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March 20, 2007

The Sunni Monarchs threatening to rejuvenate the “Hilal Al-Khassib” concept

Prince Talal bin Seoud of Saudi Arabia has suggested recently that the unity of the “Fertile Crescent” States of Syria, the central and northern parts of Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon is ripe to exist as a counter power to Iran’s growing influence in the Gulf and the region.  The Jordanian Monarch has been sending strong signals to the enviable unity of States with Sunni majority, which are the same States mentioned previously.

I have this very plausible interpretation of the strategic plans of the USA.  The US grand plan always seeks, at specific periods, to have one main State in the Middle East to dominate the neighboring smaller States in order to save their interests from total anarchy in the region which could be costly to contain, thus, secure the US economy and businesses.  Egypt was the main power broker during Gamal Abdel Nasser who defended south Yemen from the Saudi Monarchy and succeeded in uniting Syria with Egypt and mounted a coup d’etat in Iraq against the communists of Abdel Karim Kassem. After the defeat of Egypt in 1967 by Israel then, Iran was selected for the role until the Shah was deposed by the Khominists.

Iraq was then the main power for a while until Saddam forgot the rules of the game and became unwanted and a pariah in the regional States.  Iran is taking over the relay temporarily and the USA has no problem with allocating this role to Iran on condition that it refrains from establishing a nuclear arsenal that would give her the image of a regional superpower that would deny it the proper image among the neighboring States to control the Western security and economic profitability.

Turkey is in line at a coming period to play the same role because that is the history of our Middle East since time immemorial.  Egypt would not be allowed to take this role simply because it is bordering Israel but will always play an important secondary role in the background for mediating conditions that might go awry if left unattended.  Saudi Arabia is simply an emergency bank to remedy the local calamities emerging from the small regional infightings because the reduced number of its inhabitants cancels her to be a de facto major power.

Israel cannot play this crucial role but is constantly asked to intervene for surgical operations that the US is not willing to tarnish its image among the regional people and also to be the stick in its policy of taming recalcitrant parties.  It is now dawning on the Saudi Monarchy that this situation is demeaning to its image and constantly disturbing its style of government.  A few Princes in Saudi Arabia are trying to rejuvenate the concept of the “Hilal Al-Khassib” constituted of the current States of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon with Syria playing the dominant State to coordinate the formation of this unity, under the major condition that Saudi Arabia be the sole power broker for this new entity.

The concept of “Greater Syria” has been around for a hundred year as one people living in various States that were created after the superpower wars and given nominal independence.  This natural entity was not allowed to flourish and take roots because of its strategic location and potentials in manpower and natural resources, especially oil. The irony is that they were mainly the Sunni political leaders in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan who were the staunchest adversary for this kind of unity and worked hard with the British and the US to destroy it.

The Saudi Prince Talal bin Seoud and the Jordanian Monarch Abdallah bin Hussein have declared the necessity of recreating a Sunni Crescent of States to balance a Shiaa Crescent extending from Iran to southern Iraq, bypassing Syria to Southern Lebanon. Although this sectarian advocacy might damage the concept of uniting the Greater Syrian States into Federalism or a union it does not mean that once the process in well established that Saudi Arabia is going to remain the godfather and be successful in passing its programs.

With Iraq tattered and on the verge of collapsing into Federalism at best, and with Turkey still attached to the vision of being part of Europe, it appears that Iran would again get the green light from the USA to be the imperialist watch dog in the Middle East.  This choice would secure two goals in one shot; Iran can stabilize the situations in both Iraq and Afghanistan and even aid in the partition of Iraq which is the ultimate purpose of the invasion of Iraq.




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