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Tidbits #17

Globally, 70% of the health and social workforce are women. Many of them are nurses and midwives.

Coronavirus pandemics is the deepest revolution in this century: As fear subsides, the spirit of a new civilization will shine.

The new coronavirus causes little more than a cough if it stays in the nose and throat, which it does for the majority of people unlucky enough to be infected. Danger starts when it reaches the lungs.

USA started sanctioning China once it dawned on it that China is the deep pocket for Iran and Syria in confronting USA expansionism in the Middle-East.

Artificial intelligence discriminates, stereotypes, and inherits biases from people, which is why the people building it use technical tools and design thinking to mitigate bias, confront the power imbalances in our society, and put AI to good use.

How to manage AI bias” highlights a study that redefined fairness in the use of AI in criminal justice by studying its use on the powerful rather than the powerless.

The four elements (113, 115, 117 and 118) discovered in 2015 in the chemical table were named after Japan (nihonium), Moscow (moscovium), Tennessee (tennessine), and Russian nuclear physicist Yuri T. Oganessian (oganesson).

In 1913, Henry Moseley discovers that each element emits X-rays at a unique frequency, and uses that information to reorder the table by atomic number. This brilliant British physicist was killed at war in 1915.

$6,383: Average cost of a bed bug infestation in a hotel room

Communism: Control of Party line on the Silent Majority in apathy out of lack of opportunities and shrinking of choices

Capitalism: Control of the Elite classes of Silent Majority out of indifference in “doing politics

QUOTABLE on the periodic table:

“You could stack the top two rows without much trouble. The third row would burn you with fire. The fourth row would kill you with toxic smoke. The fifth row would do all that stuff PLUS give you a mild dose of radiation. The sixth row would explode violently, destroying the building in a cloud of radioactive, poisonous fire and dust. Do not build the seventh row.”Randall Munroe answers the question, “what if you made a periodic table out of cube-shaped bricks, where each brick was made of the corresponding element?”

118: Elements in today’s periodic table. 63: Elements in the periodic table of elements Dmitri Mendeleev published in 1869

94: Elements found naturally on earth. 24: Man-made, or synthetic, elements in the periodic table

30+: Elements that exist in human bodies—96% of our body is made of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen

75: Elements that go into a smartphone

75%: Share of the universe that is hydrogen, the most abundant element

After the coronavirus epidemic subsides in China, new priorities will go up to transform China political and social plans. China will be more powerful with a sustainable growth and reduced number of megacities

While the world scrambles to contain the coronavirus, the U.S. flu season has already killed 10,000 people. (Is the flu vaccine meant to prevent pneumonia?)

To become a company’s chief executive, CEO, it helps to have held a role with profit-and-loss responsibilities, such as heading a division or brand. These positions are Not extended to women.






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