetics:; and

Note 2: Post inspired from the piece of Simon Blackburn in the French weekly Corrier International # 1122. Simon Blackburn  is professor of philosophy at the Cambridge Univ. and published “Praise of sexual desire, 2009″

Proper fasting is a cure-it-all medicine: No food, plain water. What’s your protocol?

For over 60 years, medical research have been conducted on fasting in Russia, Germany, and lately in the USA (California). No pharmaceutical corporations and food industry ever contributed a dime on the benefits of proper fasting. Is this of any surprise to anyone?

The results are in:

First, experiments on mice with cancers revealed that the mice that fasted two days before being injected with heavy dose of chemo lived and were found very active, while 40% of non-fasting mice died. Why?

The genes of normal cells in the fasting body manage to regulate their behavior with the new state of shock of the body, while the abnormal cells tend to die. The chemo achieve the remaining abnormal cells that have barely survived…

Second, after a proper fasting period, most bodily and mental anomalies return to normal functional states and the organs recapture their normal regulatory functions in secreting the appropriate hormones. 

Arterial tensions, sugar blood level, tetraglycerine…return to normal levels. Many diseases (pulmonary and others…) were cured during fasting by permitting the cells to dissipate the chemicals, medicines, and unwanted hormones that they were bloated with. How?

In the first day of fasting, all the glucose are depleted. Glucose (sugar) is the readily source of energy that is quickly transformed and absorbed: The brain needs glucose to function.

In the third day of fasting, 94% of the energy are generated from the decomposition of the body fat and 4% only from the proteins in the muscles.

Thus, a person weighting 70 kilo might have 15 kilo of fat, a source that can sustain 40 days of fasting while the muscles are practically intact. The male penguin sits on the egg for 4 months (real fasting period) before he has to go to sea to feed on fish: By this time, the female is back to resume the hatching period…

This process is common to all animals and mankind: First glucose is consumed, then the fat, and lastly the protein…

The toughest day is the third in the fast: The person feels joint aches, headache, nausea, feeling under the weather, and craving all kinds of food that he loves…

By the fifth day, a state of euphoria and well-being submerges the fasting individual, and life is light and the tasks are very manageable…

What’s your protocol for fasting?

My protocol is to go easy and at stages.

Stage 1: You fast two days in the first week.

Stage 2: You fast 4 days a week later. Just to experiment with the aches and pains of the 3rd days and realize that you survived and doing much better.

Stage 3: You fast 5 days a week later so that you experience the state of “feeling good” and discovering how you fared on the 3rd day.

Mind you, that during all these fasting stages you are actually losing fat and your internal organs (liver, kidneys,…) are re-learning to regulate their tasks and secreting the proper amount of hormones as they were supposed to be doing normally.

Stage 4: You fast 6 days, once every month, for 3 successive months and check how this cure is benefiting your body and mind.

Where to undergo fasting cure?

I cannot see how fasting can be done at home: The family members will be unable to survive without cooking and you smelling the good food, or not eating and drinking (things other than water) in front of you…

Mind you that you are fasting 24 hours per day from all kinds of food and you are drinking only plain water…

The problem is: Which fasting clinic will allow you to perform your own fasting protocol?

My daydream project is opening a fasting clinic with the motto: “Fast your own protocol

The client will check in the clinic and will submit to two days of learning everything on fasting, the research papers, the statistics, its consequences, the processes, the benefits, the side effects…and thorough physical tests.  The client will end up devising his own protocol for the staff in the clinic to supervise…

The fasting clinic will refrain from imposing any physical exercises or activities that the client is not hot of pursuing…

It is normal that the client be proposed a varieties of activities to undertake so that he is kept busy and to sleep like a baby after a long day of diversified tasks (physical and mental).

Fasting can become easy when experimented on stages.

Fasting longer than a week might require very specialized medical teams to supervise and follow up…I guess.

Cancer cells are Naturally reversible? Even at an advanced stage?

All cancer experts know, without a shadow of a doubt, that even in advanced stages, a miracle can happen, and cancer cells of all kinds (leukemia, melanoma, breast, colon, lung, prostate, skin cancers…) may regress to normal cells.

A team of researchers at Cachan, led by Adam Telerman and Robert Amson, has succeeded, in vitro, on cancerous cultures to be “reprogrammed”. Cancerous cells still dispose of “survival mechanism” genes to revert to normal, before they die, and us along…

This stand to reason: If protein P53 attacks cancerous cells, and protein TCTP tries its best to “reprogram” the cancerous cell to normalcy, then a very “rational” duel for survival is engaged among the cells, irrespective of the end result for the dying client…It is who will win: the “rogue States” or the US acclaimed “good and satisfactory” States…

The team of researchers point of view is: “We are looking at how a tumor may quit being lethal, and not focus on how a normal cell takes the wrong turn...”

In this duel, the oncogenes (the accelerator of cancerous mutations) and the “suppressor genes” trying to break-up the mutation havoc and wild craziness are battling for their survival existential nature.

There are myths related to cancer:

Myth #1: “What you eat is the cancer that you get”.  Wrong.  A third of cancer types are related to diets and the other two-thirds have other main factors.  A cancer lingers for 15 years and it is not by following a late specific diet that cancer will be prevented.  There are 25,000 bio-components in food and investigating the effects of each component and the interactions of these components is not an easy scientific matter.

Myth #2: “Eating fruits and vegetables will block or retard cancer development”.  Wrong.  Or the other dictum: “Eat five kinds of fruits and vegetables per day to preserving your health.” Wrong. Fact is fruits and vegetables are plagued with pesticides (proven to be carcinogenic), and simple washing will not do to remove the pesticides.  Over 70% of pesticides that enter our digestive system come from vegetable products.

(We are going through a period where soil is impoverished and needs constant and abundant chemical fertilizers; the produce have to be treated with pesticides in order to reach maturity).  Unless you are confident that your provider is entirely bio and that you can afford the higher prices, then do not bet on any effective diet.

Myth #3: “Wine is carcinogenic from the first glass you drink.”  Wrong.  Khayat suggest for men to drink three glasses of wine per day (preferably red wine) and women two glasses (a maximum of 30 grams of ethanol):  wine has high levels of “resveratol” which is an antioxidant and thus, offers anti-cancer virtue.  The less alcoholic and the less in sugar content the better the wine is for the health.

(I don’t know; maybe wine is given special status among all other alcoholic beverages because studies on wine benefits are done by French, Italian, and Spanish biased researchers.  Cheap wine in those countries might simply be cheaper than bottled water.  I want to know the effects of cheap beer, cheap vodka, and cheap gin: Just to be fair with consumers in most countries).

Myth #4: “Eat lots of fish.”  Wrong.  Fat and large fish, those that feed on other fish, have high levels of heavy metals (far higher than industrial mines!) such as dioxin, arsenic, polychlorobiphenol, methylmercury, cadmium and lead…) that are proven to be carcinogenic. Anyway, omega 3 was not proven to be that beneficial to health.

Physician Khayat offers many recommendations:

First, eat meat with moderation and make sure meat does not come in direct contact with fire:  When temperature reaches over 240 (C degrees) then aromatic amino polycyclic are produced and they are proven to be highly carcinogenic.

There are no link between red meat and colon cancer.  It appears that Asiatic women using the “wok” (cooking utensil) have higher levels of lung cancer compared to other women and this is due to using the wok for cooking meat.

(I would like to believe that studies on the wok effects have controlled most of the variables that produce cancers.  All that I can say when I read these kinds of “scientific studies” is that “Wok has to be studied more seriously”)

Second, Vitamin E, iron, and beta-carotene should go out of the window. These vitamins are time bombs.  People who regurgitated lots of vitamin E had more cases of colon cancers than normal people.  Beta-carotene (found in carrots) increase lung cancers among smokers.

Third, men suffer more prostate cancers than other kinds of cancers.  Thus, men over 50 should eat plenty of tomatoes, drastically reduce milk and milk based consumption,  and eliminate fatty products that fabricate male hormones susceptible to stimulating cancerous cells in the prostate.

Fourth, females have tendencies for higher cases of breast and uterus cancers after menopause.  Thus, women have to eat plenty of green and white kinds of vegetables that are rich in phyto-oestrogenes. They have to eat fruits and vegetables rich in fibers (ale, banana, onion, asparagus, whole grain breads, …): these products accelerate the transit and reduce the time of contact between intestinal mucus and product potentially carcinogenic.  Women should drink non-fatty milk for its calcium.

Can we deduce that basically, what is harmful for men is good for women? 

(Here I get nervous and pretty suspicious: what, if I like milk and milk products then, should I be angry and upset for being created with prostate?)

Fifth, eat in the morning yellow and orange kinds of fruits and vegetables( such as orange, mandarin, mango, grapefruit (pampelmouse)…): their high antioxidant properties repair a night fasting.  Eat at anytime and during the entire day all kinds of red and white fruits and vegetables (such as tomatoes, red cabbage, ale, onion, and soja): reasons not explained.

At night, eat green (broccoli, cabbage…): green color is the product of photosynthesis linked to solar activities and thus, night-time equilibrate these effects.

Avoid red-violet and blue products at night.  (Here I get suspicious when colors are involved; for example, if there are outside effects then how these effects resume when eaten inside our system?)

Six, eat plenty of Curcuma, green tea (the Japanese kind), ale, onion, quercetine, selenium, and tomatoes.

I love to eat everything and in moderation.  Since I cannot afford meat, I am doubly lucky.  I suggest that psychological stability far outweigh food dieting for those categorical in their diet systems

Note: This post was inspired by an article in the French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur and the book by physician Khayat.

Recklessly abused your ears: And suffering from “Acouphenes”?

What they share? Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend (the Who guitarist), Barbara Streisand…all suffer greatly from hearing noises, an irreversible hearing ailment called “Acouphenes” in French.

All these musicians and singers attended countless extremely loud concerts, as loud as jet taking-off at 130 dB, and they spent at least 10,000 hours in practice sessions wearing directly loud earphone-kinds over their ears, and ruined their ear physiology…

At least, these famous musicians made plenty of money in returns for “hearing noises”, but why most youth are engaged in ruining their hearing, listening to loud music, full volume, via their MP3-type earphones, for hours on?

Acouphenes has becoming an epidemic in the last 3 decades, and increasing exponentially. A patient started hearing voices after a visit to his dentist. The metal mixture of his tooth filling played the role of radio antenna

Maybe there are other  “antenna culprit” in a few of these noise hearing cases that physicians never had taken seriously or occurred to their one-dimensional minds, but hearing noises is a debilitating phenomena that drive people mad, and eventually to committing suicide…

Any cures for hearing noises?

If your acouphenes syndrome is recent, there is a new treatment.  Acouphenes is the symptom of permanently hearing background noises or repeated beats that may drive patients crazy.  The majority of patients hear high frequency noises that become intolerable.

Getting old is one major factor, or a sudden loud bang, or recently the constant listening to the MP3 type gadgets.  It is known that high dozes of aspirin induce temporary symptoms of acouphene:  It is due to the active component salicylic.

The new treatment for recent patients is a first breakthrough in reducing or eliminating background noises for three weeks. A micro-pump is being readied to allow the patient at home to inject the solution when noises reappears.  The solution of gacyclidine is administered to the proximity of the “round window” in the inner ear; then the solution leaks in to the junction of the cochlea and then to the auditory nerve.

A catheter pierces the tympani membrane and then reaches to the “round window”.  A few surgeons actually pierced the “round window” with very thin needles.

Gacyclidine is generally used on patients suffering cerebral trauma; this substance has neuro-protective properties that blocks nerve dysfunctions.

For “ancient” acouphenes patients, electro-magnetic treatments are being tested to stimulate the auditory brain through a process of “re-organization”.  The patient listens to recorded specific sounds for about 6 months.

Refrain from loud close ear direct listening of music, and give your ears frequent breaks.  You don’t need to be listening to music all the time; remedy this music addiction behavior to ward off crazy noises.

Note: For further description of the symptoms and the other treatments link to my previous post Hearing Voices

Simply dying of old age in ROSETO (Pennsylvania): Health is rooted in community life-style?

In the 1950’s, as the US citizens were dying like flies from heart attacks, blood pressure…and cancer way before reaching 50 of age, a rumor spread in the medical community that people in the town of Roseto(Pennsylvania) were simply dying of old age, and even males didn’t suffer any major heart problems before the age of 65.

A team of physicians from Oklahoma decided to investigate this health mystery: They converged for two summers and in extended holidays to Roseto, and set their headquarter in the municipal main room, along with all their medical testing equipments…

The first factor that comes to mind is: “Hum…Most probably it is the diet custom of this “healthy” community? Maybe this unorthodox community is still attached to the diet of their original town of Roseto in Italy?”  This Italian community of 1,200 inhabitants, with many industries, have immigrated less than a century ago, with successive waves, joining their relatives in the town of Bangor (Pennsylvania) where they exploited and worked in the nearby quarry, as they did in Italy. 

After a thorough blood and other physical tests and inquiry of most of the community members, the team of doctors discovered that the people had reverted to the “normal” US diet habits.  Actually, their energy was mostly generated from the over 40% in fat in their metabolic system.  Worse, they smoked and drank as the good normal Americans!

The next question was: “Hum…may be it is in the gene…let us go to Italy and bring samples…”  The medical team from Oklahoma visited a few other Italian communities in the USA, originating from Roseto (Italy).  Surprise.  The other Italian communities death trends were as bad as the average US communities.

The third factor to investigate was: “Hum…maybe it is the environment around Roseto that aiding this community into exacerbating longevity trend…?”  The medical team investigated the neighboring communities around Roseto, like Bangor and the vicinities.  Total failure. The surrounding communities were dying like flies before the age of 55.

The medical team had to fall back and study the community life-style.  This community had 22 public organizations, they spent an enormous amount of time chatting with community members they met on the streets, they contributed in gardening the neighborhood lots, in engaging into community cooking, and throwing plenty of celebration occasions to getting together.

Worse, the well-to-do families were prohibited to flaunt their wealth status, and they had to contribute more to the community facilities and standard of living.  There was no joblessness, and available work were found for the so many able bodies…

Health must be rooted in community life-style, aiding one another, establishing community facilities, and keeping anxiety, depression, and the concept of “you are on your own” at bay…

Yes, it takes a community to caring for children, for the aged, for the handicapped, for the needy…

Note:  Post inspired by a chapter in “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell

Own your Day, your Health, and your Safety: No one will substitute to your pain

Do you think the health of Bipeds Humanoid is that different from the animal kingdom?

A couple of centuries ago, mankind was already in a trend of extinction, until medical discovery, better health care, hygiene, and infant mortality was reduced qualitatively. Vaccination and pregnancy care managed to increase mankind to 7 billion, doubling every 30 years…

I am not talking of these “one in a thousand” of the 7 billion human living on earth. These exceptions to the rule live a lifestyle where there are no appreciable distinctions between day and night, winter or summer season, circadian cycles…The only common factor they share with the common mortals is the inevitable death, when death comes

It is not that the “one in a thousand” species or “elite classes” in every State consider that “slaves” are necessary for the maintenance of social structures and are fundamental for any sustained economy and development of political systems.

It is not that the “one in a thousand” species doesn’t comprehend that “slavery is the worst indignity that mankind can suffer” (Simon Bolivar), but even worst, they want to impose on the common mankind their own rules that say: “there are no difference between day and night, winter or summer…and that the slaves have to deal with all the weather inconvenience, circadian cycle imbalances in energy, nutritional quality, clothing quality…The slaves have to deal with life hardships and keep at the beck and command of the elite classes dictate”.

Obviously, the elite class needs a mediator class: It wouldn’t touch the poor with a long pole; it refuses to be subjected to any temptation of close encounter with the “lower classes“…Any close bodily interaction might result in serious reflection, and the Temple might crumble…

In winter, most animal sleep far more than in warmer seasons: The common mortal has to wake up at the same hour, work the same number of work-day, perform as during warmer seasons…rain or shine, blizzard, tornadoes, hurricanes, frozen roads…The common mortal is commanded to deal with weather conditions any which way…The factories must function as usual, production must be sustained…

In summer time, most animals suffer from the heat: They seek shelter to cool off, and they sleep during the peek of hot hours…The common mortal must deal with crazy suffocating conditions, any which way, and is refused a napping period…Most animals have figured out the best moments to sleep and feed…The common mortal must sleep and eat at any time the boss commands him to.

Sure, mankind is not to just emulate the animal kingdom behaviors, but he has to demonstrate that he is not far more stupid than animal behavior.  Man has got to learn to obey what his body requires for the long haul.

As kids,  mankind sleeps a lot.  As they grow up they don’t feel like taking naps, but they feel sleepy by late evening, and do sleep anywhere they are… As they reached 50 years, their bodies need to nap after heavy meals, they need more sleeping hours in cold seasons, they need more time for the body to recover and stabilize and reach a sort of equilibrium for set performances…

When I was a kid, I don’t recall anything of eating, sleeping, or pissing, cold or hot weather…The body recovered quickly.  Now I need to wake up when the air has warmed up (around 9 am), I need a nap that might extend to 2 hours, I need to exercise lightly and stretch all my joints for at least 30 minutes before I attempt any activities… My body has set a different standard that I should be aware of, follow…lest I get sick, catch cold, have stomach ache, …

When I was a kid, I don’t recall sitting for a bowel movement…Let me be frank, currently If I have a satisfying bowel movement in the morning, I feel that I own the day. Nothing can touch me for the day, and I feel confident that I will not feel sick for the day…If I wait for the evening for a creamy and easy movement, it is difficult for me to go to sleep: I feel that I can go on for most of the night…If I fail to consciously try a bowel movement during one day, I am in deep trouble.

The power of the “will” means to train your brain to remember that the body can come to the rescue when feeling sleepy, apathetic, anxious… All that you may have to do is react, stand up, hop around, have a good stroll, dance, sing, shout, and just let the body get busy.

Do your best to Own your Day and your Health.  Forget the abstract notions for a moment: Your health is first, and you remember that fact when sick.  You realize that no one can substitute for your sick body and mind: Your health is your responsibility.

Fail to own your health and body, and get crippled by the age of 50.  Who care to live to be 80 if all these extended years are just succession of pains, suffering, medication, hard of hearing, almost blind, unable to walk, to read, to listen to music, to connect with the community…?

Do your best to Own your Day, your Health, and your Safety: You should be in command if you train your mind and body to obey basic common sense feedback

Daydream project: Restructuring medical  profession and health care providers systems

My daydreaming started by recollecting that nurses are the ones who took care of me, smiled to me, and had compassion to my predicament after each surgery: Surgeons spent less than a minute after their job was done, if they ever found it necessary or had time to visit their patients.  The entire health care system is fundamentally run by nurses, carried on the shoulders of nurses…Philippina nurses in the US (at least a decade ago).

Eduardo Galeano wrote this story: “It is 1984, in the prison of Lurigancho at Lima (Chili).  Luis Nino is inspecting the prison for the count of a human rights organization.  Luis is crossing sick prisoners, vomiting blood, agonizing, open wounds, with fever…Luis meets the chief medical staff and ask why the physicians are not making any routine health rounds…The physician replies: “We, physicians, intervene at the calls of nurses…”  And where are the nurses? The chief retorts: “The budget for the prison didn’t allocate funds for nurses…”

I got into thinking: “If I ever come into big money, or get in a position of power, I will take care of the nurses, better their standard of living, extending material values and dignity to their hard work, get engaged with Occupy Health Care protests…I will rent buildings close to hospitals and rent rooms very affordably to nurses, and let the nurses run the building…and installing a modern facility in the building for continuing education and providing vans and affordable transport system for the nurses who can barely make ends meet…”

My ideas went wild and I got into thinking: “The entire medical system and health care providers need restructuring in order for nurses to receiving their fair share in the gratitude of patients and return on the huge profit and…”

I saved the post as a draft, with the intention to publish as my daydreaming project is complete, and then I said: “This project is hardly ever going to be complete. Publish whatever you have and let readers be inspired and finish it for you…”

The project is not meant to abolish current health institutions, medical schools and health services, but to establish an alternative system, funded by States until the new alternative institutions start generating followers and fund-raisers and…

The idea is that students in all medical fields (nurse, dietetics, massage provider, biologist, veterinarian, dentist, Red Cross volunteer, hospital administration, hospital manager, pharmacist, psychologist, psychiatrist, medical students, Ergonomics designers, medical equipment designers and operators…) share nursing practices in the first couple of years, get paid from year one, and are of practical service to the communities, particularly in rural areas, poorer districts, and in time of catastrophic events.

The University program and curriculum are reviewed so that practical initiations with patients and health institutions are offered in tandem with theoretical and general knowledge are focused on.

All students enrolled in one of the medical fields mentioned above have to learn and work as nurses for the first two years, and earn their living.

Year One:  Medical students, in all fields mentioned above, work in hospital and learn to deliver first aides services (like Red Cross volunteer courses), communicate with patients, get initiated with hospital administration and procedures…

Practical initiation: trauma cases, drug cases, vaccination procedures, types of contagious diseases, curable diseases

Formal courses: Physiology, musculo-skeletal disorders, introduction to Human Factors issues, heath and safety in hospital and workplaces, experimental design, statistical analysis…

Year Two: Medical students learn to be exposed to surgery room practices and procedures, anesthesiology room, pharmacy section, and hospital administration…

Practical initiation: blood testing procedures, urine testing procedures, tropical diseases diagnostics, injection, administering medication,

Formal courses in Anatomy, designing surveys and collecting data, analysing and interpreting peer-reviewed scientific research and sorting out valid experiments, introduction to pharmacology,…

Year Three: Students targeting fields in (medical equipment design and operation, hospital management and administration, dietetics, massage provider, biologist, and psychology) part from the other students into specialized universities and sections.

The remaining students get skills in small skin surgery, dialysis procedures, intensive care units, hard to cure diseases…Formal course in neurology, in-depth reading of peer-review scientific research articles, designing and performing controlled experiments,…

In year four, the students in the medical fields part ways.  Except for the general physician practitioners, dentists, pharmacists, psychoanalysts, the other students should be ready to graduate in their preferred subject of interest.  At worse, a couple of courses might be needed to achieve their requirements.

Rationales for this alternative system:

1. The “psychological” divide between physicians and nurses is “physically and mentally” reduced

2. Physicians will be readier to empathize with patients

3. Physicians will be initiated with the “physical understanding” of the job of nurses, and will feel readier to support nurses demands and syndicates for continuing education and resume the study to becoming full-fledged physicians…

4. Communities will enjoy a much larger pool of health providers in the events of catastrophes, war, economic downturn…

5. Earning a living from year one and feeling confident as a valued citizen

6. Efficient interactions and interrelations among health institutions

7. Nurses playing vaster roles as communicators and transmitters link among patients and specialized physicians, particularly for remote patients, neglected patients in residences, uncovered patients with any health insurance…

8.  How about you forward me with all your rationales, suggestions, and developed comments?

Note: It is becoming evident that modern schooling system is principally a big detention center for the youth in order to keeping them “away from the streets”.  Kids do not need 13 years of formal schooling before going to universities or learning practical skills and talents to earning a living by the age of 15. It is not knowledge that they are learning, but regurgitation of consensus information.

Reflective learning and self-learning are not appreciated on the ground that kids are not “ready to discuss, ponder and ask the right questions…”  Kids have to earn a living from skilled maintenance professions before considering higher education in fields of their interests…

In general, in almost every society, you have about 15% of the population deemed unnecessary for producing and contributing to the development of the” system”: They are confined in ghetto quarters to fend for their survival and are basically the ones incarcerated in order to show “statistically” that the police force is doing its job…

Reverting to “Paleolithic” diet or cuisine: When mankind was hunter-gatherer?

Apparently, there is a wave in the USA that is reaching Europe, especially in Berlin, with people reverting to menu of “savages” for their diet.

The cuisine is constituted of meat, all kinds of fishes, fruits, vegetables, eggs, grains, and plants produced biologically (not transformed by any shape or form…).  Consequently out of the menu are: milk and milk products, cereals, sugar, maple syrup

For desert, you may think of spiced tarts without sugar or gluten and plenty of fruits…

These people have gone far in their life-style to emulating the savages by walking and running bare-feet, carrying stones

Many of them give blood frequently, on the assumption that savage mankind used to bleed a lot from his arduous daily survival methods of hunting and gathering…I am not sure if they reached the phase of clubbing their wives and dragging them by the hair…

One restaurant owner in Berlin named his eatery “Savage” and you read at the entrance “True culinary revolution: Paleolithic cuisine“.

Tables are lighted with candles, and I guess the “plates” are either made of wood or stone.  As for utensils, I let your imagination run wild…

Cooking using wood in open air should be the rule and no microwave oven should be contemplated, but these are the exception to the rules in this modern society, especially in urban setting…

Wine and beer are served for those clients having no intention of following the restaurant life-style.

The restaurant owner Boris Leite-Poco claims that he no longer need medicines for his previous numerous ailments…Totally cured from modern illnesses…Increased energy, muscle mass addition, clear color, and active libido…are direct results.

I have a few questions:

First, what if the main staple in paleolithic age was human flesh and blood? It was easier to kill fresh babies to survive in the harsh winter season in those humid caves and no fruits or vegetables around to change the diet?

Second, fast-food cuisine would be ideal if McDonald refrains from adding hundreds of chemicals in their ingredients, and cooking using fat-kind things…

What if potatoes were cultivated in certain region before the European discovered the New World?  What of sweat potatoes, “semoule”, manioc, and ingredients used in Africa in order to survive adulthood?

Third, what of all these Vegan people abhorring meat, fish, onion, ale, cereals, wheat, peas, beans, sugar…? Of what prehistoric age are they referring to?

Fourth, it is known that people discovered beer many thousand of years before they learned to cook bread…Shouldn’t beer be substituted to wine in these prehistoric Cave-restaurants?

Fifth, wouldn’t it be more realistic to revert to iron-age cuisine, on the hypothesis that we have more information and valid scientific basis for their varied cuisines?

I tend to believe that people in the iron age lived longer than in the paleolitic age, a few more years, sort a couple more years on average, surviving way beyond 20 into 22 years?  I know that people in “advanced Europe” of the 19th century barely lived beyond their 40, on average, after 50% of them died before the age of 5…

Sixth, carrying stones instead of ergonomically well-shaped iron weights induces far more hazards in dropping the stone or slipping and falling on your head or feet…

Running bare-foot is not recommended on asphalt or cement or…Be thankful that you enjoy shots against tetanus if you still insist on going totally savage…

Note: Post inspired by a piece in the French weekly “Corrier International” #1099 and written by Alison Kilian




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