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Syria has the vastest reserves in gas: Time to reconstruct on credit?

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), basically a subsidiary of the Zionist lobby the American Israel Public Affairs Committee  (AIPAC), confirmed that Syria has the vastest gas reserves in the world, not counting the even vaster reserves in the offshore.

In August 2011, Syria oil minister declared that discovery of gas in Qara, near the entirely destroyed city of Homs, that can produce  up to 146 million cubic meters per year.

In July 2011, Iran signed contracts that will link Iranian gas with pipelines to the Mediterranean Sea through Iraq and Syria, opening up a new geopolitical strategic debouches to Iran.

Syria was getting ready to be the main Gas producer and major passage way for the export of gas in the world.

Israel has already started exploiting its offshore gas, nibbled on Lebanon sovereign sea portion, and sighed a contract with Cyprus for an under sea pipeline, to be eventually linked to Greece, and to Europe…

Turkey is aghast with Iran for selecting Syria for its pipeline strategy, and wants its share of this bounty, one way or another…

The US and the western European States don’t care who come to power in Syria: They don’t want a strong central power in Syria that will negotiate fair deals for the exploration and exploitation of the gas and oil in this region.

Russia and China do care: They don’t want radical Islamists to come to power and disseminate their brands in Russia and China with large Moslem minorities.

Now that Syria is going to need over $60 bn for the reconstruction of what has been destroyed, and the central power is too weak to constitute any obstacle to biased deals, it is time to stop the civil war and extend the needed “credits” and keep Syria hostage to foreign debts, and harsh conditions…

The US is demanding from the neighboring States to Syria to desist smuggling arms to the insurgents.  Time to talk “business”

The century for gas is in full bloom, and wars are louder than fair negotiation deals…among the superpowers with the little nations…

Why stop at $60 bn for reconstruction expenses? Maybe there are no excess funds in these difficult financial period to lend more than that amount to Syria?

Or time is running, and exploitation of gas has to start right now?

Note 1: I expanded on an article written in French by Khalil Toubia on Fb

Note 2: This article has been reblogged in several places

Note 3: For pragmatic resolution of Syria crisis




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