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What is your job? Housewife or…?

You are submitting to an interview, again, for a job opening, a voluntary work…You are at a social gathering, schmoozing, or… Are you ready for the inevitable question: “What is your job”?

Is you job:

On what you spend most of your waking time? Like having fun, surfing the net, chatting on social platforms, jogging, biking, commuting, shambling amateur, ambulant pacifier, baby wrangler, chased out of the house perimeter…?

Is your job what generate most income by the end of the day, the week, the month, the year, after you retire…?

Is your job the collective activities that generate income, higher than the “main bread earner”…?

Is your job taking care of the daily house chores, maintaining life of the family, sustaining the existence of the potential members of the household, who will ultimately generate plenty of income so that you are paid a certain percentage on other people earnings, like the government?

Is your job inspiring your community for actions that should better the community standard for a good and happy life?

Is your job collecting donations for a certain politician who promised heaven and richness…?

Lucy Mangan published a piece in the The Guardian.  A survey by Mothercare revealed that housewives much prefer to be identified as “Stay-at-home mums”. Why?

Why, if a man is taking care of the internal chores of the housekeeping, should he submit to the “mums” things and be brutalized and beaten on the head as the wife comes home?

Mangan wrote: “Housewife” recalls strongly the wasp-waisted 50’s figure outwardly thrilling to the latest advances in domestic technology, while necking tranquilizers to dull the pain of frustrated ambition…

Stay-at-home mums does limit the insinuation of servitude to your offspring…” How your offspring observe in the behavior of the parent is how they limit their objectives as they grow up”?

Are Stay-at-home journalist, writer,…be referred to as househusbands?

Stay-at-home mums might generate yards-stares such as one of the following interpretations, or all of them:

Here, I give-you-simple-facts;

I have chosen not to work-and feel pity-contempt for those who have not chosen likewise;

I’m telling you upfront that I am not currently a productive economic unit, so stop judging me…

If you want to satisfy the community perception of you, you cannot win, unless you are in a position to extend profitable referrals, by a simple phone call, or sending a SMS to the targeted influential boss…




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