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I am addressing the people in the northern hemisphere as I closed shops between December 15 to March 5:  It is winter and pretty cold.  You are entitled to close shop at different periods, especially in the southern hemisphere, or during the extreme hot season when mosquitos and flies drive you crazy and electrical energy is scarce or too expensive to make a profit having air condition on.

We don’t have to emulate or imitate the animal kingdoms in this period of the year:  What we want is NOT to subjugate mankind to this insane forced work habit during crazy climatic periods.

Why do you have to commute for hours to your workplace and suffer traffic accidents, catch the flu from employees and workers, swine flu, bird flu, fish flu?  Why do we have to drive on slippery roads, dirty highways, and take several trains and buses for several hours trips, in this harsh climate, just to put in 8 hours of work, everyday, somewhere away from home.  Why bike in dangerous climatic conditions?  Since when have we become so crazy?  Free men, even slaves would have rebelled and knocked down the house!

Work places used to be at walking distance and people could go home and have lunch and see their children.  Why schools have to start at 7 am in the winter season?  Are children to be penalized because teachers and parents have to go to work early?

I closed shop from December 15 to march 5: I cannot afford to locate employees at walking distance to the workplace.  Employees will receive full payment of the entire month on December 15 for the Christmas extra expenses, 75% on January and 50% on February.  Bonuses will be paid on first of April, on April’s Fool if the employees return to work on March 5.

Employees may consider that period as a sabbatical gesture to continue their education, find another more satisfying job, read a lot, write, publish, get down on house chores, helping raising the family and not having this stupid reason “I am off to work, honey”.  Any problem cutting down on luxury expenses for a couple of months to enjoy home life-style?

I have no enterprise; I am asking you to imagine that you have an ice cream factory.  Would you run this factory in cold winter season where people don’t have the means to warm up and have to cut down trees to cooking their daily meal?

Isn’t the southern hemisphere sustaining the northern hemisphere during the cold season?  Isn’t this behavior what mankind cooperation is all about?  Isn’t a good sustainable investment to promote world cooperation during harsher season and saving on redundant energy waste and effectively cutting down health cost and people well-being?

We don’t have to emulate or imitate the animal kingdoms but we do learn their behaviors:  Accumulating fat and protein for the bad season.  Let’s store food for the bad seasons and let people in every hemisphere find jobs and export what is necessary for each season.




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