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Work on your hierarchy of value: After your life is well oiled? 

A hierarchy of value when everything functions

Bottom up structure

Hierarchy of value

When two things offer the same appropriate level of function, we’ll choose the cheap one. (Even made in China?)

But if one offers more connection than the other, it is worth more.

Where is the tribe, do people like me do things like this, who’s there, will they miss me, do I trust them, have I been here before…

If two items offer (same level) of connection, but one offers the approval and sexiness that style brings, some of us will pay extra for that. After all, style promises ever more connection. (Looks and feels more natural?)

And at the top of the hierarchy is our quest for scarcity, desire and the hotness of now.

In a market like smartphones, it’s pretty clear that it’s really difficult to offer more function than the other guy. And the quality of connection, the very attribute that fuels the smartphone, was surrendered to the app makers a long time ago. Which leaves the sexiness of a drop-dead case and the urgency of the latest model.

What do you and your team offer? Where are you in the hierarchy?

Most freelancers have been so beaten down in the quest to make a go of it, they stop at function and take what they can get. Some businesses (small and large) find the patience and guts to offer connection or even style. And every once in awhile, an idea and an organization come along that promise to share the elusive hot that sits atop the pyramid.

So, buy a Harley, not because it can move you from here to there cheaper, but because it comes with a tribe. And buy that Nars lipstick because of the way it makes you feel. And get on line for that new gadget, because, hey, there’s a line.

And then, someone finds the audacity to redefine ‘function’ and the whole thing begins again.

Posted by Seth Godin on September 07, 2016




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