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The “How-la” massacre: Where is this town of 7awla? In Syria?

Every single State in the Near-East has one or several towns named Houla. Houla is the female description of a woman having screwed up eyes. The male description is A7wal… Palestine has a Houla, and it was conquered and occupied by Israel in 1948. The Al Houla in this post is situated in the district of Homs in Syria.

It appears that the three most savage massacres in Syria took place in the district of Homs, where the armed radical Islamist insurgents, funded by the Wahabbi Saudi Arabia monarchy and Qatar, are concentrated…

From what I gathered, the story is:

Al Houla is a collection of 5 mostly Sunni Moslem villages having many minorities such as Shia and Christians, and surrounded by 3 Alawi Moslem villages. The Syrian army controls the main access roads to Al Houla.

The radical Islamic insurgents managed to infiltrate and occupy one of the Al Houla villages Ras Dawr, with heavy concentration of Shia inhabitants . The German daily Der Spiegel mentioned Mahmood as the leader of the insurgents coming from outside the region.

This Sunni village does not support the insurgent activities, especially that the local leader is deputy in the Parliament.

The first version is that the insurgents conducted a frontal attack on the Syrian army outposts and were cut down in pieces. They tried to lure the Syrian army inside the village, but the army refrained from advancing.

The insurgents decided to massacre all the extended family members of the deputy: A textbook tactic “example” to cow other villages.

The insurgent vacated the town. The western media want us to believe that the Alawi inhabitants in the surrounding villages came down and committed the massacre of the “children”.

This is a typical textbook “Political Terrorist Massacre”: Kofi Anan (UN special envoy) was scheduled to meet with President Assad on Monday and Anan had proclaimed that the regime is cooperating fully with the 200 UN observers…

The dark professional terrorists got the order to disturb the meeting of Anan with Bashar and preempt any positive proclamation of any UN success stories for the process…

Maybe the inhabitants of the Alawi villages came down to Al Houla, but the massacre of the children was committed by the terrorists insurgents before the people reached Al Houla…

Two investigative teams are working on the massacre: The UN observers and the Syrian regime. Even Kofi Anan refused to confirm the western media version.

This massacre is political in nature: Canada and Australia (political satellites to USA foreign affairs policies) immediately closed Syria embassies before even the investigation started…and Turkey and Japan followed suit…There are a dozen small island States that vote for any US decision in the UN: Their representatives don’t even have to be at the UN at any given moment…the US takes care of the process…

Countless massacres were committed for political exigencies as breakthroughs were contemplated during civil wars.

The UN says 108 people were killed in the onslaught, 49 of them children under the age of 10, and the youngest was a 2-year-old girl. Al Houla is not even a major massacre.

This picture shows the bloodied bodies of dozens of innocent children, brutally murdered, last Friday 



1.  Srebrenica in Bosnia (a province of former Yugoslavia ): 8,000 civilian killed and the French UN troops vacated the large town a day before the genocide

2. Sabra and Chatila Palestinian camps in Lebanon by Israel and the “Christian militias: 3,000 civilians killed during two nights and two days. All the armed Palestinian fighters were forced to vacate Lebanon a week ago. Three thousands were “transferred” by busses and Israeli military trucks, never to be heard of them again…

3. Deir Yassin in Palestine: 250 civilian killed by the terrorist Zionist movement in 1948, and all the remaining inhabitants taken to concentration camps in Galilee

4. Haifa. A major city in Palestine that the Zionist army surrounded and invaded as the British army was preparing to sail in 1948…

5. Tel Al Zaatar Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon: 2,000 civilian killed the day the “Christian” armed militias, backed by the Syrian forces, entered the camp after an entire month of a  complete siege. Hundreds of children died during the siege of thirst and famine and diseases…

6. The Karantina (quarantine) slum in Beirut Lebanon. Thousands of minorities (Kurds, Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Syrians…) were working and living in this slum in 1976 : 400 civilian killed and thousands forced to transfer by the “Christian” Phalange Party

7. Jenine Palestinian camp in the West Bank: Israel army invaded and entered this camp in 2003, after three days of shelling and drove tanks over living people. Over 2,000 Palestinians killed and murdered in cold blood…

8. May Li in Viet Nam 1968: US soldiers massacred and burned an entire rice growers village with fire-spitting blowers

These children in Al Houla were slaughtered under strict orders to sow terror.

The world looked away with Srebrenica, with Rwanda (one million killed within two weeks while the French troops were there), with Cambodia (2 million killed within three years). Over 100,000 Libyans killed during the uprising against Qadhafi, about the same numbers in Yemen. Over 200,000 Iraqi civilians killed during the US invasion of 2003. Over 150,000 Lebanese civilians during the 17 years old civil war…

Note 1: The Syrian insurgents took hostage a dozen Shia Lebanese pilgrims who crossed from Turkey into Syria. After the level-headed speech of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasr Allah demanding that no harms be done to Syrians working in Lebanon in retaliation to the kidnapping, Turkey delayed the release of the Lebanese hostages, and they are still in detention in Turkey…

Note 2: on natural versus acquired kinds of violence:




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