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In two parts: biographies and speeches 

Posted on June 3, 2009

Hezbollah and Nasrallah

Hassan Nasr Allah (Nasrallah) is currently the Secretary General of Hezbollah.  He was born in August 31, 1960 in the poorest section of East Beirut called Nabaa

Hassan was the eldest among 9 offspring and his father supported this vast family selling vegetable. Hassan refrained from playing soccer with the neighboring kids or joining them for a swim; he was deeply religious and admired greatly Imam Moussa Sadr who gave the Muslim Shia sect sense of their pride and potentials in the Lebanese fabrics. 

The regions of predominantly Shias in south Lebanon and in the Bekaa Valley were neglected in the budgets for infrastructure by the central government since the independence in 1943.  

The Imam of the Mosque where Hassan prayed in Nabaa was Mohammad Fadlallah who is presently the highest Imam of the Shia in Lebanon.

At the age of 14, Hassan moved with his family to their home village Bazourieh in south Lebanon. He aided Sheikh Ali Shams el Deen opening a small library of religious manuscripts and Hassan started teaching religion in the village and then finished his high school in Tyr.  

By the age of 15 Hassan joined the “AMAL” movement of Imam Moussa Sadr and was quickly appointed officer of the Bekaa district and then a member of the politburo. 

Sheikh Muhammad Ghrawi facilitated to Nasrallah higher religious learning in Najaf (Iraq). 

Nasrallah met in Najaf with Abbas Moussawi (later the first Secretary General of Hezbollah).  By 1978, and after two years spent in Najaf, Nasrallah returned to Lebanon. 

A couple of months later Imam Moussa Sadr disappeared after a visit to Libya in August 1978 (Believed assassinated by Gaddafi?).

In 1979, Khomeini came to power in Iran and the Shah went to exile. 

The geopolitical condition in the Middle East changed drastically. Iran was now against the USA interests in the region, supported the Palestinian cause, and was the first State to officially allow the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to open and embassy in Tehran.  

Israel invaded Lebanon in June 1982; the operation was baptized “Peace in Galilee”. 

Israel put siege to Beirut for two months and Yasser Arafat and 11,000 Palestinian fighters left to Tunisia. 

The Lebanese President of the Republic Elias Sarkis invited Nabih Berri (leader of AMAL) to join Walid Jumblatt (Druze leader) and Bashir Gemayel (leader of the Christian Lebanese Forces) to form a national rescue team.

Many AMAL cadres quit Nabih Berri such as Abbas Moussawi, Sobhi Toufaily, Hussein Moussawi, Ibraheem Amin Sayyed, Naeem Qassem, and Nasrallah. 

They created Hezbollah and blew up the US Marines and French barracks in Beirut in 1983. Nasrallah had said that Hezbollah was the consequence of Israel entering Beirut in 1982.

Hezbollah postponed declaring its formation until 1985 after Israel assassinated one of Hezbollah’s leaders Sheikh Ragheb Harb. The Iranian leaders Ali Mohtashami was then the spiritual father of the Party and Muhammad Akhtari the military father.

Hassan Nasr Allah learned from Ragheb Harb the famous dictum “The word is taking a stand and shaking hands is acknowledgement of assent” and thus Harb never shook hands with any Israeli army officers who were trying hard to win Ragheb over to supporting the Israeli occupation of south Lebanon.

In 1987, Nasrallah was appointed member of the highest legislative order in Hezbollah and chairman of the executive branch.  I

n 1989, Nasrallah resumed his religious studies in Qom (Iran) and returned in a hurry to Lebanon when military skirmishes with the AMAL movement spread. 

The AMAL party was executing the orders of the Syrian regime to entering the Palestinian camps and disarming the Palestinians of any heavy arsenal. 

Hezbollah followed the policies of Iran to leave the Palestinian out of harm.  After many months of fighting both parties settled out their differences as Syria and Iran reached a compromise.

Israel assassinated Hezbollah leader Abbas Moussawi in 1992.  

Nasrallah was the closest aid to Moussawi and had extensive contacts with the base, and studied in Qom. 

Hassan Nasrallah replaced Moussawi as Secretary General; he was only 32 of age.  Nasr Allah said: “A movement that witnesses its leader falling martyr can never be defeated”. Hezbollah evolved into a qualitative phase in organization and political acumen.

Israel invaded Lebanon in July 1993 for 7 days under the code name “Settling Accounts” and then re-invaded in 1996 under Shimon Peres (Nobel Peace prize winner! Go figure, he and Menachem Begin the terrorist with Egypt Sadat before him)

This operation of total destruction lasted for 17 days under the name “Grapes of Wrath” and shelled a UN compound in Qana where civilians had taken refuge and over 100 died and 300 were gravely injured.  

Hadi, the eldest son of Nasrallah, fell martyr during a resistance operation in September 1997; twas the night before Nasrallah was to deliver a major speech and he insisted on speaking and said: “In Hezbollah we do not save our children for the future; we honor them when they fight in the front lines against our enemy Israel; we stand tall when they fall martyrs”

Israel had to retreat from all of Lebanon, with the exception of Shebaa Farms and the hills of Kfarshouba in May 24, 2000 without pre-conditions or negotiations. 

The “Arabs” recognized Hezbollah as the main resistance movement that vanquished Israel and acclaimed Nasrallah as the Hero of liberation. 

In the large town of Bint Jbeil Nasrallah delivered the Victory Speech and offered the liberation in the name of all the Lebanese.  Nasr Allah said: “Israel has nuclear arsenals and owns the most lethal air force in the region.  Israel is still much weaker than the spider web” (It was a reference of a spider web on a cave that saved the Prophet Muhammad from being caught by the Quraish tribe of Mecca persecutors while fleeing to Yathreb)

Israel bombarded the villages in south Lebanon in 2003 and then raided Beirut in 2005. 

Israel re-invaded Lebanon in July 2006 for 33 days and failed to achieve any of its proclaimed objectives.  

Nasrallah was recognized as the most charismatic and powerful resistance leader in the Arab and Muslim World.  Nasr Allah played the catalyst for the Shia in Lebanon to participate in projecting the living messages in the symbolism of the Koran verses, and thus be capable of assimilating and accepting changing social and environmental conditions.

According to the famous journalist Seymour Hersh, these “leaders” of Cheney, Elliott Abrams, and Bandar Bin Sultan conspired to finance and whisk the members of Fatah El Islam (Qaeda affiliated) into the refugee camp of Nahr Al Bared with the purpose of destabilizing Lebanon and starting civil war between the Muslim Shias and Sunnis, and thus immersing Hezbollah into a potential civil war.

It didn’t work because the Lebanese army was hurt in its pride after many soldiers were executed by severing their heads in the summer of 2007. 

The Lebanese army lost over 160 soldiers and many hundreds were severely injured but the Muslim extremism objectives were defeated after 6 months of engagement in the camp. 

Deputy Bahiya Hariri (sister of late Rafic Hariri) acknowledged that she contributed substantially in financing extremist Palestinian groups in the refugee camps.

 The Israelis take very seriously Nasrallah promises and threats. 

The Lebanese Government of Seniora PM failed to understand that “A word is a commitment”

Nasrallah had said that Hezbollah will never turn its arms internally except when coerced to relinquish its arms; especially its secured communication lines, the most potent arm it had during the war in 2006. 

In May 5, 2008 Seniora PM Government, with No Shia minister representatives in the cabinet, executed a plan to dismantle Hezbollah secure communication network. 

Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech demanding the government to retract its decision. 

By May 7, the AMAL militias confronted the security forces of the Mustaqbal (Hariri clan) movement in Beirut and quickly closed down those arm caches intended to start civil disturbances.

The AMAL forces were controlled by cadres of Hezbollah in order for the confrontation not to degenerate into sectarian infighting. For example, the rioters saved the huge pictures of late Rafic Hariri PM and removed the pictures of Saad Hariri and Seniora PM. 

Israel admitted that its patient work of infiltrating Hezbollah for two years vanished within a couple of hours. Over 20 Lebanese agents spying for Israel have been apprehended.   Nasrallah is demanding that the traitors be hanged. Israel spy bunkers in Beirut were closed

 Hezbollah has joined the Parliament since 1992 and has increased the number of its Deputies; it has cabinet ministers since the year 2000.  

Lebanon is getting ready for Parliamentary election in June 7, 2009 and all the indications point to victory of the opposition headed by Hezbollah, AMAL, and the movement (Tayyar) of Change and Reforms of current President General Michel Aoun. 

Note:  The biographical sections were extracted from the recent Arabic/Lebanese book “Shock and Steadfastness” (Sadmah wa Sumoud”) by Karim Bakradounyi

Extracted from my diary, and written on November 24, 2006

Posted on October 23, 2008

It is a sunny and clear day. I think that it is important to first review the study prepared by Mark Perry and Alistair Crook for the British Forum of Confrontations on the July war between Israel and the Lebanese Resistance of Hezbollah.

(Actually, the main objective of Israel was to completely destroy all Lebanon infrastructure, bridges, “refineries”, highways, and Dahiyat in south Beirut. That’s what Israel did)

The bogus study came to the conclusion that Hezbollah won the war and was successful in penetrating the Israeli strategy, its cycle of decision making in the chain of command, intelligence gathering, and military maneuvering.

Though Hassan Nasrallah, (General Secretary of Hezbollah), warned Israel in many public speeches that Hezbollah is about to capture Israeli soldiers in exchange of the release of the Lebanese prisoners, still Israel was taken by complete surprise at the bold attack: mainly Israel supposed that this maneuver will not take place during summer when the “Arab” States from the Gulf and the Muslim Lebanese Shia emigrants flock to Lebanon for vacation.

The Hezbollah operation was easily carried out, and the later videos demonstrated that fact.

The incompetence of the Israeli commander, who failed to follow the military procedures, resulted in two tanks being destroyed in a minefield and many Israeli soldiers died. This unwarranted Israeli military error forced Olmert PM to escalate the confrontation into a full-fledged war, ahead of schedule set by the USA Bush Jr. for late autumn.

Though the vicious surprised escalation by Israel took Hezbollah by surprise it managed within minutes to mobilize its forces and the rocket officers.  The study estimated that Hezbollah has 600 rocket depots hidden 40 meters deep in mountains south of the Litany River.

The Hezbollah political officers had no knowledge of the locations of the depots for security reasons, even a field commander knew about the location of only three depots within his field of operation.

All the varied Israeli sources of military intelligence failed to accurately locate the rocket sites, as well as locating the leaders of Hezbollah, since Not a single one was killed; even Abu Jaafar, the southern military commander of Hezbollah did not die as Israel proclaimed on June 28.

Israel was flabbergasted by the total adherence of the Hezbollah militants by the war truth, 33 days later, a fact that confirmed the effective communication among Hezbollah bases after the methodical Israeli aerial bombardments for over 30 days and nights.

Hezbollah was also very successful in counter thwarting the Israeli espionage operations in Lebanon: it captured 16 spies before the war, many more during the war, and leaked erroneous information to the Israelis about the rocket sites which resulted in civilian casualties and worldwide uproar for the Qana massacre.

(The same town that witnessed the massacre of 110 civilians massed in the UN compound in 1996)

Israel lost as many soldiers and officers as Hezbollah did, or about 180.

The Hezbollah Nasr brigade in the south, strong of 3,000 fighters, did not need to be replenished neither in fighters or supplies during the whole period of the war.

The cause of continuous wavering of the Israeli military command to start the land invasion was due mainly to the disastrous previous small skirmishes that proved that the Hezbollah fighters were steadfast in holding on to their towns and villages and will not retreat.

When Israel called up the reserves sooner than expected on June 21, the US military strategist surmised that the Israeli army is in great trouble and is no longer doing well as hoped.

On June 21, Ehud Olmert PM urgently demanded from the US ammunition supplies which confirmed that Israel’s air depots have been depleted within the first week of its air strikes, and that Israel is in deep trouble.

The environs of the towns of Maroun El Ras and Bent Jbeil, by the border, did not fall in the hands of Israel for the duration of the war, even after Israel called up an additional 15,000 soldiers and the Golani brigade to dislodge the tenacious fighters.

The Merkava tank was defenseless against the second generation of anti tank missiles used by Hezbollah and which were fabricated in 1973.

At the same time, the “Khyber One” rockets which targeted the airbase in Afula, deep inside Israel, could not be intercepted.

Finally, the US hurriedly worked out a UN truth, at the instigation of Israel on August 10, because the Zionist soldiers, deep in south Lebanon, feared encirclement, total defeat, and surrender.

The consequences of this defeat, as stated by the study, were disastrous to both Israeli image of an undefeated State and the US foreign policies.

First, when US diplomats and politicians tried to be in touch with Jordan, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia after the war they realized that nobody in these pro American States dared respond to their calls;

Second, the US realized that its air superiority in a war against Iran is susceptible to be a failure in order to snatch any quick victory;

Third, the popularity of Hassan Nasrallah has become overwhelming in all the Arab and Muslim World, a fact that pursuing the accusations of terrorism will ridicule the US administration and sap any remnants of its credibility;

Fourth, the strategy adopted by Hezbollah discredited the complete political affiliation of the Arab regimes with the US policies in order to gain a few irrelevant advantages;

Fifth, the US is already unable to contemplate a coalition of the Arab and Muslim States in anticipation of an invasion of Iran, simply because these States can no longer afford to look as US stooges toward their people;

Sixth, any attempt by Israel to disable the Iranian nuclear plants will instigate a retaliation toward Israel nuclear plants and further weakening of the American presence in the Arab Gulf States as well as the fall of many pro American Arab States in a domino fashion. (A few days ago, an air-air missile fell by Israel Nuclear site of Dimona, and the Dome of patriotes failed to intercept it.)

Seventh, Israel is going to need, at least 15 years, to rebuild its military and intelligence capabilities in order to regain the image of undefeated army. Israel lost all its spying bunkers (labelled security services in Beirut) in 2008 by a 3-day cleaning up by Hezbollah.

Eight, the position of Iran in Iraq has drastically increased and the Shiaa might soon start an offensive against the US and British troops, their previous allies;

Ninth, the position of Syria in Lebanon has strengthened which is a defeat to the French program since it would be impossible from now on to form a government in Lebanon that antagonizes Syria.

The previous consequences of the study are conjectures so far.

Let us review what happened since after the July war.

First, George W. Bush administration was defeated grandly in the House and the Senate.

This administration has voiced readiness to consider alternative solutions to the Iraqi quagmire.  This administration will view world politics from a different perspective, except in the Greater Middle East. 

It seems that the Bush government is expressing its bitterness in our region. The Bush administration is the cause that the unity governments in Palestine and Lebanon are being postponed weeks after weeks at the detriment of our security and economic development.

Second, Britain has already decided to hand over the civil administration in Basra by the end of the year and has plans to retreat from Iraq altogether: Britain and the European States are vigorously seeking open and direct negotiations with Iran and Syria for a political resolution in Iraq

Third, Pakistan has reached a truth in the provinces bordering Afghanistan and is no longer willing to pursue the US maddening demands to fighting terrorism.

Fourth, Bush is facing serious hurdles meeting with “Arab” leaders. The Iraqi Prime Minister Maleki is not sincerely willing to meet Bush for the time being after Moqtada Sadr threatened to quit the government and the Chamber of deputies if he did, because the recent onslaught of the US forces in Sadr City in Baghdad.

Fifth, Saudi Kingdom is diversifying its military hardware by purchasing for over $1, 5 billions from Britain and Europe. Vice President Cheney visited Saudi Arabia to pressure it to purchase military hardware from the US.

Sixth, the US is about to transfer its major military bases from Qatar to another Gulf State after Qatar was actively flaunting the US plans in the region and openly voicing its concerns in the UN.

Seven, China has publicly announced that it will continue to aid Pakistan with its nuclear programs; China is implicitly behind the Iranian peaceful nuclear program and that is why the US is feeling impotent in setting up an economic effective embargo or contemplating any military alternative.

Eight, a recent survey by a European agency showed that Israel is considered the worst racist and apartheid State.

Nine, the US and Israel are trying hopelessly to start a civil war in Lebanon by effectively assassinating the Maronite Minister Pierre Gemayel Jr. Jordan King Abdullah is warning of imminent civil wars in Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq. Bush is coming to Amman to meet Iraq Maliki PM and, most probably, to put the final touches to the execution of the civil war in Lebanon.

Ten, the foreign visitors to Lebanon are flocking to the south to witness the complete destruction of 30 towns and villages; they are carrying back video, pictures and interviews with the southern residents after shedding bitter tears at the view of these cataclysmic scenes. Hopefully a renewed awareness in the US and Europe of the main task of this mercenary State of Israel will expand.

Eleven, the parliamentary election in Bahrain, 70% of the population being of Shia sect, allowed the Shia and leftist movement to win big.

Twelve, Israel Olmert PM has finally agreed to a truth with Hamas in order to put a stop to the “Al Qassam” rockets directed to the kibbutz Sderot closest to Gaza.

Thirteen, Iranian Prime Minister has promised to help the US in Iraq if the US forces vacate completely this country.

Note: With the advent of Donald Trump, many “Arabic” States, especially those pseudo-State in the Gulf have officially recognized Israel.

Notes, comments and titbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 168

Posted on March 21, 2018

Note: I take notes of books that I read slowly and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

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I heard a couple days ago that Israel relented from constructing another wall of shame on Lebanon’s borders: The announcement referred to Lebanon President steadfast complaint that there are still 13 points on the border Not yet resolved with the UN.

Anyway, Hezbollah strong message is a good enough excuse for Israel Not to open another front.

History stories are wrong: History never united a people on a worthy tangible value. Only wars gathered people to loot and massacre neighboring people.

What Great design and great copy do? They speak clearly so that people don’t have to listen so hard among all these noises

Deja enfant, j’étais certaine que devenir adulte privait plus qu’il n’accordait, empêcher plus qu’il n’autorise.

Vivre dans un quartier populaire, tu confrontes la realite’ que ton niveau de vie est plus que proportionnel a ce que tu mérites en qualité’, en proprete’ et en securite’.

When a President considers that what is illegal does Not apply to him (Nixon and all US presidents), and the major news medias keep the lid on, you end up with all kinds of “gates”.

The US citizens got to come to term that all laws were meant to protect the Elites classes behaviors.

In China and Singapore, and in most South-East Asia, 80% of the kids and adolescents suffer from myopia.

How to retard the set in of Myopia? Plenty to outside activities. Classrooms must enjoy 350 Lux lighting. Apparently, Myopine eye drops in very low concentration of atropine, has proven to be effective.

The Alpine jamboree this year is “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World,” so let’s team up and put those pieces back together.

A country is where we don’t have to be deported or transferred

Rational arguments are meant to reach the stage: “I understand” and stop there. 

Emotional intelligence decide on your position. And it is confident and steadfast.

Scientific facts need plenty of clear repetition and “understanding” before being inducted in the emotional intelligence that has the role of making a decision on an issue.

Road map of a civil war: (June 1982-1985)

Posted on October 22, 2008

The third phase (June 1982-1985) started with the invasion of Israel to Lebanon and entering its capital Beirut for two weeks. It ended by the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Sidon and East Sidon to Jezzine in the South.

Israel withdrew its forces in phases from various parts of the lands it occupied. 

The tactics of Israel were to allow the Christian “Lebanese Forcesto infiltrate into mixed regions and let the factions fight it out among themselves when Israel withdraws.

These tactics started a civil war in the Chouf (Druze district) that ended with the evacuation of all Christian villages, and the follow-up civil war in the region of East Sidon that ended with the evacuation of all Christian towns toward Jezzine (under Israel occupation) or East Beirut.

Israel continued its occupation of a major part of South Lebanon until its total defeat in year 2000 (over 20 years of occupation) and the withdrawal of its forces without negotiation or conditions.

This phase witnessed the evacuation of the armed Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) from Beirut to Tunisia, the landing of UN troops constituted from US, France, and Italy into Beirut, the assassination of elected President Bashir Gemayel (before his official inauguration), and the gruesome slaughter of the Palestinian refugees in the camps of Sabra and Shatila in West Beirut , contrary to the guarantees for their safety offered by the USA, France and Israel.  

More than two thousands civilians (Palestinians and Lebanese) were killed within two days and nights, the nights of the camps fully lighted by Israel to resume the slaughter hood.

The multinational forces composed of mainly French and American forces vacated Lebanon after two successful suicide car bomb attacks on their headquarters., leaving hundreds of soldiers from the US and France dead.  

The Shiaa party “Amal” was split, and Hezbollah was created

Battles between these two factions will intensify with Hezbollah taking over the control of Dahieh (South Beirut) and “Amal” (lead by current head of the Parliament Nabih Berri) retaining the administration of what is left of South Lebanon.

Amine Gemmayel was elected President of the Republic with Israel backing. 

The peace treaty with Israel that President Gemayel was negotiating failed miserably in May 17, 1983 and the Lebanese army successfully checked the advances of the Syrian forces in Souk Gharb in the Aley region and which could have left the Presidential Palace exposed at the mercy of direct artillery fires.

The relocation movements within Beirut were the consequences of Syria’s supported militias like “Amal” attacking the Palestinian camps in and around Beirut.

This war against the remaining Palestinian strongholds in West Beirut started in the summer of 1985 and lasted for 5 years, which enfeebled “Amal” (the main Syrian supporter) militias militarily and politically.

Hezbollah was set to broaden its base in the Shia population and become the sole resistance power against Israeli occupation of part of Lebanon, after Syria Hafez Assad prohibited the leftist Lebanese forces to participate in that national and legitimate resistance.

افتراءات سامي كليب على حزب الله

صفية سعادة الأربعاء 20 كانون الثاني 2021

(Safiya Saadi). January 20, 2021

في مقالته المنشورة على موقع «خمس نجوم» بعنوان «لبنان: تدمير ممنهج ووهم انتظار بايدن»، عمد الصحافي اللبناني سامي كليب إلى ربط أحداث عالمية بالتطورات على الساحة الداخليّة، بطريقة انتقائية واعتباطية، محملاً حزب الله مسؤولية ما حصل ويحصل في لبنان.

يقول الكاتب:

«قاتل حزب الله عشر سنوات على أرضٍ غير أرضه في سوريا، ورفع مستوى تدريبه القتالي، وحصل على أسلحة استراتيجية، صار المُهدّد الفعلي لإسرائيل، وصار أيضاً رأس حربة إيران في المنطقة، يعادي من تعاديه ويصادق من تصادقه، فتوسّعت رقعة شقاقه مع دول عربية عديدة.

من سيقبل بهذا الواقع؟»
يُظهر هذا المقطع سرداً لتسلسل الأحداث يجافي «الواقع» على عدد من الأصعدة:
أولاً، قلْب الأسباب إلى نتائج. فحزب الله ليس «المهدّد الفعلي لإسرائيل»، بل العكس تماماً، إسرائيل هي

المهدّد ليس فقط لحزب الله، بل لجميع دول «سوراقيا»، وذلك منذ قرار وعد بلفور بإنشائها عام 1917. لم تخفِ الحركة الصهيونية، آنذاك، مشاريعها بالاستيلاء على منطقة الهلال الخصيب بأجمعها، في ما أسمته «إسرائيل الكبرى»، وهذا واضح في رسائل حاييم وايزمان إلى رؤساء الدول الغربية لمن قرأ الثلاثة وعشرين مجلّداً التي تحتوي على آرائه وأعماله.
لا تمانع إسرائيل بإقامة علاقات طبيعية مع دول الخليج أو شمال أفريقيا، لأنّ لا مطامع لإسرائيل في هذه الدول، لكنّ الوضع مغاير تماماً في ما يختصّ بنا. هي تريد الأرض، والماء والبحر، ولا تخفي ذلك، وما الصراع الأخير حول النفط إلّا عيّنة من مسار طويل من الحروب، والقتل وهدر طاقات لبنان ودول «سوراقيا».

لذلك، حزب الله هو النتيجة وليس السبب. هو المدافع عن هذه الأرض وليس المهاجم.

ثانياً، إدراج مقولة إنّ «حزب الله قاتل على أرض غير أرضه» هي مقولة فيها الكثير من المجافاة لواقع تقسيمات «سايكس – بيكو» الملائمة لإسرائيل وللغرب، لأنّ عنوانها الكبير هو «فرّق تسُد»، والكاتب في موقفه هذا يوافق على التقسيمات التي فرضها الغرب بالقوة العسكرية على المنطقة مع نهاية الحرب العالمية الأولى،

ويعتبر أن لا علاقة بين سوريا ولبنان بأكثر ممّا هي علاقتهما بإسرائيل!

إنّ كلّاً من لبنان وسوريا مهدّدان يومياً من قبل إسرائيل، لأنّ هذه الأخيرة تريد أرضهما، فهي استولت على الجولان ولا تريد إعادته، وقبعت في جنوب لبنان عشرين عاماً ولم تخرج إلّا نتيجة المقاومة المسلّحة التي آزرتها سوريا، لأنّ أيّ دخول لإسرائيل إلى لبنان يعني بالضرورة تهديداً لسوريا، فإذا سقط لبنان، سقطت سوريا، والعكس صحيح أيضاً.

لقد اخترع سايكس – بيكو لبنان كمنطقة مسيحية عازلة لحماية إسرائيل

ثالثاً، يعي الغرب تماماً ترابط دول الهلال الخصيب تاريخياً، واقتصادياً واجتماعياً. لذلك، يعمد إلى فصل بعضها عن البعض الآخر، وإذكاء نار الحقد والخصومة بينها، كالقول إنّ لبنان يدفع ثمن التدخّل السوري، بينما الحقيقة هي أنّ هاتين الدولتين تقومان بالدفاع عن نفسيهما أمام الهجمة الإسرائيلية الآن، وأكثر من أيّ وقت مضى، لأنّ الولايات المتحدة الأميركية تريد تخصيص إمكاناتها لمواجهة الصين.
تدرك الولايات المتحدة الأميركية أنّ هذه المنطقة تمثّل وحدة جغرافية استراتيجية شاءت أم أبت، والبرهان على

ذلك أنّها حين احتلّت العراق عام 2003، كانت تعرف تماماً أنّ ذلك يعني سقوط سوريا ولبنان. لذلك، سارع كولين باول، وزير خارجيّتها آنذاك، إلى زيارة الرئيس السوري وتهديده بتدمير سوريا إذا لم تهادن إسرائيل. فالتوازن بين القوى الذي استطاع الرئيس حافظ الأسد المحافظة عليه، لم يعد ممكناً بعد انهيار الاتحاد السوفياتي، واتُّخذ القرار في الولايات المتحدة الأميركية باجتياح دول سوراقيا، منذ عام 1996 (راجع The Clean The Clean Break). لم تكن أحداث الحادي عشر من أيلول / سبتمبر إلّا الحجّة المناسبة للقيام بذلك، بالرغم من أن لا علاقة للعراق بهذه الأحداث،

لكن الإعلام الأميركي قوي لدرجة أنّه استطاع أن يحوّر الوقائع، وينشر الأكاذيب فيصدّقها القارئ؛ فادّعى كولن باول في اجتماع للأمم المتحدة بأنّ العراق يحتوي على أسلحة دمار شامل، وأرفق طوني بلير هذه الكذبة بأنّ الصواريخ المدمّرة ستطاول بريطانيا خلال أقل من ساعة.
رابعاً، احتلال القوات الأميركية للعراق يمثّل تهديداً وجودياً لإيران. ووجود محور المقاومة ليس بأكثر من تعاضد دول المنطقة وحراكها الشعبي ضد الاحتلال الصهيوني والأميركي معاً، فحتّى حرب صدّام حسين ضد إيران كانت لمصلحة الولايات المتحدة الأميركية، وحين انتهى دور الرئيس العراقي بادرت أميركا ليس فقط إلى تصفيته بل إلى تدمير العراق. لذلك، القول بأنّ حزب الله صار «رأس حربة إيران» هو قول يجافي الحقيقة، فهذا محور متكامل يدافع عن أرضه ووجوده، وكما يقول المثل: «في الاتحاد قوة».
خامساً وأخيراً، إنّ تدمير لبنان ليس بسبب وجود حزب الله كما يقول سامي كليب، وليس بسبب إيران، بل لأنّ علّة وجوده قد انتفت! ولقد كتبت حول هذا الموضوع في مقالة ستنشرها جريدة «الأخبار» عنوانها: «دولة لبنان الكبير: بدايته ونهايته».
لقد اخترع سايكس وبيكو لبنان كمنطقة مسيحية عازلة بين «دولة يهودية» ودول عربية «إسلامية»، وذلك حماية لإسرائيل. لكن، ومع فتح العلاقات الطبيعية والعلنية بين بعض دول الخليج «الإسلامية» وإسرائيل، انتفى دور لبنان المنطقة العازلة، لا بل أصبح عائقاً بفضل مقاومته. هدف تدمير لبنان إلحاقه بإسرائيل، فهل هذا ما يريده الكاتب؟
* أستاذة جامعية

Bi-Weekly Report (#20) on Lebanon and the Middle East (May 3, 2009)

Israel would like to play games with the US Administration in order to delay tough decisions for the establishment of a Palestinian State that everyone has been yearning for.

Israel is trying to focus the attention on Iran but there are no takers. 

The US Administration knows that there are No peace treaties with the Palestinians or Syria unless the regional powers are satisfied and consenting; mainly Iran, Egypt, Saudi Kingdom, and Turkey.

Iran is the easiest of the roadblocks among the four major regional powers because Iran would rather focus its investment on the social and economical issues in Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.

The most difficult power to satisfy would be Egypt because it lost all credibilities for making any difference in the Arab World and in Africa after Gamal Abdel Nasser: Egypt is holding staunchly to its last Palestinian cards, since the huge weight in the Arab World that Gamal Abdel Nasser created for Egypt was dilapidated and used up since Sadate in 1970.

In fact, if a Palestinian State is voted on in the UN, then Egypt would have to turn to its main responsibility that is Sudan. Sudan is a real hot potato and an international focus: Egypt has neglected Sudan for so long that it has no real leverage over there.

Saudi Kingdom comprehends that exporting and proselytizing its Wahhabi sect will come to an abrupt stop if peace and stability reign in the States of the Sunni Muslims:  The Wahhabi salafist sect relies mainly on religious extremism in the Arab World which is fueled by considering Israel and Iran as nemesis to the Muslims.

Turkey is enjoying its new found role of mediator and would rather that this exercise last longer to convince France that Turkey is a critical factor for the European Union political effectiveness in the Middle East.

The triangle of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan is a very hot potato for Turkey to focus its attention on: Turkey would rather not alienate Russia at this junction before it secures a place in the EU.

Israel has been trying since the coming of Barack Obama to immerse the new US Administration in the recurring troubles between India and Pakistan and comploting terrorists attack in both States: the purpose was to divert the US from pressuring Israel to deliver on its promises for facilitating the establishment of a recognized Palestinian State.

With spring season, the Pakistani Army is making good progress inside the rebellious extremist Taliban type districts within Pakistan such as the Valley of Sawat and with the support of US military shipments.

I was having a nap around 4 p.m. this Wednesday when I overheard that the four military officers, Jamil Al Sayyed (former Security Director), Raymond Azar (military intelligence), Mustafa Hamdan (Presidential guard), and Ali Haj (director of the internal forces) will be released this afternoon after the special International Court of Justice for former late Rafic Hariri realized that it had no legal indictments on any one of the Generals.

There will be strong pressures for four judges to resign because they covered up information and detained the officers for 44 months without any kinds of indictments for political reasons; mainly the focus will be on the judges Said Mirza and Sakr Sakr.

Many heads will fall and the government is in hot water, especially Seniora PM, Saad Hariri, Walid Jumblatt, Samir Geagea, and particularly deputy Marwan Hamady for fabricating false testimonies by false witnesses.

After four years of investigation into the assassination of Rafic Hariri the International Court has nothing in its file for indicting anyone. 

Nasr Allah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah has suggested that a new venue be focused on; mainly the Israeli connection because they had the interest and the means for this major upheaval in Lebanon.  Nasr Allah proclaimed that no more indictments or imprisonment would be facilitated before thorough analysis of the proofs with the UN Court.

Jamil Al Sayyed had explained that their political indictment was a routine behavior of every government since the Independence of Lebanon.

The security responsibility of any government starts with the president of the Republic, then the Prime Minister, then the Head of the Parliament, then the ministers, then the deputies and lastly the security forces. 

All the massacres, treasury stealing, financial black boxes, and insecurity of the State are done by the politicians and based on their policies. 

Once the politicians find it convenient to reconcile their differences it is the officers of the security and military forces that are targeted as scapegoats.

Next Tuesday the highest court of judges of Lebanon will meet and come up with a credible explanation for shirking its independence as the third authority and hopefully major heads should pay the price for ruining the credibility of our justice system.

This pseudo-sectarian State was created by the mandated French colonial power to be structured on sectarian basis

لبنانكم هذا خذوه!

It is impossible for this pseudo-State of Lebanon to ever become a State, a people and a modern political system. Lebanon was founded on a sectarian basis by the mandated French colonial power. Every institution is based on a sectarian quota, 19 officially religious sects.

Even the Shia Muslim sect that refused to be part of this “created” Lebanon and was totally discarded in the infrastructure budget for 40 years, woke up to become the most organized and leader in this sectarian political system.

What can the secular pseudo-citizen” in Lebanon do?

They are unable to unite under a viable program, or to even constitute the 20th officially recognized religious sect to get its share in the loot and be integrated in the institutions.

نصري الصايغ ضيوف الموقع  Nasri Sayegh Posted on 

ما أكثر اعدائك أيها المواطن. لا يُصَّدق أن هؤلاء كلهم، ضدك.

الطائفيون معسكر كامل بكل اسلحته الشنيعة. قادتهم متحدون ضدك، ومختلفون في ما بينهم على ما هو لك، بل على ما هو أنت…

إنهم يشبهون ثكنة مختصة بمطاردة كل من يظن أن باستطاعته أن ينتمي إلى الوطن… الانتماءات مصادرة، الانتماء الوحيد المعترف به، هو الانتماء إلى الطائفة، ولو كان المنتمي كافراً وزنديقاً ومحتالاً وقاتلاً.

ما أكثر أعداء العلمانيين.

البلد ثكنة مدججة بجماهير مسعورة، وغب الطلب.

الطائفية دين الاديان والمذاهب والاحزاب والقيادات. من دونها، يتعرى القادة وتظهر عوراتهم النفسية، وتنكشف ركاكة سلطتهم. من دون الطائفية، هم حثالة.

كنت أظن، وبعض الظن “غشمنة “، انه يكفي أن نرفع لواء الوطنية، وشعار العلمانية، ومطلب الديموقراطية، و… حتى تنفتح الطريق إلى الإنجاز، فيكون لنا لبنان الدولة والوطن. ويساس ديموقراطيا، وفق اصول الانتخاب الحر، ليلعب الوطن دوره الريادي داخلياً، وليكون لاعباً في محيطه، ومشتركا في صياغة اقليم يواجه تحديات العدوان والاحتلال الإسرائيلي… إلى آخره.

كنت أظن، وبعض الظن “حمرنة”، انه يكفي أن نؤمن ونتبنى قضايا داخلية جليلة، حتى يتحول الإيمان إلى تجسيد،

فالحوار والنشر والعلم والثقافة والتفاعل، أقوى من حواجز الآلية الطائفية، التي هي في مرتبة الجهل المطبق والعار المشين.

تبين لي ولنا، اننا نهذي. فالصراخ في الشارع والتظاهرات في الساحات والبيانات المقنعة، والمصيبة بصدقيتها، كفيلة بأن تنهار اسوار الدولة الطائفية كورق الخريف الاصفر.

وعيت ووعيناه مراراً، وتحديداً مؤخراً، اننا نهذي، وعرفت أن الطائفية في لبنان، اعتى دكتاتورية في البلاد المنكوبة بقائدها واحزابها وعسكرها وملكيتها وامارتها…

الطوائفية في لبنان، هي ” الله الرهيب” و”الشيطان الرجيم”، والاتباع ابالسة وقادتها ممسكة بصكوك الاتهام. فكل مواطن متهم إلى أن يثبت العكس.

(مللا ذل.) (What an indignity!)

كم كان هذا اليقين غبياً وصبيانياً ومراهقا.

عندما فتحت عيني، وجدت أن الالفباء اللبنانية كلها، والقاموس السياسي، والكتب “المقدسة” كلها، إلى جانب قوافل “المؤمنين والمؤمنات”، كالطريق المرصوص وابواب الجحيم لا تقوى عليها. ملائكة العلمانية هشة ورخوة وملعونة. “هذا رجس من قبل الشيطان فاجتنبوه”.

عاينت قلاع الطوائفيات، فوجدت أن لبنان، من أوله، قد ولد من رحم طائفي، امتلأ قبل زمن. حبلت به المتصرفية، ومن قبلها حاضنة القائمقايتين… وعندما استولد قالوا له: هذه أمك. لم نكن نعرفها من قبل. اقنعوه بالقوة، وباللغة الفرنسية الصارمة: هذه امك، فانتسب اليها.

تولت الحاضنة المارونية رعايته. تبنته. سُرَّت به. هو وطن مسيحي اولاً، سمته على اسمها. لولا المارونية السياسية بزعامة بكركي، لكان لبنان لقيطاً، بلا أب ولا أم… شعر السنة باليتم. يريدون اماً او خالة. أي شيء، أفضل من لا شيء.

الدروز كانوا قد ورثوا حصتهم الضئيلة، مما تبقى من لبنان المتصرفية…

الشيعة رفضوا الوليد الجديد. أُكرهوا على ذلك بالقوة. عاشوا على حافة الوطن وفي ضفاف الفقر وفي فلوات النسيان. ثم، وعت الشيعية على أن دورها ليس في كنس الطريق وبؤس الضِّعة وضفاف الشوارع في بيروت، فطالبت بحصة، وبصعوبة بلغتها.

حدث ذلك بعد 50 عاماً. ولولا السيد موسى الصدر لظلت الشيعية السياسية مظلومة، من ذوي القربى.

فلبنان هذا، نظام طائفي بنيت له دولة. النظام سابق على الكيان. الطائفية هي الأصل، والعلمانيون لاجئون في لا وطن.

عندما انتهيت من الاصغاء إلى خطاب السيد حسن نصرالله، انفتحت عيناي على المشهد كاملاً. قلت: ما زال المشروع الطوائفي يتمدد، وهو حي يرزق، ولا يأتيه خطر من أي جانب. فلا خوف على لبنان الطائفي. انه القلعة المحكمة. وكل الخلافات ” الأخوية”، تنتهي بـ “تعالوا إلى صفقة سواء”.

والصفقات هي العلاجات المتوجبة على الطوائف أن تتناولها. نحن العلمانيون كَفَرَة، انما انقياء ولسنا قطعانا ابداً.

بدا لي المشهد كاملاً. الجغرافيا الارضية طائفية. المياه والأنهر طائفية، الله طائفي، المرجعيات السياسية طوائفية: المارونية طائفية، من فوق لتحت وفي كل الجهات والمؤسسات. حتى الكنائس والاديرة ورجال الاكليروس وجهابذة الفكر وقيادات الاحزاب والتيارات… وحتى الحثالات المهملة هي طائفية…

المصارف صليبية طائفية. المدارس والمعاهد والجامعات والسوبر ماركات ومنعطفات الاوتوسترادات… كلها طائفية.

أما الكلام والمواقف، فليست إلا التعبير الأسمى في الانحطاط الطائفي.

وألتفت إلى السنية السياسية… يا إلهي. معسكر تام طائفياً. من رأسه حتى أخمص أمواله وفقرائه. المرجعيات الدينية تبصم بصماً مبرماً. ما يقال من فوق، يستجيب كل الذين تحت. الطائفية لا تؤمن بالمساواة بين اتباعها. هي طبقية بامتياز. ترضع من اقواتها القليل معه وتطلب التأييد المبرم… واللعنة على من اتبع الكرامة والانسانية والوطنية.

ورأيت أن ذلك يصح على الشيعة. لقد تلبننوا طائفيا بعد تأخر ظالم. تلبننوا كثيراً، وتفوقوا طائفيا على اساتذتهم الموارنة والسنة والدروز.

الشيعية السياسية مبرمة. هي قوية ومستقوية وعامة وشاملة ومستقلة استقلالاً إتصالياً ببقية الطوائف. ما يصدر عن هذه الطائفة المستقوية يستنتج، أن بين لبنان والدولة الوطنية والمدنية والعلمانية سنوات ضوئية.

ما كان يرتسم في الذهن من قبل، بأن هناك شواذا على القاعدة، تبين في ما بعد، أن لا شواذ على القاعدة ابداً. انما الشيعية السياسية اليوم، وغداً، وما بعد ذلك، هي العمود الفقري للنظام الطائفي، المدعّم شرعاً وشارعاً ومشروعاً.

الدروز. أصل لا فرع. طائفيتهم متينة. كالبنيان المرصوص مغروزة في القلب والعقل والناس. أقلية في متراس. زعامتها، واحد أحد، وبعض الذين يعرجون عرجاً مشبوها طائفيا. قيادتهم تشُّم من بعيد. هي بحاجة ال حليف، قريب او بعيد.

تتأرجح الطائفة بين اقصى اليمين واقصى اليمين واقصى اليسار، بلمح البصر. متحالف ومتخالف. اليوم امر وغداً أمر.

اقلية قلقة. تطالب بحصة أكبر، لتنال الأوفر. آل جنبلاط، عمرهم أكبر من عمر لبنان. إلا انها لا تختلف سياسيا ومالياً وصفقاتياً، عن الآخرين. احدى سماتهم، الانتقال السريع من … إلى … مراراً.

ثم تبين لي، أن لا علاقة لي بلبنان هذا.

لا أعرف إذا كان آخرون مثلي. اختلف عن كثيرين، بأني أسرعهم إلى اليأس: اليأس من لبنان هذا.

مئة عام عمر لبنان الطائفي. ولم يجد في خلال هذا التاريخ، الا الحلول الطائفية المسخ، بعد المعارك الطائفية الدامية، وبعد استضافة الحلفاء الخارجين، كل طائفة لها مرضع خارجي. إلا العلمانيون، فهم صائمون، وزمن الافطار يبتعد… ما أقسى الجوع!

من خمسة عشر عاماً، كتبت كتاباً بعنوان، “لست لبنانيا بعد”.

غشيم انا. كنت اظن انني سأصبح لبنانياً سنةً ما، عصراً ما، قبل أن ارحل عن هذه الدنيا…

انا متأكد بأنني كنت على خرفٍ شديد. لبنان هذا، يتقدم باستمرار إلى المزيد من الطائفية. وكلام “السيد”، بدعوته إلى تأليف حكومة من كل الطغمة الطائفية، دليل على أن الأهم، هو الابقاء على الركام او ” الرجمة ” الطائفية، وليس حل المشكلة الشاهقة التي يموت منها وفيها لبنان.

لبنان على حافة نزاعه الاخير.  لبنان ينحرونه ولم ينتحر، ومع ذلك. بطلب ممن نحره أن يلتم حوله. لإعادة صياغة زريبة جديدة. لمن تبقى من الطائفيين اللبنانيين.

أخلص إلى القول: كم انت غبي يا نصري. اياك أن تظن خيراً. انما، افرح يا رجل. فأنت لست عبداً، بل انت حر، في بلد يدرب فيه الزعماء ازلامهم على السير على جباههم.

انما للقول صلة. انتهينا من التوصيف والجمع.

“كلن يعني كلن”.

فماذا عن الذين ابرموا طلاقهم مع الطائفية. هؤلاء مؤمنون، ربما، بأديانهم، ويؤدون فروض الايمان، ولكنهم نزعوا عنهم الاستعباد الطائفي والمذهبي.

لا أعرف أن كانوا في وادٍ يهيمون.

لم يعلنوا عن حضورهم بفعالية مجلجلة بعد. العلمانيون ليسوا قلة. ” يا خيي قلِّدوا الطائفيين، كونوا “الطائفة” المؤمنة والملتزمة بالعمانية. مارسوها. ارسموا لها طريقاً. لبنان الجديد، بحاجة اليها.

إذا، لم يكن ذلك كذلك، ” فصحتين” للطائفيين هذا اللبنان. وعيشوا فيه بؤساً وفساداً وتلوثاً ونكراناً… حتى الثمالة. فلبنان الطائفي القبيح ليس لكم. هو يشبههم. وهم يشبهون بعضهم بعضاً. لبناننا، ليس مثلكم. فلا أنتم نحن ولا نحن أنتم… خلص.

أخيراً، لبنانكم هذا يستحيل عليه أن يكون دولة ووطناً وشعباً.

لذلك: “خذوه”. نفضّل أن نكون ايتاماً من أن نكون… ضع الكلمة المناسبة في هذا المقام.

Notes and titbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 168

Posted on March 21, 2018

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

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I heard a couple days ago that Israel relented from constructing another wall of shame on Lebanon’s borders: The announcement referred to Lebanon President steadfast complaint that there are still 13 points on the border Not yet resolved with the UN. Anyway, Hezbollah strong message is good enough and excuse for Israel Not to open another front.

History stories are wrong: History never united a people on a worthy tangible value. Only wars gathered people to loot and massacre neighboring people.

What Great design and great copy do: They speak clearly so that people don’t have to listen so hard among all these noises.

Deja enfant, j’etais certain que devenir adulte privait plus qu’il n’accordait, empêche plus qu’il n’autorise.

Vivre dans un quartier populaire, tu confrontes la realite’ que ton niveau de vie est plus que proportionel a ce que tu merites en qualite’, en proprete’ et en securite’.

When a President considers that what is illegal does Not apply to him (Nixon and all US presidents), and the major news medias keep the lid on, you end up with all kinds of “gates”.

The US citizens got to come to term that all laws were meant to protect the Elites classes behaviors.

In China and Singapore, and in most South-East Asia, 80% of the kids and adolescents suffer from myopia. How to retard the set in of Myopia? Plenty of outside activities. Classrooms must enjoy 350 Lux lighting. Apparently, Myopine eye drops in very low concentration of atropine, has proven to be effective.

The Alpine jamboree this year is “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World,” so let’s team up and put those pieces back together.

A country is where we don’t have to be deported or transferred.

Rational arguments are meant to reach the stage: “I understand” and stop there. Emotional intelligence decide on your position. And it is confident and steadfast.

Scientific facts need plenty of clear repetition and “understanding” before being inducted in the emotional intelligence that has the role of making a decision on an issue.

This nightly Mass Graves in Nineveh

Nabih Al-Burji. March 9, 2021

The charge of the western colonial powers: Hezbollah has gone to Syria to fight against Angels!

Yes, no less, fighting against angels, otherwise we would have seen how the land that produced 7 Roman emperors, gave birth to the bishop of Rome (Pope Gregory III), has been transformed, by Abi Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Abi Muhammad Al-Gulani, and Abi Omar Al-Chechani, to a paradise for democracy.

Hillary Clinton, Obama, the western colonial powers, Erdogan, the “Arab” monarchies and Emirs knew how to devastate Syria and massacre its people. Weapons from the colonial powers and cash from the petro-dollar monarchies.

Instead of the Republic of Plato, the Republic of Abi Dhar Al-Ghafari…

Were Hezbollah fighters supposed to welcome the terrorists with open arms in the campaigns of Lebanon eastern mountain chains, those Islamic extremists who massacred our Lebanese officers and soldiers who were made prisoners?

Was Hezbollah supposed to believe that these terrorists, if they had access to the statue of the Lady of Bechwat in the Bekaa Valley, they would have knelt before it, and shed tears on the feet of the Virgin Lady, just as it was in Maaloula, in Raqa, in Qoroush and in Mosul.

We have all followed the Islamic State Organization (ISIS) in Iraq.

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi had to declare the Caliphate from the place of Hussein in Karbala, or from the Monastery of Mar Uraha in Nineveh, or from the Church of Mar Corgis in Erbil, not to mention the Yazidi ′′ Lalish ′′ temple near Sinjar.

Who prevented him from reaching Baghdad, Erbil, and Karbala? Ask the White House. (It was the Iranian fighting volunteers, commanded by Qassem Suleimani, who quickly filled the void in the Iraqi Kurdish districts and stopped the advances of Abu Baker riff-raff))

The American army has been in Iraq since 2003, under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Where were the Apache planes when the terrorists were swooping on the city of Qoroush (Qaraqosh) the historic presence of Christianity in between the two rivers, and when Christians were chopped off with machete and swords, and when they were spending nights out in the open for shelter from the ′′ graves night in′′ Nineveh?

Was ′′ Hezbollah ′′ in Iraq when Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi appeared, with his double character, and where Freudian simulation between Hulaku and Shahriar, and when the new Mongols, on the horse s’ rift, Mosul city, which once hosted, the goddess Ishtar?

We didn’t imagine that the Iraqi tragedy was so horrific (but it’s Iraq, guys).

Pope Francis’s visit made this tragedy a panoramic trip.

Especially the horrors Christians have faced. We ask the Pentagon about that Iraqi army that he built over a decade, generals flying in women’s clothes, and in women’s shoes…

The tribes of Yagog and Magog (Yajooj Majooj) were supposed to enter Damascus to be within steps from Beirut, and they attracted Abu Suleiman Uzbek who promised, promised, and promised, to set up a ′′ camp for women ′′ in Downtown Beirut.

How could′′ Hezbollah ′′ implicate the pseudo Lebanese “state” in the collapse of relations with others when he went to Syria (to fight against angels).?

Maulana Al-Khalifa was supposed to receive drum rolls, following the footsteps of some of the political system stars when they visited, with their precious gifts, and with their honorable attitudes, military killers in Arsal Valley.

Saad Hariri PM, whom Hezbollah raised him on their shoulders (and we always wished the resistance would stay out of the jungle), is advising one of his mediators to carry Hezbollah party as a visa to enter Riyadh.

Thus, after more than four months of spinning inside the vicious circle, the state owner’s media office discovered that the party is adopting the manoeuvring a way awaiting Iranian password that allows it to start seriously in forming the government.

Self-exoneration as a philosophical rule. Your cup, homeland… (Kasak ya watan)

We don’t know whether the leader in charge knows what the moral meaning of words, who accuses Hezbollah of evasive maneuvers, duplicit,…

May the advice not be spent to close the south road, and the Bekaa road, to besiege ′′ Hezbollah ′′ and to catch Saddam, do not thank his punishment.

Thus above the rubble (like a red carpet) enters the palace of the dove.

Despite all that, the doors of the government have not been locked in front of him. He is the one who locks it down…again and again.

Diary of a war in 2006 

Posted on October 21, 2008

My niece Joanna returned home around 11 p.m. and I will tell her a piece of my thoughts since she considers herself a sensible and an intelligent creature.  

 She has to drive at least 40 minutes on a deserted road and with one million refugees, people hungry and out of jobs and in dire need of gas, the possibilities for unusual behaviors might be understandable in this frustrating time.

Israel did a major incursion toward the town of Marjehyoun with a long file of tanks early this morning; two of its top commanders were killed.  By 10:30 the Israeli armed forces were retreating from the town.  There are indications that Israel is no longer serious about reaching the Litany River but it is attempting a few scary tactics for the last minutes political gains at the UN.  There are also indications that the Lebanese government has no other choices but to hold on to its program agreed at by consensus.

Israel targeted the Lebanese TV antenna in Amchit, near Byblos, and the old lighthouse near Koraytem, Al Manara, in Beirut and we should expect rockets raining on Tel Aviv if Nasr Allah decides to confirm his promises according to Hezbollah’s rules of the war.

Around noon, there was breaking news of an attempted attack on the London airport of Heathrow.  Britain and the USA are under Red Alert or the danger of imminent “terrorist” attacks.  No liquids of any kind are permitted on flights within the respective countries. The US minister of the interior is connecting these attacks to the “Al Qaeda” of Bin Laden.  Israel PM   Olmert has suspended the major land incursion pending the so called diplomatic outcomes.

In the afternoon, I dressed up and drove my mother to the funeral of one of our local poet Khalil Rasheed Fakhoury who composed the anthem of our internal security forces.  My plan was to offer my condolence to the bereaved family members of the poet but I could not find a place to park along the road for half a mile.  So I turned back, deposited my mom by the church and then resumed my trip to the gym.

While at the gym I have been hearing the Israeli jets flying over Beirut and suspected that they might target the suburbs of Shiyah and Burj Barajni as their flyers were warning the citizens.  This time the jets did not hurl their bombs on the suburb of Beirut but they targeted many more bridges and roads in the south and the Bekaa Valley.

Hezbollah launched more than 150 rockets on northern Israel and targeted Haifa as well.  Israel continued to evacuate the town of Kiryat Shemouna.

I came back home late after 9:45 p.m. on account that Joanna has the habit of not abiding by any closing time. I found my mother furious.  She claimed that I said that I will be back soon, which I didn’t, and she had to wait at my aunt Montaha’s home. 

Montaha was getting sleepy and my mom had to visit a neighbor’s of Montaha to give her a lift.  After super I intended to join my nephews and Michael (don’t recall who is this Michael) for a game of poker but the electricity went off, public and private.  I lighted a few candles and went to bed.  It appears that the public electricity came back soon while asleep and my nephews played different games and some of them went to bed at 6.

Note: A couple of days before the certain cease fire by the UN, Israel committed 2 major crimes against humanity.

First, Israel spread over a million cluster bombs in the south (received from Scotland on order of Britain PM Blair. Lebanon and teams of the UN peacekeeping contingents are still demining this large region in 2020 that harvested dozens of citizens and maimed scores of them.

Second, totally destroyed a half-mile radius of very dense Dahiyat in Beirut, using depleted uranium




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