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Israel is about to launch another pre-emptive war on Lebanon to re-try and re-dislodge Hezbollah military might… The US has ready yet another war plan for Israel to execute on Syria… The US is inciting the European States and world community in the UN to applying chapter 7 on Lebanon… What is this scarecrow of chapter 7 anyway?  Is the UN ever ready to applying chapter seven on any regime with policies that does not suit Israel or US policies?  The US is back in force to the Middle East…How and with what means?  Is it because Hillary Clinton has awakened to the determined “Arab” masses  to overthrow dictators and absolute monarchs?…

There are many journalists of the kind “writing-heads” considered experts in specific domains in geopolitics.  They don’t have much to write about but to regurgitate the same old concepts or ideological positions, wrapped under the false objectivity of coming from reliable sources.

First, the sources are not mentioned, and sources of the “head source” are not mentioned, and vaguely reliable.

Second, this very important political source has communicated, listened, and talked to many other experts of his own club of elite “disseminators of expert opinions”.  For example, the sort of Mubarak of Egypt, the monarchs of Bahrein, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco… or their foreign affairs ministers and you got the gist of my opinion of the expert opinions of the faked sources.

For example, in Lebanon we have “writing-heads” by the shovel- full.  Actually, every journalist considers himself an expert in everything, since he is in constant or frequent communications with the members of his club of opinion disseminators.

You have for example, the Abul Nasr, Hamadeh, Tweiny, Mustakbaljieh, Geaja3jieh…

These expert journalists report what they heard of foreign diplomats and politicians, and the Lebanese readers have to weight very seriously what the foreign diplomat reported to his foreign affair minister…

For example, Syria committed two capital errors of railroading the Syrian-Saudi accord on Lebanon and for encouraging the firing of “prince” Saad Hariri as Prime Minister…  They add that the selected Mikati PM has already committed the biggest sin of his life by accepting to form a government… These kinds of insane opinions meant to salvaging the bruised ego and blatant ignorance of these expert journalists, paid to spreading falsehood.

Maybe Israel can engage in another pre-emptive war in the Middle East, but would it be profitable to the Israeli citizens?  On what ground would Israel obey the US dictate for taking the risk of another war?

The critical question is: “Is it to Israel interest to fall in the trap again of satisfying the US imperialist apartheid dominion?  Is it profitable to the Jews in Israel to hunker in bunkers and basements for months?  Is it rational to waste good money on futile wars that generate no economical, security, or peaceful treaties advantages?

Israel has already occupied parts of Lebanon several times and was forced to retreat unilaterally every time.

Israel has destroyed the infrastructure of Lebanon several times, and Lebanon reconstructed with better infrastructure.  Actually, if Israel refrained from attacking Lebanon, (this Lebanese State that has never enjoyed any serious government), the State of Lebanon would have disintegrated long time ago.  Instead, Lebanon is becoming the symbol of resistance that wins and defeats the military might of the apartheid Israel.

Actually, if Israel refrained of destroying Lebanon’s infrastructure it would have rotten and be entirely antiquated.  The State of Lebanon would not have on its own volition (and subjected to endemic procrastination attitudes) considered rehabilitating its deteriorating infrastructure.

Maybe it is feasible for Israel to waging another war, but could Israel win in the world public opinion? Maybe it is feasible for Israel to waging another war, but is it profitable?

They say that Hezbollah can invade upper Galilee but will not be able to retain it on the ground that Hezbollah has no fighter jets or tanks; as if Israel managed to retain any lands in Lebanon!

Maybe it is feasible for Israel to waging another war, but would it be a rational decision?  If we judge from the many decisions that Israeli governments have made, the overwhelming ratio of decisions were utterly irrational.  The Middle East people are not dealing with a logical and rational Israeli State.  And the world community wonders why the people in this region are totally outraged!

I suggest to these “expert” journalist to keeping the money paid for their ridiculous articles, and start listening to the expert opinions of the determined young “Arab” masses for independence, autonomy, dignity, and a place under this glorious sun.




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