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Regional inequalities? In matter of infrastructure?

This is where public investment has to share with the private

December 10, 2018 | English | Daniel Garrote Sanchez
Perpetuating regional inequalities in Lebanon’s infrastructure: The role of public investment

Lebanon has some of the poorest quality public infrastructure in the world.

This deficiency is particularly acute in least developed regions of the country such as Baalbek, Hermel and Akkar.

Electricity, roads, waste management, and water supply are among the most unequally distributed services in terms of geography. (I feel these services are badly rendered everywhere in Lebanon)

Such a gap in infrastructure perpetuates regional inequalities in income and the well-being of the population. (Are health and education infrastructure among the list?)

In recent years, government investment, both at the local and central level, has widened the infrastructure gap between leading and lagging districts, eroding the constitutional principle of equitable territorial development.

This pattern is expected to continue in coming years. While economic growth does not need to be balanced, public institutions should aim at homogenizing living standards across regions, facilitating access to health and education services for the entire population, as well as enhancing mobility to and from regions where jobs are more available.

Note: This should be feasible because Lebanon is a tiny country

As if Racism awakened with the influx of Syrian refugees

In the last 3 years, Syrians have been fleeing to Lebanon and currently constitute over 25% of the population.
The slowness of aids arriving from international community and this unstable political system in Lebanon aggravated the conditions of both the Syrian refugees and the Lebanese citizens, where they live close to the regions of  refugees concentrations such as the town of Ersal, Akkar district, city of Tripoli, the Bekaa Valley and the Arkoub in the south.
The Campaign in Support of Syrians facing Racism (Arabic: الحملة الداعمة للسوريين بوجه العنصريّة) was launched on March 21, 2014.
This campaign coincides with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, “in rejection of all violence towards Syrians [in Lebanon], racist political rhetoric and the associated media hype.”

Lebanese Launch Campaign in Support of Syrians Facing Racism

 This campaign aims to tackle what is perceived as growing discrimination against Syrian refugees living in Lebanon.

Lebanese politicians are being accused by activists of using rising tensions between Syrians refugees and Lebanese inhabitants of some areas of Lebanon for politically-motivated purposes.

After the “I am not a Martyr” campaign in honor of Mohammad Chaar and the “I am not naked” campaign first in support of Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun and then against Domestic Violence, the anti-racism campaign is using the same (and now-familiar) method of online protest featuring average citizens posting selfies and carrying a message.

Speaking to leading French language Lebanese newspaper “L’Orient-le Jour”, one of the activists participating in the campaign said:

Politicians can’t even resolve basic problems such supplying gas and electricity, facilitating affordable public transportation, stopping violence in Tripoli and Hermel, passing laws related to domestic violence, lowering the expensive telecommunication… These problems existed before the arrival of Syrian refugees and our politicians did not solve them. They never want to solve anything, they never did.

Here are a few examples of those participating:

“If you accept us, you are welcomed in Lebanon”

"And our house is your house if you're willing to accept us parents to parents, brothers to brothers

Once, a Syrian made us proud

I once met a Syrian who made us both proud

Above: The Humanist. Below: The Racist

He didn't escape death [in his country] to die of humiliation [in your country]

He fled from sure death, and Not to die from indignity

Not every Syrian is a criminal and not every Lebanese is innocent

The Syrian refugee is like us: he can't live. Direct your anger towards the corrupt ruling class.

Re-direct your anger at the ruling class, this bloated and corrupt class

I'm a human before being a Syrian.

I am a person before being a Syrian. (A reminder of the saying of the French essayist Montaigne)

Say no to racism. Lebanon is a small country, but with a big heart.

90% of our houses are built by Syrians. Stay a racist and leave your house.

90% of our homes were built by Syrian workers. Be consistent with your racist attitude and leave your house.

Some even went further to criticize colonial legacy.

Whoever divided these grounds for 'immigrants' to cross borders to another country... I won't say 'welcome' because this is not just my country.

And they even hanged a sign over a highway:

Dear Syrian, welcome! welcome to Lebanon

Video of the Hermel car explosion (Lebanon)
The large town of Hermel in north Bekaa Valley has mostly been neglected since Lebanon was handed its independence in 1943, and the last mandated French troops vacated Lebanon in 1946.
Hermel is on the border with Syria and the mighty Al Assy River take source from there and runs 600 km within Syria, passing through Homs and emptying north of Lattaquieh.
Most suicide car bombing receive lots of media attention and the scenes run in loops all day long: Except what happened in Hermel, very late coverage, waiting for the Live Coverage of the International Court first trial reading of the Rafik Hariri assassination.
Hermel was so neglected that the late Sabri Hamadi, from Hermel and Head of the Parliament for many decades, paved the roads of all the towns in the vicinity except the main road leading to Hermel.
A popular saying made the round at the time: “If Hermel roads were to be paved, Sabri’s tail would have done it” (Mind you that sabri means “my patience” and zabri means “my penis”, a saying working on the two meanings). “Lao sabri ma 3abada, zabri ken zaffata...”
I didn’t know about the explosion that took place around 9 am until noon: Someone in the private library that I patronize blurted out this “incident”.
I checked FB and didn’t read any news on that event and wrote: “Hey there. Anyone knows of the explosion in Hermel?”
Not till evening did I read a little about the car explosion on FB.
A mother lost her son who worked as street sweeper in front of the municipality. A girl recounted how the assassin blocked her road in order to park the stolen Jeep from the coastal town of Antilias in the Metn district last year.
The Lebanese channels were covering live the blatant  “accusation” of 4 people who were tracking the ware-about of Rafik Hariri on their cellular, days before his assassination. The car explosion targeting the convoy of Hariri was of  3,000 kilos of TNT on Feb. 14, 2005.
Couldn’t these “accused”, even before the formal trial starts, be assigned to protect Hariri from strong warnings of attempt at Hariri’s life?
Note 1: Two weeks later, another car explosion in Hermel by a kamikaze harvested three people and injured 10 bystanders in front of a gas station.
فيديو اول لحظات الانفجار

terrorist attack @ the peaceful Lebanese village Hermel by the FSA and al Nusra salafist rats and the suicide attack causes 4 deaths and 28 injured death of innocent civilians people




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