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One Week at Singularity University

Sitting at the lounge in San Francisco airport, alone, after one week at Singularity University, feels weird.

It went so fast, was so dense that if feels like it’s been 1 month. I still need to digest this experience but here are my feelings, raw, no filter.

Written  by Jeremie Moritz

For those of you who haven’t heard about SU, their purpose is quite clear:

“Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.”

Sound simple, doesnt it?

Exponential is one the the two important words here. (And the least feasible in real life)

It all started with the meeting of Ray Kurzweil Singularity concept and Peter Diamandis optimistic take on our world, abundance.

The other important word here is Humanity.

Even if Singularity University is all about the impact of exponential technologies in all its form (biotech, nanotech, artificial intelligence…), it is not for the sake of science but with a clear intention to enhance humanity.

People call that transhumanism or life extension but I see this as an acceptation that our future will be transcending borders, nationalities, races and that solutions (and problems) are global.

What makes it interesting is that people can really change the world at a global scale and pretty fast. (Start fast on the local level)

And this is where I really felt this week of Executive Program at SU is a unique and transformative experience I will never forget. Why?

Some of my friends got jealous when they saw some photos of the SU lab with Oculus Rift Goggle or some (already old) robots. But it’s clearly not the gadgets and machines I will remember.

Actually it’s cheaper and easier to buy them yourself or go to a Google event near you than flying all the way to San Francisco for this.

If I had to pitch SU in 1 minute it would go like this: Imagine you spend 1 week on a NASA facility with 70 people from 30 countries, 30 industries. Then add 15 of the world’s best experts AND speakers on topics from Artificial Intelligence to Ethics and Environment. Mix everything, add some wine (Irish Whiskey in my case 🙂 ) and you get Singularity University Executive Program Experience.

It is fascinating to be able to spend that much time with people who took the decision the leave their family, job, friends for 1 week to dive into the impact of technology on our future and what it means for everyone one of us.

Discussions are exploding from 8 AM to 3AM and believe me, it’s far from being nerds talking about their computer CPU Speed! ethics, human condition, project ideas, life events…

You definitely find here the opportunity to discuss topics rarely touched in your business, family or friends circles. Not saying it does not happen but the environment at SU definitely helps.

People spend 1 week in the NASA Campus basic rooms. This is part of the experience. Having the same time in a 4 seasons would definitely be too comfortable.

My last “hot” feedback is on the format of the sessions we have. The 2 reasons why it’s unique: speakers and data.

Not only you get world experts in more than 15 different topics but all their sessions are backed with an enormous amount of data.

It is a key point and prevent people from focusing on the form only to convince you. Data is objective, without any feeling and globally relevant.

That’s it for now.

I need to digest this incredible week with incredible people. And rest too, SU can also mean Sleepless University 🙂

My thoughts are especially going to one of our fellow attendee who sold his house a few months ago and decided to stay a few more weeks on the campus to pursue an idea. And possibly decide where his life will go next. Talking about being bold…

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