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Understanding the Middle East with better clichés

Some people feel that western media coverage of the Middle East is dominated by too many clichés and stereotypes.

An emerging view now believes that there are actually too few rather than too many clichés, thereby making reporting less accurate.

This radical critique of what is really wrong with Western media coverage has already produced enlightening pieces that allow us to understand what exactly is happening in the Middle East, far better than we have managed in the past.

Below is a sample of this revolutionary trend.

Karl reMarks: Understanding the Middle East with better clichés. Feb. 27, 2015

In order to understand the Middle East and North Africa/the Arab World/The Near East Muslim, one must begin with its centre of gravity and most populous nation, Egypt.

Following the general tumult that ensued from the Arab Spring/Arab Uprisings, Egypt is now ruled by the military strongman and former army leader Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi.

Sisi is presumed to be a bald Sunni Muslim secular leader who came to power after overthrowing democratically-elected moderate Islamist Sunni (not-bald) Mohammed Morsi .

Sisi’s secular takeover was supported by hardcore Wahhabi Sunni Saudi Kingdom and other moderate conservative Sunni Arab States.

However it was opposed by the only other Wahhabi state, Qatar, a “moderate” conservative small country that employs conservative Islamist journalists in Arabic and left-wing, socially-aware journalists in English. (The western media insist all these dictator Emirs/Sultans/Kings are moderates…)

This is not a surprise because the charm of the Middle East stems from its contradictions.

Now both Qatar and Saudi Arabia oppose the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, a secular Alawi leader from the minority offshoot Shia sect, but they disagree on which of the moderate Sunni Muslim rebels against him they should support in public and which of the extreme Sunni factions they should support in secret.

Assad is in turn supported by conservative Shia Iran and the Lebanese Shia (not offshoot) militant group Hezbollah.

Conservative Shia Iran and uber-Conservative Sunni Saudi Arabia are locked in a fierce geopolitical struggle that some argue is the continuation of ancient sectarian divisions, while others believe is more of a struggle over influence embellished with sectarian rivalries.

Despite their many disagreements, Saudi Arabia and Iran agree on conducting their rivalry through proxy regional wars instead of an all-out war, probably because it’s more fun this way.

Besides Syria, there are several other mutually-acceptable venues in which Saudi Arabia and Iran conduct their proxy wars, such as Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

Recently in Yemen, the Houthis who are members of yet another Shia offshoot group, took over the country, once again as a consequence of the general tumult that ensued from the Arab Spring.

Some say Iran was behind the Houthis’ move, partially to punish Saudi Arabia for allowing oil prices to drop.

In traditional Persian culture it’s considered an insult to allow the prices of commodities to drop below production cost, which explains Iran’s anger.

But it’s in Iraq where the struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia gets really complicated.

The sudden rise of the Islamic State under the leadership of self-declared Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has taken everyone who wasn’t paying attention by surprise. (It was No surprise, just impotence from Iraq government)

Baghdadi, a very Sunni Muslim extremist, although I wouldn’t say it to his face, has led his forces to occupy large parts of Iraq including the second-largest city, Mosul.

The rise of the Islamic State threatened Iran’s influence in Iraq, which should have pleased Saudi Arabia, save for the fact that the new Caliphate is ideologically indisposed towards Saudi Arabia, which it sees as the epitome of liberal values.

Everything is relative, as they say.

So Saudi Arabia is in the tricky position of having to balance its competing aims of weakening Iran but containing the existential threat posed by the Islamic State. There are No non-existential threats in the Middle East.

For its part, Iran has thrown its weight behind the Shia forces fighting the Islamic State in Iraq, although this has aligned it momentarily with its old foe, the United States.

But Iran is also full of contradictions as, despite being a theologically-governed Islamic State, it seems to be capable of taking pragmatic decisions in its regional policies.

Recent photographic evidence obtained by Western media outlets even suggests that Iranian women, who must wear Islamic clothes in public, actually wear bras under their clothes.

They also watch television and laugh with their friends, much like people in the West sometimes do.

Western media clearly thought this was important to point out, so it must be so.

Another major Sunni player is Turkey, which is allied with Qatar against the Saudi-Egyptian axis.

Turkey is led by relatively moderate Sunni Muslim Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a suited non-bearded Islamist with latent Ottoman impulses.

Turkey opposed the removal of president Morsi in Egypt, not least because he was also a suited Islamist.

Turkey’s position has been close to that of Qatar in Syria and Libya, where everyone has been competing for influence since Gaddafi’s fall.

(Regional Middle Eastern powers are like the nightclub circle, they all want to be seen in the new place. Lately, Qatar revealed that their activities in Syria in funding the extremist organizations was dictated by USA)

The situation in Libya was complicated by the fact that there are no sectarian divisions in the country, which made things difficult for a while until Libyans decided to create random divisions.

(You can get a sense of this by reading any article on Libya and trying to understand who is against whom and why).

This greatly facilitated the involvement of external powers and made proxy wars much easier to wage.

Although it is a bit unfair to Iran, which being Shia can’t find any allies in an exclusively Sunni Muslim country.

Oh look, this is almost one thousand words already and we don’t have time to wrap up all the loose strands neatly, so it’s best to end on a timeless-sounding platitude about the Middle East and how it will always be the same.

Perhaps even a quote from Khalil Gibran or Omar Khayyam, hinting at our sorrow about lost potential and showing how learned we are.

Was Lebanon uprising in October 17, 2019 instantaneous?

The next days proved it was planned, though Not obvious, and robbed from the people by the militia/mafia sectarian “leaders”

Jihad Alasmar posted on Fb. October 19, 2019

In the early 2019, Hezbollah uncovered a US/Israel/Saudi plan to destabilize Lebanon.

فصول المؤامرة

ولكن اللاعب الرئيسي فيها هو الأمريكي، وأدوات المؤامرة داخلية متمثلة بوليد جنبلاط وسمير جعجع،

هدف المؤامرة دخول البلاد في الفراغ السياسي والشغب بالشارع تمهيدا” لحصار لبنان وتطويقه وتجويع شعبه وصولاً إلى تقليب الشعب على حزب الل. لإظهاره سبب ما يحصل لهم من تجويع

ويقوم الشعب بالانتفاض على حزب الل. ومطالبته بتسليم سلاحه وحل جناحه العسكري خدمة” للمشروع الأمريكي الإسرائيلي السعودي لتصفية حزب الل. والقضاء عليه لكن التوقيت للمؤامرة كان غير معلوم لتنفيذ الخطة.
بدأ أفيخاي آدرعي التمهيد للمؤامرة عبر التويتر وجيش إلكتروني ضخم وتم التواصل مع عدد كبير من الشباب من لبنان وخارجه لخلق رأي عام ضد حزب الل.
أول فصول المؤامرة خلال جلسة لمجلس الأمن عندما قام نتنياهو وعرض صور جوية لمناطق

إدعى أن فيها مصانع وصواريخ باليستية لحزب الل. في الأوزاعي في ضاحية بيروت الجنوبية والنبي شيت في البقاع، لتحصيل رأي عام عالمي ضد حزب الل.،

تمكن جبران باسيل بحنكته السياسية من إفشال خطط نتنياهو فدعى السفراء في لبنان إلى زيارة الأماكن التي أشار إليها نتنياهو،

دعى سفراء الاتحاد الأوروبي والدول العربية والغربية وزار تلك الأماكن وتبين لهم ميدانيا” وبالعين المجردة كذب نتنياهو وبالتالي فشل التأييد العالمي لنتنياهو وتُسجل لباسيل موقف كبير وشجاع خدم حزب الل.،

عندها لجأ نتنياهو للخطة ب وإدعى قصة الأنفاق وأطلق عملية درع الشمال التي باءت بالفشل ومجددا” ظهر نتنياهو بموقف الكذاب، عندها تم التخلي عن الدعم الخارجي واللجوء إلى التحرك الداخلي،

في كلمة متلفزة لسماحة السيد قال لجنبلاط علنا” ظبط أنتانيتك” محاولة منه لإيصال رسالة لجنبلاط ان المخطط تم كشفه،

في ليلة التاسع من محرم عام ٢٠١٩ تحدث سماحة السيد عن الحصار والتجويع وأخذ المبايعة من جمهور المقاومة وهتفوا لبيك يا حسين لبيك يا خامنئي،

وفي يوم العاشر من محرم أطلع سماحة السيد جمهور المقاومة أن المرحلة المقبلة هناك حصار على لبنان وتجويع ومطلوب الصبر والمواجهة بكل قوتنا وأيضاً تم مبايعة السيد والتأييد من قبل جمهور المقاومة وهتفوا لبيك يا حسين، لبيك يا حفيد الحُسين بخطوة كانت أول مرة تحصل في مراسم إحياء عاشوراء،

شارك الرئيس ميشال عون بجلسة للأمم المتحدة بمجلس الأمن وأطلق موقفا” مشرفاً ودافع عن حزب الل.. ورفض نعته بالارهاب،

بعد كلام عون بساعة حصلت مشكلة الدولار في لبنان وبدأت الأزمة،

بطل الأزمة العميل الأمريكي حاكم مصرف لبنان إستمرت الأزمة ٣ أيام لحين عودة عون من نيويورك ولقائه سلامة والتلويح بإقالته إذا لم المُحصن من تنتهي أزمة الدولار

وتحت الضغط إنصاع سلامة وتم حل أزمة الدولار، لينتقل سلامة ايضا” إلى الخطة ب ويبتدع أزمة بنزين لتسقط مجدداً بالشارع،

شارك جبران باسيل بجلسة لوزراء الخارجية العرب وأطلق موقفا” قويا” وقال أنه ذاهب إلى سوريا لفتح علاقات جديدة وفتح معابر حدودية لتصريف البضائع اللبنانية إلى أسواق سوريا والعراق والأردن والخليج، و لإعادة النازحين السوريين إلى سوريا،

هنا جن جنون وليد جنبلاط وسمير جعجع وبعد يوم واحد من كلام باسيل إشتعلت حرائق الجبل التي إفتعلها وليد جنبلاط لأنه لا يريد للنازحيين أن يعودوا لاستمرار الضغط على عون وحزب الل. وإفشال عهد عون،

والسبب الثاني لأن وليد جنبلاط يريد المشاركة بإعادة إعمار سوريا عبر معمل سبلين للترابة وعبر كسارات جديدة سيفتتحها بالجبل مكان المساحات التي تم حرقها،

ولكن فيتو حزب الل. على جنبلاط سيمنعه من المشاركة بإعادة الإعمار ومن التواصل مع سوريا، أشعل جنبلاط الحرائق بالجبل ليستفيد من المساحات المحروقة بالكسارات والمرامل والمطامر وللضغط بالسياسة حتى يسمح له بإعادة العلاقات مع سوريا،

أشعل النيران لكنه لم يتوقع تمددها وخرجت عن سيطرته وأكلت الأخضر واليابس ونجا لبنان من كارثة ومجزرة، شاركت طائرات الدورون المسيرة الإسرائيلية في الحرائق وتم افتعال عدة حرائق في مختلف المناطق لحرف النظر عن جريمة جنبلاط،

أمر الرئيس عون بفتح تحقيق تم جمع الأدلة المتهم وليد جنبلاط للهروب من التهمة ولإلهاء الناس عن الجريمة والكارثة

تم تنفيذ أخر عنوان من المؤامرة عبر تحريك الشارع تم تجيش جيش إلكتروني مقره الرياض وتل أبيب وبدأ التحريض للنزول إلى الشارع نزلت الناس عفويا” بداية الأمر بمطالب معيشية محقة تلقفها جنبلاط لاستغلالها والظهور كبطل التحركات وإيهام الناس أنه المُخلص وبدأت أحداث الشغب من زعران جنبلاط وجعجع وتم تصويب الاتهامات على رموز حزب الل.

وتم شتمهم وشتم السيد حسن وبدأت ال هتافات لتسليم حزب الل. سلاحه والترحيل إلى إيران، وعي الناس وقيادة المقاومة وحلفاء المقاومة تجاه المطالب الملغومة أنقذ الموقف واليوم ستنتهي فصول المؤامرة،

سقط جنبلاط وجعجع سياسيا” والمطلوب خروجهم من الحكومة تمهيدا” للبدء بالإصلاحات الجدية التي كان دائما” يعرقلها جنبلاط وجعجع.

Lebanon: An improbable Statehood in the making

Mind you this article was posted in February 20, 2008, 12 years before the total bankruptcy of the State of Lebanon, politically, economically and financially.  

Under the leadership of Hezbollah, the Shias in the south and the Bekaa Valley are basically and currently the main caste shouldering the heavy burden of defending Lebanon from the frequent aggressions of Israel. 

Before Hezbollah, Lebanon had many secular political parties confronting Israel aggressions (The Communists and the Syria National Social parties), especially during Israel invasion of Lebanon in 1982 until 1989, when mandated Syria gave Hezbollah the “monopoly to conduct the resistance.

Without the Shiaa, south Lebanon would have long been swallowed by Israel and Lebanon divided and scraped from the number of independent States. 

It is the Shiaa who forced Israel to withdraw unconditionally from the south in May 24, 2000. 

It is the Shiaa who foiled the strategy of Israel of reconquering the south of Lebanon in July 2006 and installing a Pax Americana in the Greater Middle East.  

Hezbollah split from the main “Amal” Shia movement (of Mousa sader) around 1983 and adopted an ideology tightly linked to the Khomeini hardliners in Iran and is made responsible for the suicide attacks against the US and French headquarters in Beirut. 

Hezbollah was the only resistance movement allowed by Syria to operate against Israel’s occupation in the south of Lebanon since 1989 when the US Administration permitted Syria mandate over Lebanon for over 15 years. 

Syria had prohibited all the other Lebanese nationalistic and progressive parties to resume their liberation resistance during its occupation of Lebanon. 

After the assassination of Rafic Hariri PM in 2005 and the withdrawal of the Syrian troops from Lebanon we have been experiencing a serious void in the legitimacy of the current government. 

The signed entente between the Tayyar political party of Michel Aoun (Free Patriotic Movement for Reform and Change) and Hezbollah has allayed the perception that schemes for a recurring civil war in under planning. 

The patient internally non-violence strategy of Hezbollah in conducting non-cooperation activities against an unjust and and mafia control of the government has permitted the Lebanese population to gain the assurance and relief that another civil war is not feasible.  

This Seniora’s government and its allies have been plundering the public treasury for the past three years (since 2005) and for the last 15 years under Rafic Hariri.

This feudal/sectarian/contractor continuous regime, establishing a Ponzi scheme for our financial system, has been spreading poverty and deepening the indebtedness and ineptness of Lebanon, with the explicit support of the Bush administration, and under the guise of empty rhetoric of democracy, security and independence from Syria’s indirect involvement in Lebanon.

Consequently, the Shia have proven to be the legitimate sons of an independent Lebanon and have paid the prices of martyrdom, suffering, sacrifice and pain in order to be the guarantor for the emergence of a Nation against all odds. 

It is the sacrifices of the Shia and their patience to suffer for the benefit of all Lebanese that is providing them with the leverage of flexibility, intent to change, learn from experience and improve. 

The successive unilateral withdrawals of Israel from Lebanon in 2000, an occupation that lasted since 1982, without any preconditions have given the Lebanese citizen grounds to standing tall. 

Our main problem is that the International requirements of Lebanon and our local politics are at odds. 

The USA, Europe and Saudi Kingdom would like to settle the Palestinian refugees as Lebanese citizens with full rights and thus avoiding the corny problem of their legitimate rights to be repatriated to Israel as stated in the UN resolution of 194. 

The Monarchy in Saudi Kingdom has been viewing the Palestinian question as a major liability since the extremist party of Hamas has taken power in Gaza.

Saudi Kingdom is exhausted of paying the bills every time Israel destroys the infrastructure of Lebanon and covering some of the expenses of the Palestinian refugees and would like an end to this conflict that is hampering the internal stability of the Wahhabi Saudi regime.

Israel invasions of Lebanon and its genocide tactics against the Palestinians are done at the urging of the USA 

The two main local movements of the Future Party (Hariri clan) and Hezbollah are more than content for this unconstitutional political dilemma which suits their short-term interests. 

The Future is satisfied with its dominance among the Sunnis in Beirut and the North and thus, giving the Palestinian refugees citizenship might create an unknown variable that could disrupt the majority of the Sunni allegiance to the Al Moustakbal. 

Consequently, the Hariri clan cannot disobey the Saudi orders but it cannot shoot itself in the foot. 

Externally, the Hariri clan is pro Saudi but in reality it is very cozy with the Syrian position on the Palestinian refugee status as its strongest card during the negotiations with the USA and afterward. 

The unstable constitutional political system in Lebanon may delay indefinitely any serious pressures from Saudi Kingdom and the USA to resolving the Palestinian refugees’ question. 

Hezbollah is weary of having to deal with a constitutional government and negotiate returning its arms to the Lebanese army. 

Thus, the two main parties in Lebanon are supporting each other practically and just playing the game of opposing forces.

Furthermore, The USA has decided after the fiasco of the July war in 2006 that no more investment in time on Lebanon is appropriate at this junction.  We have to wait for a new US administration to decide whether it is willing to re-open the file of the Near East problems.

The allies to the two main parties are side shows: they know it and they cannot change camps with the deep mistrust for the other side pledges and dependent policies to foreign powers. 

Thanks to the vehement rhetoric against Syria or its allies in Lebanon by Walid Jumblatt and Samir Geagea, the Future party has been able to give the impression that it is against the Syrian regime while practically it agrees with the Syrian positions and would like to keep the present status quo in Lebanon’s political system of the Taef Constitutional amendments.  

General Michel Aoun has realized that he has been taken by the sweet tender offers of Hezbollah but he cannot shift allegiance or form a third alliance since non resolution of the situation is the name of the game until further agreement among the main Arab states and the main superpowers.

Recently, General Aoun has demonstrated his independence by visiting Syria for 5 days amid a popular welcome to re-establish entente between the two people, if not the regimes.

So far, the polemics among the government’s allies and the opposition political parties are not shy of harboring sectarian allegiances in their charged speeches, but somehow they failed to discuss the actual caste, or closed religious system in our social structure, which is the fundamental problem toward a modern state of governance.

I do not believe that any fair and representative electoral law is of utility unless the basic caste system is recognized as a sin and altered accordingly to represent an alternative for the citizen joining a united and free status under one State. 

The first step is to instituting a voluntary State marriage law and letting the situation unfold into a more liberal understanding of the need of the people. 

The road is very long and arduous before the beginning of a semblance of trust among the Lebanese is established. 

However, I feel that the Shia under the leadership of a wise and disciplined Hezbollah and their corresponding Christian Free Patriotic movement are leading the way for a semi-autonomous Lebanon, at least in its internal restructuring. 

I believe that the necessities of survival would loosen up many stiff ideological and caste roadblocks toward a reformed political system and the institution of a governing body that abide in integrity, accountability and justice for all.

It is a fact that extremist Sunni “salafist” ideology is gaining quickly in all the Arab and Moslem World, out of desperation and the widespread illiteracy and lack of job openings. (See note 3). 

Maybe our mix of all kinds of sects might be a rampart to our moderate liberal tendencies.

The spirit of Statehood is coming from an unforeseen quarter. Mainly the Shia caste freshly arriving in the social and political scene around 1970. 

This disinherited caste was already a majority when the civil war of 1975 broke out and it suffered from the total ignorance of the central government for infrastructure and social services and had also to suffer the humiliation and atrocities of frequent Israeli air raids and land attacks and bombing of their villages under the disguise of dislodging the Palestinian guerillas.  

The Shia caste is opening up to almost all sects and managed to ally with large sections of many other castes. 

This extending arm might be considered as necessary out of the realization that they are a majority in Lebanon and a real minority in the neighboring States of Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

This necessity is a blessing to Lebanon because the main major caste is encouraging unity against foreign invaders. 

In the event that Hezbollah maintains its strength, then it can be forecasted that the economic strategy of Lebanon will shift from tourism and third sector (the Hariri’s clan strategy) into more emphasis on agriculture and small and medium industries, many of it geared toward guerilla warfare. 

This is how the future looks like to me if no overall peace treaty with Israel is realized any time soon.

I used the term “Statehood” for Lebanon in a general sense to convey that a form of unity is developing in the conscious of the Lebanese, but this notion of Nation is far from appropriate to Lebanon simply because experiences since independence could not provide any evidence to a unified people under legitimate and responsible central governments. 

Lebanon is fundamentally an amalgamation of castes that enjoy self-autonomy. 

I still believe that the Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, and Jordanians naturally form a Nation and they should generate a common market with separate recognized States.

I am convinced the Taef Constitution was meant to have total entente among the various main three religious castes in Lebanon before starting to elect a new president to the Republic.

The entente should involve everything from election law, to the constitution of the government and other priorities. 

This fact translates into agreement among the main Arab States and the main superpowers on how Lebanon should be governed during six years. 

Unless the Lebanese leaders and political parties get together to review the Taef Constitution and be willing to pay the price of deciding to have a mind of their own, then Lebanon is de facto under the UN protectorate.

Note 1: the current Dawha agreement, after Hezbollah destroyed Israel communication control in 2008, translated the spirit of Taef in its temporary execution until the Parliamentary election takes place.

Note 2:  The Future movement of the Hariri clan (Saad Hariri is a Saudi citizen) is practically pro-Syrian but it cannot overtly open up to the Syrian regime as long as Saudi Kingdom is not currently in good term with President Bashar Assad.

Note 3:  The Sunni “salafist” movement expressed its strong arm tendencies in the Palestinian camp of Nahr Al Bared. The Lebanese army destroyed the camp along with the extremist Sunni groups and the ramifications are not over in our internal strife.

Note 4:  The social/political structure is held by 19 recognized religious castes that grow at different paces in demography.  Thus, the top of our Temple must be very flexible and changeable when foreign powers decide to destabilize the tacit agreement among the caste political feudal leaders.

Another Open Letter to French President Macron

Deuxième lettre ouverte au Président Macron :
Où est l’image satellite du port de Beyrouth ?

Par Hassan Hamadé : Écrivain et journaliste libanais – Membre du Conseil national de l’audiovisuel (CNA)

1er octobre 2020, par Comité Valmy

Monsieur le Président,

Je souhaite commencer par vous féliciter chaleureusement pour votre franchise. Je n’ai pas été déçu que vous soyez allé directement au cœur du sujet, lequel n’a nul besoin de fioritures pour dissimuler sa vérité, vu que cette vérité est la raison directe ayant fait de vous le gagnant de la mission au Liban. J’entends par là : le problème posé par les armes de la Résistance.

Il ne vous a pas fallu longtemps pour avouer ouvertement cette première moitié de ce qui vous intéresse au Liban ; l’autre moitié se résumant à votre obsession de gagner des contrats s’appropriant ce qui reste de la richesse de l’État et du peuple.

Des richesses passant du port martyr de Beyrouth à son aéroport menacé du même sort, à l’électricité, à l’eau, au téléphone cellulaire, aux infrastructures et, bien sûr, à ce que la terre et les eaux du Liban contiennent de pétrole et de gaz, là où le géant de l’énergie, la société Total, occupe le devant de la scène.

Mis à part ces deux préoccupations majeures, votre discours [1] sur la dimension humanitaire, réformatrice et éthique de votre mission au Liban est resté dans les limites de sa fonction de maquillage et d’un semblant d’élégance.

Ceux qui attendaient le contraire de votre part ont été désagréablement surpris. C’est leur problème car dans le dictionnaire des États, les promesses n’ engagent que ceux qui y croient.

Outre les félicitations, il nous faut discuter ensemble, chacun à partir de son camp, de la question de l’affrontement direct avec les forces qui s’opposent à la campagne coloniale destructrice désignée par « printemps arabe ».

Pour rappel, Monsieur le Président, cette expression avait déjà été utilisée par les gouvernements français il y a 172 ans, lorsqu’ils avaient affirmé que la création de la sinistre mission « Baudicour » [2] serait le début du printemps des peuples. Mission qui consistait à déraciner les maronites libanais de leurs terres et à les transférer en Algérie.

Conformément à votre habitude des raccourcis, votre conférence de presse du 27 septembre 2020 est venue confirmer vos déclarations annoncées quelques heures avant votre deuxième visite au Liban, le 1er septembre 2020.

C’est ainsi que vous avez ajouté une zone d’ombre encore plus dense dans l’espace des relations libano-françaises ; autrement dit, une nouvelle ambiguïté qui s’ajoute aux précédentes déjà évoquées [3] et qui mène à une lecture différente du devenir des relations entre nos deux pays, loin de la propagande entourant le mythe d’amour et de tendresse pour le Liban.

Cette fois, vous nous avez rappelés une époque supposée révolue, étant donné qu’aujourd’hui vous nous apparaissez plutôt proche d’un haut-commissaire.

Cependant, avec moins de pouvoirs que vos prédécesseurs à ce poste, car leur référence était Paris, tandis que votre véritable référence se situe quelque part dans le « Nouveau Monde ».

Cela ne vous est absolument pas étranger. Vous êtes le tenant d’une démarche politique ayant opté pour une France européenne, plutôt que pour une France française et si vous aviez à choisir entre une Europe européenne et une Europe atlantiste, vous opteriez pour une Europe atlantiste.

Et je n’irai pas jusqu’à dire, comme certains, que vous iriez jusqu’à préférer l’appartenance aux États-Unis à l’appartenance à l’Europe atlantiste.

C’est probablement la raison qui fait qu’à aucun moment vous n’avez abordé la question cruciale de la Résistance qui protège autant qu’elle le peut le Liban du monstre raciste sioniste, alors que vous considérez le manque de respect à la mémoire de la Résistance française comme un péché mortel.

En effet, la résistance à l’occupation et la défense des patries est par principe une question morale, éthique, légale et humaine, toute proche de la sainteté.

Trouvez-vous qu’il est sérieux de parler de la nôtre comme vous l’avez fait ? Pour de nombreux Libanais, votre discours sur la Résistance libanaise est venu comme un coup de poignard en plein cœur.

Peut-être que vous ne l’avez pas voulu. Et, peut-être que vous avez écouté plus qu’il ne le faut vos conseillers et vos amis, lesquels n’ont fait que vous impliquer dans un problème pouvant fortement compromettre la relation historique entre nos deux pays dans le présent et le futur.

Monsieur le Président,

Je n’ai pas été surpris par votre totale indifférence à l’analyse du dossier libanais par le respecté homme d’État français [4], Maurice Couve de Murville.

La différence entre vous porte non seulement sur l’époque, l’expérience et la culture, mais aussi sur l’appartenance. Il était dans la fleur de l’âge lorsqu’il a rejoint le Commandant de la France libre, a travaillé à la radio de la Résistance, est resté proche du Général de Gaulle tout au long de sa vie et a été ministre des Affaires étrangères, puis Premier ministre.

Ce qui explique qu’il ait tenu à ne pas prendre parti face aux querelles des Libanais et donc à ne pas les encourager à détruire leur pays.

Naturellement, à l’époque il n’a pas eu à s’opposer à la résistance naissante qui a expulsé les monstres sionistes de la capitale Beyrouth ; première capitale arabe occupée par l’armée israélienne lorsque le Hezbollah n’était pas encore né. Lequel Hezbollah est néanmoins né de la matrice de cette première résistance triomphante qui a brisé les crocs des monstres sionistes et les a expulsés de Beyrouth que vous avez visité et dans les rues duquel vous vous êtes promené.

Vous êtes censé avoir été informé de ces faits historiques avant d’user d’expressions offensantes contre notre Résistance, abstraction faite de votre position de principe en raison de vos engagements otano-sionistes.

C’est là une atteinte à la dignité de la patrie libanaise, laquelle suppose que vous lui présentiez vos excuses.

Vous avez parfaitement le droit de haïr la Résistance et de la combattre, mais vous n’avez pas le droit de l’offenser alors que vous traitez du sujet libanais au titre de l’amitié.

Imaginez la situation inverse où un Libanais se tiendrait devant vous pour traiter de la sorte la Résistance française. Quelle serait votre réaction ? Je m’attends à ce que vous entriez dans une grande colère ; là aussi, abstraction faite de votre propre opinion sur la Résistance française qui ne concerne que vous.

Et que dire de vos propos prétendant que la Résistance libanaise sème la terreur en Syrie ?

Que cela vous plaise ou non, Monsieur le Président, cette Résistance est le fer de lance de la défense territoriale contre le terrorisme, à commencer par les organisations atlantistes de la terreur, c’est-à-dire Daech, le Front al-Nosra, la Brigade Sultan Mourad, la Harakat Nour al-Din al Zenki et l’ensemble de leurs dérivées bénéficiant globalement du parrainage de votre Organisation du traité de l’Atlantique nord [l’OTAN] et du financement puisé dans les caisses des pays du Golfe, occupés par vos armées atlantistes.

Plus de 170 000 terroristes venus d’Europe et d’autres pays, amenés par votre organisation au cœur de la géographie syrienne pour la déchirer de l’intérieur, menant ainsi la plus monstrueuse des campagnes coloniales que l’histoire ait connues au cours de ses différentes époques. Organisations qui « font du bon boulot », comme l’a dit un jour l’un de vos ministres des Affaires étrangères !

C’est pourquoi vous vous en prenez à la résistance libanaise. C’est peut-être aussi parce qu’elle a énormément contribué à la défense de la présence chrétienne sur la sainte terre syrienne pendant que votre alliance atlantique, laquelle excelle dans la flagellation des peuples et la négation de leurs droits humains les plus élémentaires, travaille jour et nuit à effacer les traces du christianisme de la terre palestinienne du premier révolutionnaire humaniste, Jésus-Christ, et les traces du crime commis le 30 septembre 2000 contre l’enfant Mohammed al-Durah [5], son père, ses frères et ses sœurs.

Et c’est plus probablement encore, Monsieur le Président, la raison qui vous pousse à voir une contradiction incompréhensible entre la résistance du Hezbollah à Israël et son droit d’être un parti respecté au Liban.

Imaginez, là aussi, qu’un Libanais vous dise que toute force française ayant résisté aux nazis perdrait son droit à former un parti politique respecté en France. Serait-ce raisonnable ? Question, évidemment indépendante de votre propre opinion sur le fascisme et le nazisme qui ne concerne que vous.

Tout comme le Christ, le peuple du Christ est persécuté. Le pape Benoît XVI n’a-t-il pas condamné « l’hostilité et les préjugés à l’encontre des chrétiens » en Europe » ?

Lisez, Monsieur le président, son message pour la Journée mondiale de la paix du 1er janvier 2011. Cette même année où vous avez inauguré l’orgie sanguinaire via votre printemps arabe. Dans le quatorzième paragraphe de ce terrible message, le penseur Joseph Ratzinger semble considérer que vos discours au monde manquent de sincérité.

Contentez-vous de lire ce seul paragraphe, votre excellence, car il est fort probable que vous ne soyez pas intéressé par ce genre de lecture.

Lors de votre conférence de presse, alors que je vous observais pendant que vous déversiez vos ressentiments, j’ai senti toute la froideur de vos paroles en dépit de la volubilité de votre langage corporel.

Vous êtes apparu froid et nullement concerné par la requête libanaise qui vous a été personnellement adressée ; celle de fournir une image satellite [6] de la terrible explosion terrestre engendrée par le crime complexe contre l’existence même du Liban. Vos paroles resteront creuses et sans valeur tant que vous éluderez notre demande destinée à savoir qui a dirigé l’explosion hirochimienne contre le port de Beyrouth, pour favoriser le port de Haïfa en Palestine occupée.

Nous voulons la vérité ; la vérité pour le Liban. Nous avez-vous entendus, vous qui vous permettez de nous donner des leçons en insultant nos politiciens voleurs, afin de susciter notre amitié et de gagner notre confiance, tout en continuant à vous entendre avec eux et à dissimuler le coupable ? Il en est toujours ainsi : généralisation, hausse du ton, débats creux aboutissant à la dissimulation du coupable. Une technique, cher Président, qui ne trompe que ceux qui croient aux paroles des États. Où sont donc les images satellite ? Et que cache leur non divulgation ?

Désolé, Monsieur le Président, pour avoir oublié que votre éloquence en matière de transparence, de démocratie et de droits humains n’a d’égale que l’éloquence de vos confrères banquiers lorsqu’ils insistent pour que les clients déposent leur argent et leurs économies dans les coffres de leurs banques, pour qu’une opération de sublimation transforment ensuite leurs dépôts en vapeurs lorsque sonnera l’heure du grand pillage et de la destruction des familles, sous couvert de telle ou telle révolution colorée, comme cela s’est passé et se passe encore au Liban. Choses que ne pouvez ignorer, votre Excellence.

Et c’est peut-être parce que vous maitrisez ce savoir que vous avez complètement ignoré les aveux particulièrement terribles, formulés quelques heures avant votre grande conférence de presse, devant le Congrès américain, par le diplomate américain, David Hale ; un homme d’une grande politesse, un amoureux de la paix et de l’harmonie entre les humains au point d’accompagner les orgies sanguinaires au Liban depuis des décennies. Il a déclaré que son administration avait dépensé et distribué dix milliards de dollars [7] au profit de ceux en qui vous avez confiance au Liban : des organisations non gouvernementales et des inféodés fiables au sein des cercles politiques et des médias menteurs.

Des aveux venus s’ajouter aux déclarations antérieures d’un autre diplomate américain, tout aussi féru des orgies sanguinaires au Liban : le nommé Jeffrey Feltman. Lequel avait affirmé le 8 juin 2010, toujours devant le Congrès américain, que son administration pacifique, qui hait les massacres et les assassinats, avait dépensé un demi-milliard de dollars au cœur du Liban afin de défigurer l’image du Hezbollah [8].

Les oreilles de ces individus, Monsieur le Président, entendent essentiellement vos collègues parmi les banquiers internationaux, tandis que leurs yeux sont tournés vers la Banque centrale libanaise qu’ils se préparent à dépouiller de son droit exclusif d’émettre la monnaie. Pour cela, le prétexte est fin prêt : la Banque du Liban n’étant plus digne de confiance, ce privilège doit être confié à des banques privées.

Mais, puisque les banques privées ont également perdu leur crédibilité avec la complicité du gouverneur de la Banque centrale (l’équivalent d’Edgar Hoover en matière de finances) et des sommités du comité des banques, lesquels passent la moitié de leur temps à Paris loin des projecteurs des patriotes libanais, le privilège doit plutôt être confié à des banques internationales.

Et la « Bank of New York », l’une des plus grande banques, propriétaire de la Réserve fédérale américaine, détient désormais 34% des plus grandes banques libanaises, grâce à une opération furtive de vol mi-2019. Une opération que les médias libanais « libres » ont dissimulée, ces mêmes médias financés par les dix milliards de dollars précités et devenus promoteurs de ladite révolution ; la révolution de l’autodestruction au nom de la lutte contre la corruption.

Est-il possible, Monsieur le Président, que vous ignoriez ce vol généralisé de tout un peuple par les banques !? Il est étonnant que vous ayez pu oublier un fait aussi terrible, exactement comme vous semblez avoir oublié les images satellite, lesquelles faciliteraient grandement la désignation des responsables de l’explosion hirochimienne du port de Beyrouth.

Monsieur le Président,

Il m’est difficile de croire ceux qui prétendent que vous n’êtes pas au courant de tout cela, tout comme il m’est difficile de croire que vous ne sachiez pas que vos avions de l’OTAN brûlent systématiquement des champs de céréales et des cultures de terres fertiles en Syrie, pour que les Syriens meurent de famine pendant que le blocus atlantiste les prive des moyens de combattre l’invasion de la pandémie virale.

Vous qui êtes issu du monde civilisé, transparent, défenseur des droits humains, naturellement et avant tout démocrate, vous devez présenter vos excuses aux Libanais, à nous tous, Monsieur le Président. Ce serait honteux de vous en abstenir. Quant à nous :

Notre Liban est et restera à nous, il n’est pas à vendre. Notre Syrie est et restera à nous. Notre Palestine était et reviendra au peuple du Christ… notre peuple.

Une fois de plus, Monsieur le Président, veuillez accepter mes meilleures salutations.

Hassan Hamadé

Traduction de l’arabe par Mouna Alno-Nakhal

Source : Al-Intichar (Liban)

Notes :

[1][ Conférence de presse du Président Emmanuel Macron sur la situation au Liban. (diffusée en direct le 27 septembre 2020 (vidéo)]
[2][ Le projet Baudicour de 1848]
[3][Première lettre ouverte au Président Macron ; par Hassan Hamadé]
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France was and still is an integral component to Lebanon State untenable status and situation

‘’La solution d’un problème commence par savoir se reconnaître comme une composante du problème’’.

Par Roger Assaf, homme de théâtre, Citoyen libanais et français

Monsieur le Président,

Je salue votre engagement personnel dans les efforts pour trouver une solution au ‘’problème’’ libanais. Votre discours en témoigne.

Je me permets de vous rappeler la parole d’un sage: ‘’la solution d’un problème commence par savoir se reconnaître comme une composante du problème’’.

Je partage avec la plus grande partie du peuple Libanais votre condamnation de la classe dirigeante au Liban, votre réprobation de leur comportement criminel dans leur attachement crapuleux à leurs intérêts partisans (voir personnels) au détriment des besoins vitaux du peuple.

Votre discours ne nous apprend rien que nous ne sachions déjà,.

Votre colère est même loin d’être égale à la nôtre, et votre sentiment de ‘’honte’’ est loin d’égaler notre exécration des malfaiteurs qui contrôlent l’État libanais, de leur cupidité insatiable et de la gabegie effrénée qu’ils pratiquent impunément.

Et pourtant, votre discours me révolte, parce qu’il occulte délibérément votre responsabilité foncière dans la catastrophe libanaise (quand je dis votre ou vous, il ne s’agit pas bien sûr de vous personnellement, mais de l’État français, aujourd’hui, naguère et jadis)…

Vous polarisez votre diagnostic de la crise actuelle sur le Hezbollah.

Nous sommes au Liban témoins, victimes et dénonciateurs des exactions de ce parti. (Pas moi Roger)

Il est, au même titre que tous les autres protagonistes de l’indigne oligarchie qui accapare l’État libanais, coupable de corruption, gabegie et dégradation des institutions.

La milice du Hezbollah et la mainmise de son acolyte ‘’Amal’’ sur le Parlement sont des obstacles (mais pas uniques) à une issue positive de la crise actuelle. (Nabih Berri is the Al Capone of all the militia/mafia “leaders)

Or les raisons (légitimes) de l’existence du Hezbollah, les justifications (même si elles servent de prétextes) de leur politique, ont pour origine et pour raison d’être la présence de l’État d’Israël.

L’injustice criante d’Israel Zionist, de son installation, la perpétuelle impunité de ses crimes, les innombrables agressions perpétrées contre le Liban depuis 1948, (1949, 1952, 1955, 1959, 1961, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 suivie de 22 ans d’occupation du Liban-Sud (en majorité chiite), 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982 guerre qui a détruit les infrastructures civiles du pays), 1983, 1984, 1985, etc. etc. etc. ,

Ces dates dûment détaillées se trouvent dans les archives publiées en juin 1986 par le Centre de Documentation Arabe.

Pour la suite, il suffit de se référer aux documents d’Amnesty International, en particulier pour les violations du Droit International dans la Guerre de 2006.

Monsieur le Président, J’AI HONTE pour l’État Français et la Communauté internationale pour la désinvolture et/ou l’impuissance de leur attitude à l’égard de l’injustice flagrante, implantée, entretenue, développée, en continuelle expansion, que représente l’État israélien, colonialiste, raciste, super militarisé… et religieux (Monsieur le défenseur de la laïcité et des valeurs républicaines !).

On ne peut pas être à la fois ami du Liban et de Benyamin Netanyahu.

On ne peut pas être à la fois accusateur du Hezbollah et complice (ou témoin silencieux) de la colonisation sauvage de la Palestine occupée.

On ne peut pas à la fois exiger le désarmement du Hezbollah et autoriser l’arsenal nucléaire israélien.

On ne peut pas à la fois pleurer sur la détresse du peuple libanais et détourner les yeux de la tragédie humaine de Gaza… (Cette liste n’est pas exhaustive).

Vous voulez aider le peuple libanais ?

Je vous crois sincère (tout en sachant très bien que vous défendez en même temps vos intérêts et que ce n’est pas pure philanthropie). (La France a perdu la Libye, l’Iraq, la Syrie, et même le Nord d’Afrique pour avoir suivi les plans de USA)

Qu’avez-vous fait pour libérer le Liban de l’occupation israélienne (1978 – 2000) ?

Ni vous, ni l’État libanais n’ont aidé la résistance libanaise et réussi à mettre fin à cette odieuse violation du droit international ?

Qu’avez-vous fait en 2006 pour faire échec à la scandaleuse agression massive de l’aviation et de l’artillerie israéliennes?

Ni vous, ni l’État libanais, mais la formidable solidarité du peuple libanais et de la Syrie autour des combattants du Hezbollah?

Que ferez-vous dans l’avenir si, en supposant le Hezbollah désarmé, le Liban subissait une nouvelle agression ?

Probablement rien de concret, mais je sais au plus profond de moi que le peuple libanais inventera sa future résistance, à l’image de l’insurrection civile actuelle, citoyenne et non confessionnelle?.

Vous voulez aider le peuple libanais?

Soignez le mal à la source.

Supprimez la raison d’être du Hezbollah (par opposer l’apartheid Israël, l’institution d’un etat Palestinien et la récupération des terres Libanaise occupé par Israël).

Mais je sais que ce n’est qu’un vœu pieux.

Nos dirigeants locaux sont corrompus, et les dirigeants du monde actuel le sont également.

Cependant la formule occidentale est beaucoup plus perverse.

Les dirigeants libanais sont la mafia qui vampirise les libanais, les dirigeants du monde ne sont que les serviteurs de la mafia qui extorque les ressources de la planète, en vampirisant de préférence les peuples au-delà de leurs frontières.

La France comme les États-Unis d’Amérique et la Russie, comme la Turquie, l’Iran, les pays arabes pétroliers, feront toujours passer leurs intérêts économiques avant les besoins des peuples dont ils se disputent les ressources.

Continuez votre politique, persévérez dans vos politiques discriminatoires, mais épargnez-nous vos discours déontologiques.


Emmanuel Macron a servi aux Libanais sa recette habituelle: la poudre de perlimpinpin.

Il cite nommément le Hezbollah, mais omet de mentionner son protégé Saad Hariri ; le trio sunnite, Fouad Siniora, Najib Mikati et Tammam Salam dont il dilue la responsabilité dans le vocable collectif mais anonyme de « classe politique ». De même que le grand absent de son sermon dominical Riad Salameh, le si décrié gouverneur de la Banque du Liban.

Jupiter de France fustige les Libanais, mais ne souffle mot du jeu nauséabond des États-Unis, qui l’ont littéralement marqué à la culotte après chacun de ses déplacements à Beyrouth.

Ni non plus du rôle obstructeur de l’Arabie Saoudite, le chérubin de l’humanité.

Il tance l’Ukraine, la Turquie, le Venezuela, mais s’offusque que le Hezbollah, la sentinelle de l’indépendance libanaise, ait une projection régionale, infiniment plus efficiente en tout état de cause que celle de la France avec ses déboires en Libye, en Syrie voire même au Yémen et en Tunisie.

Le balnéaire du Touquet a le souffle court.

Il se parachute au Liban pour s’aligner finalement sur son cerbère américain. Qu’elle est loin la grandeur française.

Pour aller plus loin sur ce thème, ci-joint ce lien en guise de piqûre de rappel

My Note:

France is the colonial power that destabilized the Middle-East most after WWI. France was allotted a mandated power over Syria and the Mosoul region in Iraq.

France permitted itself to give away to Turkey Syrian land as large as its current land. Worst, it gave Turkey 400 km of land down the Torus mountain chains (the natural borders between Syria and Turkey) that contain the sources of the Euphrates and Tigris River. Now, Turkey consistently claims that these water are Turkey and can blackmail Syria and Iraq from the sustainable water debits by constructing several mega dams.

France is the colonial power that gave Israel the atomic bomb and the early Mirage fighter jets to bomb Egypt and Syria during the 1967 war.


WikiLeaks documents on Lebanon: What’s going on with our pitiful “leaders”?

Posted on March 22, 2011

You won’t believe it. Can you imagine a government demanding from the enemy to invade its land, kill its citizens, destroy its infrastructure, and expand the bombing in intensity and duration?

That’s what happened in Lebanon:  Not once, but several times since 2005 and since its independence, in pre-emptive attacks by Israel, though tacitly for lack of transparency.

In 2006, Israel launched a devastating war on Lebanon and the government of Lebanon, headed by Seniora PM, demanded from the US that Israel extends its war destruction of Lebanon’s infrastructure beyond 33 days, on the guise of finishing off the military power of Hezbollah. (Finally, it was Israel that had to beg Bush Jr. to arrange for a cease fire)

Seniora PM, the current PM Saad Hariri, the defense minister Elias Murr, the ex-president Amine Gemayel, the warlord of the civil war Samir Geagea, the deputies Boutros Harb, Naela Muawad, Walid Jumblatt, Marwan Hamadi…demanded that Israel continue its war on Lebanon until Hezbollah is severely weakened.

Hell, Israel killed over 1,600 Lebanese civilians, injured over 5,000, displaced half a million from south Lebanon, dropped two million cluster bombs (dozens are killed and injured every year from these bombs), all Lebanon’s infrastructure was destroyed, the sea polluted after bombing oil tanks…

It took Lebanon billions in foreign aid and six years to reconstruct devastated towns, villages, highways, bridges…just to satisfy short-term interests of midget Lebanese political leaders.

The common people in Lebanon know about these systematic treacheries committed by the successive governments, but now there are documents, black on white.

Hezbollah is assembling a legal file to bring to trial all these traitors of first degree.

These official traitors should be packing now; they should be praying to die before they are brought to justice. (Wrong. these militia/mafia “leaders” are still in total control of Lebanon and brought the State to total bankruptcy at all levels)

The infamy didn’t stop after 2006:  It resumed unabashedly.

On May 7, 2007, the official traitors masterminded a civil war against Hezbollah as the best strategy to weaken this party that defended Lebanon’s dignity and security from frequent Israeli incursions into Lebanon.

The “official traitors” had a plan that was coordinated with the US and Israel.

Hezbollah was continuing his program of securing land fiber-optic communication lines.  That was the excuse to starting the civil war.  The US Cole was offshore waiting, and Israel intelligence agents were hunkered in many secret places around Beirut.

Hezbollah managed to dismantle the plan within 3 hours and the official traitors had no time to carry on their nasty program.

Seniora governed Lebanon as sole dictator for four years, with a reduced cabinet since the third of the ministered had resigned., meaning 60% of the population was not represented in the government, and sit in around the government palace lasted months under tents.

Seniora was unphased:  He had orders not to seek the opinion of the Lebanese citizens.

Tents were erected around the Prime Minister Palace for three months, but Seniora felt that the US support is good enough to remain in power.

The official traitors want the army to be the sole defender of the Motherland.  How?

Our army didn’t have a working single helicopter when battling the terrorists Jund Islam in Nahr Bared camp.  The Muslim Sunni salafists, financed by Saudi Arabia monarchy and via the Lebanese government of Seniora, had far more sophisticated weapons than the Lebanese army.

Funny.  The army is refusing free military hardware from donor States in order Not to antagonize the US Administration!

Are these official traitors serious about defending the fatherland from Israeli incursions?  Most probably, they never considered south Lebanon as part of Lebanon?

In the 2009 Parliamentary election, Saudi Arabia allocated $ One billion to finance the Lebanese election for the benefit of Saad Hariri, a Saudi citizen.  The US presidential election process didn’t cost that much!

What kind of an army the defense minister is envisaging?  The WikiLeaks documents stated the following:

First, since the Christian Maronites and Greek Orthodox are not applying to join the army, the best way to encourage them is by establishing special regiments, quasi-independent from army hierarchy, trained to fighting “terrorism” and equipped with assault helicopter.

Yes, Christian youth prefer to join “elite assault brigades”.  Why?  That’s how the “Christian” defense minister Elias Murr feels.

Second, the Muslim Shia youth, constituting half the population, should have a restricted quota of 25% in the army.  The minister feels proud that he managed to reduce the ratio of Shia soldiers in the army that the official traitors want to fight Israel with.  The Sunni, barely representing 30% of the population have increased their ratio in the army and internal security forces to over 50%.  Do the official traitors want to fight enemies with that kind of obscurantist mentality?

Well, not any longer:  Saad Hariri and company were fired, and a new government representing the enlightened resistance forces should shoulder the difficult problems plaguing our society.

Tidbits #69

“J’ ai ecrit un nom tout pres du reseau d’ecume, ou’ la dernière onde vient de mourir; les lames successives ont attaqué lentement le nom consolateur; ce n’est qu’au seizième déroulement qu’elles l’ont emporté lettre a lettre et comme a regret: Je sentais qu’elles effacaient ma vie” (Chateaubriand avait écrit le nom de Mrs. Récamier)

Il ne reste plus qu’une foule de gens qui troublent le monde, une petite tache sur le monde. Peut-être qu’une brise planera quand on passera par le Port de Beirut.

A new reality seems created when we adapt our dreams to the previous reality.

We seek a catchy singing rime, a catchy mantra…to summarize our new found purpose in life.

The Druze sect in Lebanon is in a far worse situation than the various “Christian” sects. The Jews in Israel are working on letting the Druze believe they are Half Jews. The various Muslim sects barely believe the Druze are Half Muslims. They created their own paranoia 800 years ago. They still hang to the illusion that England will come to their rescue in bad periods. No political organization is willing to believe in their “allegiance”, even in the short-term

The problem with the Ego, (and it is real), it’s that we identify with it to the extent that we forget there’s other parts of us. We get lost in certain habitual identities and then we stop looking. So we’re learning to be present with the manifestation.

The pleasure of reading history, (and history is more likely to be biased for the victors), like art or music or literature, consists of an expansion of the experience of being alive, which is what education is largely about. (And to give us ground for daydreaming stories and project?)

“Simplicity is the end result of long, hard work; not the starting point.” — Frederick Maitland. (The relevant question is: How simple is simple and how accurate it still describes the phenomena).

The uprisings of the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia and Egypt have so far produced anarchy in Libya, a civil war in Syria, greater autocracy in Bahrain and resumed dictatorial rule in Egypt.  (All these failures thanks to US/Saudi Kingdom/Israel/France ) who don’t want changes and democracy in the region)

Civil disobedience means you decided to adopt the strategy of confronting the system instead of running away from problems to easier alternatives.

Last night I was watching Hezbollah channel Al Manar. It told of the route the Umayyad army travelled with the “sabayat“, the prisoners of what was left of Hussein army. It said that most of the semi-nomadic tribes living in Syria withdrew with the defeated Byzantine army. It failed to say that the barely 7,000 fighters who came from the desert could Not defeat the Byzantine army if the tribes in Syria didn’t join it. A historical decision to ally with an army with No urban laws and civilization. Humanity civilization degraded as it reverted for 1,500 years to Law and Order based on religious dogmatic concepts and absolute monarchies, both Christian and Muslim.

L’Immortalité de l’âme est un problème attachant pour le genre humain. Si on apprend a concevoir une âme a toutes les autres genres qui vient et pullulent la terre, le racism aurait-il pris racines?

Il faut du courage pour oser braver les cris du vulgaire.

Le dernier moment (de la mort) s’arrête toujours pour nous tromper

Ce n’est que dans l’exile qu’on évoque l’enfance et qu’on essaie de restituer la réalité’ perdue. Pas d’autobiographie sans être exilé dans l’espace et le temps.

“Les idéologues du Christianisme n’ont-ils pas voulu en faire un système d’astronomie?” (Napoleon). En fait, toutes les religions antiques relève d’astronomie, même en ce jour des religions des peuple isolés.

Bonaparte a dérangé jusqu’à l’ avenir. L’esclavage que Napoléon avait façonné la société a l’obéissance passive, et son despotisme descendra sur nous en forteresses.

What Social and Political System?  What Electoral System after the withdrawal of Syrian troops?

Written in Dec. 5, 2004

Note:  This article was written a year before the Syrian troops withdrew from Lebanon as the international squeeze on mandated Syria was on to vacate Lebanon.

The dialogue on “what Lebanon we want for after the Syrian withdrawal” is still not serious and very superficial.

There are nowadays heated discussions about the parliamentary laws for the coming election in April and the heavy interference of the Syrian intelligence services in our internal affairs.

The coalitions of pro and con the current political orientations of the government in Lebanon have missed their targets.

Their political programs are non existent. Their political discourses are plagued by coded insinuations of pure sectarianism and a coward evasion to face the requisites of the future.  The society has made a full circle to where it was before the civil war.

The only differences are that:

1) the Muslim bourgeoisies (Sunni and Shia) have captured a sizeable share of the economy compared to the overwhelming monopoly of the Christian, especially the Maronite, bourgeoisie and

2) the polarization of the citizens into sectarian enclaves is almost complete throughout the land.

How the retreat of the Syrian forces from Lebanon would change this stagnant social fabric if we are still apprehensive of asking the right questions?

What forces would replace the Syrian forces to ensure law and order if there are no communication among the political parties?

How the Lebanese citizens could ever fall again into the trap that foreign powers could guaranty a long lasting stable political system that satisfies the interest of all the citizens?

We all know that the Lebanese Army (soldiers and officers) is old and still is no match to the entrenched militias who have been governing ever since the Taif agreement.

If Lebanon is to experience a profound and lasting rebirth, drastic political reforms have to be discussed at all levels in the society.

These reforms should attack the fundamentals of a civilized society, mainly a new Constitution and the clipping of the sectarian powers that is insidious in every phase of the citizen life and status.

What I propose is an alternative that would make digging of trenches a worthwhile endeavor if no rational responses are offered for a compromise.

I will develop two facets of Lebanon in the future:

First, the fundamental internal changes needed in the Constitution and

Second, the 4 political problems that are dividing the Lebanese society:  Mainly the presence of the governments with all its institutions in the South, the disarming of the Palestinian camps, the dismantling of all the armed militias, including Hezbollah and obviously, the withdrawal of the Syrian troops and its intelligence services.

The Constitutional acts to be discussed are as follow:

1) Half the parliament members should be represented by the female sex in accordance with the spirit of a true democratic representation.

The rationales: Women are more than half the population and their intrinsic problems are more intimately understood by them as well as their solutions. They will be the guarantee that their rights are fully considered, applied and secured.

2)   Election laws should be revisited.

Everyone who voted twice in any general election, municipality or parliament, and who can read and write in the Arabic language should be eligible to be a candidate. No fees should be attached to the application for candidature in order for the election to be for the people and by the people.

The minimum age for voting should be 18 so that new spirits and demands become major factors in political programs.

3)   Part of the parliament members should be elected on the basis of individual departments that would guarantee the fair representation of all religious sects.

The rationales: Electoral districts should include between 15,000 and 25,000 voters and a male and a woman deputy elected. This system might prevent unknown candidates to win by taking advantage of the notoriety of the other candidates on the list.

Also, this system will insure the representation of all sects implicitly and save the Constitution to be discredited by explicitly requiring that Christians and Muslims be equally represented.

Part of the parliament members should be elected on political party lines and syndicated affiliations and on the proportional basis.

The rationales: The political life in Lebanon is almost non existent because the political parties have been weakened and sidelined after the civil war. There is a strong link between the immigration of the youth and the political void that excludes them from expressing their dreams and their needs of varied opportunities.

I suggest that the election law allows voters to select two political parties so that part of the members should represent the political parties that come second in the ballot boxes. The second choices should be among parties that are non sectarian historically or have proven to include other religious affiliations in their membership.

The rationales: The non sectarian political parties should also be included in the first choice list of parties.  The second choice is important so that sectarian parties would embark on programs that would promote them to be acceptable by many more than one sect.

Everyone of the 18 officially recognized religious sects should be represented by one member in the parliament.

The rationales: It is becoming urgent that responsible and legitimate discussions on religious differences be aired to the public and how these different values might be affecting the interests of all citizens..

Decentralization and autonomy of the districts in the administration and financial spending on projects and programs so that competition heighten performance and efficiency.

The rationales: Many ministries have to be eliminated and decentralized so that communities start enjoying the benefits of the concept of subsidiaries.

Ministries like Youth, Sport, Tourism and Communication (Propaganda)…should be dismantled and regrouped within the administration of the districts (Mohafazat) and a post of a general counsel, for each one of these ministries, attached to the Prime Minister, has to be created in order to coordinate and harmonize among the administrations of the districts.

The districts have to keep three quarter of the tax revenue without the need to be redistributed by the Ministry of Finance at later date, if ever. I suggest that Lebanon should be divided into only 3 districts having a continuous link from the sea to the Bekaa Valley, direction west/east.

Beirut should NOT have a special status since all the central administrations are located in the Capital and would enjoy the expenditures of the central government anyway.

Competition for performance and attraction of investments would drive these districts into steady growth in all fields.

The Mohafazat should enjoy their seaports, local airports and equal number of citizens and land size. The local airports should service the internal requirements, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, and Cyprus.

Election of the administrative bodies of the Mohafazat should take place with the elections of municipalities.

The Northern and Southern regions should retain three quarter of the tax revenue for 4 years, because they were denied serious budget investment since Independence, the middle region two third and Beirut a third. These proportions should be revisited on the fourth year to establish an equitable balance.

As working examples, the North region might include the departments (Cadaa) of Batroun all the way to the northern borders of Lebanon with Syria and the Bekaa and Hermil to the East;

The South region might include the departments of Shouf in the north all the way to the southern borders of Lebanon and the Hasbaya and Rashaya in the East.

The Middle region might include the departments of Jbeil in the north, Aley in the South and Zahle and middle Bekaa in the East all the way to the eastern borders..

Civil marriage should be the law of the land.  Providing options outside the civil law is tantamount of increasing the power of the religious sects by their effective means of rendering the law virtually weak and inexistent

All marital rights and responsibilities, like heritage, divorce, adoptions and so forth should be governed by civil laws.

The rationales: It is about time that sectarian powers to our everyday life are reduced to their bare minimum and allowing the citizens to mingle, communicate freely and do commerce freely among them.

The President of the Republic should be elected by the people for 4 years with the option of being reelected for another single term.

The rationales: It is of paramount importance to curb this vicious cycle of making a mockery of the Constitution every six years in order to prolong the term of the President. A four years term with option for another full term would give strong incentives for the President to perform in order to be reelected for a second term. Personally, I would encourage the citizens to desist in re-electing a President for a second term.

The 3 highest political positions President, Prime Minister and Parliament head must be rotated according to their religious sect (Maronite/Christian, Sunni and Shia) every 8 years.

This rotational arrangement will be the best catalyst for thinking out a fairer Constitution and restructuring the rights and responsibilities of the highest political personalities

Ambassadors Extraordinary should be appointed in Beirut and Damascus.

General Commissioners for the inter commerce and common policies should be attached to the Prime Ministers in Beirut and Damascus.

Tidbits #63

“Quel est ce grand qui n’a cure de l’incendie?” Dante

My contention, very plausible alternative of how Beirut was flattened. There are teams of insider criminals who planted a Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE) bomb in the Hangar #12 that disperse an aerosol cloud of oil fuel on the 2700 tons of nitrate of ammonium and other oxyde chemicals. This bomb is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions. After the fire increased and plumed, a non-radiating version of depleted uranium (a new electro-magnetic) missile was launched from a far away military jet that cannot be observed by the naked eye.

How Israel would have reacted if the port of Haifa, instead of Beirut, experienced the same devastation? I bet more than half the injured would have died for lack of individual zeal to come to the rescue. At 6 pm on August 5, 2020, the post of Beirut and all residential streets in that sea front (radius of 3 miles) were totally devastated.

All Lebanon militia/mafia “leaders” demanded from Israel to teach Hezbollah a “lesson”? They got a Flattened Beirut as a reward to their treacheries.

In 2016, the academic Etzioni writes: “I asked two American military officers what other options Israel has. They both pointed to Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE). These are bombs that disperse an aerosol cloud of oil fuel which is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions. I think that is how Israel attacked the port of Beirut that contained 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate. The first bomb sprayed the FAE and the second was a low grade depleted uranium missile.

After the conflagration in the port of Beirut at 6 pm: Avez-vous entendu hier le soleil s’immergeant à l’horizon? Même le soleil avait disparu de vue

This digital display of Lebanon flag on the mayoral building in Tel Aviv, after the “atomic/electric/magnetic new bomb” conflagration that flattened Beirut, might be sending two messages; 1) Please Hezbollah, refrain from reacting in kind and 2) We the secular Israeli will Not vote for any of the ministers and deputies that sided and supported Netanyahu in the last 2 decades. We are sick and tired of the insane policies of constant military siding in the Middle East battle fields. We want out of coat tailing Trump and other US policies in this region.

Israel/US planned to flattened Beirut after August 7, 2020, the date the International Court was ready to announce its verdict on “Who assassinated late rafic Hariri in 2004”, but an event precipitated the date to August 4. Everybody knows that this Court is politically manipulated and intended to lay the blame on Hezbollah no matter what the evidence against that decision. The goal was to internationalize the political system in Lebanon as they succeeded to do in 2005. It happened that the Lebanese army had checked the hangar #12 and decided to relocate the 2,750 tons of nitrate of ammonium. Israel/US decided to pre-empt the attack and advance the date to August 4. This decision will fail to point the blame on Hezbollah, but the goal was to flatten Beirut and devastate the port, the only competitor to Haifa port.

Someone was asking who took the picture of the workers welding at the entrance of the Hangar #12. I replied;
the one who took this picture is a member of the team that planted the bomb that sprayed aerosol and fuel oil on the 2700 tons of nitrate of ammonium and then detonated the bomb. As the fire plumed a small “atomic” missile was launched to cause the conflagration that flattened all the port of Beirut and the building on the seafront.

The Lebanese dozen TV channels, in this tiny market of barely 5 millions, need outside infusion of liquidity. It is the Lebanese who created the fantastic story of Monster Hezbollah to keep the flow of foreign money and keep spreading fake news related to Hezbollah.

Most foreign entities give Hezbollah its due credit of restitutting to Lebanon the status of State to diplomats, though still a pseudo-State for how its treats its pseudo-citizens. Even our existential enemy Israel has given Hezbollah more credits that it ever dreamt of.

Hezbollah of Lebanon is an existential necessity to preserve Lebanon from outside pre-emptive wars

Very nonchalantly, foreign and local leaders are saying that the State of Lebanon will be no more? What that mean? That the UN will vote to oust Lebanon as a State? And what will become of this stretch of land? What about its pseudo-citizens? Will they be granted UN passports to roam the earth anywhere they wish?

All the lead personalities voiced the wrong message: The President, Hassan Nasrallah, the army… said that they had no knowledge of the existence of nitrate ammonium, or knew about this “piece of intelligence” very recently. They had their ministers, their deputies, the internal security forces, their public servants in every institutions…

Quand la liberte vertueuse du blâme est souillée, les qualites morales se degradent.

Les autels et temples abandonnés réclament toujours des sacrifices. Tout comme la notion de l’ honneur.

Les fragments des investigations individuelles de la conflagration du port de Beirut devront aboutir a une immense confession des militia/mafia leaders. Plus de d’absolution des crimes commis contre l’humanité et les Libanais.

Quand je vois les oiseaux migrateurs au début de l’automne, j’ai envie de fuir a des horizons lointains. Pourtant, tous les horizons sont déjà fermés aux âmes qui n’entendent que de calamité partout.

What? A shipment of chicken wings, from Brazil, tested positive for Covid-19 in a Chinese port. 

Nature (Natural) capital—the dollar value of the services nature provides, from clean water to breathable air—is worth more than $160 trillion every year. Water is already privatized. When will air be out of reach for the public?

Several Novels that were written by women and who had to use male noms de plume are being reissued with the female name. Middlemarch by Mary Ann Evans is hitting shelves and that was George Eliot’s real name

Israeli proposal to flatten Beirut in 2016: Done this August 4, 2020

At 6 pm, two conflagrations shook Beirut and demolished all of the port installations, neighboring streets 2 miles away, all buildings…

Half of public institutions located in the area, the central Electricity building, the Foreign minister., the hospitals around, about 5 of them., the sturdy wheat silos crumbled., newspaper dailies (Al Nahar), all the newly expensive and luxury high rises on this sea front..

So far, over 170 deaths and increasing and more than 6,000 injured and patients dispatched outside of Beirut for overflowing and for the poisonous environment due to the burning of 2, 750 tons of nitrate ammonium and other kinds of chemicals stored in the port hangard #12.

The latest news are that these highly flammable and detonating chemicals were stacked in the port since 2014 after requisitioning a Turkish ship that was transferring these chemicals from Georgia and was meant to stop in Beirut port and be discharged.

Why Beirut instead of Mozambique as the manifest declared?

Mind you that it was the US that built this nitrate of ammonium plant in Georgia.

Mind you that Hillary Clinton admitted that the US was highly involved in creating ISIS (Daesh) to occupy Mosul in Iraq. And all these Syrian insurgent factions since 2011 needed plenty of explosives.

A tsunami-kind of conflagration, red colored (color of depleted uranium/miniature atomic bomb detonation), that mushroomed in the sky like a small atomic bomb and advanced instantaneously inland and toward the sea at the speed of 750 m a second.

The hole that this conflagration left was 65 m deep. And generated a 4.3 earthquake scale.

A wide area of total devastation that remind people of picture of Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki…

People vacating Beirut to higher and far regions in order Not to be affected by the dangerous chemical inhalation.

How Israel would have reacted if the port of Haifa experienced the same devastation? I bet more than half the injured Israelis would have died for lack of individual zeal to come to the rescue.

In Lebanon, minutes after the conflagration people were busy transferring the injured to the hospitals. 5 of the hospitals close to the seafront were totally devastated and the injured had to be transferred and hundreds were welcomed in Damascus.

Israel refuse to admit that it attacked the port with depleted uranium missiles, though Israel knew very well of these stored chemicals: Netanyahu mentioned two years ago that hangard #12 contained Hezbollah missiles, in preparation for this attack

Trump declared that Beirut was attacked, but was not precise. (Just the message that he doesn’t give a damn of Beirut and the Lebanese pseudo-citizens)

So far, most countries are proposing “humanitarian” and clinical aids to Lebanon and movable hospitals.

The question is: And what afterward?

The government resigned because more than 7 ministers sided with their sectarian militia leaders.

As usual, Lebanon is bound Not to have a working government.

What kinds of help and aid to this totally bankrupt pseudo State that treated the Lebanese as pseudo-citizens since “independence” in 1943?

Currently, the Lebanese high security command ordered the army to take full control of Beirut for 2 weeks.

I have seen a video of 10 bodies flying in the air after the second conflagration: they were the first fire fighters who arrived to the scene.

And this clean-handed government could Not confront the militia/mafia clan and had to resign.

Amitai Etzioni, supposedly a prominent American professor, and who teaches at renowned universities, says Israel may have no choice but to destroy Lebanon — again and flatten Beirut

A prominent American scholar who teaches international relations at George Washington University has publicly proposed that Israel “flatten Beirut” — a city with around 1 million people — in order to destroy the missiles of Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah.

Professor Amitai Etzioni — who has taught at a variety of prestigious U.S. universities, including Columbia, Harvard and Berkeley, and who served as a senior advisor in President Jimmy Carter’s administration — made this proposal in an op-ed in Haaretz, the leading English-language Israeli newspaper, known as “The New York Times of Israel.” Haaretz represents the liberal wing of Israel’s increasingly far-right politics.

Etzioni’s op-ed was first published on Feb. 15 with the headline “Can Israel Obliterate Hezbollah’s Growing Missile Threat Without Massive Civilian Casualties?” (the answer he suggests in response to this question is “likely no”).


The rubble of Beirut’s southern suburbs in August 2006, after Israel’s war in Lebanon, which destroyed tens of thousands of homes(Credit: Reuters/Jamal Saidi). It also look as Gaza under the ruin.

“Should Israel Flatten Beirut to Destroy Hezbollah’s Missiles?” was the next, much more blunt title, chosen sometime on or before Feb. 16.

As of Feb. 18, the headline is “Should Israel Consider Using Devastating Weapons Against Hezbollah Missiles?”

Etzioni served in the Haganah — the terrorist army that formed Israel after violently expelling three-quarters of the indigenous Palestinian population — from 1946 to 1948, and then served in the Israeli military from 1948 to 1950. He mentions his military service in both the article and his bio.

(If a Palestinian or any “Arab” was discovered to have joined any military group, would he be teaching in the USA?)

In the piece, Etzioni cites an anonymous Israeli official who estimates that Hezbollah has 100,000 missiles in Lebanon.

In January, the U.S. government put that figure at 80,000 rockets. The anonymous official also says the Israeli government considers these weapons to be its second greatest security threat — after Iran.

Etzioni furthermore cites Israel’s chief of staff, who claims that most of Hezbollah’s missiles are in private homes. Whether this allegation is true is questionable. Israel frequently accuses militant groups of hiding weapons in civilian areas in order to justify its attacks.

On numerous occasions, it has been proven that there were no weapons in the civilian areas Israel bombed in Gaza. But that was beside the point for Israel.

Assuming it is true, the American scholar argues, if Israeli soldiers were to try to take the missiles out of these homes one at a time, it “would very likely result in many Israeli casualties.”

In order to avoid Israeli casualties, Etzioni writes: “I asked two American military officers what other options Israel has. They both pointed to Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE).

These are bombs that disperse an aerosol cloud of fuel which is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions.

The resulting rapidly expanding wave flattens all buildings within a considerable range.”

“Such weapons obviously would be used only after the population was given a chance to evacuate the area. Still, as we saw in Gaza, there are going to be civilian casualties,” Etzioni adds.

“The time to raise this issue is long before Israel may be forced to use FAEs.” (As people in Gaza were given 5 minutes to vacate an area and succumb to the shrapnel?)

Etzioni concludes his piece implying Israel has no other option but to bomb the city of Beirut. “In this way, one hopes, that there be a greater understanding, if not outright acceptance, of the use of these powerful weapons, given that nothing else will do,” he writes. (How about desist from the preemptive wars strategies and abide by UN resolutions?)

Lebanese journalists and activists have expressed outrage at the article.

Kareem Chehayeb, a Lebanese journalist and founder and editor of the website Beirut Syndrome, said in response to the piece “Should Israel kill me, my family, and over a million other people to destroy Hezbollah’s missiles? How about that for a headline?”

Chehayeb told Salon Etzioni’s argument is “absolutely absurd” and reeks of hypocrisy. “If some writer said the only way to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is just to bomb Israel,” he said, “people would go up in arms about it.”

He called it “ludicrous” that a prominent American professor “can just calmly say the solution is to flatten this entire city of 1 million people.”

“I’m just speechless. It sounds ISIS-like, just eradicating an entire community of people,” Chehayeb added.

Salon called Etzioni’s office at George Washington University’s Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies several times with a request for comment, but no one answered.

After this article was published, Etzioni emailed Salon a statement. “I agree with you that any suggestion to bomb or ‘flatten’ Beirut (or any other city) would be beyond horrible and outrageous,” he said. He said Haaretz had changed and then later corrected his headline.

“Ethics aside — Beirut is not where the missiles are housed,” Etzioni added. “The issue though stands how is a nation to respond if another nation or non-state actor rains thousands of missiles on its civilian population?”

Salon also reached out to the university. Jason Shevrin, a spokesperson, told Salon “the George Washington University is committed to academic freedom and encourages efforts to foster an environment welcoming to many different viewpoints. Dr. Etzioni is a faculty member who is expressing his personal views.” The spokesperson did not comment any further.

Etzioni is by no means an unknown scholar. He notes on his George Washington University faculty page that, in 2001, he was among the 100 most-cited American intellectuals. He has also served as the president of the American Sociological Association.

Israel has already flattened Beirut before

Writer Belén Fernández, an author and contributing editor at Jacobin magazine, published a piece in TeleSur responding to Etzioni op-ed, titled “No, Israel Should Not Flatten Beirut.”

Fernández points out “that Israel has already flattened large sections of Lebanon, in Beirut and beyond.”

She recalls visiting a young man in a south Lebanon village near the Israeli border who “described the pain in 2006 of encountering detached heads and other body parts belonging to former neighbors, blasted apart by bombs or crushed in collapsed homes.”

Note 1: Hezbollah General Secretary, Hassan Nasrallah, replied: All we need is to launch a couple of missiles on the Ammonium plant in Haifa. The conflagration is as powerful as an atomic bomb.

Israel executed this idea and stored an amount of ammonium nitrate in the port of Beirut and let it be forgotten.

Apparently most of these tons of nitrate of ammonium were sold, transferred and whisked away to Syrian insurgent factions. Possibly, from the extent of the conflagration, only about 300 tons remained in the port

Note 2: Who still believes that this calamity is a simple matter of laziness of every responsible during the last 6 years?

Who is still unable to believe that Israel is Not able to prepare for a long-term catastrophe and that hangar #12 was being prepared and targeted for a timely decision to flatten Beirut?

The next article will try to answer the why and how Israel/US wanted Beirut flattened.




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