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How “High-Energy” people recharge?

My previous article explained William Choukeir’s notes on on how to recharge in energy by meeting with high-energy individuals and how to go about recharging in energy associating in team-type energy-loaded activities.

Young people instinctively revolve around a “circle of friends” to recharge in energy from the “tribe”:  They may be lucky if one or more members in the tribe are of the high-energy types.

I am wondering:

First, how can people recharge in a polluted environment and eating manufactured poisoned food and consuming all kinds of drugs when they feel sick or under the weather, or depressed?

Second, what recharging medium is better or more effective:  walking in clean fresh nature as a team or  associating in conversation with high-energy people?

I suggest to William to  move on from subjective observations to experiment designed to observing cause and effects.

First, William has to measure “exponential explosion of energy“, not only from personal vibration levels in synch with another high-energy person but also using non-intrusive measuring tools that indicate levels of vibrations and observing (taking notes and recording) the quality of conversation and topic discussed, away from argumentation.

I know that William is proficient and ingenious investigating and researching appropriate tools when he sets his mind to it, and is convinced that his experimentation is ripe for scientific validation.

Second, I suggest to William to investigate with “tribes” or what I would prefer to call “circles of friends” of different age groups.

For example, it is important to realize that older group of people need to know the kinds of energy-loaded activities that are more appropriate to them.  We need to know if urban people recharge as quickly as rural people do, and how fast their energy is dissipated.  We need to know how this energy capturing, recharging, and dissipation change with age and environmental conditions.

Third, William need to investigate if tribes of rural only members behave differently than urban only tribes, quantitatively and qualitatively; and how a mixture of rural and urban members behave, how the tribe behaves in combination of gender, how tribe members working in urban settings but living in rural area differ from members working in rural conditions but living in urban conditions…

I conjecture (hypothesis) that the working environment (unhealthy, unsafe workplace, a job not liked, and uncooperative colleagues) deplete energy much faster than the pollution of the environment or living in close quarters where members of families sleep in the same room for lack of living space.




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