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“I paid the bills”: An honest gravestone last sentence

If working keeps you occupied, you are getting the necessary practice for handling chronic disease.

That’s not a bad goal, getting ready for life mood marathon endurance. And later in life, the hardest of endurance kind for shaping character.

No need to start on the wrong foot: You are not going to alter the equation that your employer ever had your best interest at heart.

If you cannot deliver on the basis of the pay, try getting acquainted how homeless people manage to survive. You will quickly discover that the less you wants, the fatter was the pay.

If you have the drive to become an entrepreneur, supposedly the master of your own time and your destiny, you better join a “homeless group” for a while: The more disgusted of the homeless life-style, the readier you are to taking on the harsh life of the entrepreneur: failure after failure, with a big smile of satisfaction constantly spreading over you face. Am I being ironic here, or the smile is hidden in the heart, beneath the stupid surface?

Did you graduate from a university? Start early on and apply to a homeless group in your neighborhood, before you hop on the bandwagon of applying to regular jobs. This exercise will be the best investment of your time you could figure out, and the most effective to become successful in life: Learn how to survive…

I think I created right now an ingenious idea and a company: “Homeless training sessions” corporation. Obviously, sessions are for beginners, no need to encourage veteran homeless people: They need mental care and I am not equipped for that challenge.

Do not wait til life neglects you: Apply now.

Do not wait until you feel entirely discouraged and trampled: Apply now.

Learn to grab the survival techniques by the horns.

The great outcome of homeless session practices are:

1. You learn never to feel bored

2. Whatever servitude you’ll be subjected to will only be physical: Your mind is as free as air you breath

3. You can join countless demonstrations and Occupy rallies as you wish: You learn to serve the good cause of the multitude of the disheartened people

Tell me: If schooling is dull, if university is dull, if the job is dull, if family life is dull…why would you still believe your preacher that the after life is never going to be dull?  Do you believe a miracle can change you “dull behavior“?

You shouldn’t start life a cynic:  accept that being naive and curious are blessings. Hidden graces so that you may enjoy the occasional short moments of total bliss.

Keep your ambitions alive and kicking: keep your notebook of detailed daydreaming projects and programs handy at all time.  It is this worthy notebook that will be your lasting reward and the only objective memory you earned after a life of toil.

You have to learn the mourning process for “purging ambitious real goals”, the sooner the better: mourning is the best relief for mankind and can save us countless wars and man-made calamities.

The problem is that the current dominant civilization denigrate the mourning process and want us to “get back on the saddle” real quick…




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