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Qadhafi has been air-bombing the citizens of Libya in the last two weeks:  He considers people uprising against his dictatorship regime of 42 years as roaches and rats to be eradicated.  Finally, the UN security council voted for a “No fly zone” over Libya.  

Just a few countries will participate in preventing Qadhafi using his military jets against civilians. For example, the US, France, England and Norway have announced their readiness to applying the resolution and Italy will open its military bases for these kinds of retaliations.

Most probably, the resolution would not have been put to vote if Qadhafi refrained from using his airforce.  Sort that there was a tacit agreement among the “civilized developed States” on the concept that it was reasonable behavior for Qadhafi to firing cannons and missiles on civilians, to encircling towns and cities and preventing food to arriving, shutting off water supplies, and cutting off electricity from hospitals…Only that Qadhafi used his airforce against civilians!

How many Libyans should have died, if Qadhafi didn’t use his airforce, before the UN gets into action?

How many Libyans must have been injured, a cut-off of admissible level, prior to the Un to realize that crimes against humanity were being committed daily?

You hear all kinds of excuses such as:

Foreign citizens had to be repatriated before any decisive actions be considered, especially western citizens.

Oil production is to be secured and preliminary negotiations needed to be undertaken for supply and demand.  With the exception of Russia (last year) and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia in 1973, no oil exporting State used oil as a strategic leverage:  Oil has been produced as a cheap energy commodity.

Prior negotiations among the States and multinational corporations investing in Libya  had to be satisfied for reasonable quota sharing after the end of Qadhafi regime.

What is not leaked to the public is that most governments (dictators, democratic, Arab, western, and eastern States…) delayed actions because they sent their intelligence services into Libya in order to destroying incriminating evidences from files of joint criminal ventures and terrorist attacks during the long Qadhafi rule.

We have this bitter taste that all States with vested interests in Libya were willing to strike a blackmail deal with Qadhafi: Reduced power for Qadhafi with increased business advantages to the investors.

Apparently, Qadhafi went a bit too far engaging his air force against civilians and the UN had to save its face publicly. Qadhafi has to go now. And it is no longer a matter of maintaining a “No Fly Zone”.

Note:  Libya is not well:  The revolutionaries are not able to hold long enough on any city and town, except Benghazi.  The city of Misrata has been encircled by the Qadhafi troops for over two months now, and the citizens are lacking of almost everything to survive.  Couldn’t the UN finish with Qadhafi and save the civilians further infami and suffering?




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