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I have got no time for your lazy book on companionship; (October 7, 2009)


            It is no surprise that readers cherish physical descriptions of the main novel’s characters.  Most authors would go into extreme details and they immediately load upon us the whole physical characteristics upfront; as if the novel would be redundant without this instant presentation of the personality when his name is first mentioned.

            Who cares about the physical description of two persons if they are in good relationship? If they like the companionship then that is all that count. It is far more useful and meaningful to focus on describing the behavioral characteristics.  As long as the main characters are not abnormal physically, then when we like a person we do like a few behavioral characters in the partner; this liking is certainly for a period since we tend to change and develop.  Thus, the next critical period in our life is bound to force upon us selecting another restricted set of behaviors that are compatible with our new comprehension, goals, and maturity.

            Since we cannot change our behavior easily then the best strategy to retaining a companion is to attend to his changes or shifts of set of likes and dislikes. The next phase is to prove to the partner that we did recognize the changes and that we are doing our best to compensate for our shortcoming.  At least, this constant effort of investing time, energy, and good will to keeping updated on the partner’s mood and behavioral changes is the surest way of rekindling renewed interests.

            Acting up our new role must first capture the changes and demonstrate to the partner that we are sensitive to the new period. Constant effort to staying together is the basis of true friendship; it is so hard to retain a friend if we fail to discover the fixed core of his character.  There is an immutable core that represents an individual character and gives him his lasting personality.  This constant effort for tracking behavioral changes must be reciprocal unless you are a helpless romantic.

            I find it a pure laziness on the part of authors to dump their descriptions of the main characters, physically and behaviorally, from the start.  Every chapter or critical stage in the novel should bring another set of descriptions compatible to the phase in the story.  People change many times a day and it is the changes that make a story alive, palpable, and fraught with expectations. The reader must be encouraged to flip back to the appropriate pages to re-read how things are unfolding and led to imagine alternative endings if not discovering the main unchanging behavior in the characters.

            Even with a crippled character we get attached to one or a couple physical traits that we hate for them to change during a period. It is these principle traits that count for the story.  It is the author job to let us share his anxieties and follow his train of thoughts at every turn.  We need to feel the changes by focusing of the relevant traits, physical or behavioral, that keep us on our toes.


            Easy reading means easier forgetting and that is not worth the effort for writing a book.




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