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Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 235

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page of backlog opinions and events is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

The Near-East region (current Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine) was the crossroad for all the ancient warrior empires. The people were more educated (had schools), more cultured, and more urban. The educated people spoke at least 3 languages, their mother tongue Aramaic, the previous occupier language and the current occupier.

During Jesus period, the educated people in the Near-East (current Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine) communicated in 3 languages: Their mother tongue Aramaic, Greek/Seleucid, and Latin. The Romans started their incursions in 60 BC.

The Jews in southern Palestine, mostly Bedouins, adopted the customs and tradition of the Land (Near-East civilization). In 200 BC, a few Jewish scholars wrote a mythical history (stories) for the Jews and codified customs as religious laws. They added a few restrictive customs that corresponded to their Bedouin life-style.

Jesus was Not a Jew, as agreed upon by the sect in Jerusalem through the Sanhedrin. The charismatic Jesus is from the province of Tyre (including Galilee and Sidon). The Temple of Jesus’ sect was in mount Carmel. All Jesus life was spent in that region, before he decided to march toward Jerusalem in the last 6 months of his life

The people in the Tyre province were forced to accept more restrictive customs (religious laws) from the extremist  Bedouin Jews in South Palestine who rebelled 100 BC against the Greek/Seleucid empire with capital in Damascus

Why Jesus decided in the last 6 months of his life to march toward Jerusalem? Most probably, he wanted to disseminate his teaching to the people in South Palestine. Trying to get inducted in the Sanhedrin would facilitate his mission.  The Sanhedrin was Not ready to admit this charismatic Stranger from the Tyre province and rob them of total control over the people in their “enclave”

La religion c’est toujours la religion: Les riches peuvent s’en passer quand leurs privileges sont assures er securises. Mais elle est necessaire pour nous les pauvres: Il n’y a que la religion pour endormir nos peines et aussi l’amour.

J’ai mes crises…Ce que le monde souffre aujourd’hui

March 30, 2018: Israel injured 1,100 unarmed Palestinians during their mass demonstration for “Homeland Day”. Most of these injuries were from live bullets.  A dozen were killed (martyred), particularly on Gaza border and the nasty Hebron (al Khalil) settlers

Notre Pere qui est aux cieux “Guide nous dans nos tentations”. Les passions sont bonnes: si seulement on a quelqu’un de bien et experimente’ pour nous guider. Si seulement on est pret a entendre et prendre au serieux les plus ages

En regime “democratique et liberal” les gouvernement dependent du bon vouloir des patrons

Tfadalou. Bi 2ool: drouri intifada sha3biyya 3aarimat. Lan antakheb, wa ma intakhabt saabikan. Keslaan baddo al naass tontofed 3anno.

7osni al 7ousayni insa7ab min al intikhabaat. Wa leish Walid 3am ye rekk 3ala eksaa2 Nabih? Ma houwi shriko bi kel business al fassaad


Discriminated against on all sides: Palestinians with Israel passport

How could you figure out this paradox: An Arab State (probably Qatar) invited two Jewish Israeli swimmers to participate in a sport event, and denied a Palestinian scholar (see not) to attend a scientific conference on the ground that his passport is Israeli?

In 1948, only about 150,000 Palestinians steadfastly remained and held on their land while Israel was pursuing its policy of “transferring” all Palestinians from Palestine, by all means available, including genocide and erasing entire villages…

Those 150,000 Palestinians living within the State of Israel suffered all kinds of discrimination, humiliations and indignities and they are currently around 1.5 million or 20% of Israel total population. 

Mind you that the Jews in Palestine during the British mandated power over Palestine were less than 20% before WWII, and the Zionist organization pressured the British Empire never to engage in any democratic election in Palestine, as long as the Jews are in the minority. The British failure to conduct even municipal election lead to a mass civil disobedience that lasted 4 years (1935-1938) and prompted Britain to dispatch 100,000 soldiers to put down this intifada.

It is these Palestinians who supposedly enjoy the same civil rights as the Jews in Israel that worry greatly the racist and apartheid State of Israel.  The radical Jewish right wings want a totally Jewish State and abhor the existence of those “Arabs” in their midst. In the last decade, there has been a frenetic flurry of apartheid laws, enacted by the Knesset, in order to restrict the civil rights of the Israeli Palestinians, and threaten them of massive transfer to the Palestinian State if the UN decides for an independent Palestinian State…

The “Israeli Arabs” as the Zionists would like to discriminate against the Israeli Palestinians know their rights as Israeli citizens and keep demanding their entitled rights from the Justice system and the Israeli institutions.

For example, the “Israeli Palestinians” launched the “Homeland Day” on March 30, 1976 and conducted civil disobedience to resist any further expropriation of their properties.  Plenty of blood was shed as the Israeli army intervened violently. The “Homeland Day” is celebrated every year by Palestinians all over the world.

The “Israeli Palestinians” participated in the “1987 Intifada” (civil disobedience), which was organized by the Palestinians in the occupied territories of West Bank and Gaza, and the Israeli police force quelled the peaceful demonstrations of the “Israeli Palestinians” in the norther cities and towns and dozens were killed and injured. Actually, the “Homeland Day” is basically celebrated to keep the memory of the martyred Israeli Palestinians who fell by the Israeli police on that day.

Israel wanted to transfer all Palestinians from Israel, but time was pressing and the western States needed to keep a “sample of Palestinians” within Israel to demonstrate that the UN resolution of 1948 of two homelands was still on the books.  Without a sample of Palestinians within the State of Israel, it would have been totally untenable to keep supporting an apartheid system and claim Israel as the “sole democracy” in the Middle-East.

I knew one Israeli Palestinian (labelled Palestinians of 1948 by the “Arabs”) during my graduate study in the USA, and he was very sad, aloof, and perturbed. Kind of not knowing who he really is: an arab, an Israeli, an enemy to the “Arabs”, a spy to the Israeli government…Basically, the problem was “How am I perceived by the “Arabs” around me and by the Jews?”

Is is an outrage that Arab States and “Arabs” in general tend to discriminate against the Israeli Palestinians, instead of viewing them as their main ally to rectify harms done in the last 6 decades…

Note: Marwan Duwairy, a Palestinian Israeli and a social psychology researcher, is the scholar who was discriminated against by an Arab State. The university of Columbia (USA) had publihed his book in 2006 on social therapy and has been invited by many scientific conferences to give speeches. He currently resides in Israel.




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