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One new Israeli party remembered its Zionist origin?

The Big Jews of finance in all of Europe and the USA will never be contented with this tiny unnatural State of Israel.

For the Big Jews of finance who rule the global finance also rule the world without borders and without taking on their responsibilities of power and the calamities.

 Modern Zion is in New York, London, Paris, Berlin… and Israel of the last decades forgot that they should take orders from their masters in the finance world. 

Israel was meant to welcome the downtrodden Jews from around the world, particularly from central Europe.

Israel was created by the colonial powers of England, USA, France and even Germany to lure in the peasant Jews leaden with fallacies and myths, enough crappy indoctrination to make people sleep standing.

Israel was to be a buffer zone and a launching pad for the colonial powers to annex the Middle-East, a strategic corridor toward India and the far east.

The colonial powers were happy to oblige the evacuation of those Bolshevik-kinds of trouble makers from Europe and the USA to a region they can be better controlled.

Israel was to become the hub of cheap mercenaries, fodders to the expansion schemes of the colonial powers in the Middle-East, the gate to the Orient.

Modern Zion is in New York, London, Paris, Berlin…

Israel is no longer a Zionist State but a racist apartheid entity meant on displacing the original inhabitants and subjugating them as mere salaried people in their own land.

The Herzog party has been renamed the Zionist party against the Likud of this infamous Netanyahu.

And everyone in Israel and everywhere else know that there are no political differences among right-wing and left-wing Israeli parties: They all hate the Palestinians because they are still living among them against all odds, indignities, humiliations and frequent genocide.

The Herzog party  is meant to remind the Israelis that Israel exists because of Jewish financial bosses. And not vice versa.

And that the colonies were established thanks to the millions that w ere poured in by the Jewish financial institutions.

The Herzog party  is to remind the Israelis that Israel exists in order to play the  low profile and act the western civilized States and civilization.

Israel was not created to exacerbate the world communities by its antics and blatant racist and apartheid policies.

The greatest benefits of the Likud party and its coalition is that it exhibited to the world communities the true ugly reality of the State of Israel and its frequent brutal unyielding extremism and genocide polities against the Palestinians.

The main difference is that Netanyahu doesn’t want any Palestinians in Israel and will never admit any sort of legitimate status to their existence.

Herzog and his allies might consider partial autonomy to the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank on condition that the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia fully open their borders to Israeli commerce.

The creation of a Zionist Israel was supposed to be an impossible mission.

The creation of current Israel is supposed to be against all the human rights agreements that most countries in the UN signed on it.




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