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Is “Lacking sense of humor” a genetic affliction?

I have observed that when both parents lack sense of humor, the children have significant low doses of sense of humor.  I doubt the matter is genetic…

Do you think people can learn and practice techniques for qualitatively raising their levels of sense of humor?

Are there such kind of techniques? Under which names these techniques are promoted?

Let’s face it: Improving nature ecology does not necessarily improve that much the chances of mankind extinction process.

 A good nature ecology is fundamentally necessary for the survival of mankind for a longer duration, according to how nature disequilibrium is progressing.  But what could be a sufficient condition for mankind survival is disseminating a wider and higher sense of humor in mankind.

If sense of humor cannot be acquired and actively researched and promoted as the first priority in the UN list of human development indicators, then I am confident that mankind is utterly doomed, and the insects will thrive upon earth.

Mankind has demonstrated that he genetically lack sense of humor and the trend is appalling.

So far, I didn’t witness that the leaders of the developed nations were ever elected for their lovely sense of humor: The first things that come to their mind in serious political decisions are:

First, how could we control better any sense of humor in the population,

Second, it is like “Okay, we have the means: Let’s launch a preemptive war.  In the meantime, let’s destabilize the targeted “enemy society” with sectarian feuds and civil wars…”

The 1% richest classes in every society, regardless of political/social/economic structure, share this system of belief:  They think that the world will be better off if the people follow their directives and the system of control of people haphazard humors.  This is not even a Dark sense of humor: It is total lack of sensible sense of humor of any kind.

These are the facts:

First, There are kinds of sense of humors in quality and in quantity. You have the naive kind of senses and you have the darker types. The dark type of sense of humor I have in abundance (not necessarily by genetic birth…)

Second, there is positive correlations among the kinds of sense of humors and congenital extrovert attributes and behaviors.  The more you lack sense of humor of any kind, the more you are inclined to seek people and to get together. It is not that the assembly is welcoming you, but you do love to schmooze. It is not like anyone who wants to hire is about to consider someone unable to focus.

You recognize lack of sense of humor when someone goes on tangents dozen of times within 5 minutes into any discussion.

If you hate geometry and could never fathom what is tangent, do listen to a deficient individual, lacking sense of humor, arguing.

The irony is that these “deficient sense of humor syndrome” people, the vastest majority, abhor the term “ideology” and refuse to be members in any kinds of political or social movements: They don’t realize that they are ideological up to their asses and argue from an ideological perspective.  

Humorless people are “principled” up their asses: Mostly crammed with myths and abstract notions. They are not able to hold a discussion with pragmatic people who can find big holes in any principle.  They never approached issues according to how the real world function, but according to their debilitated, ignorant understanding of how the world should function.

You cannot get a handle in any conversation with people having “deficient sense of humor syndrome”: There are no handles to grab on, and they will never let you steer the subject for a single minute.

There are two great advantages as you realize that you lack sense of humor:

First, at least you won’t apologize for the frequent “sad moments” you are experiencing. You know that you have an arduous climb to overcome this terrible debilitating genetic illness, and you know the reason.  You may refrain from sharing your presence at every occasion you feel like “going out” and mingling…

Second, if you manage to sincerely admit your sad condition, people would notice and start listening to your “tangential” lucubrations with more compassion, and learn to become better psychologists in human behaviors. (You have noticed that every one think that he is an expert psychologist, don’t you?)

My dark-kind sense of humor helped me cope and confront huge amount of crap I had to face in my life: I can shoulder the assaults of half-cooked ideas, opinions, and positions of all those who refuse to read.  

The vast majority of people refuse to read on the ground that “reading books never generated money for subsistence…”  They are ideological up their asses and they refuse to recognize it…

Urgent note:  Sense of humor has nothing to do with laughter. We have got to learn to laugh our heart out and smile to life, literally. I have already received a reply stating: “I personally consider laughing is an important part of life. You can’t take life too seriously all the time. You will probably end up having a stroke. Laughter in my mind is the best form of therapy“. And I agree




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