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Move Inland, Son (May 7, 2009)

Sell your beach front residence; keep away from shallow islands, from tiny islands, from large rivers, from tropical regions, from vast pools of stagnant water, stay away from the Arctic regions, shun urban megalopolis, and cover your skin from head to toe.  Within ten years, almost every living person will be afflicted with one of the many viral epidemics sweeping regions considered safe, sanitized, and “civilized”.

The mosquitoes are coming and have climbed to 1,600 meters altitude, and are venturing to improbable locations and have craving for a taste of your blood.  Malaria, dengue, pork flu, aviary flu, and soon fish flue will mutate more cleverly than human mind has affected the environment.   Dengue has got hold of Latin America in Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina; more than 113,000 cases last year and climbing. There are no remedies to these epidemics but conventional medicine of resting, fighting dehydration, and praying that this time around you might be of the lucky ones to care for your neighbor.  I think we should get familiar with the method of incinerating our dead and have an incinerator in every town and village in cases of frequent quarantines.

Climatic change of an earth growing hotter and hotter, more precipitation and for longer duration, the thawing of the Arctic, the ever more violent monsoon, hurricanes, and tidal waves are giving me water nightmares.

Yes, human production of CO2 and greedy deforestation have altered earth environment. The level of CO2 produced in Europe has remained stable because, as a State save on clean energy, it resells its quota to the less performing State within the European Union.  The USA of the last decade was in a state of comatose climatically and in environmental research.  China has more cars on its highways than the USA.  India is producing much cheaper cars and its internal market is ready to absorb million of these less expensive cars.

Industries will have to satisfy the demands of an additional 200 millions middle class families who can afford equal rights for consumer goods as the US, European, and Japanese consumers enjoyed for a century.

A solution can be reached on a global policy; an International Body with mandate to control and manage global problems.  How can this be feasible if the USA cannot “afford” a National Health Care, but can always find money to maintaining and expanding fleets of aircraft carriers in every sea and ocean?




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