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Cool dog Misha was deliberately poisoned: William came to the rescue

In time of health crisis, consult your internet for plausible remedies:  The cure is available at the touch of a search keyword.  The lovable dog Misha was deliberately poisoned by neighbors.  It is the same cool, very friendly, dog Misha that I wrote about in several posts.  It is the Misha that keeps howling all night long, inviting companies to keep him alert.  Misha made it a habit to visit homes at daytime, mostly uninvited, and sprawling in gardens and wallowing on grass.

Misha was not liked by a few neighbors for displacing bags in waste bins, in search for food, and littering the non asphalt-covered side street that is closed to traffic.  A walker from the neighborhood had warned me several times that Misha will be poisoned because of messing up with the contents of the four waste bins…

I was returning from my walk around 6pm when I saw Misha wallowing in the grass, as he used to do when she stumbled on a stretch of grass. Actually, Misha would lead me to the direction of the walk I should take, though I had a mind of my own most of the times.  This time, Misha was not accompanying me.  As Misha saw me, she run away very frightened, and kept stumbling, slipping, and falling down: She had saliva foam covering her mouth and looking wild.  I called Misha that used to follow me on my walks, but she was scared, shivering… Misha returned home instead of finding a quiet place to die, like so many urban stoic people.

I knew that Misha is in great  trouble.  I told Victor of my apprehension that Misha could have been poisoned or stung by a snake… Victor told me to relay this piece of intelligence to William, the original owner and trainer of Misha, living one flat above.

William reacted immediately, so did Hanane, and they descended the stairs of four floors.  The sight of Misha was lamentable:  She could not move and she was salivating heavily, trying her best to vomit.  William got on the internet and checked for remedies.  Five minutes later that seemed like hours, William was back and asked me if we had oxygen peroxide, or hydroxide or something to enhance the vomiting process, and drove away.

In the meantime, Hanane was talking to Misha, giving her to drink and cleaning Misha’s mouth…I tried to entice Misha to eat but she refused.  Shortly, we had half a dozen of people around Misha, like Adrea, Chelsea, Marybelle.. contemplating, wondering, and giving advices…I intentionally didn’t tell mother who was riveted to the TV, watching a Turkish soap opera.  William returned with two kinds of medicines, one of the cure was the old time tested medicinal herbal coal.

Using a syringe, William made Misha swallow three dozes of hydroxide while Hanane was asked to crush half the packs of coal.  William gave instructions to Cedric to check the internet for doze of coal that Misha should ingest; for example, how many milligrams per kilo of weight…

Success materialized as Misha delivered the content of her stomach: The quantity of food was minimal, including a section of a balloon, but the bubbling, foaming white liquid accompanying the vomit was substantial.  William said that is the consequence of reacting to a poisonous ingredient.

Misha felt better and could walk a little bit, mostly trying to find a quiet place, away from the crowd.  Hanane returned with the crushed coal and William forced Misha to ingest this black condiment.  Cedric returned with the required piece of information, but William had already administered three syringes of coal for Misha to ingest.

Misha is walking again, mostly finding a quieter place to sit and avoid swallowing one ingredient too many and too weird for her palate.  We breathed a sight of relief.  William said that we had to wait three more weeks to be sure of Misha’s complete recovery: Rat poison has many lethal consequences on the system…I need more details on the rat poison functions from the self-appointed veterinarian William.

Misha is fine again.  It is raining today and will not take Misha for her regular walk in the neighborhood.

Note:  William and Cedric are the ones monopolizing the stage of “Helweh and Murra” on LBC; it is as if they own shares in that TV station.




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