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Tarahumaras, Sierra Madre, Raramuri, Huarachi, born long distance runner…

Do you know of people who can run 80 kilometers without drinking? One of those Tarahumaras won the “Supermarathon” (160 kilometers) at Leadville (Colorado) with a disconcerting facility…Another  Tarahumaras ran 700 kilometers…

These born long distance runners were mentioned in a 2009 book by Christopher McDougall “Born to run: A hidden tribe, superathletes, and the Greatest Race the world had never seen”

The subject of this post is not on long-distance running. It is of the tribe of  Tarahumaras in Mexico State and its slow extinction trend…on purpose by the government…

The Mexican governments have been planning for decades to tame these superathletes into “modern life” customs…Why?

The Mexican governments  and the plutocrats want to exploit abusively the land and the raw minerals in this high plateau region of the Sierra Madre, now dominated by drug cartels…

In order not to set off an international uproar using strong-arm methods and petition signing drives…the government decided on the time-tested method of first dispatching missionaries…to bring modern show wears, clothing, cheating behaviors, unhealthy living styles…

The strategy is that these missionary nucleus communities will radiate “modernism” and facilitate the submission of these barbaric tribes…

Mind you that the Tarahumaras tribes literally ran for their life and worn out the horses of the Conquistador in their pursuit in the 17th century.  Tarahumaras are called in the their language Raramuni (Light feet): They wear hand-made huarachi (sandal type) that enhance running on the toe part of the foot…

The province of Sierra Madre has been suffering a severe drought in the last 70 years and the excessive cold of last year destroyed their crops of corn, green beans and chickpeas…and the Mexican government dragged its feet to declare this province with main city of Chihuahua a disaster region for obvious reasons…

Drug cartels are hiring the young and famished Tarahumaras  to transport 20 kg of marijuana on their back and run across the desert of New Mexico, for a three day “errand jobs”.  The lucky ones return without being caught by the US border patrols and without even being paid the promised $800

These new native passers “burros” are sent forth from frontier ranches and most of them are serving terms in US prisons

One of the drug barons chased out Tarahumaras families from the Sinforosa gorge in order to build a vast snow ski resort…He died in a jet crash and the project stopped…Were the Tarahumaras permitted to return to their cherished and captured native land?

Tarahumaras men wear white skirt, long in the back and elevated in the front, and the shirts are fluffy, colorful and oversized

Note 1: Post inspired from a piece by Aram Roston in the French weekly Courrier International #1132.

Note 2: On running properly




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