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Should my personal experience be generalized?

Is lack of taste for luxury sufficient an enough factor to draw conclusion for lacking artistic evaluation?

Since a child and throughout my upbringing I didn’t receive any weekly stipend, and never asked for one. I just relied on Christmas and Easter occasions to get the ritual cash gifts.

It was my responsibility to arrange that whatever cash I received to stretch an entire year.

Though my parents were very well off compared to my relatives, I felt poor to indulge on luxury consumer goods.

Actually, I don’t recall having noticed any change in the clothing of the students or whatever could now be considered peer pressures in resembling to one another.

I relied on my mother fashion style (a great fashionable seamster) to select my clothing, shoes, corrective eye glasses… As long as they fit, and were functional then there were no problems.

I never was invited to participate in the selection of my gifts and outfits.

I think even my younger sister did Not set a trend to pressure my mother and father to re-evaluate their behavior toward the “rights'”of their children to have a small say in what they purchase for them.

I wonder if the new generations accept Not to participate in their appreciation of the gifts.

I have been wondering why my appreciation of artistic creativity is to be desired?

Is it lack of appreciation and discrimination on the quality and luxury of consumer products, or simply my lack of interest in observing changes around me?

Kind of basically lacking social integration and association?

An introvert type who loved to read novels as soon he came home from school?

Anyway, it Not sufficient to lack luxury initiation in order to lack artistic appreciation, and vice versa. Though it is necessary for talented evaluators.




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